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Comets and Their Effect


Channeled from the Spiritual Hierarchy by bj King
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At this stage of history the unfolding soul of Humanity is facing a major crisis which is global and especially involves our political, educational, religious and economic fields. One of the highest points of this crisis will be the Full Moon of Taurus, April 25, 2013. We are in the midst of major energy changes brought to us through the arrival of the Pan-STARRS comet into our Solar System. The next comet, Elenin, is due in our Solar System in December 2013.
Comets are called “dirty snowballs” by some astronomers. For esoteric students, they are fiery lives or messengers playing a great role in the framework of the whole existence. Comets have a center by which they are controlled. They are links or communication lines between Solar Systems and galaxies, and open a passage through which extra systemic energies or Rays may flow. Functioning under the Law of Evolution and the Law of Economy, they distribute and/or generate energy as they pass along their own particular routes through the various spheres.
People often think that comets are without influence. Actually, they deeply influence the psychology of people for good or for bad, depending on the level upon which the people are focused, or from which they react. The present comet may be purifying the Solar System and the sphere of our Earth, and to some extent, eliminating the great catastrophic effect that our physical and moral pollution is having on the Earth’s atmosphere.
Comets create friction in the atoms of the whole Solar System, releasing energy waves. As energy waves fall upon our Earth’s sphere, they bring great revelation and insight. Before a comet enters a Solar System it creates tremendous pressure on that Solar System as a whole. After passing through the ring or sphere of the System, it creates a great vacuum which becomes a field of chemical explosions and transmutation.
As a comet enters any organized sphere such as a Solar System, it creates an ever flowing process of stimulation, transmutation and atomic release. The energies produced are psychic, electrical and magnetic. They reach and affect the bodies of the planets and act on every form upon the planets, charging them with new energies. These energies create changes in the atoms and cells of all living things and may even affect the genes.
The pressure and resulting process of stimulation, transmutation and atomic release affect the mental, emotional and etheric nature of living beings causing:

1. Expansion of consciousness, upliftment, enlightenment and release.
2. Destruction of things which are not in line with cosmic prospect.
3. Revelations of new laws and elements through which new intentions (in-ten-sions) can be reached. IN-TENSIONS are the result of new energies being active in a given field of consciousness.

The comets burn and clean, to some degree, the spheres which are polluted by all formations resulting from wrong thinking, negative and separative emotions, and selfish and criminal drives and actions.
The whole energy system is in a process of adjustment. The comets themselves are not evil. They adjust and tune the Solar System through their new energy supply, pressure and purification. When planets are out of harmony with the sun, they become out of balance; comets serve to put the planets back on their axis and into proper orbit. It may also happen that comets take away moons or planets which are considered a great hindrance on the path of Solar or Cosmic evolution. They burn such obstructions in space through the process of intense friction.
The unfolding Human soul grows and reaches maturity through crises. Every crisis is an opportunity and a test. As awareness expands, life after life, the soul passes individual and global crises. Each time achievement is tested; new horizons are opened before the evolving soul.
War is a phenomenon of conflict between two series of man-atoms, differently polarized. This conflict is started and often stimulated by great comets which cause great friction within the sphere of the Solar System. Every form shares that friction and expresses it in various ways at that given moment.
What might we expect from this comet? Is it a messenger from space? Do we lack spiritual and intellectual fuel? Is the passing of this comet to replenish our supply and restore law and order? Are we in danger of atomic war? Is this comet the messenger of the Age of Aquarius?
The answers to these questions will be given by Humanity itself. The answers will depend upon the way in which Humanity reacts, the reaction of the Human mind, the way Humans live and express their emotions, the way they respond to their fellow Humans and the way they are functioning upon this Earth.
After the comet has completed its task, we will face a critical year. At the Wesak Full Moon of Taurus on April 25, 2013, the Spiritual Hierarchy will release the energy of the Will Center over Humanity. Will energy is fiery, highly dynamic and penetrative. Again, the effect of this energy will be conditioned by Humanity itself; Humanity—through its activities, emotional reactions and mental responses—will decide the effect of this energy. Some possible effects may be that:

1. It many annihilate the sense of separativeness on the mental plane if enough Humans of goodwill strive toward unity and stand for acceptance of diversity of all Humanity. Should this happen, we will see the bloom of the Human soul; unity and Human cooperation with all the political, religious and economic consequences, and Christ may appear.
2. If Humanity keeps its hatred and exploitative attitude, its greed and totalitarianism, it may create dramatic changes in our civilization through the “fire.” This does not mean that the Human race will be annihilated, but our evolution as a species will be delayed for thousands of years, until Humanity learns the lessons demonstrated and taught by the Master Jesus as the Christ.
3. If Humanity does not respond to the virtues of the Aquarian Age—simplicity, beauty, harmony, love and unity—if Humanity continues to live a selfish life, this energy will strike its physical, emotional and mental vehicles, creating many degenerative diseases for a long time to come.

With the appearance of these two comets in the same year we are entering into one of the major crises periods which may last a few days, a few years, or decades depending on Human consciousness. The effects are beginning now and effects will continue throughout the year. It is time for us as Humans to wake up to our place in the Universe and Solar System and to move into our higher potential as one species.
These energies are impersonal and their effects will be conditioned again by the various responses of all kingdoms of nature, especially by the repose of Humanity. If Humanity takes those steps which will make the form more responsive to the unfolding of spiritual values, if Humanity creates harmony between the above and below, then these energies will pave the way for great revelations, and the Seventh Ray energy together with the energy of Libra will inaugurate an Age of outstanding creative activity, beauty, harmony and love.
The Masters also mention that these comets will transfer energy to our Solar System, particularly from two great Beings which are called Aquarius and Libra. We also know that the equinoctial Sun is moving into the sign Aquarius for the next twenty-two centuries.
The energy of Aquarius reveals the inner urge to serve, to cooperate, to move toward synthesis, and to expand into group and universal awareness. It leads toward cooperation and closer communication.
All indications are that we have a unique opportunity to change this planet of sorrow and death into a planet of joy and liberation. Humans must choose between life and death. This great opportunity invites all of us, at this time, to do our utmost to bring in positive effects:

1. By daily meditating and focusing upon the concept of harmony, mastery, unity and synthesis.
2. By daily speaking, writing and thinking about the unification of Humanity, about peace, about non-possession, about the highest good for all Humanity.
3. By daily repeating the Great Invocation and blessing the United Nations and Humanity.
4. By meditating in groups for World peace and by keeping silence for one hour daily and one day each month.
Thus we will meet the crisis, and make it a door to initiation into the life “more abundant.”
From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into the minds of Humans
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of Humans.
May Christ return to Earth.
From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of Humans
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
From the center which we call the race of Humans
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.