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Jesus Speaks of Our Future


“There are no endings in Spirit.  I am still growing and learning even as you are, for all life expands in the endless creation of God’s nature.  Growth is the only evidence life exists, and  you constantly choose spiritual life or death by your willingness to transform your limited consciousness into the grace of a broader reality.  To assist with the greater transformation in Humanity’s reality, I hope the offerings of truth I have brought will support your desire to become more peaceful, loving and joyful as you go toward your heritage with certainty and true companionship.

“I hope by identifying those errors of past thinking and showing you the promise of a new day, we now hold a common understanding from my heart to yours.  Let me highlight once more what I wish you to know and share with others.

  1. “Live every day, use every thought as if it were your last.  Leave no kind action or peaceful thought unexpressed.
  2. “Meditate daily and listen unceasingly so that, through the holy power granted to your soul by our Creator, you will know the actions you should take each day.  In your jargon, stay tuned in.  That way you will never be afraid or wonder what is going to happen.  You will be told, as the elect of higher consciousness, what you are to accomplish and with whom you will be working.  A weekly meditation with others is also necessary, for these groups of light workers sitting together will make the task of your continuous communication easier and more supportive.  Moreover, your own body will begin to glow from this increased energy amplification.  It aids your own enlightenment or return to God identity.
  3. “Join with others to influence your national and international governments to embody the ideal of peace in all that they do and intend.  Spiritual people often ignore the everyday responsibilities of citizenship.  But this must change.  It will take every loving person on the planet to swell the voice that speaks to government.  Do all you legally can to demand peace at every level of life. 

          “I affirm if you do these things and do them willingly, with dedication and determination, you will likely be among the Golden Age dwellers on the planet Earth during the thousand years following the Earth’s cleansing.  This will be a time of great opportunity and joy, and I pray all will hear the call of their inner voice as it tugs their hearts reminding them to answer their Creator’s call, if they have not already done so. Do this in remembrance of God and of all the religious of this Earth, and we will one day stand together in the great festivity of joy that is yet coming for those of pure mind and heart as demonstrated through everyday action and behavior.

“Christians, please give up your complacency and self-righteousness that Jesus is your savior and you need to do nothing more.  Right actions balance out past negativity and regrettable deeds, and teach you usefulness and service much needed in the galaxy.  

“I tell you I can save no one who will not change.  Moreover, I can save no one who clings to past memories of me as if they were today’s truth.  Only your own thoughts and actions can save you. Jesus, as I was in biblical times, has changed, grown.  I know more than I did then, but the message is the same now as it was then.  LOVE GOD! You must acknowledge a Force greater than all your bombs put together, that has an energy system to rotate your planet daily in a cradle of rhythm and harmony.  Honor the Force which brings you into contact with both sun and moon and the starlit heavens of your own 12th Universe. 

“It is time to say it again so there is no misunderstanding.  The majority of people on Earth are spiritually lazy and have allowed a few minds to conceive of evil beyond description.  Further, you have allowed a small number of maniacs to guide your destiny and to bring you to the possibility of nuclear destruction from which your physical body will not survive.  You are committing cultural suicide by your own indifference to the few who take power and rush blindly into technological doom. 

“Can you perceive this from your TV news programs, the radio, and your newspapers? Have you no sense of what you are allowing to happen?  

“Now let me be a true brother to you and a World Teacher who would have no one lost.  Peace is a choice.  War is a choice.  Your Human consciousness is choosing the path of physical demolition. Unless you begin at once to cooperate, I cannot save your body, nor will God, for you have free will to create your own world and live out what you have created.  God has little to do with the conditions on your planet.  You have brought them to you by your thoughts, actions and desires. 

“You live in a world of matter where the events happen through your own past and present volition.  Therefore, by your Free Will, look to see what you would have.  And if you do not like the present train of events that bring me from the Creator to clarify your position, then it is you who must change them. 

“I will do all I can to assist, for there is a small core of spiritual light bearers already on Earth trying desperately to turn the tide of darkness and to reach those uncommitted souls who tranquilize their way into emotional denial.  Using a vast array of escape activities such as alcohol, drugs, food, TV and other pursuits to ignore the present danger and responsibility to do something about it, the mass of Humanity still lies asleep.  It must be awakened.

“I brought you grace 2,000 years ago.  I guaranteed that if you were willing to return to Spirit of the Christ which is eternal truth, and if you would set a personal example, not of self-righteousness, but of unconditional love and caring, then I could assist and help. I will, if you agree to do your part. 

“Because of the plans our Creator intends for this planet, we have only a short time to create a more peaceful and harmonious Earth.  For the black blanket of egocentricity and irresponsibility chokes the Earth upon which you walk.  Wake up and come into the light where you belong and where your Creator would have you be.  State your preference and live its tenets.  The balance of energies is so critical at this time that the immense rescue team we are using to send out huge amounts of light will fail if you do not respond. 

