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Jesus Speaks Of Spiritual Truth

This written document contains a transcription of a recent and important Message about Humanity’s future on Earth. This Message was communicated telepathically by Jesus the Christ to bj King in late 2021.  She is a spiritual teacher and mystic living in Oklahoma City in the United States. Jesus has asked that his Message be communicated widely to all of Humanity.  If you are willing to read and consider what it says, you will have an opportunity to participate, along with many others, in necessary and urgent efforts for positive change.  That opportunity can take many potential forms: positive thought, prayer, meditation, practicing kindness toward others, being an example of peace and love in your own life, being active in promoting peace and love among those around you, and perhaps passing this Message along to other people in your life.  If enough people are willing to consistently do some or all of these things, their efforts and yours have the potential to change the trajectory of Humanity’s current direction and future experiences.  You are encouraged to read this Message with an open mind and heart, and to ask for guidance or inspiration from the Holy Spirit regarding with whom to share this Message.


Lesson One

“At this critical period of planetary transition into a new Cosmic Age, the Age of Aquarius, it is mandatory that Humanity be liberated from lack of Spiritual Truth.  The New Age will involve a new world, a new civilization, as has been prophesied. You’ve heard it referred to as a ‘new Heaven and new Earth.’  Humans must become knowledgeable of their true identity as aspects of God, as infinite and immortal Spiritual Beings. I am coming forth to speak of Spiritual Truth.


“January 20, 1920, the Spiritual Hierarchy created and positioned a series of electromagnetic Rings around the Earth three miles outside Earth’s atmosphere.  The purpose of the Rings is to hold ideas, inspirations and information that aware Humans can access during altered states of consciousness and utilize them to further evolution.   These ideas and images are added to the Rings on a regular basis.  Their purpose is to make available inventions, artistic images, music, healing techniques, formulas, and methods of surgery to inspire evolution for the Aquarian Age. 

“Everything is composed of energy.  What exists around and on the Earth has been changed, destroyed or buried by great earthquakes, floods, landslides, sunken continents (such as Atlantis and Mu), plus the catastrophic tipping of Earth’s axis during the Pleistocene Epoch about 4 million years ago, resulting in the ‘ice ages.’

“This present world will be transformed energetically, and new planetary conditions in the fourth dimension will prevail on Earth.  The new race of Humans in this Age will express a different quality of consciousness, a fourth-dimensional consciousness, and have abilities considered Super-Human in today’s world.


“This can only unfold if Humans are finally exposed to the truth about who they are, and the truth about the Earth, Solar System, Universe, Omniverse, the Spiritual Hierarchy, Angels and the Great White Brotherhood; also, the truth of why I came to Earth, not to relieve the sins of Humanity, but to prove ascension and to anchor the energies of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

“Without adequate knowledge of Spiritual Realms of Life, and authentic and true information regarding Humans’ ultimate destiny beyond the Human plane, Humanity cannot wake up to the truth.  Spiritual Teachings and Revelations have been offered to Humanity throughout the Ages, and many of these teachings still exist, referred to as scriptures.  These teachings and revelations were written in ancient or now-dead languages, and have been mis-translated or purposely distorted by unscrupulous authorities to increase their prestige and power.  This was also done deliberately to confuse and control Humans for the benefit of Church and political leaders. True religion has been stripped of its Spirituality to become a dogma of literal words, pretentious rituals and hallowed traditions.

“True spiritual teaching has not been offered to Humanity in centuries.  The word ‘shenah’, described and related to conditions and time-periods of Human history in the original Chaldean writings, is correctly defined to mean ‘sleep; dream; changes.’  The Old Testament writers of Humanity’s origins mis-translated the ancient Chaldean word ‘shenah’ as ‘years.’ 

“Due to this kind of mis-translation, biblical scholars and clerics have been relating Humans’ arrival on Earth as beginning some 8,000 years ago.  However, the ‘years’ they related to Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah had each covered long periods of great changes and mutations on Earth, actually involving many Cosmic Ages and Cycles.  These biblical names not only represent, in some cases, important Spiritual Beings, but also relate to and describe the quality of Humanity’s mass consciousness and its various civilizations that existed during those periods.

“The Bible, or adaptations of the King James version of the Bible, refer to Jehovah and Yahweh as if they were the Creator God of all Universes, which they were not.  They were lesser beings holding authority during those periods of history.  This ‘mis-translation’ corrected, in itself, should change Christian belief, as well as the true purpose of my coming to Earth as a Human.

“Due to mis-translations of the Bible, neither Christianity nor Judaism relates Human souls as aspects of God.  Neither admits the Divinity contained within each Human.”

“The single most important thing a Human can do is realize their true identity as an aspect of God, a Spirit Being.”

