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Message from Spirit:

“The doorway to Eternity is now open. Those who choose to leave at this time, by whatever means, will flow freely from their bodies without struggle. The issue of health on the planet at this time is precarious as the viruses are taking their toll. This exodus will continue for approximately twelve more months before the taming of the viruses is accomplished. What has been suggested, communication with the Elementals that make up the viruses and hold them together may shorten this period if more and more Humans work to communicate with the Elementals. Adonai.”

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Namaste Newsletter August 2021


Namaste, Inc., P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123





You may distribute this newsletter with heading intact.

What I write are my opinions based on my experiences and should be checked through your own discernment for your truth.

            Last month I gave you the numbers shown below, which were offered us by Master Grigori.  For a month, Larry and I have been writing them at the top of the page in our journals before we meditate.  He received guidance to add the numbers of the seven digits with the nine digits to come up with a number which we then reduce down to one digit.  We then look at the Ray cards of the first number (7 digits), the added number (9 digits) and the reduced number in each set.  This is helping us to remember the numbers of the Rays and their uses and to give us a feeling of energy for the day.  You might want to try this method if you, like us, had trouble retaining the number and meaning of each Ray.


          Message from Master Grigori: “There is a numeric coefficient for everything in this Universe.  It is not necessary to know the numbers.  It is useful just to be aware that structure, all structure, is dependent on geometry and numerics.  The day of the month cycles somewhat in relation to the other planets in this solar system as well as the relationship to Earth’s moon.  The frequency of each day is an awareness that if duly noted and combined with intention, can improve concentration and ability to manifest within the Human/Earth continuum.  I have given you the numbers that, if written daily before your meditation writing, will serve to put your body and mind in alignment with the Earth.  Those numbers are:

1st Day of the month:     1845421    845132489

2nd Day of the month:    1853125    849995120

3rd Day of the month:    5142587    421954321

4h Day of the month:    5194726    715043769

5th Day of the month:    1084321    194321054

6th Day of the month:    1954837    194321099

7th Day of the month:    1485321    991843288

8th Day of the month     1543218    984301267

9th Day of the month     1843210    918921452

10th Day of the month   1854312    894153210

11th Day of the month   1852348    561432001

12th Day of the month   1854321    485321489

13th Day of the month   1538448    154321915

14th Day of the month   5831421    999888776

15th Day of the month   7788001    532145891

16th Day of the month   1843212    123567091

17th Day of the month   1045421    891000111

18th Day of the month   1854212    185321945

19th Day of the month   1254312    158431985

20th Day of the month   1538416    891543219

21st Day of the month   8153517    589148542

22nd Day of the month   8153485    198516789

23rd Day of the month   8154574    581974321

24th Day of the month   5184325    189543210

25th Day of the month   1890000    012459999

26th Day of the month   1584321    485617891

27th Day of the month   1854342    185431201

28th Day of the month   1854512    195814210

29th Day of the month   1852142    512942180

30th Day of the month   1852143    185219351

31st Day of the month   1532106    185214321


Many people are leaving their bodies at this time so many of us are dealing with grief.  Spirit has offered these words that we might share with people who are suffering from grief, in place of or to include in a sympathy card.

“Grief is a tremendous assault on who we are.  People are mirrors in our lives.  People reflect dimensions or parts of ourselves as we’d like to see ourselves.  When we lose someone who is important to us, it’s like a piece of ourselves is taken away and the way we have once seen ourselves is no longer the way we are.”

We are in the time in evolution of clearing the planet of “laggard” souls who have chosen to ignore spirit and spiritual growth in favor of living a strictly material life.  As these souls leave their bodies, their essence will be relocated to the alternate third dimensional Earth called “Ploarus.”  They will not qualify to reincarnate onto this Earth.  This is in preparation for the Earth and the awakened Humans who have done their spiritual work staying with the Earth and moving into the fifth dimension.


