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The 13th STEP

By bj King
It is never too late to ask, “Who am I? What do I really desire to do with my life?” Ideally we would ask ourselves these questions in our early twenties, in the year between high school graduation and beginning college or joining the work force. However, for whatever reason many of us didn’t ask these questions or we took someone else’s answers rather than to take time to find our own. We became what our parents or society expected of us. Many people rebel at this age and refuse to “grow up” and make such difficult decisions at all. They postpone the inevitable. Most of us operate with a definition of ourselves given to us by others. We play roles without thinking, “Who is playing this role? Who am I when I am not playing a role for someone else?”
I learned this lesson only after a series of devastating events that removed all my roles. I was left bereft sitting in a rocking chair looking out at nature with a pad and pen on my lap writing over and over, “I am? I am? I am?” I did not realize at the time that I was giving myself the answer, beyond the roles I am the I AM, the God consciousness part of me, who chooses to play certain roles in the World.
A spark of the energy of God causes each of our hearts to beat. Each of us came to Earth with a purpose, a life work, a calling. These purposes vary. However some of these purposes are fundamental in nature. We came to experience life in Human bodies, to experience “otherness” of being either male or female, to experience being physical with senses. We came to enjoy the beauties of this planet. We came to bring Spirit into matter. What does that mean? We came to embody Spirit in a denser form of the third dimension. We also agreed to create heaven on Earth. What does that mean? We agreed to be the architects of what heaven on Earth would look like and feel like in our own individualized expression of life.
Each of us came to Earth with individual gifts or talent potential. Our childhood and time spent receiving our education gives us an opportunity to become aware of these gifts, talents and potentials. If, for whatever reason, we came into families where this development was stunted or underachieved we have a responsibility as adults to remedy this situation through exploration of ourselves, our gifts and our talents, at whatever age we find ourselves at this moment. We chose the families and circumstances we came into from the level of our souls. We chose deliberately to have these teachers and opportunities or restrictions in order to prepare ourselves for our life work.
We are like a piece of bamboo or copper tubing that eventually will be used as a flute. Each blow life presents, each nurturing affects the quality of the reed or pipe. The dents the scratches or the polishing we receive tempers us perfectly to be the vessels through which our voice, our creative abilities our gifts; the voice of God will be offered to the world. Each of us comes to Earth with a quota of people our lives are to touch. These people can only be touched by us, through the flute that has been tempered by the experiences of our particular lives. Those gifts you have to offer the World cannot be given by anyone else. The art you would create, the children, the songs, the inventions, the books, the poems the life example cannot be duplicated by any other person. You are unique and the World needs your gifts. Your life experience has prepared you perfectly to give yourself and your gifts to the World and therefore to God. It is all God. Each person we meet is a part of God expressing itself, whether that personality remembers it is God or not, it is.
If we were born into wealth and had all the advantages of childhood, but did not experience nurturing physically or emotionally we have a story tempered by those events. We can choose to be nurturing and emotionally available. If we were born into poverty, or an abusive lifestyle of alcoholism and sexual or physical abuse, we have a choice to see these events as courses we took to prepare us to be spiritual masters or we can see ourselves as victims. We may have taken alcoholic parent 101, abusive situations 202, incest 303 and got our Master’s degree in making the best of whatever situation we found ourselves. We can accept our “life” education or we can make excuses. There are no victims at the level of the soul. We are all making choices before we come into Human form and after we arrive. There is a purpose to all events. We can learn from these and use the information and experiences or we can plead amnesia and victim and not fulfill our roles by not overcoming and transmuting these events. Or we can wake up and admit we came to be a part of a new form of Human that does not see addiction, abuse, acts of horror and dishonor as normal Human behavior. We can be what we see missing in the World.


Another way of expressing bringing Spirit into matter is to manifest, co-create or precipitate the life we desire. If you ask yourself the question, “What do I need to be happy?” You will get one answer. If you ask yourself the question, “What do I want?” You will likely get yet another answer, if you are being truly honest with yourself, which is imperative if you are to ever be truly happy. Total self honesty is imperative if we are to have a form of happiness that is not dictated or dependent upon the presence and behaviors of other people. If you breathe into your heart and ask yourself, “What is my true heart’s desire?” you will hear the truth, the truth of your soul. In my case when the truth finally surfaced it made me cry. For so long I had allowed my upbringing, my beliefs in limitation, my belief that the money or education had to come first stop me from even admitting what I truly desired.
Manifestation takes place through desire, belief, expectancy and anticipation. Before we can use Universal Law wisely and manifest what we truly desire, our heart’s desires, it is important to understand that we have been using Universal Law unconsciously to create the life we are currently living. The lives we are currently living are a direct result of what we have been thinking and believing up to this point in our life. Each thing, whether it be a physical object, a relationship with a person, a bank account, a debt, a job, a home, or a health challenge it is in our life because of a belief, which precipitated a thought which drew this situation or condition into our lives.


