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Through the years I have acted consciously within the Spiritual Hierarchy in many different roles. Last September I was asked to work with a group of new, young recruits in training them to pilot beam ships with integrity and accuracy. This has been my all-time least favorite role and the one for which I felt the least well suited to perform. Fortunately, I have recently been allowed to move into a new role, that of recruiter of higher consciousness beings who will agree to come to Earth in Human form as walk-ins. I’ve traveled throughout ten dimensions advocating the need for higher level consciousness on Earth. It has been an interesting and rewarding assignment. These beings will energetically and in consciousness join the bodies of impoverished, addicted, or depressed individuals who no longer wish to remain in Human form.
There is a difference between a walk-in and a soul merge. Some of these situations will allow the original aspect of the soul to return to the Oversoul and the situation will involve the walking out of the first soul aspect and will qualify as a walk-in. Some will soul merge with the original aspect to assist the entity to become less depressed or healed of their addiction and the first soul aspect will remain, but give over control of the body and consciousness to the higher level aspect of the Oversoul.
As of this morning we have 6,000 beings who have agreed to come in by the end of this year. The Hierarchy and Federation have set a goal of 30,000 before the end of January 2017. We had 2,500 when I tuned in on Monday, December 12, 2016 so it has grown rapidly since then.
It is of extreme importance that you as individuals consider becoming composites for your Oversoul. This evolution involves you giving permission for the next higher level of your Oversoul to over light and integrates into your body. In my experience each level does not come with personality, but only increases our consciousness. Each integration takes from six months to a year before the next one begins to integrate. Each level that comes in, in my experience, brings a greater awareness of the big picture or the Divine Plan of the Creator. Spirit says each level comes with a flavor, but I have experienced it as an agenda. Each time I am pushed by consciousness to become more organized, to simplify my life, get rid of duplications and stuff I don’t love in my surroundings, create more beauty, and learn more about technology and to use my abilities to paint, teach, and write more. I highly recommend making this agreement with your soul.
Saint Germain’s message as of December 14, 2016:
It is important to invite everyone to become composites of their soul. It is important that they understand the difference between a walk-ins, composites and soul braiding. The walk-in program and the composite program will continue through-out this year and beyond until all Humans awaken to the truth of their being and Universal Truth.
Your willingness to participate consciously not only as an advocate, but as a true example and witness to the fact that it is possible for a Human to operate consciously multi-dimensionally is appreciated. It is especially important that you lead a normal looking Human life while being consciously multi-dimensional. Through your service the number of recruits is increasing daily.
Your service and the services of other awake and integrated walk-ins will be of extreme importance and helpfulness to these new arrivals many of whom have not re-entered Earth as Humans for even hundreds and thousands of years. So much has changed socially and electronically with communications that for them Earth will be as a different planet completely foreign to them. Some will only come for a few years, but many will stay to even reincarnate when these bodies they are joining fail. They are scheduled to take on the bodies of the impoverished, the addicted, the depressed and especially those who no longer desire to be on Earth in Human form.
The changes and adjustments for this many at once to enter Earth will be a bit confusing in the beginning as it was for you and your fellow walk-ins. Their coming will increase the need for easy to read versions of truth such as what you have written from us in your newsletters and the Mystery School and what you will share as the BE YOUR OWN MESSIAH book and the BECOMING A PRACTICAL MYSTIC book when they are complete.
We are grateful for your willingness to participate in this important work. Adonai, Dear One, I remain Saint Germain of the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Freedom.