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Jesus Encourages Use Of The Rays of God


“To live a life of appreciation for God and all living things, to actually adore or worship the Source from which it all came, seems difficult for those having free will.  To fully love and admire your Creator should be a daily hour-by-hour practice, not something reserved for a once-a-week Sunday church meeting and then abandoned the rest of the time or never thought of at all in the currently popular intellectual climates that foster the seeds of disdain.  This lack of reverence has sent many civilizations and even universes to their destruction, and so it is your nemesis, your enemy, the satanic aspect within yourself to be overcome in your 12th Universe.

“All twelve universes were created by the one Central Being and then assisted by other immense Beings of Light and by wise and loving energies unknown to most of you on Earth but selected for their specific talents by the One-Giver-of-Life.  This great plan has generally been captained, if you will, by the Twelve Sons, or Rays of God, who were created from the awesome power your vocabulary cannot describe and your imagination cannot formulate.  Under these superlative twelve Rays, a gigantic congregation of light workers was selected to manifest the blueprint of God’s life forms into matter and, of course, those souls without the light who do not have reverence and respect for what is planned, are never chosen for other opportunities in these spiritual/scientific implementations.

“It is critical for you to recognize that God is expressed though the Rays to your planet, and you will need to know which Rays you are most influenced by, which you will be drawn towards in particular.  All these Rays come from the Creator and can only express to you on third-dimensional Earth as light broken into the color spectrum you see in the rainbow. You know them as the seven rainbow colors, but actually they are facets of God used to influence certain qualities of your beingness.  This may be difficult to understand, but if you can accept that color in your world has more than just aesthetic value, even your medical profession can use color for healing purposes as did past civilizations on Earth.

“Blue is like a gentle sedative and brings peace, relaxation, and pain relief. It is good when overstimulation has occurred.  Red has the opposite use.  You have many books about this, but they are regrettably not believed by most doctors on your planet. 

“In addition to your seven colors of the rainbow, the five higher colors, or Rays, those with more luminosity, are scarcely known at all to you.  But that which you call silvery, as in moonlight will be appearing more and more in this time and is the energy to bring you an emphasis on peace and preservation of life.  Silver can come as moon glow or as a blend with your other seven colors to provide different nuances and emphases to the colors you now know.  In the Aquarian Age there will be great emphasis on colors, or the Rays since they are aspects of God. 

“‘The Fall’, which is spoken about in many religions, occurred because of this exact issue of lack of reverence, love and commitment to the Source-of-All Life.  

“You, bj, have been commissioned by the Spiritual Hierarchy to reveal, through the written word, a more detailed history of the Rays and the fact that there are now forty-nine Rays of energy, aspects of God, pouring onto the Earth to assist Humans to wake up and remember their Divine natures.  Here I would like for you to explain the first twelve Rays, which are most useful to individuals who now may become aware of the Rays.


Day of HonorTuesday


Angel of the First RayArchangel Michael

Elohim of the First RayHercules

Hercules’ Divine ComplementLady Amazonia

Chohan of the First RayAscendedMaster El Morya Khan


Lord of the First Ray

Chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood

The Master El Morya is dedicated to the teaching of esoteric wisdom. With Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, the Master R, and Saint Germain, he sponsored the Theosophical Society, the writings of Madame H. P. Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey, and many others.  He sponsors serious students of spiritual awareness and intuition.  He sponsors many third dimensional schools of higher learning, once called “mystery schools”. Although appearing in meditation to be a stern taskmaster with almost no sense of humor, my experience is he has great love and compassion to offer the serious seeker.  He does not work long or consistently with those who are inclined to be egotistical or only concerned with intellectual understanding without developing personal faith.  He can assist the student to develop faith in God’s Will and to grasp a deeper understanding of Universal Law as it relates to third- dimensional life on Earth.  He usually appears to the student in meditation wearing a turban and a robe.  His eyes are intense and dark in color; his gaze penetrates through any deception the student has held.  Master El Morya teaches the acceptance of personal responsibility and accountability.  He teaches the possibility of the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness within each individual, and that discipleship to the Creator God is a necessity.  In meditation, when sought, he conveys “the quickening” to his students.  His teachings include the use of the mantra “I AM THAT I AM” and belief in the Christ within.  He often refers to his students as “chelas” or “adepts.”  He is sometimes referred to as Master M.  His signature is M.

