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Namaste Newsletter January 2019


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What I write are my opinions based on my experiences and should be checked through your own discernment for your truth.






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Subject Title:  Mystery School Lessons for the Aquarian Age


The Ancient Mystery School Lessons of previous Ages are not in language that is useful to us in this Aquarian Age.  These classes include new information given to me recently as well as information that has been kept from Humanity for centuries.  These new lessons take that information and update it for our practical use of that wisdom today not only to grow spiritually, but to live lives that are healthy and fit with today’s fast and busy schedules. 



All of us leave our bodies at night and travel in our etheric bodies to other dimensions.  Many of us have actual jobs or missions we work on in those dimensions.  We travel in our etheric bodies to accomplish this work.  Very few people are allowed to remember where they go and what work they do.  I did not remember for many years after I had developed communication with my soul.  My first memory was leaving a space ship where I had in my hand some kind of tablet similar to an I-pad that I slipped into a slot before leaving the ship.  I also remembered drinking a small shot glass-sized drink of some kind of elixir.  I later learned that there are different colors of elixir that we are offered which produce different results.  The one we drink upon arriving raises our vibration to match the area where we work and the one we drink after our work is done, and it is time to return to our bodies, erases our memory of where we went and what we did there.  The reason our souls are not willing to let us remember our night work is because it is so easy to be there, since we do not take our physical bodies or our emotional bodies with us.  We simply are our work without these distractions, emotionally and physically.


I later remembered listening to a master teaching us a class aboard the ship and seeing what he was saying coming through the air in the form of golden symbols and their being absorbed into our pads without our having to type notes of what he was saying.  Years later, while watching an interview on Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV, I heard the device described as a “glass pad” which the interviewee described as containing all the information we desired to learn.  These memories were before Google, I-pads and the Internet.  At that time, my mission or assignment involved me administrating the percentage of each of the 49 Rays of God going to certain locations on the Earth.  This memory happened before I was asked to channel the information about the 49 Rays for the book and cards that are now available for our use.


After a few years, I was reassigned to what was my least favorite assignment   to teach young space cadets how to fly beam ships (small space ships) with integrity.  There are streams of energy coming from each planet and star system aimed at Earth.  If a student does not know the pathways that these energies flow through, they can upset the flow of these energies by flying indiscriminately through space.  They also need to be prepared to be careful about handling the craft and not taking it into a part of space that is restricted from small craft traffic.


I was relieved last year when my mission changed and I became a part of a team traveling through other dimensions to convince higher vibrational aspects of Oversouls to agree to over light and eventually merge with aspects of their Oversouls that are currently in Human form to speed up the awakening of Humans to their own divinity and spiritual reality and dimensions.  We were able to enlist the commitment of 6 billion soul aspects to come in to over light Human bodies.  After a few months of observation of what that would entail for the incoming aspect, over one billion rescinded their agreement to come.  I was entrusted with going back through the dimensions at night to recruit more over lighting aspects.


When that part of the assignment was accomplished, I briefly went back to the beam ship training facility.  A couple of weeks ago, while in my physical body, I began to have feelings and the desire to rock babies.  Within a couple of days I realized that when I came back into my body in the morning that I had been in a multi-dimensional nursery rocking babies all night.  When I explored this work more thoroughly, I found that these fetuses were still in uterus and were only coming in their etheric bodies. The assignment involves diagnosing any potential danger of birth defects.  When a fetus is still in the Mother’s womb it is much easier to correct cells that might potentially be defective.


Years ago, a group of us were in this dimension traveling in France, seven of us in a nine passenger van, to work with the energies of the Christ Consciousness and the Magdalene lineage.  After two weeks, the rental van had to be returned to a rental agency in Lyon, France.  We had to go there to pick up another vehicle.  We did not realize what a large city Lyon is; it is enormous.  We found the agency and after renegotiating the contract we asked the agent to suggest a place for seven of us to stay.  She informed us that there were currently no rooms in Lyon due to an international soccer tournament happening that week in Lyon.  She was very thoughtful and called several surrounding small towns and found us lodging in rooms above a pub, which we found out later stayed open until 4 a.m.


While driving to the hotel, we passed a women’s hospital where Spirit informed us that there were two babies to be born there that night.  One baby had the potential to be blind and one deaf. We were to work on the fetuses before they left the womb where they would be influenced by mass consciousness.  This made the delay, the trying to sleep above the noisy pub and the uncomfortable beds tolerable, to know there was a good reason for our detour.  I had never before been told about doing in uterus healing.


