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I AM led, guided and inspired by the Living Spirit of Love and of right action. I AM compelled to move in the right direction and to always know what to do, where to go and how to do it.
There is no medium between us and the Universal Mind except our own thought. The mind we use is the Mind of the Universe.
Each of us has immediate access to the Intelligence of the Universe. We give Intelligence outlet in two ways by pure inspiration or intuition.
We are surrounded by a Subjective Intelligence, which receives the impressions of our thoughts and acts on them.
I ask my soul to now remove any belief in my subconscious mind in lack, limitation, want, or fear of failure.
The Universe responds and corresponds to our mental states.
The most precious thing we possess is our own uniqueness, our own individuality.
We shall expand, grow and express only to the degree that we consciously cooperate with the Whole, with God.
The faith of God indwelling in you is different than having faith in God.
It is not so much what we say, but the mental attitude we have when we say it that counts.
My whole being is conscious of its unity with God, of its oneness with Spirit.

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Money & Abundance Affirmations


My supply of good can never be exhausted or depleted because the Source from which my supply comes is inexhaustible.

I now release any blockages or beliefs I have to allowing total financial abundance and freedom to be mine.

There is a continuous movement toward me of supply and money, inspired ideas, opportunities and all that I need and desire to express my fullest life, happiness and action.

Everything necessary to the full and complete expression of freedom, boundlessness and joy is mine now.

I now desire, intend, accept and am grateful that I am a prosperous person whose wallet is always filled with cash, and my mailboxes are always filled with cash, negotiable checks and documents made payable to me.

I AM totally debt free through financial abundance. I gratefully pay all of my financial obligations before they are due.

My mortgage and all insurance premiums are paid in full.

I always travel first class and stay in luxurious surroundings.

In this moment my good comes to me enough and to spare, give and share.

My good is assured me by God, the Indwelling Essence of my life.

I now accept total financial abundance and freedom.

I AM the boundless wealth of the Universe in expression

I AM financially and physically free to go and do all that my soul suggests, free to be myself and free to follow Spirit’s suggestions at all times with abundance to spare and share.

I choose the total freedom of perfect health and lavish wealth.

I accept that which is ready to express through me now.

I stand in the midst of eternal opportunity, which is forever presenting to me with evidence of its full expression.

I AM peace, joy, happiness and contentment. I AM the Spirit of joy within me.
I AM the Spirit of peace within me, of poise and power. I AM Radiant life. There is One Life and that One Life is expressing consciously through me now.

I AM successful in all I do and am compensated abundantly for all my efforts.

I AM the Spirit of Infinite Plenty individualized. I AM boundlessly abundant and radiantly expressing love and abundance to all.

I AM a money magnet and wave after wave of visible supply flows to me now.

I AM wonderfully rich in consciousness and I AM bountifully supplied with money and abundance.

I now fully actualize and realize my plan for abundant living.

I see my bank account and wallet continually filled with all sufficiency to meet every need with surplus to share.

I lovingly see myself sharing this bounty for the good of all according to Spirit’s guidance. I happily see every bill paid in full now.

I joyfully see the continuing flow of money that comes to me used with love and wisdom to the highest good of all.

I AM open and receptive to all the many gifts the Universe pours forth into my life. Everywhere I look I AM blessed.

I now accept winning the Power Ball Lottery and accept Spirit’s direction on how to disburse the millions of dollars and gratefully and joyfully pay all the taxes required by law.

Thank you, God.

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Mighty Money Magnet

I AM a mighty money magnet
Money comes to me
Easily and effortlessly
I AM open to receive
And oh, so, grateful
That all of my needs are now met.

bj King – Namaste, Inc. – P. O. Box 22174 – Oklahoma City, OK 73123

Phone: 405-773-5210



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Asking Your Soul

By bj King

When I first started working directly with my soul I used to ask a lot of questions like: When is the money coming? Where is my partner? Where am I to move? How am I going to pay the rent, the electric bill, the car payment? The soul would usually respond with “soon” or “don’t worry,” which to me were perfectly useless answers considering spirit operates in a “no time” zone “soon” could mean tomorrow or a thousand years.

After complaining to my soul that they didn’t give me useful third dimensional help or answers my soul said, “You don’t ask the right question.” Incensed I responded, “Well, there couldn’t be one right question or surely you would have tattooed in on our arm before we came down here!”

The soul said, “You don’t get the question until you ask for it.”

“Well, I’m asking now. What is the correct question?”

“You don’t need to know about tomorrow, or next week or next year. You only need to know the next single thing to do or know. Pretend the pass word in the big computer in the sky is ‘Divine Grace’ and ask your soul: What is the next single thing for me to do or know for me to be in a state of Divine Grace? And then you will get an intuitive response from your soul. Don’t ask to see. Don’t ask to hear. Ask to ‘know.’”

I’ve followed this advice for twenty-five years and it has served me well.

bj King
Namaste, Inc.
P. O. Box 22174
OKC, OK 73123
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