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Four Steps Before Public Speaking


1. Ground yourself through your feet into the central core energy of the Earth with beams of light about the size of a fluorescent light tube.

2. Open your heart to the Earth, all species of life on the Earth, plants, animals, minerals, water, fire and air and to your own Oversoul.

3. Have the intention of sending a beam of energy from your heart, through the high heart (where your sternum is), through the mid brain (where the pituitary and pineal gland are), through the energy of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness into the highest level of your Oversoul that your physical body can stand without your voice quivering or your becoming emotional.

4. Send a beam of energy from your Oversoul into the Oversoul of everyone in the audience. The Oversouls of the audience will intuitively feed your soul the answers to the questions the participants carry in their minds, and all the information their souls feel they need to hear at this time will be spoken through you.

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