 “The Judaic-Christian Bible, though originally written by various Humans, and then translated into different languages by other Humans, is yet believed by many religionists as being the pure ‘Word of God.’ Regardless of probable mis-translations by various scribes, priests, translators and theologians over the centuries, the Bible is revered to a greater extent than any more direct Spiritual Teaching or Revelation from God.  Unfortunately, most Humans believe God quit speaking directly with Humans centuries ago, which is not true.  Translating languages into English can be unclear because certain words were then and can now be defined in many ways.  Also, the number of times the Bible has been revised and translated tends to have distorted the original meaning of my message.

“If one considers the Bible to be the actual ‘Word of God,’ it should be realized that much of the Old Testament merely describes historical experiences of the Jewish people, and that the New Testament contains various activities attributed to me and my disciples, and is not the ‘Word of God’.  You and I have already discussed the mis-translation of the Beatitudes, which I corrected to my true meaning through you several years ago.  I think it wise to mention those corrections here.

“I taught using parables, because that is where the level of Human consciousness was at that time in history.  I concerned myself with teaching general principles, which had to do with mental states.  As a person thinks, so they will become.”


Matthew 5:3-10 from the King James Version: 

“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

“The word ‘poor’ could mean impoverished, depleted, lacking in ability, absent of quality, low in potential, or deficient.  It can also mean ‘simple.’ My reference was to ‘simplicity.’   I was encouraging the people to refrain from complex rituals and creating spiritual hierarchies.  I taught that there is only one Spirit, and that Spirit is within us and within all things.  Connecting to that Spirit is a simple process and does not require structure, permission, intermediaries, prerequisites or process.  It requires silence, intention, acceptance, Love and simplicity.”

“Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.”

“In Aramaic, ‘mourning’ could mean sorrow, grief, pain, or regret.  Humans always have the choice of learning by spiritual unfoldment or by painful experience.  Most people do not seek God whole-heartedly unless trouble, sorrow or failure appears in their lives.  I was referring to the ‘value of mourning’ as in ‘the act of purging and releasing’. When a person first experiences loss, whether this is through the death of a loved one, the death of a marriage, loss of health, loss of a career or job, loss of home, or loss of financial or social position, the first reaction is shock, depression and/or grief.  When the shock passes, and a person accepts the circumstance and releases what has been, they open a space for the new that can come.  Grieving is clinging to – mourning is letting go, releasing, purging, which allows the emergence, the comfort of a new stage of life.  Often, in retrospect, we can see the loss was a blessing in disguise.”

“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the Earth.”

“In Aramaic, the word ‘meek’ could mean humble, poor, subservient, lacking self-respect, or self-effacing.  None of these are the meaning I intended in using the word.  My meaning was ‘moderation, equilibrium, balance’.  In balance there is wholeness, fulfillment, and blessing.  There is no need to hoard.  If hoarding ceased, there would be plenty of all for all.  Humans never truly own anything; they are only stewards.  They are most happy and fulfilled when they are steward-shipping only what they truly love.  ‘Meek’ can also mean ‘open to the will of God,’ which is a mental attitude that draws prosperity to an individual.  

“The word ‘Earth’ does not refer merely to the terrestrial globe of Earth.  Earth in this context meant ‘manifestation or abundance.’ Manifestation is the result of cause.  Causation is mental.  By ‘Earth’ I meant the whole of your outer experience.  By ‘to inherit the Earth’ I meant to have dominion over your outer experience through thought. If you live in balance and moderation, with lovingly directed thoughts, you will manifest the life your heart desires because you are open to the will of God for your lives.  God’s will for your lives is joy, love, abundance, and perfect health.”

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”

“‘Righteousness’ does not refer just to right conduct, but also to right thinking in all areas of your lives.  Right thinking is the only thing that will produce desired results.  Righteousness can also mean harmonious thoughts.  If you seek to be in harmony with your thoughts, the results will be a harmonious, fulfilling life.  To ‘hunger and thirst’ refers to praying constantly for wisdom and guidance.

‘Righteousness’ means being right in your heart.  Through the heart, you feel the Presence of your Creator.  The heart is a powerful magnet, which generates life energy and draws to you all you need and desire.”

“Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.”

“If you extend mercy, you will receive mercy.  What matters most is that you be merciful in your thinking.  If you commit kind deeds out of fear, or in order to receive rewards or the good opinion or favor of others, you are being hypocritical and your rewards will be as tainted as your motive.”

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.”

