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Jesus Speaks To Make Clear



“In the historical epoch prior to my birth on Earth, the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Essene community of Hebrew faith had already prepared the necessary channels for my birth as Jesus in the physical world.  My parentage had been selected, my life blueprint was set in motion, and the events which later Christians would incorporate in their belief system began.  It seemed, for a short time, the attention of the Middle East was focused upon one infant, one birth, one bringer of light and love.

“My birth on Earth was not an isolated event, but rather one moment in the chronology of teachings brought to Earth by many high or Angelic teachers.  And although the Christian Bible has not acknowledged this, it was neither the first teaching, nor was it the highest teaching.  For later in the new epoch ahead of us, called the Aquarian or Golden Age, the highest teachings will be brought forward, given as I introduce the theme of it to you now.  

“In order to understand the coming of Jesus into the physical world 2,000 years ago, you must know there was much darkness, misery, and negativity in the Human heart, so much so, unless it was cleansed, the entire spiritual evolution of much of Humankind might have been permanently lost.  In the heavenly realms there was much concern about Humanity’s ability to return love to the Creator.   There was concern that Humanity had forgotten that God was inside them as an internal experience, not just only an external identity.

“The Divine inspiration to heal the Human heart through love and forgiveness had to be instituted before any further evolutionary opportunities could be made available. The awakening had to be seeded.  So there needed to be a prophet or messenger who would remind each soul of its eternal identity, its responsibility to love God above all things, and then its brothers and sisters as itself. It was no easy task, as the negativity of Human thoughts over eons of time had to be penetrated and overcome by my bringing the Cosmic Christ energy to Earth.

“Other great ones had penetrated this veil of darkness, ignorance and evil every four to seven hundred years in one way or another, somewhere on the planet.  Yet, as final penetration, there was a desperate and urgent commitment on the part of the Christ, beloved of the Father/Mother God, who would not abandon those who prayed for help.

“Many teachers have been here, as you know.  Most have been mistreated, abused, defiled, ignored or rejected.  That is why on this Earth today you have separate groups of religious beliefs brought to you at varying times.  Each teacher brought the message of the Good Word, with the promise of redemption if you would turn within and listen to the soul voice given you at the time of creation. 

“My task was to mentally overcome the evil and lack of love, and the hatred and the fear of Humanity.  I say to you sincerely and without hesitation, that had the personality called Jesus not loved you with the love of the Creator, I could never have stood upon the Earth and overcome the negative thoughts that were here.  Without the Creator’s love there would have been no hope of success without that deep commitment from the Light and the God within.  As Jesus, I could not have brought you the message of love and forgiveness many longed to hear, the message of the Father/Mother’s plan for the Golden Age on Earth.  

“When I walked upon this free-will planet as Jesus, my desire to inspire love did not prevent evil thoughts of Human beings, or their acts of violence, or their faithless living.  Although this planet is a beautiful creation, it is peopled by a darkness whose continuing presence here cannot be allowed.  

“My message approximately 2,000 years ago to Humankind was: you were created by a Force or Power beyond your comprehension, a spark of which resides inside of you, available at any time to guide you, protect you, and lead you upward from where you came to your home in light, love and peace. There is in each of you an inner teacher ready to assist you whenever you are ready. 

“I regret the teachings I brought 2,000 years ago have not been understood or followed as they were intended.  There is now a necessity for the churches and institutions to analyze themselves and to take this last opportunity to divest themselves of the need for self-aggrandizement and power.  The only purpose of a minister or spiritual teacher is to model love.  Since I currently hold the position as World Teacher for Earth Humans, I am making a final offer of love and forgiveness to all of Humanity.

“I came to Earth as the model of a body apparently crucified, but able to have a continuing life experience after death.  This is what the resurrection proved.  Life continues.  Resurrection is a symbol of dying to the old and awakening to the new.  By my model, you had an example to show that Humans can rise above negative thinking and survive the experience called death. It was not my intention to be deified and to be called a savior of Humankind.  I did not come to take your personal responsibility of choice and behavior, or to erase your karma.  I came to demonstrate you do not need to fear death.  My example has been frozen and deified, not followed.  I came to say: you are a chosen creation of God who was given free will to spiritually live or die, to believe or not to believe, and to encourage your positive choice.  You are meant to be an ever-awakening being in this process of Human evolution.  

“You must turn within to receive the blessings and direction of Heaven.  When you look at my former life as Jesus, your heart should tell you that an older brother, a teacher who loved you dearly, left heavenly realms to be with you a short time.  I came to teach forgiveness, and to plant the seeds of love and peace to encourage your self-mastery.  Now I come to remind you that you are all jointly responsible for the present conditions upon your Mother Earth, and to say the time of recompense, required by Universal Law of Cause and Effect, is coming soon. 

