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Jesus Speaks On Love, Meditation, And On Using Your Inner Guidance



“The Golden, or Aquarian, Age is a time of energy change and uplifting for all of Humanity.  It is a time when the things formerly invisible are made real to you.  It is a time of joining Heaven and Earth together in open communication and cooperation.  It is a time when your usual, or limiting, habits must change, because the structure of consciousness itself is changing, and you with it.  It is also an opportunity to recognize and become, in the fullest measure, the higher or soul self while living in matter and physical form.  Each person must build a bridge of energy between the personality and the soul self to achieve this.

“This is the time for the alignment of the lowest and the highest into one motive and one action, LOVE.  It is an integration in which the wisest aspect of the soul becomes the director and leads the way for the individual’s gain.  This integration causes an individual to become a ‘soul-infused personality.’ The personality self, the ego, relinquishes control to the Soul.  When the personality of the Human self is finally infused with the soul-knowing and commitment, life changes dramatically.  Peace and a joyful heart are your rewards for the willingness to have the Infinite Presence enter and direct your life. 

“It is a time to remember everything is God’s and is only temporarily on loan to us.  We are to be stewards of what we co-create, not owners or hoarders.  The Aquarian Age is a time for sharing in groups.  When a group of people meditate together, what is received individually in meditation should be shared with the group.  In a group process, not all of the information is given to one person.  It is important that those in the group become brave enough to share what they feel they have received so the intended message is more complete for the group. One person’s light will combine with other lights into a larger soul connection and a greater thought form.  Truly do the combined thoughts of many amalgamate into a single thought that can be brought to fruition more easily than the smaller thoughts of several single persons.  Mutually combined purposes, and the power of multiple energies to support them, is the essence of the Aquarian Age. 

“At all times, think of what is beautiful.  Turn your thoughts to the Source of All which created all the universes, the planets and stars and life upon them.  Then think again of what is beautiful.  Know you were created by a Force beyond your comprehension, and yet that Source gave you senses, and also gave you knowing.  The guidance available to you through meditation can come through direct knowing with or without words or images.   

“Meditation is vital.  In the stillness, as you seek God, you grow quiet and become peaceful.  In this act alone, you fulfill the simple truth which is the greatest of all the experiments in all the universes.  You become, just for a moment, a created Being of Light without judgment or worry or fear.  You become peacefully wise.  For just a moment you touch upon your true identity, which is Love. 

“In meditation, you let all the rest fall away, and breathe this love and peace in and out, just as the Creator did in all the work brought forth by ‘the Word,’ the implemented thought behind the universes.  God breathed out life and is now breathing us back home again, and you of the 12th Universe are moving from the farthest reaches back toward the center of light and energy that sent you out.

“This historical time in Human consciousness is focused on the aspect of God that clarifies the difference between concrete, material world science and the science of the soul, which is a far greater thing.  Each being on Earth must choose between the things of sensory perception (of the physical senses and intellect) and the greater knowing from the intuitive or soul aspect of self.  Each must see the science of the soul first to achieve the needed balance in life.

“Those who choose wisely to know the truth of life will assist the planet in her, and their own, ascension to higher realms.  The remainder will insist the material world is the only reality and will fall short of the challenge that is being presented to them.  The planet must demonstrate love and wisdom for her evaluation and graduation, and Humanity must do the same.  Intellect cannot bring love and peace.  That is not its purpose.  Your key in reaching that goal lies in bringing balance to the soul’s science of knowing the Universal Laws, and bringing them into the physical body of Earth to manifest.  

“Send love and blessings to the technological and scientific communities on this planet, for they need your prayers and support during this time of challenge.  This is like the personality’s Armageddon, the questioning intelligence versus the intuitive knowing. Peace must be found using both intellect and intuition in a state of balance, but beginning with the intuitive. 

“Humanity can now reach self-mastery through connection with its own soul and the Creator beyond.  Once you develop the connection, it makes this possible. Your prayer and meditation link gives you direct access to the truth of what you are and what your actions should be. 

“People who limit me to a past understanding of who or what I am are dangerous to themselves, for life is ever evolving in Spirit, and growth is the only measure it knows. Even your Universe is expanding. Therefore, put away the old rugged cross of crucifixion and replace it with an even cross of balance, growth and expansion.