The first step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to watch what we are thinking, to practice self-scrutiny, self-appraisal, self-appreciation.
Within each of us there is an active observer. Whether we call this our conscience, our higher self, our inner adult, our soul or God, this part of us exists. If we begin to watch what we are thinking, and verbally expressing, and realize that our subconscious mind takes our thoughts and our verbal expressions literally, we will see how we created the life we have now.

List five dissatisfactions you now have in your life:


List five things you feel would correct these situations:


The second step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to take responsibility for those thoughts.
When we begin to listen to ourselves we realize that we are negative more often that we would have imagined. We are self-critical, we are critical of others, we do not treat ourselves lovingly in our thoughts and yet we expect others to love us. Jesus asked us to love our neighbors as ourselves. What he implied was that we could only love our neighbors to the extent that we were able to love ourselves. Most of us have attempted to love our families and our neighbors without first loving ourselves.


We must realize thoughts are things. What we think is what we get. If we look around the room, every object in that room was a thought before it was a thing. If we look at the World, every situation, every object, was thought by someone, before it could happen or exist. If we collectively change our thinking we can change the condition of the World. If we individually change what we are thinking, we can change our lives.



The third step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to realize that manifestation is fueled by feeling.

If we feel good about ourselves we attract good things into our lives. If we enjoy being with us, others will enjoy being with us. If we feel we deserve, others will feel we deserve. If we feel love and respect for ourselves, others will treat us with love and respect. If we feel peaceful, the World we live in will become peaceful. We must first become what we desire to experience in the World. We can seek to be that which we feel is missing in the World. If we wish to have a relationship with a well-rounded, emotionally and financially stable person, we need first to become those ourselves.


The fourth step to spiritual maturity and happiness is self honesty.

What do you really desire to do? Don’t make excuses about not having enough money or education or time to do what you desire. Don’t use the excuse you are too young or too old, or have too many responsibilities. Just tell me, and yourself, the truth about what you enjoy. What would you be doing if you could do anything? This will take a bit of fantasizing on your part. You can’t be honest with other people until you become honest with yourself.

Begin exactly where you are now. You may be bored, employed in an unfulfilling job, unemployed, retired, in an unfulfilling relationship, in no romantic relationship, in debt, or have more money than you need, but don’t know how to use it to make you happy. No matter what your life is now, it is a direct result of what you have thought up to this point in your life.

List five things you enjoy doing. Ways you would enjoy spending your time and serving the World and Humanity. (These do not need to be ways you “think” you could make a living, just things you enjoy doing.)

The fifth step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to realize you originate your feelings and you can therefore change them.

When I began my spiritual journey I actually thought other people brought me my feelings and that therefore I could not control them. Our feelings are a “response mechanism” fueled by our past experiences and beliefs.

Make a list of how you would like to feel. Suggestions: Peaceful, productive, successful (requires your definition of what success would look and feel like), financially serene (there is a difference between financial security and financial serenity), attractive, sure there is a God, sure the Universe is benevolent, playful, loved, romantic, useful, happy, calm, comfortable, expectant, hopeful, etc.


The sixth step to spiritual maturity and happiness is the understanding that the only constant in the World is change.

Everything changes. That is the natural order of the Universe. Change is supposed to happen. We can only control our lives to a certain extent. Our lives are not predestined, but they are ordained. We can’t control the future, but we can influence the future of our lives and the Earth through what we think, believe and focus upon. Learning to live in rhythm with the seasons of change and to welcome and plan for change relieves stress, adds enjoyment to our lives and abolishes boredom. If we live expecting change, rather than dreading it, we live in harmony with nature and the natural flow of divine order. If we resist change we will always be in a state of fear, dread, stress or pain. Our souls and nature will only allow a certain degree of control on our part to hold things rigid or stagnant. Change will happen. Growth requires change. Change requires courage.


The seventh step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to realize we are placed on Earth to be co-creators with God, to be the architects of our own lives and heaven on Earth.

This means we are to have desires; we are to make goals or a plan for the life we would like to experience. Within the context of these goals and our plan we are to be willing to receive this or something better through the grace of God and to the highest good of all concerned. If we do not state our goals or our desires we live a life designed and created by others. We wouldn’t go into a restaurant and expect the waiter to choose what we are going to eat. If we don’t make the choices for our lives, we receive potluck. We get what we think we deserve and what we focus upon.

