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Private Readings with bj King

Readings are only scheduled by phone. Call 405-773-5210. The session lasts for one hour and the client receives the reading by email. The cost is $160.00. I communicate with my soul and my soul communicates with the client’s Oversoul. The information in the reading comes from their soul. I do not read the energy field, thought forms or emotions. I am not a medium. I do not contact recently dead beings. The information is generally focused on the client’s purpose for this incarnation and suggestions are made by their soul about how to best proceed. I do have access to the Akashic Record and the client’s incarnational contract for their current life. The client is allowed to ask questions.

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Namaste Newsletter June/July 2015

Namaste, Inc., P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123 – 405-773-5210

Everything I write is my opinion and should be tested
through your own discernment.

IAM Not Available at This Time to Do Readings and Activations

For two months I have been experiencing extreme vertigo and carpel tunnel problems and have been unable to publish a newsletter or Mystery School lesson or do readings. I apologize for being unavailable and appreciate your understanding and continued support. I hope your bodies are taking the energy increases better than mine.


Visionaries in Light Convergence

Sponsored by Adironnda & Company, LLC, September 25-27, 2015
Hot Springs, Arkansas at The Austin Convention & Spa Hotel
I will be speaking at this conference on WHAT DOES OUR SOUL, THE SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY AND THE FEDERATION EXPECT OF US? These conferences are amazing, the quality of the speakers is excellent and the people you meet are fun and doing exciting things in the World. Come and join us.
For more information go to


October 9th-12th, 2015
Crowne Plaza Riverfront
11 E. Kellogg Boulevard
St. Paul, MN 55101

The Spiritual Hierarchy has asked us to gather in St. Paul because there is a possibility for the Mississippi River to overflow its banks this Fall. We are being asked to gather to perform energy ceremonies to avoid this possibility. The flooding of the Mississippi would endanger the fault line that runs along the Mississippi causing it to possibly quake. They referenced this Bible verse in the channeling.

ISAIAH 40:31 “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Please check with your soul to see if you are to participate.

Early Bird registration price to Namaste, Inc., is $260.00 by August 1st, 2015. On and after August 2nd the price will be $310.00. The following block room rates are available until September 12th and be sure to mention Namaste when you call the hotel to get this rate:
Single Room $139
King Room $139
Two Queen Beds $139
Add $10.00 for each additional person in room beyond two people (maximum four).
Crowne Plaza Reservation Desk: 1-651-605-0189

Sunday Evening Banquet will be included in the registration fee. Please notate your dietary requirements on the attached registration form to help us with meal planning for the Banquet. All other meals will be your responsibility.


The Intergalactic Federation anchored a space station over Crestone, Colorado in May of 2014 while we were retreated there for the Wesak celebration. The space station gives the Federation easier access to assist Earth and Humanity. This station covers the area from California, Alaska, Mexico and over to Colorado. A group of us gathered in Lexington, Kentucky April 11-13, 2015 to assist them in placing one there that gives them access to everything from Nova Scotia to the islands off the coast of Florida.
During the first week of May this year, a group of Namaste supporters gathered here in Oklahoma City for the yearly Wesak celebration of the Buddha’s birthday and anniversary of enlightenment. We assisted in anchoring a space station over Oklahoma City which will allow the Federation ships access north to Canada and south and west to Texas. It is anticipated that in the future more of these stations will be necessary since Humans are still planning events that can corrupt the Earth which would deter the evolution of Humanity. The 47 member civilizations of the Federation have the highest good of Earth and Humanity in mind and are assisting in all ways allowed by spiritual law.
From June 14-June 28, 2015, I will be in Kauai for retreat to paint and assist the Spiritual Hierarchy to adjust the percentage of each of the 49 Rays of energy coming from the Source to assist the Earth and Humanity on the 21st of June. We will also be assisting the Federation to anchor a space station over Hawaii. I will be available there to do readings and activations for anyone in Hawaii at 405-824-5026.

I will be in Oklahoma City and available to do Oversoul to Oversoul readings, $160.00 for an hour recorded session, beginning again in August. Activations and initiations are available only when readings are done in person. Some people carry spiritual secrets they’ve brought with them in their knees and I also have the authority to tone into their knees to make this consciousness available to their bodies. Readings done by phone are recorded and then a CD is sent to you. I can be reached at 405-773-5210.

Exciting News! Two Books from bj King are now available on Amazon! $9.99 ea.
Pentimento: Diary of a Walk-In
This book is the account of bj’s experience of
walking-in to an existing Human life and body from another
dimension, then integrating with that life, further awakening to her
mission of being a liaison between Humans and extraterrestrial life
within the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Intergalactic Federation.

$9.99 each
The 49 Rays of God
God has made available to Earth 49 Rays of energy. Each Ray has a
color, purpose, a master, an Angel, gemstone, flower and music that
resonates with each Ray. Beautiful photographs of each Ray’s flower or
gemstone are depicted with the written information in the book for
each Ray, including the prayer to invoke each Ray.


