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Namaste Newsletter November 2017

Namaste, Inc., P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123

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At the Denver conference in September, I met a couple named Cindy Kubucia and Farris Poole who were videotaping the conference. They have invited me to speak on their website called Energized Living Today ( as well as agreed to digitalize the books I’ve written and to create a product page on their website where the books and CD’s can be downloaded. I am very excited about associating with Cindy and Farris. While I was copying and binding the manuscripts of the books to take to Denver, each time I pulled the handle to prepare the holes for the plastic binding I said, “God, you have got to have a better way.” For months, I have been writing in my manifestation book, “I now have an editor, agent, publisher and book distributor for the books I have written.” Of course, in my mind I am thinking paper publishing but, fortunately, God has a better idea. This is why, when I write my desires, I always add: This or something better, through the grace of God and to the highest good of all concerned.
Cindy and Farris are also set up to let me do classes through their website which will make this possible on an ongoing basis. Cindy interviewed me on November 3 and the interview will air on their website,, on Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 4:00pm CT and will be available on their website for one week after that. They have 40,000 people in their database. I will notify you by email when the classes will start.

We are continuing the RAISING THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF HUMANITY PROJECT by asking higher vibrations of Oversouls to agree to come into the Earth’s atmosphere and to over light aspects of their souls now in physical form. The original goal was to have one billion bodies over lighted by higher aspects by the end of 2017. The program is progressing faster than the Hierarchy had expected. As of this week (11-6-2017), there are 3,967,285,526,385 higher level beings who have agreed to over light the consciousness and bodies of an equal number of embodied Humans from their own Oversouls. Many people who have agreed to become composites will be receiving their over lighting this week and will continue to receive higher and higher levels of their Oversouls periodically throughout the rest of their lives.


One year ago I was awarded a vote within the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Intergalactic Federation after acting as their representative here on Earth for the past 32 years. In addition, because of the age of my body, they created three other etheric versions of my body and consciousness that I can assign to be in other locations working on situations or being with people who are troubled. This is an interesting experience. I send them, but I do not monitor what they are doing until they feel complete with the assignment and are ready to be reassigned.
In addition to the help we are receiving from the Sphere Alliance and the Blue Avians to clean up Earth’s atmosphere, the Saturn Command has mentioned that they have an intention of allowing some Humans to witness their presence above Washington, D.C., in the coming months. Saturn Command energy, when invoked by us, works to bring what is not in integrity into the Light to be exposed.
In my night work I was working to train cadets within the Federation to drive beam ships with integrity. This assignment seemed to me, as I am here in my Human body, a use of talents I don’t have, but when I am there apparently I know more about mechanics and electronics. I was relieved of this assignment last January when I took on the responsibility to recruit higher vibrational beings to join Human bodies to upgrade Human consciousness, which was an assignment I felt good about. This week, as I was having my cranial sacral treatment through my friend Linda, a being who referred to himself as RA-DON explained that the Federation would once again like for me to return to the cadet teaching. The raising of Human consciousness project will now be administrated by another group of beings.
October 28, 2017:
“You are not admonishing that people turn their lives over to Jesus, as the Christian ministers do. You are encouraging them to remember that their bodies belong to their souls who created their bodies and that their consciousness made certain agreements with their souls before they incarnated as Humans for this life. The issue of not remembering these agreements, as you know, can be resolved through meditation to communicate with their souls and agreeing to sublimate their ego’s hold on their minds and their bodies through choice to follow the suggestions of their souls. The book you are writing with us will serve to encourage others to relinquish their frustrations by turning to their souls rather than believing the lies of their egos that lead them into confusion, fear and longing. What they long for without understanding is this conscious communication with their souls, their true selves, and an understanding of their mission rather than floundering from one relationship, one employment, to another looking for a form of satisfaction that can only come from direct soul communication as you mention in your last newsletter. You can be heard now by those willing to hear and those frustrated enough, as you were, to know the truth of their being and their purpose.” Adonai, Dear One.
November 3, 2017:
“To reinstate you as a trainer of youth is not a demotion, as you seem to feel, but is actually an honor to be trusted to prepare youth for service to the Federation and Alliances between different factions of the Federation to protect space, your Universe, galaxy and Earth. There is much to be maintained, protected and organized to help the systems of the Universes to remain orderly and protected from errors in judgment by young people who do not have the knowledge of special fields, energetic influences and the use of the 49 Rays emanating from the heart of the Creator. They also need to know how to appropriately enter Earth’s atmosphere and to connect to the grid system of the Earth. There are streams of energy being sent toward Earth from the various planets and star systems. The youth need to understand these streams and the sectors of space where they can appropriately travel without causing errors in the fields of the other planets and star systems. You will be rewarded for all your efforts to convince and establish the over lighting project and it will be ongoing with the established organization now in charge of recruiting, training and establishing the contacts between the over lighting soul aspect and the Human body.” Adonai, Dear One.

November 5, 2027:

“It is a time for great change on the Earth and all life on the Earth. Critical mass has occurred. The ratio between newborns and those exiting their bodies now needs to be even. The World’s resources are being mismanaged due to greed and claiming of power by those who do not have the health of your planet or the good of its inhabitants in mind or desire. The World will continue to use her forces to gain the attention of the masses and your leaders. The Federation now has authority to intervene in certain ways with the World’s governments.” Adonai, Dear One.

The Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy are concerned about the governments of Earth. They have given the following Divine Government Invocation to Patti Cota-Robles at the New Age Studies for Humanity’s Purpose at P. O. Box 41883, Tucson, AZ 85717 or Patti’s new book WHO AM I? WHY AM I HERE? is available from her website. The book is filled with useful insights and encouraging information.


I AM breathing the Breath of the Holy Spirit into the deepest recesses of my Being. Every breath I take cleanses my physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. I hold the focus of my attention on each breath as it lifts me into the embrace of my I AM Presence.

I AM a Child of God, and ALL that my
Father-Mother God has is mine.
Father-Mother God, come now and assert your
rightful authority within me and ALL Humanity.

Help us to co-create the patterns of perfection for the
governments of the New Earth. These governments
are based in Reverence for all Life,
and the highest good for all concerned.

They are governments:
OF the I AM Presences of Humanity,
BY the I AM Presences of Humanity,
FOR the I AM Presences of Humanity.

In the full power and authority of the Presence of God, I AM, we, the Children of Earth, Ascend into the Heart of our Father-Mother God. From this focus of Light, we invoke into the physical plane of Earth the most intensified Blue Flame of God’s Will ever manifested in the history of time.

We ask the Legions of Light serving this blessed Earth to absorb the Flame of God’s Will into their Beings and to project this Sacred Fire into the Heart Flame and the conscious mind of every person associated with the governments of this planet at national, state and local levels.

Blaze the Cosmic Flame of God’s Will through each of these souls, and clear away any destructive activity of their own free will which might rush in to try and impede their conscious desire to do God’s Will.

Reveal, through the Flame of Illumination, the Divine Plan and purpose of each office and each individual, and give to each person the spiritual courage and the desire to fulfill that plan perfectly. Let the Will of God be manifest in, through and around all the governments of the World—NOW and FOREVER.

Let the LIGHT OF GOD THAT IS ETERNALLY VICTORIOUS illumine and lead ALL Humanity everywhere! We consciously accept this manifesting NOW…even as we call.
And so it is, Beloved I AM.

I am available for a limited number of readings while I am focusing on writing the new book for the Spiritual Hierarchy on SELF-MASTERY OF MIND AND EMOTIONS. Namaste Mystery School subscribers will receive the chapters as they are written. The most important thing we can learn and practice is control of our own minds and emotions. I’ve been reviewing the previous writings that Spirit has brought to my attention so that when the writing starts I have lots of information for them to draw from in my consciousness. I read thousands of words and then Saint Germain says “Now, do that thing you do.” He means for me to extract the salient details and to use today’s language to condense the information. No one has time to read all these books today, so presenting these subjects in a condensed form can be helpful while we are all dealing with choosing stress or peace in our lives. I have completed four chapters. Thanks to those of you who responded financially to assist me while I take time to write this book.
bj King – Namaste, Inc.
P.O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK 73123 (website) (405) 773-5210


I have just received a book written by a friend of mine who came here for the retreat a few months ago. The book is titled Roll With It, Loving the Body You Have. Dr. Robin Pittman tells a story of dealing with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a condition in which the individual is preoccupied with a perceived defect in appearance. I highly recommend this book and feel it will help many people to face and heal themselves of their painful beliefs about themselves. The book is available in paper form from Balboa Press or from

I have also just been led to take down a book from my library, which I have apparently read before but have no memory of it, which is titled Living Is Forever, a novel by J. Edwin Carter. It was published in 1992 by Hampton Roads Publishing 1-800-766-8009. I’m not sure if the book is still available. I have had good luck ordering out-of -print books from the Amazon website under used books. The book is a fascinating science fiction story about the Old Earth and the New Earth after the wars.

I am also being asked to read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. It is another novel about life after Earth’s wars and the caste system has been reinstated. I’m mentally and emotionally having trouble wanting to read this one, but apparently it is important for me. I’m also reading a science fiction detective mystery set in 2060. It seems this is coming to me from every direction.

Remember who you really are: “I am God operating through the personality of (insert your name) for the benefit of Earth, all species of life on the Earth and beyond. This is the truth of who I AM.”


We give thanks for all of you who support us and Namaste and the work we do with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Intergalactic Federation and Angels, for Earth and Humanity. In order for the Namaste Creativity Center to exist, we depend on your contributions. Namaste, Inc., is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. The expenses for rent and utilities are about $3,000 per month. The Namaste organization was created by the energy of the Master Jesus through me in 1984 for the purpose of spiritual education, spiritual travel, enhancing creativity and assisting in the evolution of the planet and all life on the Earth. Your contributions are tax deductible, welcomed and gratefully accepted. We appreciate all of you who regularly contribute to the work we do and the activities and teachings we offer. We can accept gifts through Pay Pal,, and credit cards. You may send post-dated checks for the year in advance to be deposited on the date you indicate. May you be richly blessed and rewarded a thousand-fold for your generosity.