“The experiment on Earth has not been going well.  Therefore, there will soon be a division between the believers and non-believers of God, between the practitioners of love and peace, and those who are not learning it. This is not a punishment, but an effect Humans have created.  The cleansing begins within each person and each person’s personal responsibility. From this place, some will go on to a higher level of practicing the lessons of self-knowledge, love and service.  Others will go to an alternate Earth and begin again at the third dimensional level, where it is hoped they can still learn the basic acceptance of God-consciousness.  Self-mastery is to be your goal.  

“My teachings were not enough, as you see from the present conditions on Earth.  There has been a continuing insistence on war and destruction which now threatens to infect the solar system as well.  This is not a time of passivity or of aloneness, but a time of peaceful joining together with the soul life in the brothers and sisters around you, both visible and invisible.  We are now at the culmination of 250,000 years of learning and self-mastery for those who seek it.  

“My most serious evaluation of the present Christian churches is that many sects do not acknowledge such ideas, nor do they understand prophecy and direct revelation by God.  When a Human being is connected to higher truth in Spirit, then he or she hears the Voice of God and is led to the future action which is most appropriate and loving.  I wish to say there are those in the church groups who practice this principle to the best of their ability, but there are many who have separated themselves from those of other races, nationalities, beliefs and religions.  I say to you: each one must examine their conscience.  I ask you to listen to the Voice of God within you, the Voice that will lead you into the activities you must do immediately.  The Aquarian Age is a time when every soul may hear the Voice within, and Earth will be filled with many living representatives of God. 

“I ask you to give up your doubt, your fear, your anger, your sadness, regret, and guilt.  Surrender your ego, your personality’s desire to maintain its own power, and think it knows best what it should do at any given time.  No one on the planet knows the best action to take every day unless he or she is listening to the Voice of God within.  God will not require your obedience.  Trust your heart and inner God-Voice to lead you in all things, and you will know the best solution on any issue.  The love of God must come first in every life. 

“As long as you think you do life alone, you limit the quality of power available to accomplish any task.   Your light is very low wattage by itself, but when you ask the Creator to assist you in manifesting your purpose or need, that light and power are greatly, very greatly increased.  We are now saturating your planet with huge amounts of light and love so you can manifest peace. 

“Ask the power and support of God, or heavenly forces, be present to help bring fruition to your ideals.  Being spiritual and being religious are two different things.  We do not ask you to designate any one religion, but we do ask you to recognize the Creator-of-All and call upon that Power, Force or Source to support your plans.  It is also possible that during times of quietude we can slip suggestions into your minds with ideas that might be useful to your peaceful purposes.  You cannot bring to fruition more than you can imagine and project by thought.

“I remind you: your own plans, without the guidance of God over these past seven million years, have brought you tragedy.  It is time for the mass of Earth dwellers to acknowledge they must cross no line of apparent separation, join energies in peaceful purpose, and ask for our support.  This is what the Aquarian Age is about.  You must invite Spirit into your midst.  Because of your free-will nature, we are not otherwise allowed to intervene in your affairs.  

“Do you hear my concern? It is given with love, though tinged with the sadness of watching Humanity continue to struggle in the quicksand of ignorance and self-will.   

“If you persist in willingness and follow your meditations regularly, there is still time to rescue yourself, with the help of the heavenly realms, and to assist others in this awakening process.  You are worthy and capable of far more than you can imagine. For you are the created ones of the great and marvelous Source. You cannot imagine the magnificence that will yet be yours through devotion and service.  It is an exciting opportunity we will undertake together in love, in the light of joy and peace.

“There is no limitation in God’s Plan.  The Age of solutions by consensus, by agreement, is here.   Let your own life, your family’s life, and the business or world of work be steered by the same inner guidance that you can use.  

“My promise to you is: every soul who practices love as directed from the inner, higher Self shall find a work they love in the remaining years of this century, and then shall return together to walk in the Golden Age.  Let this very day begin your commitment to love God more fully and to give up doubt. I assure you any sincere request to change doubt to faith will be heard and supported by those of us who love you.  

“It is time for return to your true identity for all of Humanity who chooses to.  Only you hold the power to make that decision, Beloveds. I can only guide you with my recommendations and the support of Heaven’s hosts.  The saints, Angels, guides, sages, gurus, avatars, masters, adepts, and Lords of all places and dimensions stand beside you.

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