List ten things you would like to manifest in your life:


The eighth step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to understand that man made the concept of money, God did not.

As wannabe spiritual masters it is our job to understand that we should be asking the Universe for the thing we really desire not their monetary equivalent. What do we desire to buy with the money? Ask for the thing itself, the opportunity or experience. To ask for the money puts a step in manifestation that is unnecessary to Spirit. When I was first trying to learn this concept my guidance used the example that Jesus did not send a follower to the store with $1.79 cents to buy loaves and fishes. He just manifested loaves and fishes to feed the people. If you are asking for money to put in the bank to have a savings account to make you feel secure, the thing you are really wanting is “to feel secure”. Many things cannot be purchased by money. The really important things: health, love, happiness, peace, feelings of security and serenity, cannot be purchased. If we look only to our job, our retirement check, our spouse or our parents as “the source of our supply”, we are eliminating billions of other ways God could use to fulfill our needs and desires. If we believe we have to work for everything we get and that it will only come in the form of our paycheck, this limits the soul to only being able to give us supply through that one source. If we really “get” that GOD IS THE SOURCE OF MY SUPPLY, then this can be our reality. It gives the soul freedom to bring us our heart’s desire through any means that it chooses as being karmically correct for us.

Once we state a desire in writing and release it to the soul deliberately, if it is to our highest good, it will be fulfilled in divine timing. If it is not to our highest good it will be delayed or replaced by a better choice than what we conceived. If we have released it with the affirmation: “I now accept this or something better through the grace of God and to the highest good of all concerned,” we can wait more patiently with confidence. We can spend our time and energy focusing on doing the next single thing to do to be in a state of divine grace.

I find it useful to write down my desires and goals on lists and I intersperse pictures of these desires in a manifestation journal and on posters in order to keep my conscious mind and my subconscious mind focused on what I desire. Having these visual reminders helps to change my thinking so that my thoughts are truly on what I desire instead of on worry. Worry is misplaced creative thought. We get what we worry about, rather than what we truly desire.

The Universal Law of the fourth dimension, where we are and where Earth is now, requires that we make our requests in writing in order to give the soul and Angels permission to assist us.


If you are in debt list your debt on one page with columns of who you owe on the left, the total debt in the middle and a third column for the amount of monthly responsibility to the debts. Total each column. At the bottom of the page write: “I now release this indebtedness into the Universe. I now accept its immediate and complete payment through rich avenues of Divine Substance. I now accept being totally debt free through financial abundance.” This is asking for a “condition”, rather than a sum of money. “I now accept” puts your desires in the present tense rather than somewhere in the future. This statement also eliminates the possibility of becoming totally debt free through bankruptcy. At the time I learned this lesson I was in debt $26,000.00 in credit cards, some of which was at 21% interest. I was traveling and homeless and with my income I would never have been able to clear the debt or even keep up with the monthly minimum payment for much longer. I had no belief that this method would work, but within one year I became totally debt free. I now use the credit cards, but expect to be able to pay the total balances at the end of each month. EXPECTATION is important. INTENTION is important. Remember manifestation happens through DESIRE, BELIEF, EXPECTANCY and ANTICIPATION.


The ninth step to spiritual maturity is faith born of knowing, not blind faith.

I do not like the idea of blind faith. I am a person who likes to have proof. Working with your soul in the methods suggested here will give you proof through the synchronistic events that will begin to happen in your life.

Most of us came to Earth from vibrational space higher than the fifth dimension. The third and fourth dimensions are spiritually visible. The third, fourth and lowest fifth dimensions are spiritually auditory. Do not try to retard your vibrations to be able to see spiritually or hear spirit auditorally. Accept spiritual knowingness. If you agree to spiritually “know” more can be given to you by your soul than if you demand to see or hear spiritually. Once you agree to know you can “know” a thing spiritually so strongly as to feel you saw it, as if you heard it, as if you felt it in the palms of your hands or as if you could smell it. Ask your soul at all times:


When we ask the soul a myriad of questions about: Where’s the money coming from? When is the money coming? How am I going to pay the car payment, electricity, etc. Where is my soul mate? When is she/he coming? Should I move? Should I change jobs? And on and on and on. The soul will be silent or give what seems like conflicting or erroneous information. If we ask only, “What is the next single thing for me to do or know for me to be in a state of divine grace?”, we are asking for “divine grace”, which is a condition rather than a thing. The Spirit will respond with an intuitive suggestion immediately. Be willing and brave enough to move in the direction the intuition suggests. The suggestions given by your soul may not seem to have anything to do with what you have written, but trust me they will lead you to your goal or something better if you follow.

