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Namaste Newsletter February 2014

Namaste, Inc., P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123 – 405-773-5210

Everything I write is my opinion and should be tested
through your own discernment.

We give thanks for all of you who support us and Namaste and the work we do with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Intergalactic Federation and Angels.

I AM Now Available to Do Readings and Activations

I AM in Oklahoma City and available to do Oversoul to Oversoul readings, $155.00 for an hour recorded session, until May when I will travel to Colorado for Wesak. Activations and initiations are available only when readings are done in person. All other readings are done by phone and are recorded on a CD which is sent to you. I can be reached at 405-773-5210. There are openings in March and April for anyone to come to the Center for the three day painting retreat, which is $250.00 per day.


I apologize for offering you misinformation about the Pope and the Vatican in last month’s newsletter. I trusted the source of the information sent to me without checking it through my soul. I think what I published was what I wanted the Pope to have said and maybe even what he wanted to say. He has since relieved several Cardinals of their positions within the Vatican bank and made other significant changes.


The next Namaste Gathering will be held to celebrate Wesak, the celebration of Buddha’s birthday, his enlightenment and death, in Crestone, Colorado. The actual day of the Wesak celebration is the Full Moon in Taurus, May 14, 2014. I will be at the Silver Star Retreat Center May 13-18, 2014, beginning at noon on May 13th and ending at noon on May 18th. There are seven rooms and they can sleep 15 people. I’ve never been to this location. The Hierarchy and Federation recommend it as a very high energy location in the San Luis valley. Many ship sightings have been reported there. Currently, 10 people have committed to joining me. If you would like to join us and need information about other nearby places to stay, you may call or text Dave Robey, the retreat manager of the Silver Star Retreat, for further details at 310-497-9898 or Google Silver Star Retreat and/or Crestone, Colorado to find accommodations for yourself.

I will be offering daily guided imagery meditations and messages from the higher dimensions. During meditation on the day of Wesak, May 14th , we will go etherically to the Himalayas to meet with the Hierarchy as they celebrate bringing more Buddhaic energy onto the planet. The retreat fee to Namaste for the full five days will be $200 paid in advance to Namaste to cover the events and registration fee and does not include food or lodging which will be extra. Room rent in the retreat center is $50 per day and meals will be $8.00 per meal. We will create meals in the Center for those staying there and you will pay for each meal individually if you are staying at the center. If you are staying outside the retreat center you may join us for meals if you let us know in advance of each meal how many people to expect.


Marilyn Harper and Adironnda & Company are holding their yearly Visionaries in Light conference this year on October 10-12, 2014 at the College of Siscue in Weed, California. October 9 will be the pre-event which includes a tour of sacred sites in and around Mt. Shasta. Weed is a 22 minute drive from Mt. Shasta and is a beautiful and extremely energetic place. I will be attending, presenting and offering readings and activations. Readings are $155.00 and activations are $30.00. The activation is included in the reading when the reading is done in person. The cost for the conference, payable to Adironnda and Company, is $200. Places to stay in the area will be posted on the website. Check out Marilyn’s website for more information on the conference and her monthly double digit offerings. Marilyn’s number is 417-860-5432. I hope to see you at one of these events.


In 1991 for nine months I lived in a home with a friend across the valley from Mt. Shasta. The house I was living in was mostly glass. When I sat up in the bed in the morning, my view was of the mountain; when I went down to the kitchen and faced the stove, I was confronted by a mirrored back splash that reflected the mountain; when I went downstairs to the walkout basement to my office, the view was of Mt. Shasta. During this time the veils between dimensions at Mt. Shasta were incredibly thin and channeling higher vibrations of information was extremely easy. The following is some of the information I received at that time which I feel is as relevant today as it was when channeled in 1991.

My friend and I formed a weekly meditation group of people who lived in Shasta Village. On April 17, 1991 the group’s work was with the extraterrestrial forces, anchoring many additional ships over various World countries, especially over the capitals of most nations. Ships were also anchored over state capitals in the United States. At the close of that session, this message was received from Spirit:

“The mission you have just accomplished will serve well the Earth, the Spiritual Hierarchy and your individual soul expressions. It is a major part of the plan of God for the salvation of the Earth as an entity, and for the release of the karmic debt of misunderstanding from the minds of the Homo sapiens who now inhabit planet Earth. That which will be given down through these anchored ships will be for the benefit of all.”

