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Jesus Speaks To Teach Humanity To Live Our Purpose On Earth



“When I appeared on Earth as the one called Jesus, Humanity was totally ignorant of mechanical things and had no communication devices as you do today that could spread an understanding of what life is really all about.  Humanity, then, was ignorant beyond description, and Earth was well known as the dark planet of your solar system and your Universe. Little light existed and there was nothing of the mental understanding I could use to explain the working of God’s twelve universes.  That is why my examples and illustrations were all given simply to open the Human heart to God, to love, and the necessity for peace above all, which is the highest form of love.

“What could I say to a simple person about the workings of not one, but twelve universes, or about twelve living planets and their life forms, each as a separate aspect of God’s purpose in this solar system?  And so I chose examples that would remain in the subconscious mind to be understood later.  I chose the twelve disciples to represent the characteristics of God which Humanity must learn and balance.

“Humanity is limited now, but it once used this Earth as a mighty and glorious residence of immense beauty and love.  Now see it as we see it, a place of darkness of the Spirit, a place of war and hatred.  A place where Humanity has allowed its own fears to be expressed through military and governmental leaders who take fear, ignorance and evil to hurt your own living Mother Earth. And now Humans want to enter space where they will endanger other beings you cannot see, but who also have life and eternal relationship in the great Oneness of creation.  

“Humanity has entered into the scientific and technological arena without the proper love nature required before it is safe to explore such information.  Your mechanization has outdistanced your soul.  You are like an armed bomb ready to detonate by the next great negative thought.  

“I hear you saying, ‘I am not like that.  I pay my taxes and go to work every day and tithe to the church and do good deeds.  No, I am not responsible for the events of Earth, or even of the government of this place where I live.’  Truly do you deceive yourself.  For if love and goodness prevailed, how then are your world events the way they are, and why have you sent so much evil out into space?  Know I am called upon by many other beings having residence in your Milky Way galaxy to tell you to cease this flagrant abuse of space.  Space is protected by galactic law.

“I am not trying to paralyze you with guilt, for the limitation it brings emotionally does not assist you in making forward progress.  But I share these facts so that you may immediately implement an upgrading of your own behavior and share your concern in outspoken commitment.  This is the time to be peace, but also the time to share it, for only by the sharing and multiplication of energy into a beautiful thought will the negative band of blackness in Mother Earth’s emotional body be cleansed.   Humans have soiled their dwelling place and must reverse that action.  Earth, like you, has physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy layers, and is a massive reflection of your input to her.  Since you are a cell in her body, be sure your influence is one of deep love, respect, and appreciation for each unique and beautiful thing she nurtures upon her body, upon her surface.

“Whether you believe it or not, each planet is just as alive as you and is a great being of light and wisdom.  You and your scientists must one day accept this truth, for it is your ignorance about life that allows the weaponry used beyond your borders where Earth’s subtle bodies, nonphysical essence, are violated.  No sane people would annoy, aggravate, or injure any part of their mother, the land of their own existence, but this is what you do.  Where will you be without her for your substance?  Beware you grasp these words, Dear Ones.  Your lives depend on it.  You must be caretakers of the Earth and the cooperative protectors of space; for this you were created. 

“God created all.  God is a force so powerful that your languages cannot describe it. The power of electricity and solar energy and radio and air flight and TV were always there, but you have only recently understood such principles.  Realize how ignorant Humanity is and be still within you that you may learn further truth.  It is through the transformation of your little consciousness into a greater reality and attunement with this Great Power that you grow and advance upon the Earth and within the solar system in which Mother Earth dwells.

“Within your earthly Bible is the statement ‘Ye must become like little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’  That is true because children are open to learning, whereas most adult Earth dwellers are puffed up with self-importance based on the fact that your society says they have studied and are therefore knowledgeable; they are so-called experts of it all.  In fact, very few such experts, especially in the area of science, know much at all.  Historians are even harder pressed to fit together pieces of a puzzle that clearly lacks a majority of the pieces.  How, then, can such incomplete evidence, which ignores everything the Human eye cannot see, fit together pieces of a puzzle that clearly lacks a majority of pieces?