Spirit gives information only on a need to know basis. Truthfully we can only stand to know one step at a time. If we were given the whole picture at one setting it would be too much for us to accept or to comprehend. We can only take one action at a time and everything is always in a state of fluctuation. Remember change is the norm. Everything is in constant motion. The next single intuition, inspiration or thought will come into a mind, which asks this question and focuses on their soul for a response. Then it is up to the recipient to act upon that intuition. The thought or response one seems to get from the soul may not seem to have anything to do with the eventual goal one has stated as their desire. But it does have to do with setting in motion events aligned with divine timing. The soul sets up events, contacts, etc. like a line of dominoes. If we follow the intuition given in response to this question one event touches the next and the next as spirit is laying them in front of us.

Often I would follow my intuition to show up at a certain place at a certain time and when I arrived seemingly nothing of note would take place. I would leave disappointed. I learned after a while that the other person that was to have been there at the same time may not have been listening or may have chosen not to follow their intuition to show up at the appointed time. Everyone has free will; no trip is ever wasted. Sometimes it is as simple as our energies were needed at that particular place at that particular time. Our job is to fulfill the Universal Law of Participation by showing up.


In the beginning of my following spiritual guidance or my intuition I would always try to make it logical or at least make it make sense to my mind. I wanted spirit to be efficient. I wanted to be told exactly what to do, when, how, and why. I wanted no variables. Through the years I’ve learned that spirit is not efficient in the sense that they do not see that the closest distance between two points is a straight line. They would send me over here and then over there and then back over here. When I questioned the seeming inefficiency I was told it was “divine timing” or it was about the people I was to meet along the way. Through the years I have learned to try not to second-guess spirit as often. But I still argue or state conditions under which I would do certain things. We are expected to negotiate, to co-create with Spirit, not to be pawns or puppets.



When we enter a room people have a first impression about us by the way we are groomed, the way we dress, our posture and the look on our face. If this is pleasing and non-threatening the energies that move through us can affect the hearts of the people who look at us. If we present a less than pleasing appearance they will look away or look at us without open hearts and the energies we carry cannot be as easily delivered.

The tenth step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to learn to live harmlessly.

We must learn to understand the law of karma, to know that every action has a reaction, that every thought and action has a consequence. If we look at all others as parts of the whole, as parts of God, like ourselves, with the same doubts, fears and insecurities; we can treat them with kindness. We can forgive when they pull out in front of us in traffic, when they behave unconsciously, because in reality they are part of us. We can forgive them as we would a dear friend.



The eleventh step is to understand that the Bible is a divinely inspired historical record, which has been rewritten and altered many times, by people whose objective was to control Humanity through fear.

At the time of the meeting of the Nicene Council, the purpose of taking out references to reincarnation was to serve government and church authorities to keep Humankind in a state of fear and doubt about who we really are. The purpose was to keep us powerless and needy; to make us controllable.

What if we are extraterrestrials come to Earth as Humans to raise the vibration and consciousness of the Human species? What if Humans were created by a divine plan to be self-evolving by thought through various phases: Homo erectus, Neanderthal, Cave man, Cro-Magnon, Homo sapiens and now are evolving into a new species Homo novan or Homo universalis? What if each of these stages of evolution was aided by spiritual extraterrestrial intervention? What if the “the star that moved” to lead the wise men to the location of Jesus’ birth” was really “The Star of Bethlehem”, which is the name of Ashtar’s command ship. Ashtar is the name of the twelve-entity council of the Ashtar Command, which is the leader of the Intergalactic Federation. What if The Federation is made of up forty-seven different extraterrestrial civilizations attempting to assist Earth in her evolution into being a fifth dimensional planet? What if Jesus was only one of a series of beings that came to Earth to embody the Cosmic Christ Consciousness? What if He was just a man before his baptism, when the Christ Consciousness Ray entered His body and caused him to become Jesus the Christ? What if the Cosmic Christ Consciousness is a Ray of Energy coming from the Heart of God that can infuse us all? What if Jesus came to prove the ascension through His resurrection? What if the church and we have kept Him and ourselves on the cross instead of following His example to “do these things and more” ourselves, as he suggested?

What if Earth is already in the fourth dimension, but we haven’t noticed it because all of our molecules are speeding up simultaneously with those of the Earth and the clocks? What if there is no hell, but what was perceived as hell was the fourth dimension? What if the lake of fire the prophets saw were the energies of the fourth dimension: the energies of fear, greed, doubt, anger and raw sexuality? The energy colors of the first three chakras; red, orange and yellow, swirling together would look like a lake of fire. What if a person dies who does not raise their energy vibration while they are on the Earth, or develop an awareness of spirit, God or an after life; where would they be? They would be stuck in the fourth dimension surrounded my many other spirits in the same state of torment; they would be in “hell”, until rescued by Angels through our prayers and divine intervention. What if the reason we are experiencing such a rise in crime, anger, fear, rage and inhuman behavior on Earth at this time is because we are moving through the fourth dimension? What if we could change it through collective thought?

