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Jesus Speaks to Warn Humanity About Fear, Hatred, and War


“Reverence, love and cooperation with the Spiritual Hierarchy is vital if Humans are to advance spiritually.  Many souls on the Earth today have forgotten they are to be the caretakers of the Earth.  Without a change of heart, they will never gain the power and responsibility in the Aquarian Age to reverse what has happened to Earth.  The souls who are now crossing over, out of their bodies, who have done no work toward spiritual growth, will not be allowed to reincarnate upon the Earth.  Two planets, Ploarus and Octegon, have been created as remedial schools in the second and third dimensions for these souls to begin again, to have an opportunity to remember their own divinity and to trust and believe in God, the Creator of All Things.

“Loving thoughts and sincere respect for all life are necessary at this time to balance the evil active on the Earth.  You can help to balance evil through the power of positive belief, positive thoughts, silent reverie, or meditation, during which the Forces of Light will be with you in thought and guidance.  Spiritual contemplation is vital now. 

“I came long ago, physically, and I am now available again, telepathically, to help to bring Human thoughts toward peace and non-violence.  Your bodies, your souls, your planet, and space itself, are all in jeopardy because of some Earthlings’ perverted intentions with weaponry and actions of war, hatred, and violence.

“I come to point out these current deplorable attitudes and to help overcome the evil thoughts and actions used against others.  You are hereby advised and warned that if Humanity continues its sickening development of space age weaponry, you will have returned to you exactly what you give out.  So if your fear, hatred and violence are expressed to others in the Universe, they will return to you in a measure of intense suffering and pain.  Why?  Because what is given must return.  Invent with love, invent with intention to help Humanity and never to harm.  I remind you there are moral laws required of every soul, and you are required to obey these laws and not to misuse their applications against anyone, anywhere.  The scientific community is now advised it cannot just bring evil into existence and disavow any responsibility for its use by what you call government and/or military.

“Your explorers and scientists excuse themselves by saying all they desire is to unlock the secrets of the Universe.  They have no understanding of the truth of the Universe and the other occupants.  How would a government and its military personnel take bombs or killer satellites or particle beams and employ them against other life forms if Humans refused to create them or utilize them?  Governments and military are run by Humans.  Humans are the ones making these choices.  They are making these choices without ever thinking of God or the Earth or other civilizations.  

“I warn those of you who are creating these weapons for killing that you must accept full responsibility for your actions.  This is true whether a person is hired with research funds by government aid or by funds of so-called non-military organizations.  It is true whether you are in or out of uniform.  The responsibility cannot be shifted with a shrug of the shoulders and the thought that someone else bears that responsibility.  Be advised, if you continue in this madness, you will bear responsibility for its result.

“You Humans of Earth are not all of God’s handiwork.  You are a blink in the vast network of life that stretches far beyond the light of your own Milky Way galaxy.  I remind you that you are suburban dwellers of an enormous, magnificent light and life creation.  Treat all of it with the dignity, love and respect due it and you will be permitted to advance into the higher dimensions where life truly resides.  You are not alone in this vast consciousness called space.  Each act you perform, each thought you express, is carried along the network of light you are unable to see.  What you send out returns, but also affects others along the way. 

“Space is not empty, nor is it to be abused.  It is not a dumping ground or an area you can claim as yours.  All belongs to God, and you are merely custodians of it, even as you were given dominion, or custodianship of the planet Earth long eons ago.  What have you done with that responsibility?  Are you so proud of its condition and the kind of life you’ve created here that you wish to share it with other life forms?

“You volunteered as caretakers of Earth and have been evaluated as unsuited to further tasks until that one is satisfied, and then you may be worthy to carry its value forward to other consciousnesses.  Clean up your minds and hearts and the ground on which you walk.  Then you will be a fit companion to other life forms who already exist and have been watching your violent nature with the suspicion it deserves for many years.  Mentally superior beings have always monitored your life behaviors, in constant surveillance of what Earth Humans are doing, especially in the ever-growing insanity of your space race and invention of advanced weaponry.  Since the atomic bomb, they have been particularly positioned around the Earth to assure protection to space and the life forms in it, but they have watched for thousands of years.

“Unless you heed God’s warning and come to a state of love on Earth, with the help of those here in the heavenly realms, you are considered detrimental to life and will be treated accordingly if there are further transgressions made.  We, your teachers of Light and Love, have come again to warn you.  We suggest some specific actions that are now required if you intend to save your bodies, your souls, your beautiful planet and the space beyond your tiny speck of life.

“You may not violate the space lying beyond the 250-mile strip of your own boundaries with weaponry.  You may not take weapons into space without the Creator’s permission.  The reason is simple.  If your intentions are not loving, you are morally diseased and unfit to do so.  In a sense, you are as contagious as your violent thoughts and actions demonstrate to the greater family beyond your borders. You are, as of now, quarantined until further notice.  Open your minds and hearts to the love of God.  Change your behavior, live in peace. 

“There are presently madmen in many countries working on weapons.  Underground hydrogen explosions in both Russia and the United States are likely, and there is a myriad of other experiments with killer satellites, particle beams and other offensive weapons currently in use already.  These will not be tolerated any longer.  Hydrogen is an elemental building block of the Universe and must not be harmfully employed in any way at any time.  Hydrogen explosions could affect the entire Universe. 