“When I came as the Light of that first Son of God, the Christ, it was necessary I take on a physical body in which to reside and prove to Humanity, by my love, that  there is no death to their true identity.  My resurrection is the energy force that is in me now.  I am divorced from the crucifixion.  It is over and done.  That story is part of an old time of guilt for you which is no longer alive, unless you keep focusing on it and making it your own. 

“Take me down from the cross if you yourself would be free.  See me alive and beautiful, and forget the story of the crucifixion and all its guilt and pain.  Focus only on the resurrection if you are grateful for my coming, if you would call me elder brother to the Human family.  I have grown during this 2,000-year period.  I am not the same.  I am more.  As a new symbol for Christianity, use a circle with an even cross within, or a rainbow or a glowing sun, anything which denotes life or growth or unity.  Your symbol of the crucified body on a cross must end unless you realize it is your Human personality that must die to your soul.  

“Let us each choose to forgive ourselves for anything real or imagined that was in any way related to my crucifixion.  Be absolutely certain as a group, and as an individual, that you accept forgiveness for anything about that incident.  I free you, today, from any sense of shame or guilt you may hold.  Just let it go.  The experience for you must be completed and freed of negative emotions if Humanity is to go forward in the Light of this New Age.

“Leave the remembrance of pain and guilt behind in the glory of my love for you, even as I ask you to forgive me for coming in the way I came to each, not with my army of Angels and military might, but simply in the single heartedness of devotion and the clothing of truth. Do not blame anyone for not understanding the teachings.  Release any judgment of self or others if you would be happy again.  I desire for the churches and their leaders, and all who participate, to know the crucifixion aspect is hereby cleansed and forgiven, and only the resurrection is real.

“The Christian religion is replete with guilt and negativity, and needs to be changed.  These are my new teachings.  Follow them if you would be made whole again.  Follow them to know peace.  Stand free in the light of now, allowing the past its decent burial.  Focus only on the new you and your urgent responsibility in this time on Earth.  We must all go forward now, for we have much to do to ensure the continuation of Earth and Humanity.  

“See God, me, and the others who gladly assist Humanity loving you and Mother Earth, because everything we do is for change, expansion, ever reaching toward the greater love awareness. The Omniverse is like a weaver with busy fingers creating a tapestry of magnificent beauty and dramatic impact.”

“All of God’s commandments are still required, particularly, Do Not Kill!  Love God with all your hearts and love your brothers and sisters as yourself.  LOVE GOD.  This means you must believe there is a Force, Energy or Light Being that has awesome powers beyond your comprehension.  And, since you were created by it, you must let that Power lead your life experience according to a Divine Plan, which you may not truly understand.  You must be willing to trust there is a blueprint for your return to God and follow it at all times. Being freed of negative effects of past deeds can only be validated by a change in your attitude and behavior toward yourself and others. Unless you take action, this gift of grace has no meaning. 

“Each of you must love yourself as a creation of the One Source.  You are more than the mere physical body and the personality you call ‘me.’  God lives within you and must be expressed.  By the acceptance of yourself, you can love others in like fashion.  Do not attempt to love another from your own perverted personality self.  Without soul guidance, the personality cannot love.  It can only seek to possess, to control or to use others for its own needs.  Your greatest challenge today is to find out the many levels of yourself, particularly the vital spiritual level, and then do the inner exploration, the cleansing of the personality characteristics that lie unexplored in the unconscious record of all you have ever experienced.  These hidden aspects, unfortunately, frequently prevent your full cooperation with the soul.

“Relinquish all within your Human personality that stands in the way of truly knowing yourself as Light, an ever-brightening soul quality.  This cleansing is more than just going to a psychologist, minister, or counselor to become ‘well-adjusted.’  I do not say other Human beings cannot assist you in that process, for there are many healers on the Earth.  If you select another Human to assist you, select one who knows psychology means the study of the soul, not just the Human personality.  The process requires patterning with your own inner teacher, who knows what you need.  Your path is unique, and your inner guide knows your particular lessons.  Do what is requested by your soul.