Ray ColorsCobalt Blue and White

GemstonesSapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Diamonds


Related Human SenseTouch

ConstellationsAries – Leo – Capricorn



Pomp and Circumstance”, refers to a set of marches by Sir Edward Elgar, also known as “Land of Hope and Glory” (music only)

Onward Christian Soldiers”, was adapted from slow movement of Hayden’s Symphony No. 53 (music only). When first published as a hymn, words by Rev. S. Baring-Gould,tune by J. B. Dykes. 

Purpose and Uses of the First Ray

God qualities amplified through the First Ray are Omnipotence and Perfection.  It may be invoked for protection.  It may be invoked for an individual to have the faith to do the Will of God.  The First Ray may be called forth to assist a person to become self-ruled, self-dependent, self-actualized through understanding the Will of God for their own lives as well as the Divine Plan of the Creator for Earth, this Galaxy and Universe.  This is a Ray for developing independence and intuition in order to become self-governed through spiritual awareness, and therefore free.  It gives the power to become one’s own authority through spiritual discernment of God’s Will.   A person infused with the First Ray accepts their own divine nature and a willingness to be their own divine authority, to be self-controlled and to develop self-mastery.

The First Ray virtues are: Truth, Faith and the Will and Power to Create.  In order to stay balanced, it is important to balance the drive of the First Ray with the energies of Love and Wisdom, the energies of the Second and Third Rays.


Day of HonorSunday


Angel of the Second RayArchangel Jophiel

Elohim of the Second RayApollo

Apollo’s Divine ComplementLady Lumina

Chohan of the Second RayAscended Master Lord Lanto

Lord Lanto’s Divine ComplementLady Christine 


Lord of the Second Ray

Master of the Golden Flame of Illumination 

Master of the Chinese-Green Fire for Precipitation

Member of the Council of Ascended Masters

Lord Lanto teaches the mantra of balance: “I AM Alpha and Omega in the white fire core of Being.”  He teaches initiative and action: “Rule your circumstances and be not ruled by them.”  He teaches, “Judge not, lest you be judged.”  He teaches one to be as concerned about the life of others as he is about one’s own, the life of karma yoga.  He teaches the rearrangement of energies from various octaves, the alchemy of the Holy Spirit.  His is a teaching of entering into the flow of the God within.  To be the artisan of the Spirit is the goal.  He teaches that we have the power and authority to call all circumstances to come into alignment with THE GREAT LAW, the authority to command life.  Energy is God.  Lord Lanto assists in removing the veils of ignorance to expose maya. He offers the administration of the fires of understanding to his students.  His focus is with the youth of the World. 

Ray ColorsYellow, Gold

GemstonesYellow Diamond, Yellow Sapphire and Topaz


FlowerWhite Fire Lilies

Related Human SenseHearing

ConstellationsGemini – Virgo – Pisces



Song of the Evening Star” from the opera Taunhauser by Wagner.

Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis. 

Purpose and Uses of the Second Ray:

The Second Ray amplifies the three-fold flame of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, Omniscience, Understanding, Illumination, Perception, Wisdom, and Desire to Know God through the Mind.  The major focus of the Second Ray is to inspire individuals to turn knowledge into Wisdom and to temper Wisdom with Love and Compassion.  The Second Ray represents “feeling-knowledge” and “brotherhood.”  It also teaches us not to carry altruism to lengths which are absurd (to the point of weakening the other).  It teaches us not to assist others beyond what is to their highest good, whether it is animal or Human.  Those students seeking the Love/Wisdom initiation and balance of their masculine/feminine natures may invoke the Second Ray.  


