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Activation Description


bj King

P.O.Box 22174 Oklahoma City, OK. 73123


     The Human body is created with seven, what are called, “Tensor Receptors” in the back of the neck.  These receptors are not implants, but original, etheric energy centers.  In most Humans, these centers have yet to be activated.  Their purpose is soul to body communication.  Having these centers activated improves a person’s potential for soul communication.

                bj King is one of a few people currently on the planet authorized to be the vehicle through which this activation can take place.  In touching these places on the back of your neck and allowing sounds to come through her, from your soul, these receptors can be activated.

          In addition to the activation of the tensor receptors, in some cases, the soul will choose to activate additional chakras in the individual’s body during the session.  These chakras are located; one at the base of the skull, which is called the “well of dreams chakra;” one in the roof of the mouth, which is called “the mouth of God chakra,” (having this one open makes it easier for the soul to speak through the person, when it is appropriate); and the third chakra to be opened is in the location of the thymus above your heart and is called “the high heart chakra.”  The high heart chakra is opened by bj allowing the client’s soul to speak a blessing for the client in something called “the language of the Ancients.”  Occasionally, the soul will also ask for the opening of the chakras in the palms of a client’s hands, if the soul uses the person’s hands in the soul’s mission.  These chakras are opened by bj drawing a symbol in the palms of the client’s hands.

     In some cases, it is also advised to open the chakras in the knees.  The client brings in the spiritual secrets from other lifetimes in their knees.  When bj sees the information, it appears as a small medicinal time-release capsule would, a capsule containing tiny particles.  When bj tones into the knees, the capsules break open and the information moves into the blood stream and eventually into the consciousness of the person as remembered information or talents.  The activation involves bj kneeling in front of the person and cupping her hands on the knees and toning into the client’s knees.  The client is required to say aloud, as each knee is activated, “I agree to remember; I agree to actualize what I remember.”

   The activation price is $30.00 and can be done by bj in 15-20 minutes, must be done in person.

bj King – Namaste, Inc. – P. O. Box 22174 – Oklahoma City, OK 73123

Phone: 405-773-5210