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Jesus Speaks on Meditation, Dreams, and Visions


“As I have said, Dear One, you must forge the connection between God and yourself by your own free will.  This action of daily meditation actually forges, with an invisible energy you cannot see, a communication device of marvelous substance and beauty.  Like an inter-stellar radio or television device, after you have built it by constant and serious devotion, much information will be available to you from a variety of higher sources.  These minds cannot reach you until this communication system has been established by your commitment and perseverance.  As you forge this bridge out of the energy of your commitment, there will gradually be a change in your life which shifts the way you know things.  Within a year, it is certain you will feel more peaceful and receive insights for the finest form of Human living.  

“Your scientists just now understand that all life is joined as a web of energy particles, waves and other not-yet-discovered-by-you forces and entities.  Soon you will understand many of the unknown Universal Laws that have so far been misunderstood or undiscovered.  We of the spiritual realms are currently showering Earth with higher and higher love vibrations and frequencies to assist you in achieving soul advancement.  Proceed as if all things are possible and await the miraculous changes coming to you now. 

“Soon your doctors and scientists will learn the brain’s pineal and pituitary glands work as a gigantic crystal, along with that large portion of the brain which is currently not used by Humanity.  When this happens, the process as well as the capacity for mental telepathy will be understood.  

“Meditation is connection to the original Source to God’s frequency.  It is much like your television or radio receivers which must be tuned in for proper reception.  What we of the higher realms are offering to do is align, or fine tune, each being to the frequency of the original creation. God’s vibration through me and other beings known as ‘the Rays,’ are being focused to you now.  The Central Being’s energies are sent through us and directed toward Earth. Supportive energies are here for you, just as radio or TV waves are constantly available if you have the right equipment to translate them into sound and image.  Unfortunately, most Humans are not tuned in to this frequency.  As the inner voice of God becomes stronger and stronger in your life, it will bring you peace and joy.  To be used by God in this way is the only mark of an enlightened person as we proceed into the Aquarian Age.  

“The Aquarian Age absolutely requires Humanity to move into a new, more loving nature, and commitment to God and peace above all else.  It does not mean you will automatically advance spiritually.  Many so-called Christians think they can claim love and forgiveness for themselves through the grace of Jesus, or other religious teachers, and then become inactive, self-satisfied, even self-righteously complacent and do nothing. My name definitely does not guarantee which level of Heaven a person will attain.  

“You must be willing to learn and to follow God’s instructions.  You must be able to model the highest form of love you can.  You must truly adore God, love yourself as the heavenly realms love you, and then love all of life as yourself.  Be love.  Model love.  Become the Christ. ‘Christ’ means Light.

“Because of misunderstandings which your religions have created regarding death, I hasten to assure you the experience you call death does not advance you to an eternally quiet, boring existence as it is most often described in the name of the Christian religion.  Heaven is not some continuing vacation.  We are vitally alive and involved for the Creator in many places with many assignments.  It is a stimulating opportunity wherein you may continually advance and be used for higher and higher purposes.  If you believe all the dead are asleep until some far distant judgment day, you absolutely have the wrong picture and incorrect understanding of life and spiritual purpose.  I say: your deeds on Earth do count, do assist in your future placement in heavenly realms once you accept love into your life.

“You live in a constantly expanding Universe with opportunity for all to learn and love, and do all you can to express love and give service on Earth.  You have only a microscopic view of the Universe because Earth exists as a tiny suburb in the outskirts of the Milky Way.”


“For all things, you have free will, and you must deliberately intend to remember dreams, just as you must request and desire anything you really want in life.  All Humans dream nightly for a variety of reasons even if they don’t choose to recall them.  First and foremost, dreams are given for inspiration and remembrance of your true estate in consciousness. They are a kind of inter-dimensional communication from your guides and teachers, or Angels, to encourage and support your life’s progress.  Dreams are also symbols of self-understanding which can bring relief and release from pain, anxiety, and grief, and from all Earthly negative emotions as you experience these, day to day. 

“When you have struggled in vain for answers to urgent problems or challenges, dreams can swiftly provide an answer that has eluded your conscious mind.  Dreams can assist your solution to problems which usually have a specific and perfect answer for all involved.  Dreams are given to those who ask and will truly implement higher guidance.  