Day of HonorMonday


Angel of the Third RayArchangel Chamuel 

Elohim of the Third RayHero

Hero’s Divine ComplementLady Amora

Chohan of the Third RayAscended Master Paul the Venetian   

Master Paul the Venetian’s Divine ComplementLady Charity


Lord of the Third Ray

Chief of the Brotherhood of the Third Ray of Divine Love

Keeper of the Emerald Fire of Precipitation

Member of the Council of Ascended Masters

Master Paul the Venetian wears a pink cape lined in green.  He is a scientist as well as an artist.  He tutors his students in the Law of Love and the Law of Discipline.  His focus is on art, music, architecture, engineering, and the culture of Divine Mother, which antedates Lemuria and goes back to the earliest Golden Ages of Earth. His teaching includes the belief that the more disciplined we are, the more energy of Love we can express.  He teaches techniques for expressing Love through the creation of beauty, symmetry, and design in form, in ritual, and the balance of heart, head and hand.  “The art of living Love is to be creative.  The art of being creative is to be self-disciplined.”  His teaching focuses on the Cosmic Christ Consciousness fleur-de-lis, representing Love, Power, and Wisdom.  He is devoted to perfecting of the soul and the development of the intuitive and creative faculties of the heart.  His special gift is to teach students the discernment of spirits.  

Ray ColorsPink, Rose

Gemstones: Ruby, Diamond, Garnet, Rose Quartz, Pink Beryl


Related Human SenseFeeling Nature

ConstellationsCancer – Libra ‒ Capricorn



Brahms’ Lullaby” by Johannes Brahms

Hail Mary Mother of the Flame

Music of the Spheres” Stephen Halpren

Music of St. John of the Cross 

Purpose and Uses of the Third Ray:

The Third Ray amplifies the qualities of Tolerance, Love, Adoration, Discipline, Creativity, Tact, Diplomacy, Arbitration, Patience, Forbearance, Unity, Brotherhood, Culture, Beauty, and Perfecting the Manifestation of Heart.  The Third Ray is the Ray of the refined mind, the spoken word and abstract intellect – the plane of Spirit and the higher causal mind.  This Ray may be called upon when there is a need to discern spirits.  The Third Ray strengthens Tolerance, Tact and Patience, and tempers the desire for perfection and intellectual pursuit with common sense and sincerity.  Students seeking initiation of The Tree of Life or The Sacred Heart may invoke the Third Ray. 


Day of HonorFriday

ChakraBase of the Spine

Angel of the Fourth RayArchangel Gabriel

Elohim of the Fourth RayPurity

Purity’s Divine ComplementAstrea

Chohan of the Fourth RayAscended Master Serapis Bey

Master Serapis Bey’s Divine Complement: Lady Hope


Lord of the Fourth Ray  

Keeper of the Ascension Flame

Member of the Council of Ascended Masters

Master Serapis Bey works with chelas to teach “Love Is Perfected In Love,” the motto above the Ascension Temple.  He works with beings that choose to raise their energy vibration in preparation for ascension.

Ray Colors:   Fiery white with a crystal glow

GemstonesDiamond, Pearl, Zircon, Quartz Crystal

FragranceLilac and Hyacinth

FlowerCalla Lily

Related Human SenseSight

ConstellationsTaurus – Scorpio – Sagittarius



Triumphal March” and “Celeste Aida” from Aida

Liebestraum” by Franz Liszt

Purpose and Uses of the Fourth Ray

The attributes of the Fourth Ray are Purity, Action, Clarity, Discipline, Intuition, Humility and Joy.  The Fourth Ray is the Ray of Beauty, Harmony and Artistic Endeavor, the Ray of Ascension.  The Master Serapis Bey says, “We ascend daily, not all at once.  To ascend is to blend in cosmic unity with the heart of the Eternal.”

The Fourth Ray and its Master bring us in contact with the Feminine Principle of Creation, the energy of the Divine Mother.  The Master says, “The abundance of every good and perfect, miraculous gift of God is derived from the white light of the Mother, whose sacred fire breath is at the heart of every atom and sun center.”

The Fourth Ray is often called the Ray of “Harmony Through Conflict” or the Ray of Struggle.  In order to tap into the higher intuitive mind, one must tame the ego and the emotional body, which most often results in years of struggle and frustration.

The Fourth Ray may be called upon to work miracles and to increase one’s vibrations to move toward ascension.  The science of sound and science of the Word are known in the white fire core of the Fourth Ray.



