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Jesus Speaks of Necessary New Religious Guidelines


I came 2,000 years ago to guide Humanity into this present opportunity for spiritual ascension, as have many other great teachers of the past. The purpose of religion should be to connect Humans to God through their Human personalities and direct communication with their souls.  Therefore, every organized institution held in my name is herewith ordered to examine its rituals and to change them if they do not include a time of quiet meditation.  The membership should be allowed and encouraged to sit quietly for twenty minutes as part of the service to hear what God would say to each one.  A message may be given, and the use of music is uplifting, but the critical part of the time should be spent in quietude with the soul.

“You still have the same commandments to love and not kill or harm.  You live in a zone of temptation and negativity.  This third-dimensional zone requires you to cross the veil between what you see with your physical sense and what you know exists from your own soul level.  For this, a bridge is necessary.  Meditation, prayer, and contemplation form that bridge.  Churches must implement and encourage this practice.  Otherwise, many who seek to build the bridge to God in meditation will be forced to go outside the present church organizations.

“As your World Teacher, and as representative of the Love/Wisdom Ray for planet Earth, I recommend daily prayer and meditation to remind you of your connection to God.  I came to demonstrate Humanity’s immortal soul nature.  That which you call death is only an upgrading of your physical body into a form of glowing light that is eternal and ongoing.  By my resurrection, you were shown the model or pattern you yourself acquire at the time you presume you die.  You came to die.  However, and this is critical, what you think and the way you act do have an effect on both your Earth life and your after-Earth life. 

“Since soul essence lives forever, your first requirement as a Human Being is belief in God, belief in the nature of your soul, and your certainty of a beforelife and an afterlife.  It matters not which world religion you follow if it takes you to God with clarity and certainty that death is not the end.  Let us have unity about our love for God within the diversity of the various groups, and not separate ourselves as superior or as more beloved than others.  Do not be self-righteous!  It is an easy trap. 

“The greatest gift any religion can give its members and participants is to place them in touch with their own inner teacher so their awareness of death, as a transition process, becomes certain.  The way religions teach about this transition from matter back to energy, and the rituals they have about it, vary greatly, but the idea or theme should be the same.  There is life after physical death.  

“God loves all Human beings and does not judge them.  You have judged yourselves, and, therefore, others.  I recommend you relinquish judgment and accept love and forgiveness for everything real or imagined that has been done by you and others.  The focus of my appearance was to bring love and institute forgiveness, to bring simplicity. 

“I am disappointed so-called Christian religions held in my name are filled with pomp and grandeur that distinguishes the priest and ministers as the only ones who know God, and from the congregation as those who do not or cannot personally know God.  This subservience is erroneous as a pattern for love.  Love accepts, and is in partnership with, all others.  Temporary assistance may be given, but no one person is more entitled to, or worthy of, God’s love than any other person.  These theological differences are a Human limitation and prevent upward spiritual progress.

“I came to Earth 2,000 years ago and said to Humanity: ‘For you are the Light of the World.’  I did not expect churches with glorious robes and artifacts of gold to be established in my name.  I did not expect people to seize power in the name of God and to perpetrate their individual need for glorification through the use of my name.  I did not expect Jew and Gentile to be separated, or Christians pitted against followers of Buddha, Krishna, or Mohammed.  No, I did not.  But look what has happened.

“This planet’s formula for spiritual growth has been undermined by those evil, egotistical personalities whose need for power has overcome them and short-circuited the opportunity for Humanity’s spiritual return to God.  Still, the plan will unfold as these structures and rigidities of spiritual limitation are released or destroyed.

“I ask every soul to consider whether its minister, priest, rabbi, guru, or teacher is in direct connection with God and is intentionally bringing each of its charges into direct guidance from God.  If the religion, or group, in which you practice your belief and love of God is not bringing to you the opportunity for full spiritual development and soul growth through direct revelation and inner knowing, then you should leave that group and find another that is focused on direct soul communication.  