For many years, we have all associated the crucifix cross as a sign of Jesus, Christianity and crucifixion.  He now says his crucifixion did not represent his dying in that manner for the sins of Humans, but represented the most disrespectful manner in which the Romans could dispose of him.  He came to prove ascension and to anchor the energy of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.  He and Saint Germain are now asking us to discontinue using the crucifix cross and to take Jesus and Humanity off the cross.  The Maltese cross also represents protection.  We honor universal consciousness by using the Maltese cross which represents the following:

        My Resistance to Change from the Crucifix Cross to the Maltese Cross

          I moved from Lubbock, TX to Oklahoma City, OK in November 1979 to marry a man who was an Episcopal Priest.  I was a very devout Christian and very involved in the church.  I sent rings we had accumulated through the years to a friend in Midland, TX, who is a jewelry designer for him to melt the gold from the rings to make us gold nugget wedding bands.  Gold nugget jewelry was very popular at that time.

          My fiancé died of a heart attack four days after I arrived in Oklahoma City so I notified my friend in Midland to not make wedding bands, but to make me a gold nugget crucifix style cross.  I wore the cross for several years. The cross was immensely personal to me and I was very sentimental about it.

          In later years the Master Jesus asked me in meditation to quit wearing the cross, that it was a symbol of crucifixion and he had not come to Earth for people to focus on the crucifixion, but to teach and to prove the ascension.  He asked that people take him and themselves off the cross.  I quit wearing the cross, but kept it close to me at all times. 

          One day, during meditation, the Master Saint Germain asked me to have the cross melted down and made into an even cross, the Maltese cross, with an amethyst in the middle.  I argued that I didn’t want to give up the cross for sentimental reasons.  He argued that it didn’t represent balance of the masculine/feminine and that was what I came to Earth to represent; that, and the ability to bring Spirit into matter, which the even cross also represents.  I complained and I argued, but after his asking repeatedly, I finally gave in.  I agreed that when I had sufficient money to buy the amethyst and the additional gold it would take to transform the crucifix cross into a Maltese cross that I would do it.

          I was living in a friend’s condo at the time in Albuquerque.  It was the first time I had had my own place in many years. The day after I agreed to have the cross transformed, a man I had met years before in Mt. Shasta called and asked if he and his wife, who were traveling around the country, could possibly come for readings and spend the night with me.  Since I had been at the mercy of spending the night with strangers for years, I felt committed, now that I had the space, to offering lodging to strangers who were traveling.  They came.  I read for them and did the cellular release process for both of them and then read, by phone, for a friend of theirs in Portland, OR.   By the end of the evening they now owed me $450.  At this point, they mentioned that they needed to barter.  I was livid.  This felt so inappropriate to me.  I knew the man to be a poet.  I knew I did not need $450 worth of poetry.

          “What do you have to barter?”  I asked.

          “We travel around now and sell gems and minerals to individuals and shops.  I can show you what we have in the van,” he offered.

It was cold out and so instead he went out and brought in a tray of facetted gemstones.  The exact amethyst I needed for the cross was in the middle of the tray.  I knew immediately that Saint Germain had sent them.  “I’ll take that one,” I said in a very irritated voice.  I knew I was being set up by Spirit to fulfill the promise I had just made to have the cross melted down as soon as I had the stone and money.  I still didn’t have the money so I thought, “I can still put this off.”

          “Are you going to make the stone into a ring,” the poet asked.

          I replied through clenched teeth, “No, I’m going to melt down this cross,” which I showed him, “and make another cross with the amethyst in the middle.”

          “What kind of cross?” he persisted.

          “A Maltese cross,” I said again through clenched teeth.

          “What does that look like?” he asked.  I drew a picture of an even cross on a napkin and handed it to him.

          “Who’s going to make it for you?” he asked.

          I thought, “None of your business,” but said, “I don’t know yet.  I don’t have the money to have it done.”  We had talked earlier in the evening about the fact that in about three weeks  we were both going to be back in Portland, OR at the same time.

          “We owe you $450 so we will pay that toward the creation of your cross.  If you want to let me take your cross, the amethyst, and any other gold jewelry you have that you are willing to melt down I can take it to a wonderful goldsmith I know in San Francisco and he will make it according to your drawing and I will deliver it to you in Portland when we all get back there in three weeks,” he offered.

