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Namaste Newsletter April 2017



Namaste, Inc., P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123 – 405-773-5210 





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In my night work I have been assigned to recruit higher level soul aspects to over light Humans currently in body to reach the goal of shifting into the fifth dimension.  The goal set by the Hierarchy was to recruit one billion aspects to over light by the end of 2017.  The first wave was 2,500 on December 12, 2016 when the project began.  The second wave brought us to January 8, 2017 with 6,000,000 volunteers to that date.

It has grown weekly from then to:

Jan.10, 2017 – 6,391,000

Jan.11, 2017 – 6,963,000

Jan.23, 2017 – 9,627,000

Jan.27, 2017 – 10,765,000

Jan.29, 2017 – 12,964,000

Feb. 8, 2017 – 25, 963,000

Feb.11, 2017 – 26, 240,000

Feb.12, 2017 – 29, 267,000

Feb.14, 2017 – 31,946,210

Feb.16, 2017 – 32,675, 826

Feb.22, 2017 – 40,264,852

Feb.26, 2017 – 52,745,010

March 2, 2017 –  53,675,240

March 12, 2017 – 71,254,760

March 19, 2017 – 82,967,522

March 27, 2017 –  91,364,029

April 4, 2017 – 98,137,629


Saint Germain has reported to me that the soul aspects will be monitored to see what progress is made by each soul.  I was concerned that this monitoring would also be my job, but fortunately it has been assigned to another group.  He did say this morning: “You will not be required to maintain these aspects; your only responsibility was to make the request, explain the need and to record your request for distribution into all dimensions from 5th to 9th.  We are ahead of any projection we had established for this event and now feel our projection of one billion for this year was low and we now believe it would not be unrealistic to hold the vision for 3 to 5 billion souls to upgrade by December, 2017.  Our first projection involved one billion souls making the shift to the fifth dimension possible for Earth by the end of 2017. Adonai, Dear One.”

[The Earth is now in the fourth dimension headed for the fifth.  This information relates to the Hierarchy’s plan to arrange for more people to ascend with the Earth.]

“When a person first leaves their body through physical death they are grateful to find they still exist.  They become aware quickly that their thoughts create their reality and create instantly some pretty crazy and somewhat horrifying events.  They are met by masters or higher vibrational beings shortly after their arrival.  The being’s vibration when they left their body affects where they show up in their afterlife or, more accurately, their between life, because very few Humans develop and prepare themselves, while still in their bodies, not to have a need to return to Earth to further their commitment to their soul contract for that life.”

“They are taken to a way station and supported by Guardians to make decisions about what to explore while they are between Earth lives and what to study to better understand the Law of One before they commit to their next Human life.”

“Currently, now that the alternative Earth (Ploarus) is established and filled with life supporting atmosphere, plants, animals and minerals, only a few higher level beings will be qualified to reincarnate on the original Earth.  Most people leaving their Earth bodies now are only vibrationally qualified to reincarnate on the alternative third dimensional Earth to have an opportunity to learn Love and the Laws governing all things.”

“As the Earth ascends, those who qualify vibrationally to move with the Earth into the fifth dimension will be retained.  The “harvest” as it is called in upper dimensions is what has been previously referred to biblically as separating the wheat from the chaff.”

“Those soul aspects that you have convinced to descend from higher regions to help rescue more Humans who are, as we might say, on the border or the fence about doing the spiritual work to learn about truth and the spiritual Law will become escalated in their desire to seek truth and to raise their vibrations through meditation, exercise, nutrients, giving up addictions and their negative thoughts and intentions.”

“We are enthusiastic that this project will make a huge difference in speeding up the time line for the ascension of Earth.  Many will be able to ascend after their physical body death if they raise their vibrations now.  Many Humans that have been on the fence about committing to their soul’s path hopefully will wake up with the over lighting aspects coming in now. Adonai, Dear One.”


Channeling  3-26-17 from Saint Germain:

“Your focus on the afterlife of a Human or, more accurately, between lives of Humans is intensely important at this time because as the harvest proceeds more and more Humans will not be returning to Earth, so reincarnation as it has been experienced here-to-fore of the Human species will vary with a few returning to Earth as you know it and more moving to reside on the alternative Earth.  You might imagine that for the current Earth to take its rightful place within the galaxy war and violence cannot continue.”

“This harvesting of souls and relocation of souls unwilling to wake up will be progressive and will take years to be fully accomplished.  The pressures of higher vibrational soul aspects joining current Human bodies will, in a vibrational or energetic sense, force or enforce spiritual evolution.”

“The Earth and Humanity have gone as far as is allowed by spiritual Law before a cleansing can happen through cataclysmic events or through saturation of higher consciousness into Human forms.  The process of saturation has been chosen over cataclysmic events as much to protect the Earth from physical destruction by Human unconscious activity; i.e., war and violence. These actions must be transformed or transferred from Earth for Earth’s evolution to take place.   Earth’s transition into the fifth dimension is more vital than Human evolution on Earth; Human evolution can be reseeded on the alternative Earth. The Earth cannot withstand more violence and destruction and Earth’s evolution is vital to the evolution of your galaxy and the Universe.”

Channeling 3-27-17 from Saint Germain:

“The dimensions one through three are dimensions of duality and are progressive toward consciousness understanding the Law of One.  The fourth dimension is currently surrounding Earth, because of Earth needing to be encapsulated by the Ring Pass Not, installed to keep Human thought forms, negative behaviors and atomic explosions from negatively affecting other dimensions, is filled with various forms of life and conflicting energies.  Since your Earth has now raised its vibration to be in the fourth dimensional category of energy, the fear, war and violence has escalated like what was predicted as chaos before the years of peace on Earth.”