“The irony of it all is that, rather than admit you do not know, the experts continue to parade their half-truths in the name of education and go unchallenged in their judgments.  Give up your own petty understandings and ask your soul for the truth.  Humans do not even understand where they came from or where they are headed. 

“Your so-called scientists do not grasp that your solar system’s sun was breathed into its place about 218,000,000,000 years ago, and it took nearly one million years before it was made habitable by the highly refined light energies of the great beings who run this solar system.  These energies, for which your language has no words, are as light furnaces in their creative nature and would dissolve you.  Because of the higher vibrations and nature of their light, the sun is their natural habitation.  That is why I said you had to go through The Christ to know God, for God’s power would unintentionally, but immediately, kill your body.  The Christ I refer to is not a person, but a cosmic energy referred to as the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

“In your Universe, the twelfth, there are twelve different solar systems with a total of 1,900,000 or nearly two million planets, busily using the energy of God.  Each solar system has its own centralized power source (Solar Logos) and the individual twelve rays of sound and light spectra not understood on Earth. The Earth has recently been gifted with 49 Rays of energy coming from the Heart of God to increase the possibility of Humanity waking up to their own divinity.  These are Rays of energy, each of which represent a particular aspect or facet of God, which Humans, in this solar system, are to use to develop Humanity into greater balance.  Each Ray is administered by great beings of immense power and can be called forth by Humans once they accept that these Rays exist.  Each Ray emits a color, and each of these color streams of energy controls a certain aspect of creativity or influence.  Earth is a unique planet, a Second Ray planet.  The Second Ray is the focus for love and wisdom.  It was for this that planet Earth was created, and it is only this which each soul living on Earth is to perfect.

“You are being infused with the Rays and the Light of God as soul fuel or food, and unless your heart is open to love, you cannot bear the intensity and magnitude of their nature.  Only Humans who are awake to their spirit will know what is happening and be able to utilize the love/wisdom Rays properly during the cleansing which will occur on Earth.  Use your free will wisely.

“If you will use the Rays to strengthen God’s purpose in you, the planet will rise into the heavenly realm by natural causes. But if Humanity insists on ignoring the Rays of love and wisdom, or uses its free will in the wrong way, then Earth will have to be cleansed of the negative use of the Ray energies one way or another.  The separation of loving and unloving souls is occurring.  For as the power of the many spiritual energies assist at this time in bringing the love/wisdom Rays into perfection, all those souls who do not flow with this power will be unable to bear the change in their physical and subtle bodies. 

“Knowledge of the whole spectrum of the 49 Rays of God has been gifted to Humanity.  Seek this knowledge and use it to strengthen yourself and the Earth.  If you cannot see the Rays, and look only to what you can physically see, you miss what is now available to you.  Be willing to acknowledge that you are limited, and ask always that the higher forms of subtle life be made manifest to you, so Humans do not destroy Earth and space through this unfortunate ignorance and blindness. 

“Who are you?  You are a spiritual reality living in a physical body because it benefits your soul experience to do so.  And in the vast mind of God, the Source of us all, a plan for many souls to expand the qualities of love and devotion was offered you.  You accepted this opportunity for growth and expansion because that is the nature of God, for, by Its division into many parts, It moves ever outward and achieves greater power and wisdom as It does.  God and you are working together for the good of all, stretching farther and farther into distant regions of consciousness and love, which is an exciting and noble purpose. 

“You chose to come to Earth because it provides you with the greatest challenge to grow and learn and to realize that your mind is the creator or architect or builder of whatever appears in the physical world.  You came to learn, and your soul chose this time and place to help you to develop your own personal soul evolution and the evolution of the Human family.  You chose it, as you would select a course of study, knowing that the evolution of Earth herself would be part of your, and her, learning process. 

“This was a deliberate choice, not some accident of a fierce and cruel God.  You have always existed and always will exist.  The soul never chooses to remain idle; it chooses constant growth through experience.  You ask, ‘But why must I have a physical body?’  Physical form is like a mirror for your soul, which intends to bring pure motive and intention into the personality.  Spirit must penetrate the mental and emotional filters of each Human being in order to do this.  Any barriers caused by ignorance and mis-qualified information bring distortions which create pain.  You have a body as a mirror of the soul so that you can see what false beliefs you hold and get rid of them.  It is a ‘mind-over-matter’ suit, and its health and your life affairs are your constant progress report. 