“You must cease offensive space launchings until you become morally acceptable life-mates to the other beings who watch you now.  We of the spiritual realms will be powerless to aid you if you continue in this madness.  You will have taken the matter out of our hands, and space will be defended against your insanity.  Any grace I brought 2,000 years ago cannot save you from the cause-and-effect principle after this warning because of the present and potential damage you are causing.

“Cease planning, constructing, or employing any space weaponry immediately.  You cannot hide behind statements like ‘the government is doing it’, or ‘it’s the military.’  All of Humanity is responsible in one way or another.  You cannot hide behind the evil of war on your planet and say you have no relationship to it.  You must turn your attention to peace and find a way to make peace profitable.  When peace, not war, is profitable and desirable there will be a great practice of love and sharing which your God has taught you.  Those who promote war, and those who make no effort on the behalf of peace on this planet, are not accepting the guardianship role which has been given to Humanity.  You are the caretakers of the Earth and all life upon it.  This is your destiny and your purpose. 

“Know that you are at a critical moment in Earth’s history and evolution.  You must stop believing that there is evil in every Human heart and that one nation is out to destroy all others.  Without a belief in peace you will behave with suspicion, hatred and vengeance.  Stop now and remember love and forgiveness are your only helpmates in achieving planetary peace. Who among your so-called Christian countries will put my teachings into practice as the way forward?

“The so-called primitives whom you self-righteously seek to civilize were closer to God’s mission than you with your massive technology turned against Humanity’s good.  Have they assaulted space and the invisible life beyond your own boundaries?  What does being civilized mean?  How do you describe Earth today?  Is it a civilized planet to be emulated?

“Because you are frightened men and women, you only have frightened nations, separate from one another.  What lies within each one of you, individually, is projected into the larger global connection you think of as Earth.  You have forgotten what peace is.  Because you have forgotten what peace is, many spiritual teachers have come to Earth with repetitive regularity to remind you to challenge your soul’s recollection, to reinstate you in the Father/Mother flock.  Yet through willful disobedience and stubborn resistance to love, this beautiful planet Earth is now in jeopardy from the very ones she has fed and persistently nurtured. 

“Long ago, when you lived in a Spirit form, there was only one government in Heaven.  That government was God, which is Love.  When you fell away from constancy of that one Love Mind and separated into the physical body form now used on Earth, your challenge, your responsibility, was to rejoin that former belief and evolve back to that which you had experienced before.  In this emergence you would have chosen God above all things. If you did this, you would be a useful member of a vast and marvelous Universe strewn with planetary bodies, star systems and a myriad of life forms.  We smile at your concept of Heaven as a quiet harp-playing existence.  There is peace here, and there is music, but it is not at all dull or boring, I promise you.  Great activity and adventure exist for those who are able to share their heart love and apply God’s wisdom and direction. 

“A choice for or against God must be made, a choice for peace or war.  If all or most of you choose God and peace, the planet will not have to be cleansed and will rise as a beacon of Light in the Universe as an example for other life forms.  If only a majority learn this required lesson, then only the majority will be allowed soul progress as examples for others to observe and emulate.

“I came years ago to share this message and prepare you to cleanse your soul of false beliefs.  I come again to remind you that time is running short.  The concept of peace awaits personal and planetary application.  Only your belief that you can be harmed allows such things as weapons in the first place.  It is your soul’s growth which is vital.  Your American money says, ‘In God we trust’ and your pledge of allegiance states America is ‘one nation under God,’ but what you profess is not how you live.  Your only choice is whether you can let go of fear long enough to change your own behavior and all of your countries’ governments’ view of life, and then seek love and peace as an ultimate reality. 

“What will happen depends very much on the plans and activities of your governments.  So, keep love in your heart, and radiate great Light, and insist your government take actions for the people’s goal of peace.  If half of every nation’s population were absolutely focused on peace, life on this planet would change.  Peace is a powerful belief, and for Humanity on Earth, it is now a necessity. 

“To all government officials, elected or autocratically empowered, and to all military leaders on this planet, from generals down to the lowest private in any military force, I speak bluntly.  War is the opposite of peace.   It is not based on love, but rather on the deliberate destruction of other Human lives.  Those battles of one nation against another are inherently wrong because all of Humanity is created by God.  If you deliberately plan a war and attack others, you are creating for your soul a terrible effect which you will have to repay at a later time.  I therefore caution you not to kill or destroy any life form. 

“Earth and Humanity are being observed.  If any nation on Earth makes further serious moves of violence or threat into the ether beyond Earth’s boundaries, you will likely be contained in some fashion.  Do not enter space on anything but an unarmed, peaceful mission, certainly not with created weaponry, which will violate God’s inter-federation boundaries and agreements.    

“Meanwhile, for the Light Workers of Humanity known to me and other World Teachers in the spiritual realm, be comforted to know that through your daily meditation you will be personally informed of what is occurring so you will always be exactly where you should be for your soul’s purpose.  You need to commune with the soul part of you which knows what you should do for the greater good.  Through your meditation practice you can send love from your heart to this beautiful Earth and to all those negative forces which seek power, war and violence.  Remember, a great Mental Force created Heaven and Earth and all the Universes.  Use your own mental love energies to assist us now in reclaiming your planet Earth for God.  Anger may give initial impetus to a cause, but it causes division and separateness if maintained.  Wake up from your spiritual amnesia.” 

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