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Jesus Speaks of Twelves Universes, Including Ours


“To understand my appearance on the Earth nearly 2,000 years ago, you need a framework and a context in which to hold the information, or it makes little sense to the intelligent mind, the seeking heart.  But I warn you, the truth will probably startle you because the historical records of this planet have been so decimated over the eons of time that you hardly know any truth about its geology, its geography, its people, or their activities.  Therefore, you do not understand the truth.

“Regrettably your textbooks in the schools have done little to further the truth because only a modicum is provable by the actual evidence you now perceive.  Land and cultures have come and gone, and many lie under miles of ocean water or mountain debris beyond your direct knowledge.  Only with recent photographic techniques used in space, looking back at Earth, do your geologists begin to see the actual physical evidence beneath the Earth’s surface. 

“I choose to share an abbreviated history of Earth with you so you can begin to grasp the enormity of your present situation and understand the reasons why a World Teacher like me came to Earth 2,000 years ago to bring this 250,000-year phase of Humanity’s spiritual evolution to conclusion.

“Let your intuition, your knowingness and connection to your soul confirm what I say.  This is the ending of an era, the ending of an Age, the ending of my leadership over the Earth in the way your scriptures reported me as Jesus of Nazareth.  I have grown and expanded, as have many of you.  My essence is now with the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, even as I serve as World Teacher with part of my energy guiding planet Earth and Humanity.  

“Life in its spiritual dimension has existed about eight million years above Earth’s surface in the etheric realm, and life before Earth is trillions of years old.  Earth is part of the 12th Universe, and the other eleven took many eons to develop under the Creator’s original design.  The 12th Universe is younger but has greater variety than the others.

“There are literally millions of planets in some of these Universes.  Many of them have living things, not only in plant, bird, animal, and mineral life, but creations of what you call spiritual bodies, as well as some physical forms like your own and others which you cannot even imagine.  You are not alone in this Universe, although many of your space brothers and sisters are different in size, build, light density, and mental capacity.  There are many life forms because our Father/Mother God has been experimenting over a million years to learn what types of life are most effective, and what is most pleasing as a creation.  The Source created all of these beings.

“These twelve Universes each have a different purpose and a different type of experimentation to suit the Creator’s plans. There are no words in your written language to explain God, the Universes, the heavens, and dimensions.  We use light packets and pictures and sound instead of verbal communication.  God, or the Source, the Creator of all that is, is beyond physical description.  God has a form of immense size and of a blinding glow beyond description.  God has an enduring and passionate love for everything of Its creation.  You are the children of a Great Being who loves you. 

“One day all of Humanity who have chosen to return to God will lose the density of the physical body and become a form of light containing both male and female principles in balanced proportions.  Heaven is not an idle place.  Its many activities require loving and devoted family members to work harmoniously in the organization and maintenance of God’s Creations.  In your Bible it is mentioned I said: ‘In my Father’s house there are many mansions.’  This is a mis-translation of ‘in my Father’s house there are many dimensions.’

“I will describe the twelve Universes which our Father/Mother God created, including Earth’s position therein.  In your local Universe there are twelve parts, or solar systems, and Earth’s position is the smallest of the dozen solar systems in your Universe.  These other created Universes preceded yours.  If you accept this, you will better understand the present situation in which Earth finds herself.

“My own Universe was created first and has one beautiful solar system with only two planets produced by the Creator in an act of intense love and imagination. While I was on Earth, a part of my energies remained in my Universe. 

“There are additional Universes which were experiments following the first one.  There is a second Universe in which the Creator made all beings of female nature, the love or nurturing side of God, and the third Universe which has only male attributes, or the will, power, and active aspects of God.  Both of these Universes are of such a high vibration you could not see them with the Human eye, just as most Earth dwellers cannot see me and the Angelic hosts.  

“In these separate Universes, both the males and females could independently reproduce offspring with the breath, even as God ordained it.  They needed no sexual counterpart.  This is a spiritual dimension strange to your own body limitations.  Those of you who have difficulty with the so-called ‘virgin birth’ may now see it in a new light.  

“The 4th Universe was created following the experience in which male and female principles were separated from each other.  They were recombined in the 4th Universe since love and power should be together and not kept apart.  This is a soul essence and quality I speak about, not your dense physical flesh which came eons later after the other Universes were completed.  

“In the 5th Universe the power of mind thought, which is different from intellect, was developed.  This entire Universe kept one primary, unified thought, or intention to love God paramount, even though the souls were separated.  By your standards this was miraculous. In Humans, you need a love purpose to direct energy into thought or you will misuse it.  A thought is energy moving its intention into reality.  Thoughts are alive.  Mind requires a heart’s love for wholeness.  Intellect is only 50% of thought.  When intellect and intuition, or God’s knowingness, are combined, there is perfect balance.  In the 5th Universe the inhabitants did so well they were allowed to return to the Creator en masse, and it is now an unpopulated area in what you call space. Never did an entire Universe grasp the love principle and practice it so perfectly.

“The 6th Universe is a place where the miniaturization of life forms was stressed, so the inhabitants are tiny in size, the planets are smaller than most, and the beings love God devotedly as their acts of producing beautiful natural things, such as flowers, prove.  The descendants of these tiny creations living on your Earth’s etheric plane are often called nature spirits by those with the clairvoyant power to see them.  They are dedicated to bringing flower and plant life to its highest form.  