Day of HonorWednesday

ChakraThird Eye

Angel of the Fifth RayArchangel Raphael

Elohim of the Fifth RayCyclopea

Cyclopea’s ComplementLady Virginia

Chohan of the Fifth RayAscended Master Hilarion 

Master Hilarion’s Divine ComplementMother Mary 


Lord of the Fifth Ray

Member of the Council of Ascended Masters

Master Hilarion, together with the Brotherhood of Crete, the Brotherhood of Truth, and Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth, sponsor teachers of Truth, servants of God, religious leaders, and missionaries, as well as those practicing the healing arts, scientists and engineers in all fields, mathematicians, musicians, and those specializing in computer and space technology.

Master Hilarion is especially concerned with helping atheists, agnostics, and skeptics who, because of the leaders of the Church and State, have become disillusioned with religion and life in general. His motto is: “And ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you Free, i.e., Whole.”

Ray ColorsIntense Fiery Green (Emerald-Teal) and Gold

GemstonesEmerald, Diamond, Jade, Quartz Crystal

FragranceLavender and Peppermint

Related Human SenseInner Vision (Intuition)

ConstellationsLeo – Sagittarius – Aquarius



Onward Christian Soldiers” was adapted from slow movement of Haydn’s Symphony No. 53 (music only). When first published as a hymn, words by Rev. S. Baring-Gould, tune by J. B. Dykes.   

Purpose and Uses of the Fifth Ray:  

Attributes of the Fifth Ray are:  Healing, Surrender, Selflessness, Concentration, Listening, Dedication, Truth, Science, Precipitation, Actualization, Practicality, Healing, Rejuvenation and Vision.  The Fifth Ray is the Ray of Concrete Knowledge and the Mental Plane.  One may invoke the Fifth Ray to help strengthen mental focus and to create balance.  The Fifth Ray focuses on the scientific attributes of the Laws of Creation and will enhance a person’s desire for Truth and Justice.  If a person is overly emotional, bringing in the energies of the Fifth Ray will help to create balance.


Day of HonorThursday


Angel of the Sixth RayArchangel Uriel

Elohim of the Sixth RayPeace

Peace’s Divine ComplementAloha

Chohan of the Sixth RayMaster Lady Nada 

As Lord of the Sixth Ray of Ministration and Service, the Ascended Master Lady Nada assists ministers, missionaries, healers, teachers, psychologists, counselors at law, professional people, public servants in government, as well as those devoted to serving the needs of God’s children in every branch of Human and health services.  You will also find her at the side of businessmen and women, blue-collar, skilled, and unskilled workers, farmers, ranchers, defenders of Freedom and revolutionaries of Love in every field.  She teaches the principle and practice of sacred labor as the effective means to achieve the goal of ascension.


Master of the Sixth Ray

World Mother

Member of the Council of Ascended Masters

Member of the Karmic Board

Ray ColorsPurple, Metallic Gold and Ruby

GemstonesTopaz, Ruby, Alexandrite, Diamond with Pearl


Related Human SenseSpeech

ConstellationsVirgo – Sagittarius – Pisces



The music of Hildegard of Bingen

Feather on the Breath of God”

“O Jerusalem” 

Purpose and Uses of the Sixth Ray

Virtues of the Sixth Ray are: Devotion, Forgiveness, Healing, Mercy, Tenderness, Grace, Harmony, Peace, and Tranquility.  The Sixth Ray is an emotionally based Ray, and one of the purposes of this Ray is to help dissolve the energies of the lower astral planes.  This Ray is focused within the subconscious mind to endeavor to awaken the subconscious mind to consciousness. When the subconscious becomes conscious it can then be in harmony with the superconscious mind.  We may invoke the energies of this Ray to move Humanity out of religious dogma and a sense of separation, into spiritual awareness and unity consciousness. 

The gifts of the Holy Spirit, which Lady Nada administers, are those of diverse kinds of tongues and interpretation of tongues.  These gifts involve the mastery of nuances of vibration in the five secret Rays and their almost infinite combinations with the elements of the seven Rays as the qualities of the Word are released through the chakras.

Lady Nada says, “Therefore, the Sixth Ray may be invoked to understand diverse kinds of tongues and the interpretation of tongues.  As pertains to Human, Divine, and Angelic tongues, these gifts involve the mastery of speech, communication, and the delivery of the Word.  They range from the mastery of Earth’s languages for the transmission of the Word universally, to proficiency in the tongues of Angels as spoken by the Angelic messengers through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.” 

Lady Nada is an advocate of children and may be called upon to assist in any situation involving children and parenting.

