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History of Namaste, Inc.


By bj King


I moved from Texas to Oklahoma in 1979 to follow a person I was planning to marry. This person and I planned to eventually create a retreat center in the Texas hill country which we were going to name it “Genesis – a place for people to come to begin again.”  When that person died suddenly, I felt the dream had died with him.  Little did I know at that time that the Master Jesus and the Spiritual Hierarchy had a much larger plan in mind..

In 1982 I began to have direct communication from my soul through meditation and inspired writing. I did this meditation and wrote down thoughts from my soul every morning.  While meditating one morning in 1984, my bedroom filled with light, I saw an image of the Master Jesus and heard him speak within my mind.  He asked me to start a spiritual education organization that would become a non-profit organization.  I asked what it was to be called and he replied, “Namaste.”  I had only heard the word once in 1969 while looking for a program on TV to entertain my newborn daughter. I came across a yoga program and the teacher, Lilias, put her hands together and said the word “Namaste” and told the meaning, “The spirit within me greets the spirit within you.”  I had chills all over my body.  At that time I had no idea that having chills indicated a message from one’s soul.  You can see by the dates how far ahead of my conscious mind my soul was.

I had no idea how to create an organization, much less a non-profit organization. In 1985, my soul asked me to sell everything that wouldn’t fit in my car and to begin to travel.  Each day I was given a destination and names of people I was to find to meet and deliver soul messages to them.  In Denver I met a woman named Judi Rider.  I told Judi about Jesus’ message.  In meditation we found that Judi and I are projected from the same Oversoul.  The next day in meditation I was given the name of an attorney in Evergreen, CO and was told that he would help us with the necessary legal paper work to create the organization and documents to send to the IRS asking to become a non-profit.  We looked up the name in the yellow pages and called the attorney for an appointment.

When we arrived in his presence he asked, “What can I do for you ladies?” I explained that the Master Jesus had given us his name and suggested that he would be willing to assist us to create the necessary paperwork to incorporate the Namaste organization as well as documentation to send to the IRS to become accepted as a non-profit organization.  The attorney began to laugh.  When I asked why he was laughing, he said, “I am a mason and when a person comes to me with such a request I am required to fulfill the request at no charge.”

I felt great relief that we had been sent to the right person. He helped us to create the documents and we sent them in to the IRS.  Through the next few years I continued to travel and Judi forwarded my mail to my next location.  The IRS would periodically send pages for me to fill out with repetitive information that I had already sent them.  After several years I found myself in Austin, Texas when I received yet another set of papers.  The headquarters for the IRS is in Austin, Texas.  I called to make an appointment to speak to an agent in person to attempt to resolve the issue.  I dressed in a banker’s suit and heels for the interview.

The agent was short, wore black horn-rimmed glasses and had a crew cut hair style. He reminded me of the character Sergeant Bilco from an old army television show.  He demanded that I describe what I was going to do with people who came to this organization I wanted to create.  I had to describe guided imagery meditation, Reiki and other words we had used in our plan.  He then very belligerently asked what I was going to do to people’s brains. He was referring to a part of our mission called brain balancing.  I explained that there were simple exercises called cross crawls that a person could do while verbalizing certain affirmations that would balance their left and right brains.  He then demanded that I perform the exercise.  I was in a straight skirt and high heels, but stood and performed the cross crawl exercise to the best of my ability the way I was dressed.  He looked skeptical and I felt foolish and was losing my patience with his attitude.

He then asked what my credentials were that qualified to help people in this way. “I have a twelfth grade education; I was addicted to Valium and gave up the addiction and I have direct communication with God.”

His response was “There is nothing wrong with Valium. I take Valium.”  I pointed out that there is a difference between taking the drug and being addicted to the drug.  He commented that he took it to deal with his wife who was in chronic pain.  He asked if I was qualified to help people who suffered from chronic pain.  I stated that I could help a person with meditation and affirmations to help with chronic pain.  He then wanted to know how his wife could get in touch with me.  I explained that my information was listed on every piece of paper I had ever sent to him and that I was not trying to hide my identity or my intentions.

He then asked what I would do if he didn’t grant the organization the non-profit status and I explained that I would continue to help people, but that if he gave me the non-profit status I could help even more people. He said he would give it to me, but that he would be monitoring what I did with it.  I left feeling relieved that the situation had finally been resolved, obviously with the help of the Master Jesus.

Shortly after the organization’s designation as non-profit, the Master Jesus appeared again in my meditation and mentioned that I had agreed to hold an umbrella of energy with him for twelve Namaste Retreat Centers to be created. I was shocked and appalled that I might be expected to create centers and to administer them.  I didn’t even know where to start to create one.