“You need not cling to ritualistic practices, but may begin your own connections to God directly through your soul.  No longer should financial support be given to those organizations that do not bring you a personal connection and experience of God.  If your churches and your temples do not bring you into the fruition of your growth, then they do not serve you and must be abandoned now.

“The truth is: all sons and daughters of all colors, religions and nations are welcomed in God’s family if they choose it.  But each individual soul has a unique path which gives different opportunities and expanding levels of growth both on Earth and in the heavenly realms beyond.  Because your depth of love and service create the type of assignment or activity here, and in the many dimensions of the Universe, you have been advised to practice love and to give caring to others.  For it is upon this record that you receive, by magnetic attraction, the next experience.  Spiritual progression has always been a part of God’s plan for Humanity’s evolution because there is much to learn and demonstrate before you are fully healed of negativity and ready for the potential opportunity that awaits.

“Surely you cannot imagine Earth life is all there is.  That would be amusing.  Open your mind if you’ve ever held such a thought.  You are not ignorant peasants of yesteryear any longer. Your technology has brought you to the brink of a so-called Space Age.  God is there, everywhere present.  Do not doubt.  Your religious teachings must include this expanding awareness of life beyond your own tiny planet.

“Religion must inspire Humanity to know more and use what it learns with love, always love. This is the never-ending commandment to every religion. Love is the actual energy of substance of which the Universe is made and held in place.  Without it we would all perish.  It is not some unimportant ingredient of life without priority.  Love is your primary obligation on this planet, and if you deny yourself love, you will become stunted, probably ill.  It is always your choice by God’s gift of free will. 

“Those of us in the heavenly realms, which even now beckon you onward, work as a team to develop Humanity’s abilities and attitudes.  No one who wishes to grow will be overlooked.  Your every desire to know and serve God will bring you higher and higher in the universal scheme of things.  You will understand my mission, and your own, more fully.  For now, just accept this is so, and that death is merely the end of a single drama with many soul activities remaining.  This tapestry of becoming a worthy companion to God, and of divesting your personality of its limitations, should be the true teaching of any belief system, philosophy, or church. Without imagination, love, and joy, something is missing in spiritual teachings.

“I promise you, any church which deifies me instead of acknowledging God is behaving erroneously and should stop immediately.  You pray and meditate in God’s house.  However, God can be experienced anywhere.

“Sit by a stream, if you can find an unpolluted one, listen to birds singing, and examine a tiny flower for its exquisite expression of symmetry and color.  Amidst this variety, feel the presence of God’s unending love for you.  Allow your heart to expand and reach out to the animal life, things of the sea and water.  God’s original design called for all life forms on the planet to be interdependent and symbiotic.  There should be cooperative, mutually beneficial relationships between Humanity and the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

“All of Humanity must assume responsibility as caretakers of the Earth.  This, as in all things, is a free-will decision bearing cause and effect in every individual’s life.  Higher levels of meditation and mental telepathy with us in Spirit are difficult to reach by those without compassion.  Alcohol and drugs can destroy the spiritual fabric of your mind and emotions, as well as bring misfortune to the body.  Do not risk this potentially disastrous effect of drinking and drugs.  The Aquarian Age will require disciplined minds, and clear emotions and attitudes of non-violence.  Use nothing in your body which puts you out of control of your peaceful behavior.  Use nothing foreign as a substitute for a peaceful mind and loving heart.  

“The churches of the World have much to do, and it is not just going to Sunday meeting to praise Jesus, I assure you.  Let your coming together in love serve God, serve Humanity, and serve peace.  Let us devote our time to peace above all things, for the planet is in a serious and threatened condition.  It is endangered.  Do all you can to speak peace and model peace.  Teach its ways by your own behavior.  This is the purpose of any religion: to strengthen the soul’s practice of love and peace.  So be peaceful with one another, in or out of church, and serve those in need.  As you learn on Earth to practice the teachings of our Creator, you will earn the higher opportunity that awaits you at the time you call death.  