          I looked at him stupefied.  I did not really know this man from Adam’s off ox.  I did not want to let the cross go.  I did not want to melt it down.  I didn’t want to give up the amethyst that I had just worked for, but the message was clear.  “You must trust.”  They left the next morning with my cross, stone and gold.  I was more than irritated.  I had done the meditation to receive the cross during the time I had meditated for the original amethyst, but never expecting that the meditation really would work.  Again, what I had manifested was coming from another direction, rather than just manifesting in the palm of my hand.  I wasn’t sure which would require more trust, just letting it manifest in my hand or letting a perfect stranger be the deliverer.

          Three weeks later the man called and we met in a restaurant in Portland, OR and he delivered the perfect gold Maltese cross with the amethyst in the middle.  He had paid the goldsmith himself and said I owed him no more in cash.  Again I was sure Spirit was intervening on my behalf.

          I wore the cross constantly, but ceased to wear the silver and amethyst earrings and the silver ring I had precipitated with the original amethyst in it, because I don’t like to mix wearing silver and gold together.  I began to desire a larger darker amethyst ring, set in gold, to wear with the cross.  I thought about it in meditation and once again tried the precipitation technique.  My palms tingled.  My body heated up, but no ring appeared in the palm of my hand.

          One day, when I was in Oklahoma City, a friend called and asked me to meet her for lunch in Norman, OK.  I agreed and drove to Norman.  I was very proud of myself for being on time and locating the restaurant.  Just as I reached the restaurant the voice of my soul insisted, “Keep driving.”  I followed the suggestion.  The road narrowed, due to construction and then dead-ended into the University.  I was irritated.  Traffic was terrible and now I would be late.  I turned around and started back toward the restaurant.  The voice again said, “Stop in here.”  All I saw was a dilapidated shopping center with a Laundromat, a bicycle repair shop, several empty stores and a used bookstore.  The only store that made sense to enter was the used bookstore.  The Spirit had been suggesting that I reread the works of Carlos Castaneda.  I had not wanted to reread them, because I do not approve of drug-induced spiritual experiences, but I had previously tried to locate used copies at used bookstores in Oklahoma City to no avail.  I went inside the store and asked the young man who approached me if he had any books by Carlos Castaneda.  He chuckled and said, “We have the best selection in the whole state.  We have new ones, used ones, hard back and paperback.  Which ones are you looking for?”

          I was shocked and stammered, “I don’t remember the names, let me look at the pictures on the front.  I need the one with the moth and the one with a raven on the front.”  He led me to the area where the books were and I chose the two I needed.  As I headed back toward the cash register, I noticed a glass jewelry case on my left.  I stopped to look inside.  The case was filled with jewelry like what one would expect to find at a psychic fair; little crystal earrings, silver dolphins, etc.  But in the center of the case was a large amethyst ring set in gold in a very unusual mounting.  It was stunning. 

I immediately assumed that it was costume jewelry considering the kind of store I was in and the quality of the other jewelry, but I was intrigued that Spirit had asked me to stop at this store.  I asked the young man to open the case so I could see the ring.  When he opened the case the woman who owned the store came over and started telling me that she used to be in the gem and mineral business and that now she was selling out all her jewelry stock and going into the book business.  I had by then slipped the ring on my finger; it was a perfect fit.  I asked her how much the ring cost.  She said it would be $250.  Immediately, I knew that for that price it had to be a manmade stone.  “Is it an organic stone or a manmade stone,” I asked.

          “Oh, it is one of the highest quality Brazilian amethysts that I ever had and I had the mounting especially made by a goldsmith to accommodate the depth of the stone so that all the facets would be visible.”  I must have looked skeptical, because she continued.  “I can see that you do not believe me.  If you want to buy the ring for that price, take it to a gemologist and if it doesn’t appraise to be worth at least $2,000 you can bring it back and I will give you your money back,” she offered.

          I loved the ring and at that price I was willing to buy it even if it were a manmade stone.  I put the ring on my credit card and went to meet my friend for lunch.  I apologized for being late and showed her the ring and told her the story.

          The next day I took the ring to a jeweler in downtown Oklahoma City.  I asked if he could tell me if it were a manmade stone or an organic stone.  He took the ring into the back of the shop and shortly came back.  “This is one of the highest quality Brazilian amethysts I have ever seen and the mounting is fourteen karat gold.  The stone is twenty karat.  Wholesale it would be $50 a karat, plus the mounting.  So if you bought it for anything less than $2,500, you got a bargain.”  I thanked the man and left the store amazed.