Meditation group members also worked with space beings from a ship they sent to us. Messages were also consistently received from the energy of Metatron and occasionally from other higher dimensional beings.

On May 1, 1991 this message was given to the group:

“The beginning of this new millennium creates many changes both for your planet and for your people. The most advantageous position you can take to observe and withstand these changes is total and complete flexibility and clarity of your purpose. Your purpose, of course, is to serve both the male and female aspects of God jointly and individually within your bodies, minds and spirits.”

“To have this type of total flexibility requires great self-authority and knowingness within you of the true soul message at all times. It is recommended that your single most important focus be to seek your own Divine knowing and inner guidance, and the discernment of the soul and the intention of other individuals whom you encounter.”

“The ships you have been assisting us to anchor in the fifth dimension are to monitor and assist with the transition of Humanity and the evolution of the Homo sapiens species. They bring a great focus of energy and cause great spotlights to pierce the veil of the unconscious. They also illuminate deception and that which is not in alignment with the Divine Plan. As this light pierces the veils and illuminates that which is destructive and out of kilter, so to speak, much upheaval will result and will continue and escalate. This is why we say the absolute quality of discernment is the single most important spiritual gift you can activate and qualify within your being. You only need to pray for the spiritual gift of discernment.”

“In all things, be in total agreement with your soul. This is because it is not productive for your soul, for you as a personality–or as an aspect of the Godhead–to perform functions causing you grief, stagnation, displeasure or frustration. It is of absolute importance that you understand and qualify your own goals and desires of that which you enjoy being and expressing. The Holy qualities of the God Self resonating through your being are for the creation of beauty, harmony and grace within the mass consciousness.”

“As this production takes place and the quality of life improves, that which has been stagnant and putrefied will need to be transmuted. As this purification reaches consciousness, many “spillings” will take place which will resemble absolute chaos and destruction. Many people will assemble in masses to disqualify that which is being exposed by the Light which we bring and consciously focus into your dimension. As these gatherings take place, the holocaust will happen, but not in the way you have felt from that which has been predicted. Instead, the holocaust will be that of mind, body and knowingness as all misqualified energy–that has putrefied–is expelled. When this happens, Dear Ones, know and remember that the absolute focus must be on beauty, order, transmutation and the graceful acceptance of change.”

“Further focus should be on the absolute knowingness within your own souls of where it is correct for you to be, what is correct for you to do, and how you can funnel the most God energy into your dimension. Separateness will cause you grief. Oneness will call forth power and remembrance of abilities from your soul.”

“The newness of life you will experience will astound you, excite you and elevate you within your own soul’s consciousness. Be of good heart and cheer, because even in that which appears desperate and frustrating, clarity of purpose is trying to erupt from the core of your soul into your conscious mind.”

“Guidance is always available when one asks.”

“Renew your commitment to the soul, to the Divine Plan and to the evolution of the Human species. This is your single and primary goal to remember. Then you will be able to bring forth the individuation of your promise, of your purpose; of how to escalate, maintain and further the evolution of Divine Principle.”

May 1, 1991 another message from Spirit:

“The Source of all things emanates from within each and every one of us. It is through these emanations that the gathering of kindred souls will manifest here on the Earth plane. These emanations are drawing together those of like mind and purpose to work together to further the Divine Plan.”

“To become at One with these Divine emanations, follow the feelings which arise within you, the feelings of attraction or repulsion, or those of questioning. Follow these feelings even though they lead you to unfamiliar places, or have no particular purpose which you can see in the present moment.”

