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Namaste Newsletter April 2021


Namaste, Inc., P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123





You may distribute this newsletter with heading intact.

What I write are my opinions based on my experiences and should be checked through your own discernment for your truth.

Today is April 3, 2021.  This is the day the Spiritual Hierarchy had predicted the large volume of energy heading to the Earth from Mars would arrive.  The energies that came in March 13-17 were of the vibration of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.  These energies were a dedicated precursor to this transmuted energy from Mars.  We, as Humans, with the help of the Hierarchy and the Saturn Command, successfully modified the Mars energy from completely male energy to female energy during the time we were given the prophecy and today.  The energies are now radiating with the energies that came in March and are designed to increase the flame of divinity within the heart of each Human.  The wobble was averted as was any affect on the fault lines and volcanoes.  Thanks for all your help.


The first two books in the Be Your Om Messiah series will be released this week.  There should now be four books under the name of bj King when you browse for the books on Amazon:  The first version of the 49 Rays of God; the Pentimento book; the Principles of Truth, Volume One and the Universal Laws, Volume 2.  The fifth book, Manifesting Miracles, Volume 3 will be there soon.

The two-book version of the 49 Rays of God is still available through John Locke’s website:

The 49 Rays of God material is now available in a professionally produced set of 2 books.  The books include the beautiful photos by Shelagh Schopen to illustrate each Ray, the history of the Rays, the Masters of the Rays and prayers to invoke each Ray.  John Locke, Belinda Ortiz and I are proud of this new version of the important information.  You are invited to own this amazingly useful set of information.  Just click on the link below to order yours today.

***Hit the control key on your computer before hitting the link***

          Work to restore the condition of the Namaste Creativity Retreat Center is underway.  My friend Larry was here in November working to repair, sand and seal the decks, which is a huge job, while dealing with winter weather.  In December, heavy snow massively damaged most trees in Oklahoma, including ours.  We purchased a chain saw so Larry and my grandson, Matthew, and three of his friends could use it here and to help friends and neighbors deal with damaged trees for a few weeks.

Larry went back to work on the expansive deck and ramps.  Then another storm arrived in February with ice, snow and sub zero temperatures that Oklahoma had not experienced in 100 years.  Three frozen pipes burst in the Center.  The one in the den brought down a waterfall before we could get someone to the street to shut off all the water coming into the house.  During the inspection and further investigation, Larry determined it also affected the desk, wall and ceiling in the kitchen eating area and another leak damaged the ceiling and wall in the garage.  When we thought all the plumbing had been handled, another one began to leak in ceiling of the kitchen area.

As of today the plumbing repairs all seem to be completed and he is facing insulating and installing heat tape on the exposed pipes and to replace sheet rock on walls and ceilings in three rooms.  The good news is he knows how to do it all.  Taping, texturing and painting will likely take a few months before Larry gets back to the decks.  He has installed a new pump in the koi pond and it is happily running again.  Six fish withstood the severe cold and survived as well as our large turtle, Ted, but the younger one, Teddy, didn’t.  Ted’s partner Myrtle died during the tree cutting period.

We are still working with State Farm to include all repairs in the claim.  We do so appreciate the help you have all been sending with your generous checks and prayers.  I am spending time sitting in the midst of it holding the vision of the finished product.  The good news is we get new carpet, a new desk, new bookshelves and new paint.  It will feel like a whole new home.  From chaos emerges new beauty. 


After reading my request for a publisher, my friend Margaret called to tell us about a local publisher called Draft2digital.  I have spoken with them and intend to publish all of the ten books through their company as well as Amazon.  They have several e-publish sites where the books can be offered to larger audiences.  The Spiritual Hierarchy is very interested in getting all of the 40 years of information I’ve written out for people’s use.  The first volume, Principle of Truth, is there now and I am very impressed to see the information looking so professional.  I’ve done beautiful watercolor abstract paintings in some of the Ray colors and Shelagh is adding the book titles, my name and the information designating that each book is a part of the series, Be Your Om Messiah.  The title was given in meditation several years ago when I thought the Mystery School Lessons would become one book by that name. 

The Spiritual Hierarchy has in mind there will be at least two more books that are not as yet written; one will be on Angels and Animals, and the other will be about Creativity.  I look forward to being able to focus to bring these through when what we have done is published and the house is put back together.

49 Rays of God Information for Dealing with Weather

Spirit felt the Spring time has the potential to create weather changes such as Spring rains, potential flooding, especially near the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, which might affect the Mississippi Fault Line; we should be prepared to help by reviewing and keeping close the information given to us to use to invoke dissipating, dissipating, dissipating hazardous weather.

Chohan of Southern Hemisphere:

Master Eufaucheia

Angel of the Southern Hemisphere:

Angel Josiah

Chohan of Northern Hemisphere:

Master Djwhal Khul

Angel of the Northern Hemisphere:

Angel Hippica

The Master Eufaucheia and the Master Djwhal Khul are Lords of the Twenty-first Ray and Members of the Council of Elemental Energies of Earth

Ray Color: Opalescent Chartreuse (green

Gemstone: Fire Opals, Emeralds, Peridot

Fragrance: Sulfur

Music:  America or My Country Tis of Thee words by Rev. Samuel Francis Smith. Sung to the tune of God Save the King, the British National Anthem (music only)

Invoking the Twenty-first Ray you are calling for orchestration between

the Elementals of Earth, Fire, Water and Air for more peaceful weather.  The Ray makes it possible to dissipate, dissipate, dissipate (repeat this three times (9) the energy of thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail. snow and typhoons.  When needed you may invoke this Ray to create rain. 


I AM very grateful so many of you took the information on the Crisis newsletter to heart and worked diligently to help the Hierarchy to transmute the Mars energy.  I AM very hopeful about how positively these energies can now assist Humanity to become aware of our own divinity.  Thanks for your help, financial support and prayers as we repair the damage from the burst water pipes here at the center. 


LOVE, bj, Judi and Peggy