“The purpose of any church, ashram, temple, cathedral or place of prayer and meditation is to teach the love of God above all things.  It is not to deify one World Teacher or any combination of them.  It is to appreciate and understand their teachings so much that you practice and live them. Your prostrations, which are not followed with everyday applications, are useless.

“Love for me is shown by your behavior, not by grandiose buildings and expansive organizations.  These often detract from Love’s true mission.  Love any and all World Teachers by the actions of your daily life.  Conduct your business as if a World Teacher were in your store or conference room.  Love and cooperation are vital everywhere.  Many a soul has lost its way in the greed of commerce.  My message to those in religious occupations is that it is your responsibility to teach everyone that they have an Inner Teacher, the Holy Spirit, so the soul knows its life purpose and blueprint designed by God.  

“Theology is usually useless, and argument over scripture is wasted energy.  Take the theme of loving and live it.  When you give the love of your hearts to those who wish to know God more intimately, you will be fulfilling your purpose.  It is required you expand your present limitations in thinking about me and our Creator if you are to achieve self-mastery.

“If you cleave only to the exact word of a holy book, which was released as a guide for past time, rather than practicing the basic concepts expressed therein, you will not be growing in the way God wishes.  Your interpretation of all holy books must be expanded to recognize the higher vibrations now being transmitted to the planet Earth.  Some insist the Bible is the final work, or that the Koran is absolute truth, and there will be no more prophets.  To these ideas, I say a resounding ‘NO.’  Life is growth and, therefore, change is inevitable. This New Age is the Age of Transition when you must take the prior teachings to a higher level of understanding based on present world knowledge. 

“If your prior training resists furiously, hear me through.  It will be your key to expanding your growth in the coming years.  Keep the simple truth of yesteryear, but allow it to flow upward as you further exemplify it into a higher interpretation of experience.

“The One God has sent many Teachers to Earth over eons of time, leaving on the planet many world religions which seem today to separate Humankind into various camps and groups.  Separation was never the Creator’s intention.  The Teachers were here to pull Human forgetfulness back into true knowing of Oneness, not to create divisions and further boxes. 

“Your challenge today is to see the universal message that runs through all the world religions and to amalgamate the theme ‘Oneness,’ to go beyond your present divisions and separations. That is why I came, to combine all Humans into Oneness, but Humanity failed to understand me.  There has never been any one code of teaching which will not need to be updated, aside from its one basic message of peace, love and forgiveness.

“God is assisting Humankind’s return home in an evolving progress, one step at a time, like a circling spiral ever moving upward to levels of greater awareness and unity, bliss, and joy. As you become wiser in each higher understanding of basic truth, which appears and reappears in different guises, your soul becomes more purified and able to demonstrate by its behavior that it has truly learned that one truth.

“Change is difficult for the Human personality.  However, it will balk at having to rearrange the information drummed into it through habit and mis-qualified data.  How long ago was it, Dear Ones, that Human beings believed the World was flat, or that the Solar System revolved around the Earth instead of the Earth around the Sun?  You could not fly until recently, but the knowledge of how to do it has always been there.  Your return to God takes steps.  The plan is sure and, like a river, offers continuous flow of deepening ideas and spiritual comprehension for those who will choose to know.

“There can be only one basic truth, brought to you over and over again in higher sequence of understanding and application.  With each new flow of God’s energy, you can go to an increased level of knowing who God really is and how relevant you are to God’s plan.  You grow by incorporating new applications of God’s energy.  I ask you to accept this new level of understanding which I now bring to assist Humanity’s accelerated return to the fourth dimension, one step nearer God.  For there are more and more rungs on the ladder than you have ascended. 

“If you cling to every phrase of the Bible and argue its interpretation, you miss the point of God’s message.  Simply accept its basic tenet that you have a Creator, a Powerful Force Who has a plan for your return home in love and forgiveness.  Accept this promise.  Live it.  Enjoy the full measure of its healing.  Following this plan is your function here. 