          Both these events reinforced my willingness to trust my soul and other people, even with giving up physical things precious to me.  I know my suggesting this to you, giving up your crucifix crosses, may be equally difficult for you, especially crosses you’ve worn for years, received as gifts or inherited. 

Butterflies can fly because they surrendered to the process of transformation.

Have a wonder-filled fall.

Namaste, bj, Judi and Peggy

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Thought for today

The heart need not be buried beneath layers of denial or worn on one’s sleeve. A middle ground exists. Give intentional energetic and prayer support for anyone or situations you sense need it. including those you hear or read about.

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Thoughts for today

Abundances is not something you acquire it is something you can tune into.

Grace is when you can savor the small things and not sweat the big ones.

We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us.

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Namaste Newsletter May 2021


Namaste, Inc., P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123





You may distribute this newsletter with heading intact.

What I write are my opinions based on my experiences and should be checked through your own discernment for your truth.


The first four books in the Be Your Om Messiah series are now on Amazon Kindle.  There now should be eight books under the name of bj King when a person checks for the books.  The first version of the 49 Rays of God and the Pentimento-Diary of a Walk-In book, the Principles of Truth Volume One, and the Universal Laws Volume 2, Volume 3 is Manifesting Miracles, Volume 4 is Life is a Spiritual Game,  Volume 5 is Life After Death, Volume 6 is Mind to Mind Healing.   For some reason, they have the Ray book and the Pentimento book on twice and the Principles of Truth book shows up under new books, but not if you search under bj King.  We will attempt to get this corrected.  There will be 10 books total in the Be Your OM Messiah series.  The rest will be added shortly.  When these are all on Kindle the publisher will put them in the category that you will be able to order them in paperback and add them to Apple books and Barnes and Noble.  I am also aware that eventually I will write two more volumes: Angels and Animals and one on Creativity.  So far as I am aware now, the series will include 12 volumes.  Thanks for your support for this project.

The two-book version of the 49 Rays of God is still available through John Locke’s website:

The 49 Rays of God material is now available in a professionally produced set of 2 books.  The books include the beautiful photos Shelagh Schopen took to illustrate each Ray, the history of the Rays, the Masters of the Rays and prayers to invoke each Ray.  John Locke, Belinda Ortiz and I are proud of this new version of the important information.  Just click on the link below to order yours today.

***Hit the control key on your computer before hitting the link***

Working with the 49 Rays of God

          My friend, Willow Zarlow, would like to form a group of people interested in working with the Rays to exponentialize the effects of the energy.  If you are interested in being a part of this group, please contact Willow at  

          The Spiritual Hierarchy are very interested in getting the Ray information out around the globe to help Humanity deal with all that is going on right now.

Recent Channeling from the Council of Twelve of the

Spiritual Hierarchy of this Universe

I am not always allowed to share the channeling that comes through me.  This is why it is stated at the beginning of this particular channeling.

You are allowed to mention the Cities of Light now moving to be anchored and installed over Brazil and India.  This is a joint effort between the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Universe and the Intergalactic Federation.  The presence of the energy of these cities will have a potential positive influence for the residents of these countries.  The potential will not just be economical and spiritual, but also the influences of the beings who reside within these Cities of Light are committed to influencing the consciousness of the residents through dreams, visions and meditations. 

You became aware when we had you research the information available on the Internet about the Masters when you were writing the book about the 49 Rays of God that many of the websites about the Masters were out of Brazil and were in Spanish.  You were surprised that the Masters were well known in some South American countries more than America and India. 

The people of India are still inclined to call upon Hindu gods and goddesses rather than to recognize the Masters within the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Universe.  Yesterday, we described to you the Laggards that came from other desperate planets who were allowed to incarnate on Earth.  The Dracon and some of the other immigrants of lower vibration were stationed in India and Brazil.  Many have not raised their consciousness or vibration and have held to the old ways of Catholicism and Hinduism rather than moving toward truth and Mysticism.  They have continued to rely on priests and gurus as intermediaries between them and God rather than to acknowledge their own divinity. 