We may invoke the emotional intensity of the Sixth Ray, strengthen it with the mental focus of the fifth Ray, and then blend it with the transformative energy of the Seventh Ray, and be on our way to mastery.




Day of HonorSaturday

ChakraSeat of the Soul

Angel of the Seventh RayArchangel Zadkiel

Elohim of the Seventh RayArcturus

Arcturus’ ComplementLady Victoria

Chohan of the Seventh RayAscended Master Saint Germain

Master St. Germain’s Divine Complement

Ascended Master Lady Portia – Goddess of Justice


Lord of the Seventh Ray

Master of the Violet Flame of Transmutation

Chief of the Council of Ascended Masters

Ray ColorsViolet and Gold



Related Human SenseSmell

ConstellationsAries – Cancer – Capricorn



Song of St. Germain” Hail to the Chief” by James Sanderson

America the Beautiful” words by Katharine Lee Bates, music by Samuel Augustus Ward, taken from the hymn “Materna” a poem written while Bates was standing on Pikes Peak, Colorado.  

Purpose and Uses of the Seventh Ray:  

Virtues of the Seventh Ray are: Freedom, Purification, Redemption, Service, Invocation, Manifestation, Diplomacy and Refinement.  The Seventh Ray is the Ray of the Aquarian Age.  It brings forth the Violet Transmuting Flame.  It is the Ray of Invocation, manifesting in the highest form of Service.  It is the Ray of conscious Transmutation, and The Violet Flame is also the Flame of Forgiveness.  One may invoke the Angels of the Violet Flame to assist in transforming mis-qualified energy back into neutral Light Substance and to help move through the transmutation process with ease and grace.  The Violet Flame of Transmutation may be called forth to recondition any situation to a state of perfection or homeostasis.  It may be invoked to transmute one substance into another, such as lead into gold.  It may be invoked to transmute pollution and to promote healing.


I call upon the Master Saint Germain

I call upon the Elohim Arcturus and Lady Victoria

I call upon the Archangel Zadkiel

Of the Violet Ray

To pour Divine Transmutation

Through all that I AM.

I call upon the Amethyst Ray

To transform every cell,

Every atom of my body

Into Higher Light.

I call upon the Violet Flame

To burn within my soul 

And to release all veils

That separate me from Spirit.

I call upon the Violet Flame to burn away my illusions,

To burn away my resistances,

And to transmute my fear into love.

So be it.



Lord Maha Chohan, Liberator of the Sacred Fire of All Seven Rays

Days of Honor:  All Seven

Chakra:  Eighth Chakra

Retreat:  Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Vibration of Colors:  White, Pink, Rose, Ruby, White Fire Core Colors of All Rays

Gemstones:  Diamond, Yellow Diamond, Topaz, Ruby, Rose Quartz, Pink Beryl and Pearl

Related Human Quality:  Breath of Life


“Ave Maria” (Hail Mary) by Franz Schubert, is a prayer consisting partly of biblical salutations of the Archangel Gabriel and Elizabeth to the Virgin Mary, and partly of matter added in the 15th century from Walter Scott’s poem “The Lady of the Lake.”

Gift:  Initiation of the Eighth Chakra


Angel of the Eighth Ray:  Angel Rekiaus

Chohans of the Eighth Ray:  

Lady Nada (World Mother)

Lady Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy)

Mother Mary 

Lady Claire

Lady Master Venus

Lady Amethyst


Members of Council of the Feminine Power of Creation

Ray Colors:  Aqua, Purple and Lavender

Gemstones:  Aquamarine, Emeralds, Pearls and Amethyst

Fragrances:  Roses and Lavender

Symbol:  The Rose


“Colors of the Wind” Elton John

“Candle in the Wind” Elton John and Bernie Taupin

Music of Hildegard of Bingen

“Feather on the Breath of God”

“O Jerusalem” 

Braham’s Lullaby by Johannes Braham

Purpose and Uses of the Eighth Ray:  

The Eighth Ray amplifies the energy of Nurturing, Compassion, Forgiveness, Consolation, Transformation, Transfiguration, Creation, and Clarity to any person or situation.