“Since my coming to Earth 2,000 years ago, Humans have learned to take a gigantic scientific step.  Now Humans must match it with the spiritual growth it requires.  Your scientists must connect to their Inner Teachers of God to see their relationship from a new vantage point, or else they will harm the planet and leak misery into the Universes beyond.  Humans are still children in their demonstration of love and peacefulness, but some have become scientific monsters without conscience or respect for God’s firmament or Human life.  This discrepancy in some Humans’ behavior must stop.

“The limited scientific background of Humans on Earth 2,000 years ago could not grasp what your mind can grasp now.  When I used the term ‘in my Father’s house are many mansions,’ Humans were not capable of understanding that I meant many dimensions of existence.  Humans are presently behaving as ignorant children playing with such horrible tools of destruction as biological and physical weapons.  Angels lament, and other life forms watch from their space craft with justified horror and concern.  Your governments cannot continue to hide the truth of these other civilizations out of fear.

“I now come to speak with you again.  Humanity is off course and drifting further and further away from God’s plan for Earth and Humanity.  Humanity must give up negative thoughts and actions, war and violent thoughts.  Since your group endeavor cannot progress until Humanity’s emotions are cleansed, all Humans must release false beliefs and psychological limitations.

“I came to teach you love.  The other dimensional civilizations cannot abide the evilness and sickness your technologists plan to bring into outer space.  There is a ban, a quarantine on Earth, until all people, of their own free will, return to the Creator.  Your surrender is not to me, but to your souls, as they are powerful, loving, and awesome.  You must surrender your little will in order to follow the greater knowing.

“Humans are currently in three-dimensional physical bodies with soul consciousness at the fourth level.  My role as World Teacher was, and is, to prepare you for the fourth-dimensional level of soul love, or higher responsibility as energy living in matter.  Your preparation time is over.  Stand ready to affirm or deny your spiritual ascension, no matter your earthly path.  I am with you now, in thought, to encourage your efforts of self-discovery and expansion.  

“You are not alone in this huge Universe.  Many life forms of varying sizes and shapes abound.  Though you are only one blink in the vastness of eternity, you are important in the Creator’s Mind.  Prepare yourself for this cosmic initiation by agreeing to turn within and take hold of the lifeline which will be provided through meditation, prayer, and contemplation.  Meditation is the tool for the Aquarian Age.  Every soul has the opportunity for the inner truth and the inner certainty. 

“These new teachings are not based only upon past religious documents.  I do not say this to you lightly, for the past religious teachings have been useful.  They have been a necessary part of a Divine Plan of recollection and remembrance to bring you back to the heart of God, to bring you back to the eternal flow of God’s mind and the Oneness of all living things. Nonetheless, I say to you today, that in their place will come the Inner Teacher within each soul, which will again be reunited with the Creator, and will become the funnel and the channel of love to bring you home again.

“The church structures as you know them are suspect.  God’s church is the same church I spoke of 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem, and what every true teacher has spoken to you about in every time period, before and since.  God’s qualities are within you.  Be still and listen to their message.

“As each soul awakens and returns to God through its daily meditation, and through its weekly experience of sharing in groups in a prayerful way, the planet can yet be healed, and a resurrection of Humankind achieved.  Those who can expand their belief will advance under my tutelage, but not if they worship me as a dead thing of the past, as the God-like figure your organized churches have made me.  Remember, I still live, and I have grown.

“My love is the Creator’s Love.  My service is an expression of that.  Let yours be the same.  You are already the Christ Consciousness, Dear Ones.  You’ve simply forgotten.  Acknowledge God.  Cleanse your negative emotions and follow the guidance to an ongoing higher understanding.

“We are moving from an age of structure and form into the Golden Age of Aquarius, the age of inner knowing.  It is the gift of God to all beings.  You can find your own inner soul connection and assist everyone else to do the same.  You can be connected directly into the knowing of God’s Mind through your soul.  I leave you today with this thought, and with my love.

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