We have recently had a water leak at the Center which affected the library. I have always been very possessive about books and kept every one I’ve ever owned. Suddenly, with the lower bookshelf corrupted by water which caused mold in many of the books on that shelf, I felt like releasing half the books in the library. I was astonished by the feeling of being willing to release them. Then I walked into the writing area of the Center and again I had the feeling of being willing to release stacks and stacks of papers that have accumulated there through the years. This was also a strange feeling, because if you are like me, I had always felt that I might need to refer to that someday or I might want to write on that subject someday. I’m not sure if it was a sense that I now know the information in these books and papers, or that now I could look for it on the Internet if I needed the reference. What I do know is that it feels good to lighten my load. I highly recommend it. Last year when I began to integrate the next level of my composite soul, the level that came in was all about letting go of stuff; simplifying and decluttering. And I thought I had, but apparently there is always more that can be let go. I’ve always been organized. I’ve had to be to do all that I do, but this new part of me was rabid about order and letting go.

Registration Form
Namaste Conference 2015
Gathering of the Eagles

Please help us by registering as soon as possible to help with planning and costs. Early Registration for the conference is $250 until August 1, 2015, after that it will be $300. The group room rate is available until September 12, 2015. Take advantage of the reduced rates by getting your room registration in now by calling the number below.
Please mention Namaste when registering to receive the $139 room rate.

October 9-12, 2015
Crown Plaza Riverfront
11 E. Kellogg Boulevard
St. Paul, MN. 55101
Registration: 1-888-252-1628

First Name ___________________ Last Name______________________
Address _________________________________
Phone __________________________________
Email __________________________________
Please share your birthday with us _____________________________

List any dietary needs:

Please mail your registration to:

Namaste, Inc., P.O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK. 73123
Contact bj King for any questions about conference (405) 773-5210.

PayPal & Credit Card payments are accepted-
Contact Kelley Kay (405) 314-5465 for information on how to pay electronically.

Either way you choose to pay, please mail your registration to Namaste for our records. We hope you will join us in St. Paul for this important energy work.

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Readings Through bj

I AM a liason between the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Intergalactic Federation, the Angels and Humanity. I have the spiritual authority to make communication with my Oversoul and the Oversoul of my clinet to have a conference call with the Oversoul to recieve information for my client, to read their contract and akashic record.
I have the authority to do initiations and activations to open additional chakras in the clinet’s body, the tensor receptors in the neck, the well of dreams chakra in the back of the neck, the mouth of God chakra in the roof of the mouth, the high heart chakra and when indicated the palm chakras and the knee chakras. The spiritual secrets a clinet brings into this incarnation from past lives are stored in the knees and appear to me as time release capsules in the knees. The sessions for reading the client’s contract and akashic record can be done by phone. The activations must be done in person.
The sessions last for one hour and the charge is $155.00. The client receives a CD of the session. Sessions can be done by phone to other countries. The connection is made through the clients voice vibration, which is as distinctive as your fingerprint. To book a session you would call to make an appointment at 405-773-5210.

bj King – Namaste, Inc. – P. O. Box 22174 – Oklahoma City, OK 73123

Phone: 405-773-5210



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Activation Description


bj King

P.O.Box 22174 Oklahoma City, OK. 73123


     The Human body is created with seven, what are called, “Tensor Receptors” in the back of the neck.  These receptors are not implants, but original, etheric energy centers.  In most Humans, these centers have yet to be activated.  Their purpose is soul to body communication.  Having these centers activated improves a person’s potential for soul communication.

                bj King is one of a few people currently on the planet authorized to be the vehicle through which this activation can take place.  In touching these places on the back of your neck and allowing sounds to come through her, from your soul, these receptors can be activated.

          In addition to the activation of the tensor receptors, in some cases, the soul will choose to activate additional chakras in the individual’s body during the session.  These chakras are located; one at the base of the skull, which is called the “well of dreams chakra;” one in the roof of the mouth, which is called “the mouth of God chakra,” (having this one open makes it easier for the soul to speak through the person, when it is appropriate); and the third chakra to be opened is in the location of the thymus above your heart and is called “the high heart chakra.”  The high heart chakra is opened by bj allowing the client’s soul to speak a blessing for the client in something called “the language of the Ancients.”  Occasionally, the soul will also ask for the opening of the chakras in the palms of a client’s hands, if the soul uses the person’s hands in the soul’s mission.  These chakras are opened by bj drawing a symbol in the palms of the client’s hands.

     In some cases, it is also advised to open the chakras in the knees.  The client brings in the spiritual secrets from other lifetimes in their knees.  When bj sees the information, it appears as a small medicinal time-release capsule would, a capsule containing tiny particles.  When bj tones into the knees, the capsules break open and the information moves into the blood stream and eventually into the consciousness of the person as remembered information or talents.  The activation involves bj kneeling in front of the person and cupping her hands on the knees and toning into the client’s knees.  The client is required to say aloud, as each knee is activated, “I agree to remember; I agree to actualize what I remember.”

   The activation price is $30.00 and can be done by bj in 15-20 minutes, must be done in person.

bj King – Namaste, Inc. – P. O. Box 22174 – Oklahoma City, OK 73123

Phone: 405-773-5210