This assignment is the most pleasurable of anything I’ve thus far been assigned.  In addition to the diagnosis and correction, we are allowed to take the soul before the Karmic board and ask that all their negative karma from any lifetime and any dimension be balanced before they leave their Mothers’ bodies.  We are also instructed to install an etheric shield that will grow as their bodies grow to protect them from the warlike Human mass consciousness.  Many of these souls are coming into Human form from higher dimensions and some from other planets and star systems.


The Spiritual Hierarchy of this Universe has created many of these nurseries and this plan is designed to assist in raising Human consciousness faster, together with Humans learning to invoke the 49 Rays, clearing past karma of individuals and the collective and the over lighting of higher levels of Oversouls coming in to join Humans currently in body.


We are living in an amazing time in history.  None of these things have ever been offered to Humanity in previous Ages.  Please use these powers and tools we are being offered to help yourself and the collective to wake up from amnesia.




We have previously only been allowed to approach the Karmic Board for requests to balance negative karma on December 31st and July 31st .  However, we have now been given the opportunity and authority to bring any situation before the Karmic Board for balancing of negative karma in all time frames and in all dimensions, all day every day.  We can present events such as past wars, cataclysmic events, genocide and anything else we can research and find that is still causing Humanity and the Earth to be lagging behind the rest of the galaxy in raising the vibration of Earth and Humanity.


We are now offered the opportunity to clear our own karma and portions of the historic karma of Humanity and the Earth.  Intend, pretend (pre-intend) you are standing before a seated board of twelve high vibrational beings whose responsibility it is to judge what percentage of negative karma can be balanced by cosmic law at any given time.  State your desire clearly and concisely with as few words as possible.  “I ask for a special dispensation to clear the negative karma in all time frames and dimensions of __________________.”  State the full name of the person or group.  You will usually become aware of a number after asking which will represent the percentage of karma allowed by cosmic law to be balanced for that situation.  You can bring any historic event or person or group.  Please take the time to do this work.


I have personally been working to clear the negative karma and residual psychic impressions of past historical and current events such as with Isis, the Taliban, the Ku Klux Klan and the Sein Finn.  I have now received a list of all the North American Indian tribes and will begin to bring each tribe before the board for healing and balancing of negative karma.  Use your imagination and choose what occurs to you to work with personally.




I’ve been aware for a very long time that after an accident of any kind a psychic image of the event, especially if there is trauma involved, remains in the air where the event occurred.  When you pass an accident on the road, whether it is a collision or a dead animal, call on Angels to erase the etheric image of the event.  When you pass a cemetery, ask the Arch Angel Michel and the Band of Mercy to escort all souls represented by these graves, not the headstones, as many cemeteries have layers of graves, into the light so they can continue to grow and prosper.  This only takes seconds of your time and consciousness.


If you have been involved in a traumatic event, you can ease the trauma of the event and dissolve the psychic image of the event by doing what you might have seen on television when a film is rewound and replayed over and over.  When you do this with an event, you are erasing the etheric image of the event. See the scene as it was before the event, see the event, rewind the event and replay until the image is gone.   Remember to rewind the event several times and ask the Karmic Board to balance the negative karma of the event.  This only takes a few seconds.



Several people have asked me about starting some kind of mentoring program where I would work with them individually on an ongoing basis.  I must confess I do not know how this would or could work financially and/or time-wise.  I thought the Mystery School Lessons and the current online classes and doing individual readings with people would serve that purpose, but apparently that is not what they desire.  If you have suggestions or a format of a workable mentoring style or system, please contact me by emailing me your suggestions or desires with suggested length of time for each session, cost and how often at



We are grateful Peggy Big Eagle has agreed to be the new treasurer for Namaste, Inc.   Our dear friend Honey Lee French, who did this service for us for thirty years as her tithe to Namaste, has made her transition into spirit. It was determined after her death that she had some brain lesions that affected the accuracy of the last three years of Namaste IRS tax returns.

The IRS lost the last three years of the Namaste tax filings.  Peggy took our copies to the local IRS office and they sent them in to the IRS.  The IRS returned the last three years of forms to us saying they were incomplete.  Peggy’s accountant completely redid the three returns as well as the most current return and they have been mailed in to the IRS.  The bill for their services has arrived and we are expected to pay the accountants $5,351.88.00 for their services.  We have currently raised $1, 564.00.  If you can contribute to clearing this debt, please help.