“I recommend you begin to ask for dreams, men as well as women, even if it comes easier for some females of your species.  Your goal is for each person, regardless of their physical sex, to have the balance of both male and female characteristics within them.  Spirit needs both the love and the wisdom aspects for perfect balance.  The sun and the moon, intellect and nurturance, must be combined if your soul would find true peace.  From His androgyny is peace born and spread throughout the ethers.

“Dreaming is both practical and inspirational, and is one of the tools given you when God granted you a separate soul and you left the original Mind-of-All, that unified Home of all souls.  As such, this gift from God should be used by all Human creation as a way of cleaning negative emotions, of being guided in daily affairs, of learning the deeper truth about themselves, and of growing spiritually.

“Since dreams come from another dimension, they are presented in a symbolic format to prevent distortion by your conscious mind.  The process of sleep is not only to allow your physical body to rest and rejuvenate, but was created so the emotions could be cleansed and restored to harmony.  The purpose of sleep is so the understanding of your awareness can really leave its Human flesh for excursions into higher portions of its consciousness in Heaven, and with God.  This is not a widely held belief by your doctors.  

“Dreams are interpreted at a feeling level, and thereby represent emotional guideposts.  They bring greater peace and allow elimination of barriers to love’s presence. Dreams are a form of pictorial shorthand.  Dreams exist in all cultures and are a way of bringing to your Human personality the awareness of itself in relation to Spirit. 

“Dreams, like symbolic movies, reveal your place, your purpose, and your progress in life.  Use them, for they were given in love by your soul which holds you in memory as once you were, and who has saved your original matrix in the holographic and electrifying flash of your creation.”


“Visions are the highest form of super-conscious, or spiritual contact, contact as a vision of profound impact which smashes through the darkness of your awareness with such clarity you will remember it forever.  The feeling power of visions are so intense, so real, you are temporarily lifted from the limitation of physical senses and raised into audience with a higher form of Spirit which is never forgotten.  Anyone who has had such an experience holds it like a warm treasure in the heart.  Visions are rare for most Humans, but will come more and more frequently in this new time.  If warnings and messages of assistance are required because of sudden Earth movements, catastrophes, or man-made war and devastation, you can be informed almost immediately within your own consciousness.  

“Precognition, or knowing things in advance of their occurrence, will become more and more common for many of you.  Knowing things prior to the happening is a gift of your soul.  There are a variety of ways to be psychic that are spiritually acceptable, the highest of which is communion with your soul, and then to spiritual teachers like myself, through your soul’s focus on us.  

“As you meditate regularly, do not be surprised if more appreciation of life and all that gives lasting meaning flows into your daily life.  Perhaps you will hear celestial music or have poetry begin its joyful rhyme in your daily thoughts.  The animals and the birds, all life, will feel the gentleness of your increasing love vibrations, and will respond in kind.  If the hummingbird circles your head and then lingers awhile so the gyrations of its wing bless you, let your heart be filled with joy and send a message back to feathered or winged ones acknowledging your light.  Kill no thing that can be avoided.  Remember God’s commandment, Do Not Kill, and extend this as far as you can.  If you must kill a fish, fowl, or plant to eat for food, then bless it so that its existence will have been honored. 

“Honor God’s creation of all life, from the tiniest blade of grass to an exploding nova.  In honoring the cosmos, you honor yourself, because life bursts out of energy into matter and back again.  Remember that this Earth was intended to be the peaceful showplace, the jewel of your own solar system, and the most beauteous planet in this quadrant of the galaxy.  Do everything you can to establish peace on Earth.  It was for this you journeyed here.  You came to be caretakers of Earth.  You are disciples. Disciples are dedicated servers of Humankind, persons bridging two realities, Heaven, and Earth.  A disciple is a mystic who experiences God’s presence in heart and mind and exemplifies higher truth on Earth so struggling Humanity can be touched, be healed. Live and demonstrate what you profess to the best of your ability.  

“We are with you now and far beyond this time and place, but know always you are guided from within.  Peace in the name of the One who parented everything.  May your appreciation and gratitude for your life, and all life, be shown by your thoughts and deeds.  Begin the day in reverence and end the day in thanksgiving.”

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