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Proof of Heaven


This is the audio from a talk bj did online.

1 thought on “Proof of Heaven

  1. Hi bj,

    I just received your email—thankyou! I was hoping to listen to your recorded talk while organizing the studio.

    We need some Farris magic! I wasn’t able to make any of the links work.

    Looking forward to listening to Proof of Heaven at the right and perfect time!

    By The way, have you read Eben Alexander‘s book of the same name? A fascinating near death experience.

    I do have a BIG question for you; what shape is the Earth….Gaia? I do understand there are extensive civilizations living beneath the surface (7).

    The “flat earth theory” vs “round earth” or other has come up lately. Thought you might know the answer!

    See you round the universe(s)!

    Blessings, Helma

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