“Be aware, too, that while groupings will form for specific purposes, many of those who will join may not be totally clear about what they are to do or why they are there. We ask everyone to be patient with those who are in the process of remembering and who find themselves within your presence, willing to work and participate in any way that they can, yet not knowing what that way is. One’s true purpose is not totally shown to oneself until a certain clarity is reached on the physical plane. This involves a certain amount of letting go of fears and resistances and past concepts or ideas of how life truly is, or how it should be. As one lets go of these resistances, a tendency to follow the Divine emanations from within themselves will surface.”

“This is a time of great manifestation and clarity on all planes of existence. As this clarity is being attained, each individual will experience the cleansing in a multitude of ways. Train yourselves to see deeply within individuals, to see their purpose and intent. From that point of vision you will know who you are to spend time with and who it is you are to avoid. Many of those who belong to your soul group are far away at this time, but they are being drawn to you. Stay open to new acquaintances, new ideas; hold true to your clarity of purpose. It is our desire that this message be taken deep within your hearts and given to those around you who are of like mind.”


June 1991 –

Our 9-year-old copy machine broke down and we desperately needed to secure a replacement. In addition to that, Spirit requested that 600 names be added to our mailing list, persons I had met in my travels during the previous 6 years. When such requests come from Spirit (they aren’t very logical) I always balk and ask a lot of questions before proceeding. The response from Spirit was:

“Your vision is not large enough as yet.”

No further explanation was forthcoming, so I again acted on faith and increased the mailing list. Frank, the friend I was living with, and I also put the beautiful home we lived in at Shasta up for sale. We needed to do this in order to remove the debt incurred by traveling and to financially continue our Earth work and more travel.

We had been receiving repeatedly in meditation this slogan from Spirit: “JUST DO IT.” We had no television reception on the mountain for the nine months I was there. Later, when I moved away from the mountain, I learned this slogan had been picked up by one of the major tennis shoe lines, a beer manufacturer and a line of garden supplies! How intriguing it was to realize that when a thought is placed “on the rings” by Spirit, anybody who meditates can hear a similar message!

The slogan “Just Do It” prompted the thought that the primary directive we all have is to embody the Spirit we serve. It is hard work, but it can be fun at the same time. Meeting and accepting ourselves can be scary, but if we move through the fears and “just do it,” our egos will become quiet and the fears will dissipate. We have the answers within ourselves. The soul will only give us “clues” through meditation or psychic readings, not answers. Answers come from within, from experience, from surrender to the soul.

We do not need to “know” anything except . . . “the next single thing to do.” If you meditate and know “the next single thing to do,” that thing will lead you to the “next single thing to do,” like following a thread. There is truly no need to know more than that. Few people see the overall picture or the future in detail.
Peace comes only when we surrender to accepting that all we need to know is the “next single thing.” It is our demand to “know the future in order to feel secure, peaceful and safe” that makes us miserable in the present and fearful of the future.

So, “just do it.” Move through the fears and meet and accept yourself. Become acquainted with yourself and your previously “stuffed” emotions, with your fears, desires, wishes, dreams. Be in the “now” moment, not in the past (regret) or the future (fear). The time to accomplish these clearings is becoming shorter, so it became necessary to put the thought in Human consciousness to “JUST DO IT.”

Be where you are. Allow yourself to “in-joy” the sights, sounds, the atmosphere. Continue removing clutter from your environment and creating beauty. Surround yourself with people of like mind and energies you enjoy. The degree of our awakening is in direct relation to the degree of the “now” we are experiencing! Just do it.!


Fill Impatience with Persistence.
Fill Discouragement with Determination.
You are not “IN” the Universe,
You “ARE” the Universe.
Just Do It!
–Kelley Kay King


On June 22, 1991 the Light Convergence happened. It was another vast galactic window opening, similar to the first Harmonic Convergence back in 1987. At that time, the Convergence released a signal to the Galactic Federation (composed of 27 member off-Earth civilizations–now increased to 47) that there was sufficient Earth spirituality to warrant their assistance to redeem the Human race from the throes of Earth civilization under the influence of war and greed. This convergence offered everyone the opportunity to experience him/herself as Light, not to merely say “I am a Light Being,” or “I am a Light worker.” In other words, it allowed everyone’s awareness/consciousness to experience itself as Light–to move into the Light body. Many of these convergences have happened through the years and are continuing to happen.