“In the 7th Universe of eight million planets, one million are inhabited.  The male and female beings were focused solely in the area of intellectual expertise.  They focused primarily on mathematical science.  There was no love side to their nature for one another or for the Creator. Here it was learned intellect in male or female without the balance of heart love is not desirable.  This 7th Universe is still functioning.  Science is a God-made thing, not the work of mere mortals who claim it as theirs.  A true scientist can only discover Universal Law or principle to fulfill life’s function and use it for the good of all.  In fact, every scientist is obligated to seek reverently for God’s principles with the intention of applying them only for the common good. 

“In the 8th Universe of four million planets, our Creator caused a million to be inhabited, and did a variety of experiments to understand the effects of the Rays upon matter. Here some beings were given almost X-Ray vision.  Others were imbued with the Rays of heat, magnetism and electricity and were able to oscillate and levitate.  Some of the experiments involved temperature changes and effects from excessive dark and light exposure.  These creations underwent these experiments for the good of the life forms which would follow them.  In the Omniverse, all of God’s creations have their plans and purposes.  Each builds upon the prior gifts of the ones before it.  In your position in the 12th and last Universe, while God’s purpose is to bring you home, you have the aspects of all this learning at your disposal if only you seek and synthesize it. 

“The 9th Universe, with only about 900 inhabited planets, was a spacious and unusual experiment.  These people were focused on their spiritual natures and the love of God so constantly and consistently that this area is now empty of them.  Merely a perfumed hush of peace remains in the ethers from their gentle natures.  Because of their deep devotion to our Creator they all had the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and mediumship.  Some went home to God, and some were reborn into your 12th Universe to help others to develop their spiritual gifts.

“Unlike their predecessors of the 9th Universe, the 10th Universe creations are attentive only to the matters of theology, or the study of comparative religions throughout the many Universes.  With only 10% of some 900 planets inhabited, they spent their time thinking and learning.  In their theological colleges they would study these different teachings, in an intellectual way, seeking to know God only with their mind.  Knowing a Human’s mental definition of the Creator and experiencing that love in the heart are two very different things. It was my purpose here 2,000 years ago to bring the experience and teachings of love back to Earth again, as others had done before, and since.  

“The 11th Universe of Mechanism could not have existed save for the focus on engineering. However, of the men and women from these million-and-a-half planets, all but those on two planes were decimated by war.  Because of the great inventiveness of thought without love’s influence, their designs led to military uses.  Although the warfare was carried out primarily by the machines they had invented, at least 860 of God’s planets were decimated by the violence.

“They feared God, but they held no heart love to soften their inventive genius.  The life forms chose machinery over God, and their inventions became their masters.  They eventually could not regain control over their creations.  What their thoughts created eventually destroyed them.

“You may be recognizing these same kinds of effects happening in your own 12th Universe today. Those of you who inhabit the planet Earth, along with about 500 other 12th Universe planetary forms, are now caught up in that possible destructive aspect of engineering mechanization.  Most other planets in the 12th Universe are superior to Earth in technology, but so far Humans refuse to acknowledge this fact, along with the inter-dimensional presence of other life forms.

“Since you have the mixture in this 12th Universe of all the other eleven in varying amounts and combinations,  your 12th Universe is a potpourri.  It is all here from those trillions of years of learning and growth that have already transpired before. 

“Your 12th Universe is the largest of all that has preceded you.  It has the greatest variety of learning possibilities to use, and the most tremendous opportunity to learn from past mistakes and past glories.  All strengths and weaknesses of these past experiences are available to you.  You must choose wisely in your Universe, and competently amalgamate or synthesize the best of it all, denying the ill-fated mechanization which manifested so widely and destructively in the 11th Universe.  Humanity must focus more clearly on love than ever before if you wish to return to God purified of violence.  Return is scheduled soon for many, but only the loving ones can proceed. 

“I wish to speak about your own solar system which is in the 12th Universe, and about your so-called space programs.  You might ask your scientists who send astronauts and instruments looking for other life to expand their own consciousness and stop wasting so much time and money looking for things in the third-dimensional world.  Most life on the other planets operates in the etheric levels of the fourth dimension and beyond.  That which does not, would not wish your warlike attitudes to locate them anyway.  Your three-dimensional eyes and instruments are blind to these other dimensions.  So do not be surprised that you do not find life, as you know it, on the planets in your own solar system.  Humans currently suffer from spiritual amnesia.  When Human consciousness advances into fourth-dimensional realities, you will see other life forms.   

“I have admonished you as a species not to take violence or weaponry of any kind into space, but it is permitted to pursue totally peaceful research projects of a truly reverent or scientific nature.  When you enter space, unless your crew is clairvoyant, do not expect to see other life.  Earth Humans are nearly the lowest forms of consciousness in the known solar system at this time, which is why the Earth is being bombarded with the high frequency of light vibrations in hope of awakening a sleeping race.  

“All of Heaven in its multi-dimensional reality is presently involved in an enormous expenditure of energy that you are incapable of grasping, and apparently even appreciating.  We will continue to follow God’s decree to assist all who will agree to awaken.  These additional energies of love and power that are coming to you represent one of the greatest commitments that millions of us beyond your sight are giving.  They are the same type of consciousness acceleration that your so-called Renaissance times in Europe and the other Golden Ages of Wisdom in the Orient and elsewhere represent, only multiplied by a much higher factor.

“The many others who wait to awaken until later in this century probably cannot do so without pain and suffering.  The longer the personality resists its awakening, the more profound the experience the soul must bring to ignite awareness.   For some people this may be very intense.

“Your soul, bj, will put your personality to the test of self-mastery, for it was this achievement you desired.” 

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