“You are Light and Energy because that is what God is.  You have temporarily come over the bridge from infinity into your present physical form.  You contain all the truth you will ever need.  And, because of your original identity as an aspect of God, you are capable of unlimited understanding.  You must acknowledge this identity and then ask for Its assistance.  This is the key.  This wiser you, massive in Its abilities, can only keep in touch with you through your recognition and acknowledgment.

“The reason you need to hear the consequences of your own cause, or thoughts, from your mind is that the Universe in which you dwell is mental, and is structured on twelve certain laws, one of which is cause and effect.  What is created in mind is the cause, and that which is experienced in the body is an effect.  Unfortunately, many personalities do not recognize their responsibilities and constantly feel victimized by life, or by God, for what happens.  While there are great beings of love and wisdom who direct the destiny of this planet from what you might call higher or inner dimensions, you are here to learn to use that mind power purely when you are again out of the body.   This learning to use mind energy in only a positive way is critical if you are to grow and serve yourself, Humanity, the planet and God in reverence and devotion. 

“What do you gain from asking for help if you do not follow the very prescriptions we give for understanding life’s events and surrendering to lessons they contain?  The answer is always the same and will always be the same:  love, purity of thought and action.  When the mind obeys the soul in these matters, it grows and advances into even higher levels of usefulness to itself and all of life.

“Understand that the things of this Earth which you call evil or negative, such as hunger, war, or disease, are here to train you in the ways you view these and respond to them, for each soul may be on a different level of perfect mind usage, and these experiences teach bold and oftentimes painful lessons which will never be forgotten.  Famines and horrors serve Humanity, for they bring separated attitudes and beliefs into focus on identical issues, providing a common curriculum-of-teaching outline for love and peace.  You are here to demonstrate self-mastery in the use of your mind and its thoughts, or you would not be on the planet at this time.  This is all an opportunity which serves a higher purpose than your Human personality may realize.

“It may be difficult to see these events as valuable, as helping you to recognize balance from imbalance, love from fear.  It is difficult to appreciate freedom unless you have been imprisoned, or healthy unless you have been ill.

  “You have a mind that can be trained to give up all personality judgments and achieve only positive responses to whatever happens in the world.  Or, at least, the result will bring peace.  

“You are not alone in this temporary existence unless you choose to be.  There is never a time when the infusion of our power and love and guidance is denied you.  But should there be an earthquake, for example, it may be impossible for us to get through your self-focused activities which are dearer to you than meditating and finding time to attune yourself to the helping frequency we would use.  Often, the inner teacher of each person is forgotten or never acknowledged as the key to freedom and joy. 

“This living planet, which is often ignorantly referred to as a rock riding through space, is also part of God’s plan for growth and service; for just as you have inner feelings and mental and spiritual aspects, so does she.  Never doubt Earth has her own destiny, and never attack her, or you will attack the feminine nurturer within yourself.  What you do to any other living thing must result in your own experience of it.  If you do not understand the purpose and do not follow the rules, you will suffer pain.  Yet, through your errors, you will grow.  Love is the balm for all wounds.

“Many of your holy books and written scriptures tell you there is an omniscient, omnipresent, and ever-expanding Force, Source of energy, which is called by many names in many languages.  ‘God’ will do.  Most of these teachings say that this God constantly moves and grows, gaining further power with the development of each being that is a smaller part of the whole.

“Space contains a myriad of life forms mostly unknown to you in your extremely limited definition of life.  Be cautious how you treat space, and move ever so slowly as if you were in a darkened room filled with precious breakable objects which you must not injure.  Part of space contains the extended life energy fields of your own Mother Earth, and she suffers from your spaceships and weaponry as it blasts through her invisible energy fields.  Sound, heat, light and color energy Rays are everywhere present, moving unrestrictedly from lighter, higher energy to denser forms.  As you learn about these energies, you can earn your place among those who will respect and honor them, and call upon them to assist in many situations.