Through the years, as I continued to travel, I met wealthy people with whom I shared the Master’s plan. Some people were willing to make a center possible with the proviso that they could be involved in running it and telling me what I could and could not do there.  Of course, this was unacceptable since I only take direction from my soul and the Master Jesus.

The Master Jesus appeared again and assured me that my only responsibility was to hold the vision of these centers being created, that I was not expected to create or administer them myself and that there would be many more than the twelve He originally mentioned. We discovered one already in operation outside of Portland, OR at Wilsonville, OR and our Namaste group met there several years in a row for our yearly Namaste Gathering.  The center was beautiful which thrilled me to find that someone else had received the message who had actualized the vision, then disappointed that after a few years this one closed, with the land being repurposed for a housing development.  When I googled Namaste Retreats I’ve found several: one in Boerne, Texas and one in Portland, OR.  Our only connections are multi-dimensional and not physical.  I am encouraged that others are following their guidance to create more centers.

In 2001 I was again living in Oklahoma City and only traveled occasionally. I received a call from Judi in Denver who told me that our soul had approached her as she was waking up and asked her to refinance her home to use her equity to purchase a place in Oklahoma City for me to live in and have as a retreat center for Namaste.

I was thrilled and impressed that she would take on such a financial challenge. I began to search for the property.  In my manifestation book I had described the property as having a view of a large body of water.  The first place I was led to had a view of the city water tower across the street.  Spirit has a sense of humor and was attempting to teach me to be more specific in my manifestation matrix.  A postal employee at our post office mentioned that I looked particularly happy one morning so I confided in him that I was going to finally get to have my own home as well as a retreat center for Namaste.   He pulled a real estate card from his pocket.  He had just passed his real estate exam.  He offered to help me find the correct place.

When I showed him what I had drawn and accumulated to describe what I desired, he said he thought he knew of the perfect property, that it was a repossessed home that the bank was having redone but currently it was a mess. I convinced him that I would intuitively know if the property was the right one no matter the current condition and he agreed to take us to see it.  When we arrived, just as I stepped onto the porch, I spotted a blue jay feather on the grass.  The blue feather symbol had been something my soul had agreed to show up for identifying when I was in the right place during my travels.  When my daughter, Kelley, and I walked up the stairs, Kelley stopped, turned to me and said, “Mom, the spirit of the house is saying, “Rescue me, rescue me.”   The home and yard had been mistreated by the previous occupants.

Judi obtained a loan to purchase the property and we moved in on January 10, 2002. The backyard was thirty years of packed dirt.  Now there is a koi pond, flower beds, decks and a sunroom built onto the back of the house that fulfills the vision I had for the property.  The house has a huge room on the second story over the double car garage that we use for an art studio.  We have two guest rooms with a private bath, an office for Namaste, a large class room and my living quarters.

The ownership of the property changed hands July 11, 2005 to some friends in Minnesota and we rent the property from them.

Judi moved from Denver to Oklahoma City in July, 2007 into a house that backs to the lake that I can see from the sunroom and backyard just around the corner from the center.

We hold periodic spiritual classes at the center and people come for the spiritual and creative three day retreats. The retreat includes an initiation which involves opening additional chakras in their body and the tensor receptors in the back of their neck and receiving a message of blessing from their soul, adding many Language of Light symbols to the client’s energy field, cellular release of fear, judgment, trauma and negative beliefs the cosmic marriage ceremony and adding additional strands to the etheric DNA from 2 to 12 and spending 5-6 hours in the art studio creating their own soul symbol paintings and meditating to connect to their soul.  The retreat lasts for three days and includes meals, room and instruction for $1,000.

bj is a conscious telepathic channel for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Intergalactic Federation. She does readings in person and by phone for clients. This is accomplished by Oversoul to Oversoul communication and the information and answers the client receives come directly from their soul.  When the session is done in person the client can also receive the activation initiation which includes the activation of the tensor receptors, additional chakra openings, and the blessing from the client’s Oversoul.  In some cases if the client carries spiritual secrets from other lifetimes in their knees their knees are toned by bj to release the information into their consciousness.  The activation can only be performed in person.  The one hour, recorded session is $160.00.

If you are led to support the work that we do at Namaste as well as the groups of us who travel to assist the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Intergalactic Federation to help the Earth and Humanity, you may send your tax-deductible contributions to Namaste, Inc., P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK 73123. You may find more information about the work we do on our website: or our blog


Thank you, bj King, President

Judi Rider, Secretary