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Food Blessing/Grace


Little do people realize the value of energetically blessing their food and deliberately mentally raising the vibration of the food higher than the current vibration of their bodies and neutralizing any contaminates in their food. This is especially important if you did not prepare the food or if you do not know who prepared the food.

Below is a suggested grace to use before eating.
“We thank the Devas who create the plants, animals and minerals for our food. We deliberately raise the vibration of this food higher than the current vibration of our bodies and neutralize any contaminates present in this food. We will use this food to the nourishment of our bodies and our bodies to fulfill the Divine Plan of the Creator and our souls.”

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Precipitation Meditation


I deliberately seal this room on the north, south, east and west. I seal the ceiling and the floor against any negative influence or entity. I deliberately fill this room with the blue light of protection.
I call forth and ask for the assistance of the Master Saint Germain and the Violet Flame of Transmutation. I ask the Violet Flame to move through my body and consciousness to transmute any beliefs I hold in limitation or doubt of my abilities to manifest my true heart’s desires.
I call on the Law of Forgiveness to forgive all my mistakes, discord, problems, and limitations, and also those of all Humankind.
Breathing deeply I feel my emotions calming. I feel serene. I feel myself at one with God, at one with the Universe.
I decree: I consciously enter and abide within the Heart of the Sacred Fire—the true center of my Being.
I AM the Presence of God within the Heart of the Sacred Fire and I speak and command with authority.
I AM vested with the Power of the Three times Three.
I AM vested with the Power of Transmutation.
I AM vested with the Power of Precipitation.
I AM vested with the Power of Levitation.
I invoke the assistance of the Elemental Kingdom and the energy of Mercury to speed my manifestation.
“LET THERE BE LIGHT, I call forth a cloud of undefined infinite energy into a diameter of nine feet around me to intensify my energy field.”
I now design a mental matrix of what I desire to precipitate. I see the size, color, proportions, substance, density and details of my desire.
I state where I wish the manifestation to appear.
I ask the Universal Mind to install within the vision of my desire the correct chemical formula for what I desire to create. I visualize the perfection of my design and ask God to correct and perfect any details I have omitted in my design.
15. In the Name of the Presence of God which “I AM” – through the Magnetic Power of the Sacred Fire vested in me I command the appearance of my desire manifested through the Divine Right Action of God now. When you have the visualization clear in your mind state, “IT IS FINISHED! Not my will, but God’s will be done.” And thereby release the design to the Elementals and the Builders of Form.
Concentration and perseverance are important. Don’t give up.

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