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Private Readings with bj King

Readings are only scheduled by phone. Call 405-773-5210. The session lasts for one hour and the client receives the reading by email. The cost is $160.00. I communicate with my soul and my soul communicates with the client’s Oversoul. The information in the reading comes from their soul. I do not read the energy field, thought forms or emotions. I am not a medium. I do not contact recently dead beings. The information is generally focused on the client’s purpose for this incarnation and suggestions are made by their soul about how to best proceed. I do have access to the Akashic Record and the client’s incarnational contract for their current life. The client is allowed to ask questions.

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Readings Through bj

I AM a liason between the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Intergalactic Federation, the Angels and Humanity. I have the spiritual authority to make communication with my Oversoul and the Oversoul of my clinet to have a conference call with the Oversoul to recieve information for my client, to read their contract and akashic record.
I have the authority to do initiations and activations to open additional chakras in the clinet’s body, the tensor receptors in the neck, the well of dreams chakra in the back of the neck, the mouth of God chakra in the roof of the mouth, the high heart chakra and when indicated the palm chakras and the knee chakras. The spiritual secrets a clinet brings into this incarnation from past lives are stored in the knees and appear to me as time release capsules in the knees. The sessions for reading the client’s contract and akashic record can be done by phone. The activations must be done in person.
The sessions last for one hour and the charge is $155.00. The client receives a CD of the session. Sessions can be done by phone to other countries. The connection is made through the clients voice vibration, which is as distinctive as your fingerprint. To book a session you would call to make an appointment at 405-773-5210.

bj King – Namaste, Inc. – P. O. Box 22174 – Oklahoma City, OK 73123

Phone: 405-773-5210



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Asking Your Soul

By bj King

When I first started working directly with my soul I used to ask a lot of questions like: When is the money coming? Where is my partner? Where am I to move? How am I going to pay the rent, the electric bill, the car payment? The soul would usually respond with “soon” or “don’t worry,” which to me were perfectly useless answers considering spirit operates in a “no time” zone “soon” could mean tomorrow or a thousand years.

After complaining to my soul that they didn’t give me useful third dimensional help or answers my soul said, “You don’t ask the right question.” Incensed I responded, “Well, there couldn’t be one right question or surely you would have tattooed in on our arm before we came down here!”

The soul said, “You don’t get the question until you ask for it.”

“Well, I’m asking now. What is the correct question?”

“You don’t need to know about tomorrow, or next week or next year. You only need to know the next single thing to do or know. Pretend the pass word in the big computer in the sky is ‘Divine Grace’ and ask your soul: What is the next single thing for me to do or know for me to be in a state of Divine Grace? And then you will get an intuitive response from your soul. Don’t ask to see. Don’t ask to hear. Ask to ‘know.’”

I’ve followed this advice for twenty-five years and it has served me well.

bj King
Namaste, Inc.
P. O. Box 22174
OKC, OK 73123
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