“The vital impression I wish to impart here is: Earth is a very small planet physically, and is part of a solar system family from whom all are fed by the Sun’s life energy.  The Sun and these higher-level beings feed and fuel the life force of your solar system, Earth, and yourself without ceasing.  They deserve recognition. Your two greatest difficulties are free will and doubt.  Your lack of appreciation for the gift of life and sustaining support to Earth must be corrected.  It is wise to be reverent.  

“Once the Earth glowed with an etheric light of such beauty she was known as the jewel of this quadrant of the Universe.  This was before Humans were established on Earth. Know that the governmental body, the Milky Way galaxy, is the homeland of many great beings, luminaries, energies, and the vibrations who have their residence there, and who have profound spiritual effect upon the Earth.

“It is important to remember that some souls chose to come to Earth in a mass immigration plan, in a spirit body, to begin this newly made planet about eight million years ago.  The intention was to make a wonderful learning place within this solar system and this galaxy, a place where love and wisdom would reach a high plane of expression.  So, you are not here by accident, nor were you always in this dense form which now encases your soul in physical flesh.

“Most religions speak of a separation or fall in Humanity’s past, so there is much I could share about this sinking of consciousness into its present pitiable condition.  To avoid guilt, however, is my goal, for it freezes your ability to change and move forward.  Therefore, let me just say that what is gone is gone.  Whether you are a visitor from some other star-seed or merely an unlearned or lightless soul, you are needed here now.  Humankind’s future depends upon your commitment to have peace, and nothing but peace.  

“Many of the civilizations in this galaxy were not given the capacity for heart love, and could use an example to emulate, for they are focused entirely on the intellectual aspect of life.  You of Earth, who were intended to become a pattern which extends love to these mental beings, have much to learn from these other ones, but also much to teach of the feeling nature of mortality.  You can teach how to love God totally while sealed in a Human body.  You could be described as energy living in matter, remembering itself as that greater Love identity.  This was the plan undertaken nearly eight million years ago here by the spiritual and etheric realms from which some of you emerged and are a part.

“Some souls, such as you, volunteered to be here until the plan was achieved and Earth was in concert with the other planets in both the solar system and the galaxy as that place where demonstration of love of God and all life forms could be witnessed and experienced.  Let each person on the Earth acknowledge that behavior is the test of knowing.  Imagine if you were from another branch of God’s creation. Would you wish to meet the present-day earthlings as your model of peace?  Your present assaults on your own Earth’s energy fields, and upon those brothers and sisters in space, have made you suspect, indeed.  If the situation were reversed, and you were the technically superior, might you not also watch Earth with suspicion as it spews forth killer satellites, and threatens other life forms with nuclear blasts, and plans to deliver even greater destructive weaponry?  In my position as World Teacher, I am making this attempt to change the abysmal reputation Earth has gained.

“There is a Legion of Volunteers ready to help Earth’s rebirth and Humanity’s awakening.  This Legion will be used by those of us in the spiritual realms in case Earth’s experiment goes astray, due to nuclear disaster, or by a response from the Earth herself to eliminate Humanity’s accumulated violence and negative emotions.  Doubt is a great enemy and the most deleterious of attitudes to hold.  It is only in your willingness to trust the unseen that you grow.   Doubt has retarded many Human souls.  It leaves no room for hope, no access to peace.  Doubt is the inner enemy of Humanity and is created in the mind.

“Keep your faith high, and realize in a few years the spiritual cleansing will remove those souls who will not honor God or hear the inner voice of God.  The meaning of faith, which is to trust the Creator, is to implement the Divine Plan in the best possible way.  Faith requires you to follow your inner teacher, your inner knowing, that spark of God given to you when your individual soul was created eons ago.  Meditate daily and join with others to pray for healing the planet and all those upon it.  Have faith and be strengthened by your own inner guidance, which is the gift to all who ask and demonstrate their sincerity by meditation.  Simply say, ‘take my doubt, Father/Mother God.  I am willing to let my heart and soul be filled with only love and faith’.”

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