The time had come upon this planet to move forward into the Light. It was not the time of judgments or salvation, but the time of knowing. Large groups formed all over the planet and people bonded together in Humanity, to believe again in each other as brother and sister, and thus, God. The Convergence was to create the harmonious knowing of Godliness. This is what people know of as THE LIGHT. As the close of 1991 drew near, people inquired about the “11:11” and its significance. Each time I had asked my soul about this, the response had been:

“This does not concern you.”

Well, nebulous answers are NOT my favorite kind, especially when people expect at least an opinion from me on a spiritual subject or energy condition. So I pressed my soul further for information. The following was received from “The Energies of Metatron:”

“Energy approaches the Earth in spirals. This is a period of time during which the charge within the spiral attaching itself to Earth is being infused with more Light. This energy comes from the Great Central Sun beyond your Sun, is conditioned by your Sun, projected toward the Earth and anchored in the Central Sun of your Earth. Then the energy spirals back toward the Great Central Sun beyond your galaxy. These energies are designed and facilitated by the Source, which permeates throughout and beyond your galaxy, to step up evolution of the Earth, its plants, animals and Humans as well as all life in your galaxy.”

“The symbol 11:11 is merely a symbol and is used as a focus for your consciousness. It was designed to spark memory, causing acceptance of a greater focus of these energies into your cells and consciousness. These energies affect your entire galaxy and are a part of a much larger configuration of energy transfers which are going on at this time in the Omniverse (the Milky Way Universe and eleven other Universes.) An Omniverse is a collection of twelve Universes.”

“It is not necessary to be in any specific location on your planet for this to take place. It will take place regardless of what Humans do or do not do. However, you are capable of using the energies more readily and assisting in anchoring them more comfortably within the Earth and your own bodies if you know and understand more-or-less what is taking place. Knowing will also assist in your own evolution and spiritual growth.”

I became aware that these energies were very powerful. Governments, institutions, corporations, religious organizations and family units all faced crucial alternatives: move to higher standards of rightness, or pass away with the shifting tides. Many improprieties in big business and various countries and religious institutions began to be exposed. These energies would not allow deceit. Things, conditions, truths we had tried to keep hidden from ourselves would surface as would our greatest fears. How successfully we dealt with what came up would determine how successfully we dealt with the next infusions of energy. And, as we have experienced, the energy will continue to come!

If we learned to work with these energies instead of letting them batter us about, we could achieve great alignment with our souls. Overindulgence in anything (food, sex, tobacco, television, computer games, coffee, drugs, alcohol, etc.) lowers our energy vibration and suppresses our enthusiasm and inspiration to cooperate with the energies. If we are not managing our emotions, they will manage us, making us vulnerable to breakdowns in our physical systems.

Anger, anxiety and the tendency to judge and criticize is increasing with the energy intensity. We need to look at what we repressed and rejected. What we see and criticize in others is evidence of what we don’t like–or are unwilling to see–in ourselves. To heal, we needed to forgive the aspect of ourselves we were projecting onto others. No one is doing, or has ever done, anything to us. We attract it to ourselves energetically and through our thoughts. The energies may force us into extreme discomfort about the areas of our lives out of alignment with our souls. Many of us hold out certain aspects of our lives as not being spiritual, particularly sexual expressions and money. We need to examine these aspects. Also, the days of going to church on Sunday (and maybe Wednesday night as well) or meditating occasionally to get a spiritual fix, are over!

It has become evident to me that in order for us to be full-time spiritual beings–no matter what activity we were engaged in–we would need to be in a constant state of meditation, in constant awareness of the Presence of our God selves. We need to live spiritually, which means getting “real,” to be honest with ourselves and others. We either live “it” or we don’t. To be partially spiritual is like being “a little bit pregnant.” It is not possible. Our souls eventually demand surrender. I hated getting the message “you must surrender more.” I felt like I had surrendered my children, the physical security of my marriage, my home, most of my belongings, my friends, my parents, my body. What else could Spirit mean that I still had not surrendered? I assumed it meant more physical stuff.