It is now allowed and recommended for us to use the authority assigned to us by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness to establish a vortex of the Violet Flame of Transformation and the energy of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness in our homes.  You do not have to say this aloud.  “I request the Spiritual Hierarchy to create a vortex of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness and the Violet Flame of Transmutation right here, right now in this place. And so it is.”  We also have the responsibility to anchor a vortex of this energy in any place we enter, such as a mall, movie theater, restaurant, store, residence, an assisted living center, hospital, nursing home, church, park, super market, casino ― pretty much anywhere we find ourselves.  It happens by intention.  Everything spiritual happens as the result of our stated intentions.  You do not have to speak aloud; the request above is just a suggestion. You simply mentally ask and assume it is done.  These things are not complicated, but the Angels and Hierarchy cannot do it unless we request it.  We have a responsibility to use the powers and authority that are assigned to us as awake, conscious individuals.




We have a responsibility to transmute the crazy and frenetic energy of groups, especially at sporting events, whether you are present or watching on television.  The chart at the end of this newsletter is a visual of how we do this energy work.  You can also claim the energy of any event like a parade, concert, any kind of gathering where there are a large number of people.  Remember to especially do this during the Super Bowl, the World Series, Inaugurations and large gatherings of crowds.  See diagram at the end of the newsletter.





          We are scheduling a Namaste Networking Gathering and will celebrate Buddha’s birthday with the Spiritual Hierarchy here in Oklahoma City on May 17, 18 & 19, 2019.  Please put these dates on your calendar for vacation and plan to join us.  The exact location and price has as yet not been established.  We’ve had these gatherings in past years and they are always great fun, entertaining and enlightening.   More information will be given as the hotel and other events are available.



I am available to do a limited number of phone readings in December and January.  The reading lasts for one hour and is recorded. I communicate with your soul to receive the information.  The cost is $160.00.  



Private retreats are available on a limited basis at the Namaste Center.  We have room for three people to come at one time with 2 private rooms and shared bath.  The retreat includes several energy upgrades: Cellular Release of Trauma, Fear, Judgment and Negative Beliefs; Cosmic Marriage Ceremony to marry your male and female essences with your soul; adding 50 new symbols into your energy field; increasing the DNA from two strands to twelve; activation of new chakras and connection to your soul’s vibration as well as daily meditations, 2 to 3 meals a day, 4 to 5 hours a day doing watercolor painting in the studio.  I prefer not to provide vegetarian, vegan or special meals for those on restricted diets.  If you have special dietary needs, please plan to provide your own food.  We can visit Sprouts and Whole Foods when you arrive to get what you will need. The food I provide is healthy, but I am a southern cook.  It is too much work on my part to cook for people who have strict dietary requirements. We pick you up at the airport and return you.  The retreat is for three days only and the cost is $1,000.00 and does not include a personal reading; if you desire a reading that is $160.00 extra.  We have openings for guests in January, February and March.





If you would like to have your own soul symbol painting, but will not be coming to Namaste Creativity Center to do it yourself, you may order one and I will contact your soul for the colors and symbols, then create it for you and mail it.  During the months of January and February, I‘m offering the paintings for $250.00, instead of the regular price of $300.00, plus $20 for shipping within the United States.  Samples below:








Our dear friend Wendy Winkler has a beautiful Namaste Retreat Center in Kauai on the Princeville golf course.  She has one room she rents out to spiritual travelers at a very reasonable rate compared to staying in a hotel or motel.  She is a wonderful watercolor teacher, spiritual teacher and a delightful Human being.  She offers individual classes and group classes.

If you have plans to travel to Kauai, give her a call at 808-652-1700.


If you have ever wondered what it is like to become a walk-in watch THE TRAVELERS on Netflix.  Watching GOD FRIENDED ME Sunday nights on CBS is reminiscent for me of my five years of traveling alone receiving names and sometimes numbers of people I was to find and to contact.  During this program a group of three people are receiving similar messages of instruction on their cell phones to find people they are to help.


We ask you to support us financially and with your prayers.  We are thankful for those who are supporting us in our mission.  Bless you.







Create a great year for yourself.

bj, Judi and Peggy