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Namaste Newsletter May 2021


Namaste, Inc., P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123





You may distribute this newsletter with heading intact.

What I write are my opinions based on my experiences and should be checked through your own discernment for your truth.


The first four books in the Be Your Om Messiah series are now on Amazon Kindle.  There now should be eight books under the name of bj King when a person checks for the books.  The first version of the 49 Rays of God and the Pentimento-Diary of a Walk-In book, the Principles of Truth Volume One, and the Universal Laws Volume 2, Volume 3 is Manifesting Miracles, Volume 4 is Life is a Spiritual Game,  Volume 5 is Life After Death, Volume 6 is Mind to Mind Healing.   For some reason, they have the Ray book and the Pentimento book on twice and the Principles of Truth book shows up under new books, but not if you search under bj King.  We will attempt to get this corrected.  There will be 10 books total in the Be Your OM Messiah series.  The rest will be added shortly.  When these are all on Kindle the publisher will put them in the category that you will be able to order them in paperback and add them to Apple books and Barnes and Noble.  I am also aware that eventually I will write two more volumes: Angels and Animals and one on Creativity.  So far as I am aware now, the series will include 12 volumes.  Thanks for your support for this project.

The two-book version of the 49 Rays of God is still available through John Locke’s website:

The 49 Rays of God material is now available in a professionally produced set of 2 books.  The books include the beautiful photos Shelagh Schopen took to illustrate each Ray, the history of the Rays, the Masters of the Rays and prayers to invoke each Ray.  John Locke, Belinda Ortiz and I are proud of this new version of the important information.  Just click on the link below to order yours today.

***Hit the control key on your computer before hitting the link***

Working with the 49 Rays of God

          My friend, Willow Zarlow, would like to form a group of people interested in working with the Rays to exponentialize the effects of the energy.  If you are interested in being a part of this group, please contact Willow at  

          The Spiritual Hierarchy are very interested in getting the Ray information out around the globe to help Humanity deal with all that is going on right now.

Recent Channeling from the Council of Twelve of the

Spiritual Hierarchy of this Universe

I am not always allowed to share the channeling that comes through me.  This is why it is stated at the beginning of this particular channeling.

You are allowed to mention the Cities of Light now moving to be anchored and installed over Brazil and India.  This is a joint effort between the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Universe and the Intergalactic Federation.  The presence of the energy of these cities will have a potential positive influence for the residents of these countries.  The potential will not just be economical and spiritual, but also the influences of the beings who reside within these Cities of Light are committed to influencing the consciousness of the residents through dreams, visions and meditations. 

You became aware when we had you research the information available on the Internet about the Masters when you were writing the book about the 49 Rays of God that many of the websites about the Masters were out of Brazil and were in Spanish.  You were surprised that the Masters were well known in some South American countries more than America and India. 

The people of India are still inclined to call upon Hindu gods and goddesses rather than to recognize the Masters within the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Universe.  Yesterday, we described to you the Laggards that came from other desperate planets who were allowed to incarnate on Earth.  The Dracon and some of the other immigrants of lower vibration were stationed in India and Brazil.  Many have not raised their consciousness or vibration and have held to the old ways of Catholicism and Hinduism rather than moving toward truth and Mysticism.  They have continued to rely on priests and gurus as intermediaries between them and God rather than to acknowledge their own divinity. 

They have been taught they need intermediaries and have been taught that only certain people can communicate with God.   They have not been taught the Universal Laws of Manifestation. They have been taught that poverty and suffering are spiritual. They were taught to believe it would take years of prayer and/or meditation for an individual to evolve and awaken to the powers available within them. This is no longer true.

Their teachings are no longer accurate.  One of the purposes of anchoring these Cities of Light over these areas is to speed up the spiritual and economic growth in these countries, which will also speed up the residents’ vibrations and, therefore, assist in raising the vibration of all Humanity and the Earth.

In the near future additional Cities of Light will be anchored over the Middle East and China for the same purpose.  In the past we have needed your physical assistance when we anchored the existing Cities of Light. In these instances we have succeeded in locating individuals of integrity and high vibrations in these countries who are volunteering to assist us as you did before. 

Namaste Creativity Retreat Center

Work to repair the damage from the broken water pipes in February is continuing.  Additional damage was uncovered when an additional leak happened a week after the storm.  My friend, Larry, is a contractor and is doing all the plumbing, electrical, replacing of studs, walls and ceilings, sheetrock, painting and all that has to be done.  Even though it is slower to have just one person doing the work it exempts me from being exposed to strangers coming into the house. Larry is meticulous in his work and cleans up as he works. 

The ladies who have helped me to stay safe and healthy by shopping for me are still willing to do errands and shop for me.  They have taken the vaccine.  I have been advised by my soul not to take the vaccine due to my past health challenges.  The second shot, according to Spirit, has the potential to change a person’s RNA and may make the person susceptible to other diseases in the future. 


The Spiritual Hierarchy is strongly recommending we meditate to meet the other members of our Oversouls.  The meditation they have given for this purpose is:

Sit where you will not be disturbed and compose yourself.

Seal the room you are in on the North, South, East, West the ceiling and the floor from any negative influence or entity.

Ground yourself into the energy at the center of the Earth.

When you are completely relaxed physically, emotionally and clear mentally, take three deep breaths, letting each one out quite slowly.

Deliberately open your heart to all levels of your Oversoul including the Ascended Master Octave of Light.

Take a deep breath, roll your eyes upward and hold the breath and count to yourself, 3,3,3 at the point of the midbrain to deliberately activate the pituitary and pineal glands then exhale.

Take another deep breath, eyes upward, and hold it at the midbrain count 2,2,2, and exhale.

Take a third deep breath, eyes upward, hold it at the midbrain and count 1,1,1, and exhale.

Begin to count, descending slowly from 10 to 1.

You are now at a level of mind (the Alpha level) that makes it possible for you to separate your consciousness from your physical body to travel spiritually.

Intend and imagine a multidimensional elevator that looks like a regular elevator.

Stand in front of the elevator and expect the door to open.

When it opens enter the elevator and the door will close.  Ask your body intelligence to raise the vibration of your physical body to match the vibration of the fifth dimension.  Push the button in the elevator marked “5.”

Wait for a few seconds while your body vibration changes and the elevator ascends to the fifth dimension.  The door will open.

Step out of the elevator and greet any being who has come to greet you.

They know who you are, so you can ask for their name and ask how they help or relate to you in your physical life.

Using your imagination know what they look like.  Look around you and determine if you are inside a structure or outside.  Notice the air and the brightness of the light.  Each dimension you enter will be larger and more open than the one before and the beings may be taller in each dimension.  You may write down or record what you learn and what you observe.  If you do not record the information in some way it will be easy not to retain what you have observed and learned.  Each time you enter a dimension the person or persons who greet you may be different. 

When you feel you have completed your communication with your fifth dimensional self, thank the being for meeting you and mention you will visit them again.  Enter the elevator again.  The door will close.  Ask your body intelligence to raise the vibration of your body to that of the next dimension.  Push the button for only the next higher dimension.  The elevator will ascend as will your body vibration.  When the elevator door opens, step out and greet the being or beings who are there to greet you.  Ask for names and ask for how they have or can help you in the future.  Pay attention to everything you can see in each dimension.   

Take it slow.  Do the meditation often and move only up one dimension at a time.  Eventually you can meet many members of your Oversoul and this process can assists you to ascend your own vibration gradually. 

We have the capacity, as Humans, to learn to connect and communicate with twelve levels of our Oversouls.

Namaste, bj, Judi and Peggy

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