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Jesus Speaks to Parents and Teachers


“Beginning in the last couple of decades, children who are old souls came with an eagerness to express God’s love, to grow in light and understanding, and to populate the planet, preparing it for the thousand years of peace. 

“Every Human is a teacher merely by their presence on the planet.  Be careful what you model and exemplify because actions speak louder than words; they speak a universal language.  Your soul answer regarding parenting and teaching will have different replies than those made by your lower personality, which may be interested in parenting to please families, or because it is what people always do, or because teaching is simply a way to earn money.  The soul’s answer lies beyond these reasons, for its need is to experience God’s love and return it to all living creatures.  There is also a deep desire to learn and grow. 

“As a parent, above all, be ready for the unusual.  At this time in spiritual evolution, be flexible and know you will magnetize a soul which needs to be approved and supported for its ability to see beyond earthly definitions.

“Take these suggestions to heart, and as you apply them there will be great personal joy and delight as you practice God’s love and exuberance.  Although there is responsibility in this, let it not become the somber dutifulness that has choked off the message I brought before.  Do these things cheerfully.  Important tasks done well can give both responsibility and joy.  Remember this, lighten up in your outlook.  The new children will teach you this joy from their personal experience with invisible realms which I once came to share.  Heaven is a joyful state of learning and sharing and loving. To think less than this is to misunderstand it totally.  

“The purpose and promise of this Golden Age is to fill the Earth with beings of a nurturing, loving nature whose devotion to God sends out a blaze of light vibrations dancing like rainbows and sunlight embracing the entire globe.

“Understand, some of these small Golden Age beings, with great soul knowledge and awareness, started arriving a couple of decades or so ago.  Others are coming now and more will be arriving soon.  Many of them may outshine your own abilities to see and hear the spiritual beings like myself.  They may have mental capabilities you lack.  Mind over matter will become the new reality.  Therefore, your first step is to accept that, although you are the bigger in body, you may not be spiritually wiser.  For the personalities of some parents, this will be a great blow to Human pride.  But the parents’ souls will rejoice, for the experience of psycho-spiritual abilities will be a major part of the New Age life. 

“As a parent, teacher, or grandparent, do not let your pride get in the way if you see the little ones talking to invisible Angels or hearing inner heavenly voices.  Many grandparents will be raising their grandchildren during this Age. I assure you, as a child, you had more of that ability than you have now.  The reason you lost it was because the adults around you had forgotten these abilities themselves as a result of parental, societal and educational displeasure or ridicule of some kind.  Many children in your own generation heard and saw the Angelic realms but were forced to abandon this ability because they could not face a loss of respect and love from family, friends or teachers who denied this reality. 

“You must acknowledge the children’s abilities to both the children and others, and do not ridicule or deny their connections with the heavenly realms which are very real to them, and which will become more real to you both if you allow and encourage this communication.  In fact, if you are willing to grow from your interactions with the children, you will learn as much or more than you teach.  

“My greatest suggestion for all Humanity, especially you as parents and teachers, is to say something like, ‘until now’ or ‘we have believed until now…’  For instance, if teaching science to a child, say, ‘Up until now we have believed the speed of light of 186,000 miles per second is the fastest travel possible.  Look within and see if this sounds right to you.’  In other words, give present knowledge the tentative nature it deserves, for, in fact, this is not a correct way of looking at the speed of light. The wise ones beyond the veil will be working with the incarnated ones to correct much erroneous material that passes on Earth as accurate, not just about nature and the Universe, but also about the Bible.

“Not only are the Angels and Ascended Masters willing to teach the little ones, they are willing, by the process of mental telepathy, to teach you more of the truth of the Universe and your place in it as well.  However, to pierce the veil, you must believe it is possible, you must become very quiet and still in order to hear the truth, and you must be grateful for the Divine Plan that God has given Humankind.  Meditation will help.

“Once, eons ago, you lived only in God’s mind, and all things were known to you.  After decent into materiality, you were no longer connected in the same way.  You became, in a very real sense, lost in space without your communication device.  Fortunately, we who love you seek to restore your connectedness back to God so that the division between Heaven and Earth is joined, and then you can once again be part of God’s love and knowledge. 

