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Meditation to Receive Inspired Writing From Your Soul

Meditation to Receive Inspired Writing or Art

When I do this meditation my own thoughts seem to originate on the left side of my brain; my spiritual communication seems to happen on the right side of my brain. My hand does not write by itself. The words are telepathically imparted into my consciousness. Oftentimes it is more an idea than it is individual words and I have to create words to explain the idea. A clue to what is my own thought and what is Spirit is the energy of the transmission, the syntax (pattern of speech) of the sentences and the vocabulary. Spirit seems to use words which are not in my normal everyday speech or thoughts.
The first few times you do the meditation I would suggest you take a shower to symbolically cleanse your aura. Be in a space where you are not likely to be disturbed, wear loose fitting clothes; take the phone off the hook, light a white candle, put pencil and paper on your lap. Sit with your spine straight and bare feet flat on the floor. Say the following prayer or the Lord’s Prayer:
“I deliberately seal this room on the North, South, East, and West against any negative influence or entity. I invoke the presence of my master guides, teachers and Angels to be present and receptive to me. I deliberately open myself as a channel for the Holy Spirit and the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.”
Take a deep breath and while exhaling deliberately send beams of energy from the soles of your feet into the central core energy of the Mother Earth. Take another deep breath and as you exhale, deliberately open your heart in love and appreciation for Earth, yourself, and all levels of your own Oversoul.
Take another deep breath and as you exhale deliberately open the crown of your head, sending a beam of energy from your heart, through your high heart, through your mid-brain into the highest level of your Oversoul that your physical body can energetically stand, deliberately seeking communication with your Cosmic Christ Consciousness Self.
Allow yourself to begin to relax. Take a deep breath and hold the breath at the point of the mid-brain to activate your pituitary and pineal glands, count to yourself one, one, one and exhale. Take another deep breath and hold your focus at the mid-brain counting to yourself two, two, two and exhale. Take a third deep breath, focusing at the point of your mid-brain and count three, three, three and exhale. Breathing normally, but still focusing on your mid-brain count slowly backward from 10 to 1. Sit peacefully without expectation, but with the intention to communicate with your soul. Begin to write anything that comes into your mind. The first writing may seem to come from your own thoughts, but beginning to write will start the flow of energy from your soul. Write even if the writing seems to be your grocery list or your to-do- tomorrow list. Try the meditation for several days before you give up.

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