Spirit’s comment was:

“Surrender more of your fear, doubt, confusion, resistance and rebelliousness.”

The 11:11 cycle of energies meant that everything would be accelerated. Our present Age calls for honesty, openness and integrity with our souls. More and more people will become telepathic and empathetic. How we are speaks louder than what we “say.” We are not going to be able to hide from our own souls or others. Our “truth” must be demonstrated in the quality of our lives. If we don’t like a quality in ourselves, we need to take a good look at our beliefs. If we “believe” we must live a life of solitude or loneliness (while affirming companionship), we will remain alone. If we “believe” we don’t deserve abundance (while affirming wealth), we will remain in lack. The time of duality is ending.

It seems fitting here to say that much of the work Light workers are being called upon to do must be done energetically, not physically, because of the Earth “systems.” These systems exist because scientists and industries have a vested interest in not developing anything that would liberate this planet from economic slavery. Thus, Light workers must be “in the World, but not of the World,” as some bright person once said.

Moving into another subject, the Spirits constantly remind us of the changes occurring in our DNA. These changes result from both THEIR assistance and from the way our bodies react to the stress/strain of the energies bombarding the Earth. As mentioned, Earth has a Central Sun at its core; also a Solar Sun which is seen in the sky. Beyond this is the Great Central Sun which focuses energies to this Omniverse of twelve Universes. (Earth is one of the twelve.) As the Earth prepares for transition into a fifth dimensional being, many events are happening, most of which are connected to the interaction of the Earth with these three Suns. The Sun “flares” coming toward Earth contain packets of information from Source that will be added to the periphery of Earth, but they also wreak havoc with our electronic devices.

The Source of this Omniverse is activating the Great Central Sun of our Universe, which sends energies through the Solar Sun to the Central Sun within the Earth, raising the vibration of Earth from the inside and the outside simultaneously. (These radiations also keep the orbits in place.) But the vibrations the Central Sun radiates to the surface and back to the Great Central Sun also cause earthquakes, tidal waves, storms, volcanic eruptions and weather changes.

Some of the weather changes are also caused by the ships recently anchored over major cities on Earth from the 47 intergalactic civilizations. This additional magnetic energy in the atmosphere causes many vibrational/weather changes, even though the ships are anchored in the fifth dimension.

Interestingly enough, regarding energies bombarding the Earth, this article appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle in 1991:

“The week of June 15th a solar flare, one of the largest detected since regular observations began in the 1840’s, sent out a stream of charged subatomic particles that pummeled Earth’s atmosphere. Soviet scientists are theorizing that such electromagnetic storms churn the Earth’s molten interior and may contribute to volcanic eruptions.”

Of little help or consequence are the theories and left-brain conclusions of Humanity. Spirit is asking us to work energetically on volcanic eruptions through already existing volcanoes in uninhabited areas, so as to minimize the destruction. Oftentimes, energies can be directed to areas of the oceans or defused.

Earth, as mentioned earlier, is being energetically drawn through the fourth dimension into the fifth dimension as it transforms itself from the inside out, vibrationally. Although difficult to describe in words, a spin-off of Earth’s movement into the fifth dimension is the time-space continuum–the action of the ring-pass-not perimeter around the Earth becoming closer to the Earth. For inhabitants of the planet, this results in time speeding up. As we move from standard time into daylight time, both a noticeable speeding up of time and a seemingly shortening of the hour takes place. According to the information received from Spirit:

“The adjustment will shorten each hour by approximately 12-1/2 minutes. This will not be discernible by physical clocks because all molecules in objects and your bodies will speed up at the same velocity, but will be noticed by your consciousness which is connected outside of the fourth dimension where you are now and affects your thoughts and memory storage.”