“Humanity’s fall or detour out of communication and direct awareness of all that is known to the Creator is being revived for you if you wish to have it restored.  This is the truth, but you must be willing, of your own free will, to accept and joyously participate in its restoration.  Like a broken television or radio set, let yourself be repaired to receive the heavenly channels that await you once more.  Or at least attune yourself exactly in a clear state of reception. 

“I, The Christ, am not the only channel of God’s truth.  There are many others.  But for those who believe and have faith in me, I assure you that I am no farther away, once you restore your communication system, than a mental phone call.  One day soon many more will actually see me than do now, especially the children.

“You were told in the Bible you needed to become like a little child.  I meant by this that you must have no limitations in your thinking.  No barriers that say, ‘Oh, that’s not possible.’  And like a child, you must be accepting of a loving Father/Mother’s role in your life, not a parent who would be unworthy of trust or would abuse you, but one whose affection and concern are eternal and assured.  TRUST IS THE BASIS OF LOVE.

“It is not I who has created the Plan.  However, it is I and others in Heaven who have totally accepted and participated in it.  Your task is the same.  For the sake of the Golden Age children, you should encourage them to experience contact with what you may not yet see and hear yourself.  This will mean surrendering the past ideas you were taught, and to be ever present in the moment.  Spiritual evolution is accelerating to bring you home again to Heaven.  Build your own communication lines through meditation and encourage every person you know to do the same.  

“Children are open, curious, and willing to love, to learn. Be like a child so you can be taught. You will feel the peace and harmony and love for which your soul yearns.

“Teachers are faced with an almost superhuman challenge in the present educational system since, in most cases, their textbooks are partially distorted, incomplete, or untrue, and in many systems no textbooks are now given.  Children are expected to use computers and the Internet to research information, and most of the information given there is only people’s opinions and not the truth, especially about history. School organizations and boards have established curricula that society requires as manuals of truth.  These are study guides of agreements about what is true on Earth.  However, these generally limit the heart and mind.  As teachers, do not give present information as truth or you fail in your soul’s task as an opener of Human consciousness.

“Tell the children and adults that, until now, these are the ideas Humankind has believed, but always ask them to go deeply within to see if they feel these ideas are true.  Be willing to allow freedom of expression and new ideas.  Always suggest, ‘this is what we’ve always thought, but what if there is more to know?  What would it be?’

“The primary attitude is not to be dogmatic out of your own need for security.  Be willing to know more yourself.  If science is your field, be open to new discoveries and applications.  Be willing to receive previously unseen connections of truth.  In your meditations, ask to be made a gifted teacher of these new beings, and ask to continually deepen the truth of whatever subjects you teach.  You will be absolutely assisted if your motive is love, and peace your goal.

“By mental telepathy, a few of you may even talk with the great teachers of the past to see how they would update their Earth teachings given that opportunity. Be open to the expanded Universe that will whisper its secrets to those minds willing to receive.  Be a model of turning within, and your children will feel safe turning within. 

“Many social and educational beliefs must fall.  Welcome change.  Accept a greater understanding.  Children need encouragement, support, and your love.  Many will be masters of truth, heralds of this coming Golden Age, who need unique nurturing.  Until now your schools have filled students with your facts, many of which are false.  We put no blame on educators, but challenge their self-evaluation.  We suggest teaching that Humans must tune within to know the truth of all things. 

“Many of these incoming children arriving now are of a higher vibration in energy than most parents who give them physical birth.  They may be more spiritually capable than most of their teachers on Earth.  Your first step as a teacher or parent needs to be to acknowledge that their capabilities make you no less.  In fact, it offers you the greatest opportunity of your life.  Do not be defensive.  Be curious.  Encourage openness.

“All children are closer to God when they arrive than are adults who live in cultural conditioning, which forces much of their true nature underground. Each generation will arrive in higher vibration than the one preceding.  Help the children to be all they are and can become.  

“God is not static.  You are not static.  Change is ever present and necessary. Our Father/Mother God is, indeed, magnanimous and generous to all, but you must be willing to receive the truth.  Open your mind and heart to receive your own abundance of truth.  