They have been taught they need intermediaries and have been taught that only certain people can communicate with God.   They have not been taught the Universal Laws of Manifestation. They have been taught that poverty and suffering are spiritual. They were taught to believe it would take years of prayer and/or meditation for an individual to evolve and awaken to the powers available within them. This is no longer true.

Their teachings are no longer accurate.  One of the purposes of anchoring these Cities of Light over these areas is to speed up the spiritual and economic growth in these countries, which will also speed up the residents’ vibrations and, therefore, assist in raising the vibration of all Humanity and the Earth.

In the near future additional Cities of Light will be anchored over the Middle East and China for the same purpose.  In the past we have needed your physical assistance when we anchored the existing Cities of Light. In these instances we have succeeded in locating individuals of integrity and high vibrations in these countries who are volunteering to assist us as you did before. 

Namaste Creativity Retreat Center

Work to repair the damage from the broken water pipes in February is continuing.  Additional damage was uncovered when an additional leak happened a week after the storm.  My friend, Larry, is a contractor and is doing all the plumbing, electrical, replacing of studs, walls and ceilings, sheetrock, painting and all that has to be done.  Even though it is slower to have just one person doing the work it exempts me from being exposed to strangers coming into the house. Larry is meticulous in his work and cleans up as he works. 

The ladies who have helped me to stay safe and healthy by shopping for me are still willing to do errands and shop for me.  They have taken the vaccine.  I have been advised by my soul not to take the vaccine due to my past health challenges.  The second shot, according to Spirit, has the potential to change a person’s RNA and may make the person susceptible to other diseases in the future. 


The Spiritual Hierarchy is strongly recommending we meditate to meet the other members of our Oversouls.  The meditation they have given for this purpose is:

Sit where you will not be disturbed and compose yourself.

Seal the room you are in on the North, South, East, West the ceiling and the floor from any negative influence or entity.

Ground yourself into the energy at the center of the Earth.

When you are completely relaxed physically, emotionally and clear mentally, take three deep breaths, letting each one out quite slowly.

Deliberately open your heart to all levels of your Oversoul including the Ascended Master Octave of Light.

Take a deep breath, roll your eyes upward and hold the breath and count to yourself, 3,3,3 at the point of the midbrain to deliberately activate the pituitary and pineal glands then exhale.

Take another deep breath, eyes upward, and hold it at the midbrain count 2,2,2, and exhale.

Take a third deep breath, eyes upward, hold it at the midbrain and count 1,1,1, and exhale.

Begin to count, descending slowly from 10 to 1.

You are now at a level of mind (the Alpha level) that makes it possible for you to separate your consciousness from your physical body to travel spiritually.

Intend and imagine a multidimensional elevator that looks like a regular elevator.

Stand in front of the elevator and expect the door to open.

When it opens enter the elevator and the door will close.  Ask your body intelligence to raise the vibration of your physical body to match the vibration of the fifth dimension.  Push the button in the elevator marked “5.”

Wait for a few seconds while your body vibration changes and the elevator ascends to the fifth dimension.  The door will open.

Step out of the elevator and greet any being who has come to greet you.

They know who you are, so you can ask for their name and ask how they help or relate to you in your physical life.

Using your imagination know what they look like.  Look around you and determine if you are inside a structure or outside.  Notice the air and the brightness of the light.  Each dimension you enter will be larger and more open than the one before and the beings may be taller in each dimension.  You may write down or record what you learn and what you observe.  If you do not record the information in some way it will be easy not to retain what you have observed and learned.  Each time you enter a dimension the person or persons who greet you may be different. 

When you feel you have completed your communication with your fifth dimensional self, thank the being for meeting you and mention you will visit them again.  Enter the elevator again.  The door will close.  Ask your body intelligence to raise the vibration of your body to that of the next dimension.  Push the button for only the next higher dimension.  The elevator will ascend as will your body vibration.  When the elevator door opens, step out and greet the being or beings who are there to greet you.  Ask for names and ask for how they have or can help you in the future.  Pay attention to everything you can see in each dimension.   

Take it slow.  Do the meditation often and move only up one dimension at a time.  Eventually you can meet many members of your Oversoul and this process can assists you to ascend your own vibration gradually. 

We have the capacity, as Humans, to learn to connect and communicate with twelve levels of our Oversouls.

Namaste, bj, Judi and Peggy