What if all the children born since 1985 are members of this new species the Homo universalis? What if they have a twelve-strand helix of the DNA and the Homo sapiens who are trying to educate them have a two-strand helix of the DNA? What if they have an etheric four-quadrant brain and the Homo sapiens, who are trying to teach them, have a two-hemisphere brain? What if this is the vibrational reason they can easily relate to TV, computers, computer games, electronic devices and animated cartoons, but not so well with people older than they are? What if this is why they are being diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder?

The twelfth step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to understand we are a part of a much larger organism.

What if this Universe revolves around a Great Central Sun at the center of the Milky Way? What if we are fueled energetically by the energies of our Galactic Sun, which is held in place by the energies of Helios and Vesta? What if there is another Great Central Sun energy at the central core of the Earth? What if there are twelve Universes making up an Omniverse? What if Earth is located in the Twelfth sector of space in the Twelfth Universe of this Omniverse? What if there is a Spiritual Hierarchy of spiritual beings, many of who are graduates of Earth, who orchestrate the workings of the Omniverse, this Universe, Earth and all the other planets and galaxies, in accordance with the Divine Plan of the Creator God? What if there is only one God Creator of all Universes? What if each planet and star system has a Planetary Lord? What if the Old and New Testaments were historical accounts of two Planetary Lords and not the Creator God of all Universes? Wouldn’t that explain God’s change in personality from the Old Testament to the New Testament? What if the Divine Plan is given down to the Angelic Realm, who pass it on to the Spiritual Hierarchy, who pass it down to the Intergalactic Federation, who pass it on to us Humans through soul intuition contact?

What if there are seventeen fifth dimensional inner Earth civilizations within Earth? What if they are spiritually advanced remnants of the Anasazi, Aztec, Incans, Toltec’s, Inuit, Piute, and other indigenous tribes of Earth?

What if many people on the Earth have agreed to hold the energies of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness on the Earth at this time? What if we are the Messiah everyone has been waiting for? What if no one person has the capability of holding the amount of Cosmic Christ Consciousness energy it will take to cause this evolution to be successful? What if it takes a group consciousness, a group Messiah and that you are a part of it? What if many teams of individuals have volunteered, from many Universes to incarnate at this time on Earth to carry the Cosmic Christ Consciousness energy?

Spiritual maturity involves being willing to remember. It means waking up from collective amnesia. It means accepting responsibility for ourselves and the state of the World.

The thirteen step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to agree to give up doubt and fear and to agree to be who we really are in the World.

To be authentically who we were created to be is the greatest gift we can offer God, ourselves and the World. In order to be authentic we must take time for introspection, to know ourselves, to learn and to live by our own truths, our own standards. We must give up fear and be willing to listen to the soul.

We must see that if we know who we are, as aspects of God, we have a foundation for our lives to be stable like a pyramid is stable if its foundation is firm. If we are in denial and our lives are based on what we “have”, instead of who we “are”, we are as out of balance as a pyramid standing on its point. We will need to attempt to stabilize our lives, shore them up with addictions, relationships, excuses, and possessions. When we get to the truth of who we are, we can stand on a firm foundation of that truth. From that point we can co-create the life we desire through cooperation with the soul. This life will feel stable, serene, fulfilling and happy. From the place of “being aspects of God working through these personalities” we can do the work we love. We can have the material possessions and relationships we desire. We can know God. We can be happy.


The first step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to watch what we are thinking, to practice self-scrutiny, self-appraisal, self-appreciation.

The second step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to take responsibility for those thoughts.

The third step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to realize that manifestation is fueled by feeling.

The fourth step to spiritual maturity and happiness is self honesty.

The fifth step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to realize you originate your feelings and you can therefore change them.

The sixth step to spiritual maturity and happiness is the understanding that the only constant in the World is change.

The seventh step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to realize we are placed on Earth to be co-creators with God, to be the architects of our own lives and heaven on Earth.

The eighth step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to understand that man made the concept of money, God did not.

The ninth step to spiritual maturity is faith born of knowing, not blind faith.

The tenth step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to learn to live harmlessly.

The twelfth step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to understand we are a part of a much larger organism. The thirteenth step to spiritual maturity and happiness is to agree to give up doubt and fear and to agree to be who we really are in the World.

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