“God has no physical form, other than as everything and everyone around you, and yourselves.  To ‘see’, in this sense, means to receive spiritual perception, spiritual sight – the sight that causes you to actually see everything and everyone as an aspect of God.  To ‘see’ God is to understand the truth of unity, all as One.  ‘Purity’ is to understand God as the only real Cause – the only real Power.    I could have said, ‘blessed are they who recognize God as the only real Cause and Presence, not just in theory but practically, in every thought and area of their lives.’

“The word ‘heart’ in the Bible can also refer to the subconscious mind.  Head knowledge is learned expression.  Heart knowledge is that which you live and actualize.  You are called to re-educate the subconscious by practicing the Presence of God at all times in all circumstances.  To be ‘pure in heart’ is to have ‘innocent perception,’ to recognize that everything was created in innocence.”

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”

“To become ‘peacemakers’ is to recognize the Oneness of Spirit and to implement that recognition in your thoughts and actions – to  rise above a dualistic approach to living.  You normally see life as a conflict between polar opposites.  It is your challenge to end dualistic thinking.  In the word ‘peacemaker’ I am not referring to your being diplomats, negotiators, counselors or ministers – as in the settling of disputes.  I am referring rather to seeking to perceive wholeness in all things – to end separation and duality.  You have been conditioned by the presence of what appears to be opposites: up/down, male/female, in/out, forward/backward, black/white, happy/sad, light/dark.  You are called to rise above viewing life as a conflict between these seeming opposites.  

“Light and dark are not opposites, but represent variable conditions of exposure to light sources.  Males and females both contain male and female hormones and attributes.  Each seeming opposite is a percentage of the presence of the whole.

“You have thus far seen the process of creating energy as a result of a polar-resistive, friction-generated process.  You are to move to see the possibility of magnetism – the space between the seeming opposites as your source of energy.  You have the potential to end conflict and to create what seems to be free energy.  You often create problems or conflicts for yourselves so you can feel smart, intelligent, accomplished when you resolve them.”

“Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

 “When you reach a point where you can consciously ‘be’ the love that you are, know you are an aspect of God (Love), you are empowered to transcend suffering or illusions.  Through love, you have power over any situation.  But to prove this to yourselves, to really ‘know’ it, you must set yourselves up to overcome adversity through the power of love.

“God = Love.  When you know and completely understand this truth, illusions, adversities, and hardships will cease to exist in your lives.

“There is no virtue in martyrdom.  There is no virtue or advantage in being persecuted or annoyed by other people.  This cannot happen unless there is something within you, still, that matches this energetically.  You will be treated as you expect to be treated, but this expectation must be backed by truth.  What you see and experience at any time is your own concept of reality.  You create the potential for hindrance and persecution by what you hold in your thoughts, beliefs and subconscious.  When you know, believe, accept, and understand that you are aspects of God (Love), and think, act and hold the vibration of that aspect of yourselves, you live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

“I accepted the persecution of the Romans and gave back love and forgiveness.  I chose this form of death to prove the possibility of ascension, and to prove that there is life after death of the physical body.”


“The present religious scriptures are generally remnants or mis-translations of original Spiritual Teachings offered by God-enlightened Prophets, Masters, Swamis, and Avatars thousands of years ago.  Offered in ancient, now-dead languages, these teachings have been translated and mis-translated into other languages from century to century.  They have been interpreted and mis-interpreted by various scribes, clerics, and theologians.

“Much of what Jehovah did was erroneously attributed to the Creator God.  God has no personality.  Jehovah and Yahweh, serving as Lords of Earth, were both beings with personality.

“Most of the stories in the Old Testament, which are erroneously attributed to the Creator God, are allegorical stories and not based on actual events.  This is another reason that Humans need to become aware that the Bible is not the ‘Word of God,’ but full of personal ideas and mis-translations of Ancient Spiritual Teachings.  

“The Creator God, or Infinite Intelligence, brought into expression ‘Seven Spirits of Creation’ who were referred to in Hebrew as ‘Elohim’; they are sometimes in English referred to as ‘The Builders of Form’.  These Great Beings, using the Power and Attributes of the Creator, caused various energies to come forth and become dynamic.  These Seven Spirits then manifested and materialized planets and star systems by causing a stepping-down, a slowing-down of vibratory frequency of the component atoms and electrons of Source energy. 

“These Seven Spirits of Creation, the Elohim, presently express in your sector of this Omniverse. They include both male and female counterparts and are named:  Apollo and Lumina; Arcturus and Victoria; Cyclopea and Virginia;Hercules and Amazonia; Heros and Amora; Peace and Aloha; Purity and Astrea. 

“What Humans call ‘Nature’, plants, animals and minerals, were created by the members of the Angelic Realm.  There are seven Archangels who express in one of the seven Octaves or Rays, as do the Seven Spirits of Creation, and also include both male and female counterparts.  