“You are required to learn of yourself from the part which has not forgotten it was created by God, your soul.  Your lower personality has not known and recognized God and must be brought under the soul’s purpose.  Any therapy or art of healing which does not begin with the point of view that you are a creation of God will fail you.  You will be incomplete without your soul at work in your life.  It is your key to happiness.  No other relationship can satisfy because you cannot hide from, nor ignore, who you really are if you want to be truly joyful.

“When you agree you are a soul created by a Power beyond comprehension to your mere mortal personality, a Power which carries you to wider love and joy, you will begin the healing process.  You will begin to feel peace.  When you are finally healed of the disbelief and limitation of who and what you truly are, your life will change.  You can then love all others as yourself, for they are like you in Spirit.  Not in personality, but in Spirit.  When you can love and honor the Father/Mother’s creation in you, then and only then you are safe to say you love another.  

“Let your inner teacher, intuition, or God guide, lead the way. When you finally decide to know yourself as the created soul you are, you will be led to all who will serve you in your development.  You came to Earth to live from your soul’s level of understanding, and when this occurs you will be the peace of God.  ‘Blessed are they who thirst’ applies here.  Thirst to become a full time Light of the World, and all else will be added.  I am available to assist you in your process.

“To bring you success in finding your soul purpose and expressing it, I will give you the perfect guidelines to carry out this Divine exploration and encourage you to accept the responsibility for their use.  It is the use of these guidelines that will open the door to a changed life.  The guidelines for God awareness and enlightenment are to contact the living God within you.  There must be a daily time of listening established, a time of meditation.  Prayer is talking to God.  Meditation is listening, a different process.  Call the Christ Consciousness to be with you, for each must ask to receive. After surrounding yourself with God’s Light and Love, you simply sit quietly and expect to receive knowingness from your soul as it is transmitted into your right brain. 

“Meditation begins with the simple act of stopping the everyday activities and sitting quietly, with a salutation or prayer of reverence and thoughtfulness to God in mind and heart.  God cannot penetrate into a busy mind.  If the mind insists on trying to divert your attention, you simply put your attention on your breath as it comes in and goes out, for it is the breath that connects your life thread to the Creator’s nature while you are here in the physical.  You must forge the connection between God and yourself by your own free will.

“Breathe deeply and release all thoughts of everything except God and the immense cosmos in which life exists in a myriad of forms and experiments.  The simple act of breathing can be done anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances.  In doing the act of deliberate breathing with your attention upon your breath, you permit your own soul access to your mind and heart, allowing certainty and clarity to enter your experience.

“Breath was the gift of God upon your birth into the body. Deliberate breathing can reestablish the connection of your mind with the Source Who has always loved you, always will love you, and Who has given you this simple practice for tuning into that unconditional love you long for at the core of your very being.  Meditation can give you the highest and best solution to any life circumstance.  

“The possession of power is a substitute for God’s power and can never bring satisfaction, even if it is temporarily attained. But many must learn this lesson the painful way.  God’s power through you as a channel of light and peace is the greatest experience possible for a Human being.  

“If your church does not focus upon meditation, ask it to do so.  The point here is not to destroy the churches per se, but to advise them they must meet your spiritual need to know God directly.  If they cannot accept this mission for their members, they will become archaic.  The evolution within the Aquarian Age requires change and willingness to surrender selfish goals for God’s planetary blueprint. 

“Your life will change for the better if you allow it to be guided by God through your soul.  Not only will your life change, but also the entire planetary consciousness will be improved.  For, by improvement in the small part you play, and in the spreading of personal peace to others, they will also be ignited, and your joint participation can truly make a difference.

“Join together with other Human beings of goodwill who also practice meditation.  Be assured, wherever two or more people are gathered in mutual intention, we can join you and amplify your light and energy immensely. When you received a separate soul millions of years ago, the Angelic realms were told to guard and guide you as you found your way into full awareness.  You are served with love and a knowing far beyond that of your limited personalities.

“Say to yourself: ‘God, why am I here on Earth?  What would you have me do today to serve my own growth, and my love and service to others?’  Call upon the Light to surround you and protect and guide you in all things.” 

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