The ring-pass-not was installed around the Earth in the early 1930’s when Humans decided they were smart enough to split an atom. The Spiritual Hierarchy erected it to prevent the chain reaction of atom splitting from destroying the Universe and to contain the pollution of Earth from spreading and affecting other members of the Solar System. The tightening of the “ring” and the vibrational movement of the Earth toward the fifth dimension is forcing the lower astral realm (the lower fourth dimension) into the Earth’s current dimension. Consequently, Earth’s population is being affected because the lower astral realm is the home of spirits still holding to physical individuals and/or situations; wayward spirits who have not successfully made their transition into the Light; spirits who are possessing and interfering with the lives of embodied beings because they (these spirits) still have addictive needs served only by possessing bodies of physical individuals addicted to drugs, alcohol, food, sex or power.

Use the following prayer to exorcise an intruding entity or to transmute negative energy:

“I deliberately call forth the Arch Angel Michael and the Band of Mercy to enter this building, person, car, home, computer, or situation to remove all negative energy and/or entities. I ask that these entites be escorted into the Light that they may continue to grow. I ask that this person’s body be triple sealed against future invasion by any other lost entity. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

As the Earth moves toward the fifth dimension, it must maneuver through this fourth dimensional abyss of chaos. How difficult this may be for both the planet and us Humans depends partially on Light Workers’ abilities to assist in clearing the astral plane. Calling on Arch Angel Michael and the Band of Mercy (Angels whose job it is to escort souls to the Light) to bring the lost and wayward Spirits into the Light is an effective way to do it. We are controlled by the way we have been taught and told to relate to the phenomena of time.


I work consciously to block the storage of nuclear waste in the caverns of New Mexico and to awaken scientists and the President to the idea of transmuting this waste, WHICH IS POSSIBLE. It is appropriate to focus the energy of Jimson weed into all areas where nuclear waste is stored. Spirit has revealed that Jimson weed can feed on contaminated soil and leach out and transmute the toxic elements.

Scientists at Washington State University created a hybrid of certain plants with the enzymes from a rabbit’s liver to create plants that would do the same thing as the Jimson weed. The idea was planted by higher dimensional beings and now is a reality.

Burial of nuclear waste is NOT the answer to this nightmare Humans have created and Spirit assures us that burial in the salt caverns of New Mexico would be disastrous. Spirit further tells us it is possible to neutralize atomic waste through the addition of diozonian phosphate. The molecular structure can be changed to create a non-toxic substance.

I remember a talk I gave in Charlotte, N.C. years ago. A man in the audience told us he had previously worked for EXXON developing a formula for detoxifying nuclear waste. He stated that the company now has the formula but is shelving it so as to keep the price of fossil fuel up! It is amazing what greed can do! What price ignorance or “progress” if we lose the planet and our souls?

Individuals can still help with the effort to block storage of nuclear waste by meditating on it. Ask your soul to project the answer to this situation into the hearts and minds of our leaders and scientists. Ask for help in stopping nuclear weapon testing and stockpiling. Underground nuclear testing and fracking cause earthquakes in other parts of the planet.

Also, project with me the transference of monies and energies now being used for the wars into environmental issues. We and the governments have the resources and abilities to solve these problems if we ask for spiritual guidance and intervention. We are in control, but only if we wake up and use the spiritual power and energies we can access. We must release and give up our fear of being powerful and responsible.

Many of us misused these abilities in past lives, and need now to clear that memory from our DNA. (The “Cellular Release Process” CD, available through Namaste, can help with this. The CD is $20.00 plus $5.00 for shipping.)

Remember to ask your soul continually:


Do the thing that occurs to you and then ask again.


The next single thing is all we really need to know.

In order for the Namaste Creativity Center to exist we depend on your contributions. Namaste, Inc. is a (C)3 non-profit organization. It costs $3,000 per month to pay the rent and utilities. The Namaste organization was created by the energy of the Master Jesus through me in 1984 for the purpose of spiritual education, spiritual travel, enhancing creativity and assisting in the evolution of the planet and all life on the Earth. Your contributions are tax deductible, welcomed and gratefully accepted. We appreciate all of you who regularly contribute to the work we do and the activities and teachings we offer. You may send post-dated checks for the year in advance and they will only be deposited on the date you indicate. May you be richly blessed and rewarded a thousand-fold for your generosity.


bj King, President, Namaste, Inc.
Judi Rider, Secretary, Namaste, Inc.