“In your teaching you are blessed, for you join the work that I, The Christ, and many other spiritual teachers came to do.  Let us be partners in God’s Plan for bringing the Human family back to the heavenly dimension that is its destiny.  There are many ways these lessons of looking within can be taught without the use of the word ‘God.’ Words such as Light and Source and Oneness can mean many things, as can words such as intuition, the inner knower, or the truth bringer.  The Creator does not care what name is used. 

“A few of you will truly change the organizational structure, content, and usefulness of education.  But whatever your part, large or small, play it with love and dedication, and you cannot fail.  By listening within, you will always be guided to the highest good and finest choices.  Teach the children that quiet times are essential and will provide them with strength, certainty, and inner knowing.

“Parents and grandparents have the greatest opportunity to teach and model the New Age awareness to children because of proximity.  Teaching your children who they truly are, and giving them the encouragement to take leadership where their soul would have them go, is a valid task in this time.

“Mothers, you are not just producing babies.  You are bringing forth the life form a soul needs for purposes of growth, love and service.  Talk to the soul of the babe while it is yet in the womb and discuss with it what purpose it wishes to express upon the planet.  Remember always, the child is not your property or possession.  It belongs to God and to all that exists beyond your tiny experience.  Do not limit the being as you share a code of spiritual responsibility and joyous love.

“Before the pregnancy you must cleanse yourselves of as much doubt and limitation as possible, and as a couple, pray together that you will rise fully to this great occasion of child rearing.  Listen to what your soul and higher guidance advises you to do in this process of providing a physical body for another soul to use on its earthly journey. 

“Birth brings a soul its greatest trauma, for it is cut off from its usual place in the light, joy, and peace.  It often becomes sad or depressed at the surroundings it finds on Earth.  Provide a tone of caring long before it enters life, and continue that attitude throughout the years you have offered to be responsible for this soul’s visitation.  Give structure of loving responsibility for the child’s welfare.  This does not mean letting the child’s personality do as it wishes, for the Human personality has to cooperate with its soul through willingness and understanding.  It must learn to respect the rights of others.  Many of the higher-level beings choosing to enter Humanity at this time do not wish to come in through the trauma of the birth canal.  They are choosing to come through cesarean sections, and some are by-passing the birth process and walking into adult bodies, rather than living through puberty and adolescence. 

“This is true of every adult personality on Earth, not just the children.  When an adult is asked to surrender to God, it does not mean to become a vegetable without purpose or goals.  It means the little Human personality becomes viable and useful to the soul without the fears and anxieties, guilts and uncertainties that plague an individual’s habits, habits created by those early conditionings and personality tendencies.  

“Humanity’s goal is to produce as few of these negative conditionings and limited beliefs in each child as possible.  These are the barriers and mis-qualified thoughts that will have to be acted out and released later in order for the soul to focus its full expression and delight into the body, which is its physical form here on Earth.  To create an open space for the soul to practice truth and love is the main purpose of the physical body experience. 

“Telling a child the basic belief that God is a loving and unlimited Source is obviously far more important than saying we are sinners, and that God will punish us for our sins.  God does not punish us.  The Law of Karma repays us for our thoughts and actions.  The fewer false beliefs you fill a child with, the less cleansing she/he will have to undergo later.  I continue to be saddened and appalled at the ideas your churches program into the minds of children and adults to frighten them and dishearten them.  These ideas describe a God whose nature is fearsome and capricious, at best.  Who could love such a God?

“Our Creator is not like this fearsome, heavy-handed, punishing figure taught by many religions today.  Teach your children the truth, and do not let such nonsense fill their subconscious minds with this evil.  These teachings have sabotaged the love-and-forgiveness message I brought 2,000 years ago.  I am grieved that my meaning could have been so abused and twisted by the ignoble goals of church officials, and grieved that the masses should believe God held them in such low esteem.

“Our Creator knows nothing but Love.  The unloving conditions on the Earth come from Humankind.  My role was to clarify this truth and help you understand that your own thoughts and actions are the bringers of your experience, even when it seems you are not responsible.  You are not victims.  You are doing it to yourselves.  This lesson is what you must teach the children.  As co-creators, you are responsible for most of life’s experiences.  Learn this lesson well.  Then you can teach it with feeling.  Your thoughts have created the experiences you’ve had, and our effort is dedicated to cleanse your mental and emotional nature so your thoughts are only of love and peace, which will return to you.