“The seven Archangels that presently express in your sector of the Omniverse, including male and female counterparts, are named: Chamuel and Charity; Gabriel and Hope; Jophiel and Christine; Michael and Faith; Raphael and Mother Mary; Uriel and Aurora; Zadkiel and Amethyst.  

“These Archangels serve to manifest various types of Life and Consciousness throughout this Universe.  The Angelic level of creation that have brought forth and manifested the many types of life forms and different aspects of Nature upon the planets are called ‘Devas’.  Every life form on Earth has been created deliberately to create a balance of Nature.  Each created form fulfills a certain purpose, need or function.

“Since the original manifestation of life forms and aspects of Nature, these seven Archangels have continued to manage and maintain their manifestations.  Additionally, they have other responsibilities associated with protecting, teaching and guiding Human souls.  

“These seven Archangels are involved in administering and controlling the seven Rays that the Source created and sent to Earth to assist Human evolution.  They radiate these seven Rays to maintain, energize and nourish all forms and expressions of Life throughout this Universe, including Human, Elemental and Angelic.  

“In addition to the seven Archangels, there are seven Ascended Masters who also have important responsibilities and great Spiritual Authority in the next level of the Brotherhood’s Administrative Branch.  Each of these Ascended Masters also express and serve in one of the seven Rays that represent Attributes of the Creator.  These seven Ascended Masters, to complement the seven Archangels, govern, guide, supervise and teach these expressions of Life and Consciousness throughout your Universe which contains the twelve planets.  

“This Universe is manifested, sustained, and governed in a state of Divine Order, Harmony, Wisdom, and Love in accord with the Creator’s Will and Cosmic Law.  The Spiritual Hierarchy is founded on Cosmic Wisdom and Divine Love, and all Beings who are a part of it express as ONE, each expressing as an impersonal, selfless, inseparable Consciousness within the Creator’s omnipresent Supreme Consciousness.  All Spirit Beings, whether great Lords, Archangels, Masters, or lower Orders of Angels, each aid and serve the Hierarchy in a selfless manner.  Each of the Beings also serve, in a selfless manner, the billions of Human souls and every aspect of planetary manifestation.  They serve each in accord with their individual aptitudes and development of personal Attunement with the Creator’s Attributes.  

“Because of wise management from the Administrative Branch of this Great White Brotherhood (which is also referred to as the Spiritual Hierarchy) each of the twelve planets are maintained and governed in their orderly, precise orbit around the Sun.  The members of the Administrative Branch and their Legions of Angels are not only responsible for bringing forth the Creator’s Cosmic Power, but also for maintaining the resulting energies.  Their maintenance and application of the energies further includes a precise regulation for the orbits of many ‘moons’ around the planets.  The required energies throughout each planet and all aspects of Nature are also sustained and governed in a continuous manner by these great Spiritual Beings and the many Angels, Devas and Nature Spirits that are involved in all of this Creation. Helios and Vesta are the Beings who control Earth’s Sun.

“Though the Creator is omnipresent and fills all space throughout the Omniverse, in vast spaces between galaxies, the Creator’s Attributes are in a dormant, passive, non-expressive condition.  As Pure Spirit and Consciousness occupying the limitless Omniverse, the Creator therefore needs Individualized Expressions of His Beingness in order to express His Attributes in specifically designated areas of the Omniverse.  It is only from and through His Individualized Expressions of Life and Consciousness, His Image and Likeness in the form of Spirit Beings, that the infinite Spirit and Consciousness of the Creator becomes fully expressive and creative.

“In your Universe it is, therefore, through the Great White Brotherhood that the seven-fold Creative Principle becomes activated and dynamic.  These three Attributes of Wisdom, Love and Power are the primal trinity of the Creator that makes Creation possible.  They are the foundational Principle of the Creator’s Expression of Consciousness and Beingness.

“These Divine Attributes occur in varying degrees of expression among both Ascended Beings and un-ascended Humans only in accord with their Spiritual Attunement with the Creator and the purity of their consciousness. 

“It is a definite requirement for every Human on Earth to return to his/her Divine Source.  In order to accomplish this, one must mitigate and dissolve the accumulations of psychic illusions and delusions manifested during this and past embodiments.  The Universal Law decrees that a Human’s negative karma, the sins, iniquities, omissions and commissions in opposition to Cosmic Law must be less than the positive karma of ‘good works’ committed in compliance with the Law.  

“To become an Ascended Being in the Great White Brotherhood of this Universe requires a purified consciousness.  A consciousness must become Spiritualized as a God-enlightened Being to qualify to become a member of the Brotherhood, as anything less would not be of any value in higher dimensions, nor to the  Brotherhood.”

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