“It is to you, my light bearers, that we pass the wand of power and encouragement.  You are the leaders of the New Age and a new civilization.  Proclaim the truth of love, be the love as a model for those who cannot understand.  This is your true calling, to be the light, to be the love, to stand, as once I did, in spreading the word of love to the minds of all children, men and women.

“Since no stone will be left unturned by those of us in the heavenly realms to awaken all of Humanity in this critical moment, we need every soul to remember its true nature and take command of this planet in the name of peace.  We need earthly angels to practice the truth of mind and heart.  We need a savior, and the savior is you collectively.  Together you are the savior, and this is your most opportune hour.  Behave like the savior now, for the stage is set and the cast is called.  Your planetary play is in the third act where the forces of good and evil have been long battling, and for the moment it looks as if the good force is not doing well.  Yet, help can come to reverse the situation if you will but create it by meditation and follow it with heartfelt action. 

“Mother Earth, your heroine, awaits Humanity’s support as her hero in this drama, and her hero is all of you collectively.  The problem has been Humankind, and the answer is Humankind. You are both villain and hero.  End this duality and speak your last lines.  It is the hero’s role to take the final bow and to receive approbation in a garland of spiritual appreciation, acclaim and applause.

“We, your audience of heavenly hosts, will walk forward with you as your last act in the drama is called, sending mighty streams of energy to back your motives.  Before the curtain comes down, let us march into the light with heads held high, hearts infused with love, and peace our only goal.  Earth will herself be rescued and kept alive no matter what happens, but those beings of hatred and war will not remain here spiritually to see the planet’s future adventure.

“I, the one called Jesus in the olden times, am with you ever, anew in your present situation and in your present plight.  This is a spiritual showdown, a time of separating those who love God and those who do not. 

“Joining with others in small groups increases the light of your aura, or energy field, but in addition, you will have a sense of community, a community which may not be composed of your blood relatives or usual circle of friends.  You may even find your new spiritual family becomes very dear to you in a short time, because these beings match your soul vibration, and the bonding which you can feel with them may exceed that of the usual love relationship you are used to having with family and friends. 

“Like attracts like, this is the Law of the Universe.  As you raise your energies through daily meditations and by sharing this greater awareness with others, you will reach higher and higher realms of soul communication and possibly mental telepathy with those like myself who await your increased ability to form the communication link, the system of contact with goodness wherever it resides. 

“The Golden Age of which I have spoken is the time when the usual solidity of things on Earth must change.  What has been invisible for thousands of years in Spirit, or as heaven, will become increasingly real to you.  Your usual physical senses will be expanded and will flow into awareness of things unseen, things you previously could not imagine or reach. 

“The ability to flow even deeper into spiritual awareness may seem strange to you at first, but I assure you, beloveds, that it is necessary and will quickly become your usual way of behaving in this world.  Remember I said you should be in this world, but not of it?  This was my meaning.  You are here in a physical body, but you need not be weighted down by its mere physical senses.  You will be gaining higher senses of knowing, hearing and seeing what Humankind has lost during the past eons of descent into lower and lower vibrations in the material world.  To know directly from the cosmic realms is the greatest experience of all, and many will achieve this sensitive, intuitive state. 

“Without daily contact, the new communication pathways cannot be built and the personality will be left in darkness when others will be leaping forward in their ability to intuit and know the will of God by soul guidance.  Your meditation times will build this communication link of light and higher energy vibration, which can never fail you once the link is forged.  

“Contact your own internal spiritual teacher and your soul, who can then act like a gigantic switchboard to keep you in touch with the unseen beings like myself.  Remember you must build this communication system from Earth to us.  We can provide the plan, but you must choose and carry it into fruition.  This is the only way you can be ‘saved’ or born into the Kingdom of God.  Become what God envisions for you.

“When enough of you light workers have joined together to unify the positive love force on the planet, much will be possible in the realm of mind where all creation begins.  Here, where the energy blueprint of manifestation is formed, one and one equal a sum greater than two.  And when two or more are gathered in conviction and agreement, that creative power increases by an exponential magnitude your mathematics cannot really express.  By thought alone, by pure intention and feeling does creation cast a pattern onto the etheric life web which holds space together.  Here, in that tiny web of refined subatomic structures, which your instruments yet fail to totally expose, does infinity coax finite reality into form.

“Only through love can one grasp a hint of how life began and how it continually expands beyond itself, ever growing and flowing in pure joy.  Today’s churches must change.  They have deified me instead of encouraging each child of God to go into his/her own inner soul sanctuary and bring forth God’s empowering energy which could be then joined in concert with others of like intention.  Today I advise you that any church official who does not drop meaningless ritual and lead its members to quiet times with their souls must face the effect of this behavior.