Angel of the Ninth Ray: Angel Zionnas

Chohan of the Ninth Ray: Ascended Master Lady Kuan Yin, “Goddess of Mercy”


Master of the Ninth Ray

Member of the Council of Ascended Masters 

Member of the Council of the Feminine Power of Creation

Ray Colors:  Magenta and Gold

Gemstones:  Rubies, Sapphires and Opals

Symbol:  Lotus Flower   

Fragrances:  Sandalwood and Roses


Canon in D with ocean sounds by Johann Pachelbel

Music of Hildegard of Bingen

 “Feather on the Breath of God”

 “O Jerusalem” 

Purpose and Uses of the Ninth Ray: 

The Ninth Ray may be invoked to call forth Harmony to replace any kind of discord or confusion. The Ninth Ray promotes Clarity.


Angel of the Tenth Ray:  Angel Gustavius

Chohan of the Tenth Ray:  Master Melchizedek



Chief of Council of THE Ancients 

Lord of the Tenth Ray

Priest of the Most High God  

Head of the Council of Healers and Ministers

Head of the Order of Melchizedek  

Ray Colors:  Gold, White and Royal Purple

Gemstones:  Gold, Pearls, Diamonds, Amethyst and Moldavite

Fragrances:  Cinnamon and Nutmeg

Music:  “Messiah” by George Frideric Handel (music only)

Purpose and Uses of the Tenth Ray: 

The Tenth Ray may be called forth to create peace in any situation.


Angel of the Eleventh Ray: Angel Ziekius

Chohan of the Eleventh Ray: Master Viracocha


Lord of the Eleventh Ray

Member of the Council of Elders

Ray Colors:  Peach and Aqua

Gemstones:  Tourmaline and Aquamarine

Fragrances:  Hibiscus and Freesia 

Music:  Peruvian Flute Music 

Purpose and Uses of the Eleventh Ray:  

The Eleventh Ray may be invoked to increase an awakening in Humanity from spiritual amnesia, to awaken Humanity to their own Divinity and the truth of the Creator God. This Ray may be invoked to awaken an individual to their soul contract and purpose.


Angel of the Twelfth Ray:  Angel Merconius

Chohan of the Twelfth Ray:  Master Quetzalcoatl


Lord of the Twelfth Ray 

Chief of Council of the Opalescent Rays (Council of Seven)

Ray Colors: Opalescent spectrum of all seven rainbow colors 

Gemstones:  Diamonds, Watermelon Tourmaline, Opals of all ranges and Moldavite

Fragrances:  Hyacinth and Copal incense

Symbols:  Plumed Serpent, Butterflies (Swallowtail & Monarch) and Seashells


Flute music of Galway

“Amazing Grace”

“Danny Boy” (music only) possibly written by Rory Dall O’Cahan Morrison

“Greensleeves” author unknown (music only)

“Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas by Elton John

“Candle in the Wind” by Elton John

“Circle of Life” from The Lion King by Elton John

“How Great Thou Art” by Carl G. Boberg, 1885

Purpose and Uses of the Twelfth Ray:  

The Twelfth Ray may be invoked to bring the energy of Transformation of Human consciousness from religious persecution and slavery to acceptance of diversity and equality of all people as equal and Divine.

The Twelfth Ray focuses the energy of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

Jesus says, “If you would be a true scientist and an understanding Human Being, it is critical for you to recognize that God is expressed through the Rays to your planet, and you will need to know by which Rays you are most influenced, which you will be drawn towards in particular. Your soul can give you this information. 

“All of these Rays come from the Creator and can only express to you on third-dimensional Earth as light broken into the color spectrum you see in the rainbow, and now as the double rainbow.  You have known them as the seven rainbow colors, but actually they are facets of God used to influence certain qualities of your beingness.  This may be difficult to understand, but if you can accept that color in your world has more than just aesthetic value and, that personally, you have a responsibility to call them forth for your own use, and to enhance Humanity’s spiritual growth, you will accomplish much.  I leave you with these thoughts.” 

The scientists of this world should realize spiritual power is the basis of what Humans call science.



I ask that all energy work that is done in and through my body be in alignment with the Divine Plan of the Creator for planet Earth, all species of life on Earth and beyond.



Through the power vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, I deliberately call forth the 1st Blue Ray of God’s Will or Power to calm and transmute this situation. So be it.

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