“Remember, my resurrection demonstrated the power of my mind over life and death.  Use the power of your own mind for your own resurrection.  Please teach the children that they are lovable and that the way they think will create their view of life and reality.  Tell them God is not some arbitrary old man sitting on a cloud dumping these evil events onto Humankind.  Humankind’s thoughts have created the conditions as they are on Earth now.

“If people are suffering and experiencing difficult times because of persistent negativity of thought, it is not God’s doing.  This difficulty is self-created, Humanity’s creation.  When children grow up knowing the truth there will be a greater opportunity for peace.  

“When you and the rest of Humanity can be so cleansed of the Human personalities of fear, and the desires for power and control over other people, of the violence and hatred and war, then the circumstances in your times and upon the planet will change.  That is why I say unto you, the time has come when all must choose God.  The higher realms have programmed a heavenly chapter to come now in Earth’s history, and this chapter requires positive thinkers. This is your opportunity to believe, live and teach positive thinking. 

“Never mind the forecasts of what may happen on the planet so long as you are tuned in daily to your higher self.  Accept you will experience only what your soul requires to enter the Golden Age.  Fear has no place in the New Age.  This is the point of my message.  Love is more powerful than all the fear that exists anywhere in the Universe.  Teach your children to love and trust God, and not to judge themselves or others.  Loving, focused thoughts will carry you through any difficulty.  That was my message to you long ago, and that is still God’s goal for you.

“God’s presence does not just descend upon Humanity as some external force, but lives within each person as well.  God is an intuitive experience, very personal and totally available.  My life was a statement that no matter what others said and did (governments, religions, or uniformed people), they could not defeat or change the power of my internal awareness of God.  

“My purpose was to show you that, even though I was arrested, persecuted and, in the final analysis, abandoned by even my dearest friends and disciples, I knew something more profound than the external physical experience.  I knew God.  Trust is the cornerstone of love.  Teach it to the children.

“You and the children are the seed of God.  Within you is the outpouring of the vision which can be denied or ignored, but never destroyed.  I came to remind you of your identity.  I came to say, you and the children are a marvelous creation of mind in matter, and you can do almost anything you set your minds to.  This internal God Self is the director of your experience if you would choose it.  All children are to be taught kindness and love by your example.

“Tell the children: God is present everywhere.  In concert with others, you are the Mind of God present here on the Earth.  Accept that responsibility.  You are not victims of a malevolent God, not the stepchildren of some angry, raving parent.  You have the same potential qualities of love within you that were the Creator’s tools in creating the cosmos and the vast regions of space.  You have your own mind and your own word with which to create.

“Television is not an adequate babysitter.  Most programs are not fit company for adults, let alone children.  Be selective in what you give other people permission to put into your children’s subconscious memory storage.  You are charged with the responsibility of filling the child’s at-home hours with only the finest conversation, entertainment, and live activities.  A word of caution about Sunday schools: some Sunday school teachers often used to threaten children by saying ‘God will punish you if you are bad.’  What must be taught is Human responsibility.  When Humans act unloving to themselves and others, there will be pain as a reminder that love is not present.  This pain does not come from God.  It is a result of Universal Law.  God does not punish.  A Human’s misuse of the Law of Love, and also of the Law of Cause and Effect, harms you.

“One person joined by another, in a growing decision for PEACE, will form an indestructible belief pattern of such magnitude that the broader body of power and execution of policy will reflect it.  Nothing short of this will save the planet.  Become the peace, teach peace, and join together in a mighty demand for peace at every level of local, national and international government.  

“This Age is energetically lighter and finer in its vibration.  From this new higher-energy vibration that we of the Heavens now send, you are able to receive the result of your own thoughts more quickly.  You will soon think a thought and see its result in your own body or life experience quickly.  

“Share with the children that Jesus did not die in his inner self of being, and neither can you, except by the misuse of power.  By a person’s limited attitudes, they can become spiritually retarded.  My resurrection was possible because of the love power of my mind over external circumstances, over the belief that death exists.  Teach them that I still live, and still watch over them and care for them.”

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