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Readings Through bj

I AM a liason between the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Intergalactic Federation, the Angels and Humanity. I have the spiritual authority to make communication with my Oversoul and the Oversoul of my clinet to have a conference call with the Oversoul to recieve information for my client, to read their contract and akashic record.
I have the authority to do initiations and activations to open additional chakras in the clinet’s body, the tensor receptors in the neck, the well of dreams chakra in the back of the neck, the mouth of God chakra in the roof of the mouth, the high heart chakra and when indicated the palm chakras and the knee chakras. The spiritual secrets a clinet brings into this incarnation from past lives are stored in the knees and appear to me as time release capsules in the knees. The sessions for reading the client’s contract and akashic record can be done by phone. The activations must be done in person.
The sessions last for one hour and the charge is $155.00. The client receives a CD of the session. Sessions can be done by phone to other countries. The connection is made through the clients voice vibration, which is as distinctive as your fingerprint. To book a session you would call to make an appointment at 405-773-5210.

bj King – Namaste, Inc. – P. O. Box 22174 – Oklahoma City, OK 73123

Phone: 405-773-5210