“By meditating, you can live God’s commandments more easily, especially, love God, love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and your brothers and sisters as yourself.  I call forth the holy God power within you to hear my messages and bring you into the Golden Age as a bright and shining example of the new life all can have through willingness to accept the love we offer.

“Remarks such as ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I’m too busy’ are merely the workings of your egotistical personality, which keeps you in a place of separation from the Creator, from heaven.  I assure you, if you meet us halfway your destiny as light workers in the Golden Age ahead is affirmed.  But I cannot save you from your lower self, that limited part which prevents your greater good. If you are willing to learn and to serve, then you will be welcomed to join us in heaven.

“This is Earth’s time of transformation.  This is the time when the Creator has required there must be peace.  Without peace the Earth will be in pain and chaos.  I do not seek to frighten you or make you fearful for your body.  Those of you who believe in God and the lesson of resurrection which I brought to Humanity 2,000 years ago will understand the loss of your body is not the vital issue anyway.  The condition of your soul is. The present situation is critical.  

“In times past, when Humankind perpetrated destructive acts, the planet had to be cleansed in order for a fresh start to occur.  It is this experience you are about to face.  There has been so much hatred, so much war and recent invasions of space that another cleansing time will occur on the Earth unless Humanity does a rapid reverse to peace and only peace.

“This time, known as the Tribulation, is upon you and upon the planet now, and this is a last, urgent call to all of you to wake up, accept your soul responsibilities, demonstrate peaceful thoughts and reactions. Be sure you stay in contact with your soul.  You are the savior of Humankind, and it is only through your efforts at this hour that Earth can be saved.

“If Earth changes are required, only those who are of the higher consciousness will be brought back for the thousand years of peace.  As the ignorant Humans, those who ignore the truth and leave the planet, their souls will be relocated to planets of a lower vibration than Earth, to Ploarus or Octegon.  We wish to dispel these aggressive thoughts that have accumulated in the band of invisible light around your spinning spaceship Earth. Anyone who chooses to awaken can still do so with the least possible pain and suffering.

“Know that I am joined in this project by the teachers of all times and places: Buddha, Moses, Krishna and Mohammed, and thousands of others from our Universe who stand together to provide the support the planet needs. Our present efforts on Humanity’s behalf cannot be continued with this intense priority indefinitely.  There are other activities in the Universe which demand our energies and attention.  We will never leave you comfortless, but this is the time to take advantage of God’s unprecedented special aid to Earth.

“Because of your Free Will, you have the ability to do what you will, but that freedom has been your nemesis.  Therefore, I urge you to quell your doubting minds and selfish personalities and place your attention only on what is reverent and peaceful at every level of life. Whether you call yourself agnostic or are a member of some religious body is not the issue.  The issue is your demonstration that you love God, love peace.

“Many are called, but a few will answer. This is the result of Humanity’s stubborn, unrelenting insistence on doing things his/her own way.  I ask you, has this brought you the world of peace and love and joy which you desire? God is breathing or extending out and then will breathe us all home again to enjoy our spiritual future.  There is a plan of great promise and joy for all who choose it.   Trust and believe. 

“Even if the majority will lazily ignore the summons, and an active portion seize war as their mode of life, the New Age will be in full force by the turn of the century.  Your three choices today are whether you wish to learn and serve now, or later under pain and suffering caused by spiritual procrastination, or not at all.  I recommend you step forward to your destiny in the light now where you will go forward with mighty companions in Spirit, for we in the greater realms truly love you and desire only your good.  

“God is with you, children of creation, and souls of an expanding tomorrow.  We have gone to prepare a place for you, but it is your own will, your choice, which determines your rank henceforth. All is prepared for the magnificent band of light workers to join together under direct revelation.  However, only your commitment will bring the power into and through you for your own advancement and for service to Humanity.  

“I, the Christ, World Teacher, do hereby call forward any sincere person on planet Earth to become a lover of God, a lover of planet Earth, a lover of yourself and all living things throughout the Omniverse.  This planet needs you to volunteer to offer love and peace to all. By the power and authority of my role as your World Teacher, I do grant you the full support of heaven in your responsibilities as envoys of World and Universal peace.  Know that you are henceforth never alone, and that an additional personal guide or teacher will be provided you when your meditative communication system is linked to heaven.  

“My greatest role is that of being the Gold Ray to all the universes.  Nevertheless, I attend your planet now in this critical hour, and am joined here by a mighty cosmic companion called the Silver Ray.  The Silver Ray is the second creation of God, Who has created all other Rays except myself, and brings Earth both the color spectrum of the rainbow and the glowing nighttime reminder of God, your moonlight. 

“The Silver Ray, the Great Ray of Hope and Healing, has volunteered to ease the subconscious pain and the soul memories of your 8-million-year-long negative experiences so that there will be peace on Earth at last.  You will hear this great, yet gentle healing energy call you forth to revere God and all of life.”

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