“As higher vibrational aspects return to Earth to join in the bodies of existing Humans, and with the help of the Sphere Alliance and the Blue Avians from the Intergalactic Federation who have descended into the Earth’s atmosphere to take part in clearing Earth’s atmosphere and the fourth dimension, the merger of higher and lower consciousness will be felt by Humans as mental chaos which can cause some physical chaos as deceptions are revealed within governments and religious organizations.”

“We feel that these methods which have been chosen by Source to implement this stage of evolution are the most humane choice for now.  We shall proceed with this and the further use of the Violet Flame of Transformation to ready Earth to take her rightful place within the galaxy of this Solar System.  Your assistance is noted and will be rewarded.  Adonai, Dear One.  I remain Saint Germain of the Violet Flame of Freedom and Transmutation.”

To learn more about the Sphere Alliance and the Blue Avians, check out Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV or Corey Goode’s blog on the Internet.

These are some photo of orbs taken by Elizabeth Photos of orbs by Elizabeth Augustine.


A group of women came to the center last week to paint rocks with love symbols and the words “you are loved” to leave in public places as part of the Abundant Love Project.  Check it out on Facebook or the Internet for Deb Delisi.  We had a great time painting and sharing our thoughts.  Plan to get a group together in your area.










Photos by Elizabeth Augustine

The Sphere Alliance together with the Blue Avians are two extra-terrestrial groups working to clean up the atmosphere of the Earth as we enter the fourth dimension.  Many people are seeing the orbs appear in their digital photos now.



We give thanks for all of you who support us and Namaste and the work we do with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Intergalactic Federation and Angels for Earth and Humanity.  In order for the Namaste Creativity Center to exist, we depend on your contributions.  Namaste, Inc. is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization.  It costs $3,000 per month to pay the rent and utilities.  The Namaste organization was created by the energy of the Master Jesus through me in 1984 for the purpose of spiritual education, spiritual travel, enhancing creativity and assisting in the evolution of the planet and all life on the Earth.  Your contributions are tax deductible, welcomed and gratefully accepted.  We appreciate all of you who regularly contribute to the work we do and the activities and teachings we offer.  We can accept gifts through Pay Pal, and credit cards.  You may send post-dated checks for the year in advance to be deposited on the date you indicate.  May you be richly blessed and rewarded a Have a wonderful, enlivening spring.

NAMASTE, bj King and Judi Rider


thousand-fold for your generosity.

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Morning and Evening Ritual & Clearing the energy in a hotel room

Morning Ritual  

The order of performing this ritual is important.  If you invoke your I AM PRESENCE without cleansing your body, mind and emotions you will intensify all that is in discord within you. 

First thing when we get out of bed it is useful to call forth the Violet Flame of Transformation to “cleanse and purify my mind, body, emotions, the World, my home and place of business of any discord, anger, fear and judgment.”  I find it useful to think of myself as standing in the Violet Flame.

After cleansing – ground yourself deliberately into the magnetic center of the Earth through your feet and the base of your spine.  Intend three bubbles of energy around your body for protection: one white twelve feet in all directions from your body, inside that at pink one eight feet surrounding your body, inside that a purple one four feet around your body.

Invoke your I AM PRESENCE to connect strongly to your heart and give permission for your I AM PRESENCE to give help during your day with ideas, suggestions, power and relief from fear or anxiety.  Our I AM PRESENCE is what causes our hearts to beat.  A larger portion of the I AM PRESENCE is above and outside our physical bodies.

Evening Ritual

Before retiring ask the Violet Flame of Transformation to work to further purify your body, mind, memory and emotions during sleep.


When it is necessary for you to stay in a hotel or motel it is important to cleanse the room when you first enter.  I clear the room by invoking the Violet Flame of Transformation of any psychic energy or impressions or negative energy or entities that might be left in the room from previous tenants.  So much sexual energy, fear, anger and discordant energies can be left in hotel and motel rooms.  After clearing ask to seal the room from all the energies in the rest of the structure.  Many lost souls seeking sexual energy hang out in hotels and motels.

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Namaste Newsletter Aug.-Sept. 2016

Namaste, Inc., P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123 – 405-773-5210


Namaste has been renting the home out of which we run the Namaste Creativity Retreat Center for fourteen years. I have always wanted to own the property myself but it never seemed possible. Obtaining a loan from a regular lender wasn’t possible since my income is $2,000 a month and my name is on my daughter’s mortgage. In recent months I have petitioned God to create a way for me to purchase the property and rent it to Namaste. With God all things are possible. A person was touched by her soul to volunteer to loan me the money and to carry the mortgage. The sale was closed on July 22, 2016. I have always taught that when we want to manifest something, especially something that seems impossible, that we should make an act of faith to show we really do desire the thing or the outcome. Before I knew for sure that the money would be offered I invested $6,000 in landscaping the backyard in a manner that now makes it possible for me to take care of it. I am very grateful to all of you who contributed to me personally to make this possible and to my friend who is loaning the money and trusting me.

I will be attending and presenting at the Visionaries of Light convergence hosted by Marilyn Harper with Adironnda & Company to be held in Westminster, CO, in the Denver area, on September 16-18th, 2016. The theme of the conference is I CAN DO ANYTHING.

The official convergence is 9am-6pm Friday and Saturday, September 16th & 17th, and 9am-4pm on Sunday, September 18th.

The pre event is an Excursion into the Native Roots to the Garden of the Gods on September 15 from 7:30am-5pm with transportation, lunch, Native dancers, channeling and more.

The hotel is the Westin Westminster Hotel in Westminster, Colorado.
ADDRESS -10600 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CO 80020

The hotel will sell out so please make your reservations early.

The Theme is “I Can Do Anything” to help ignite your dreams. On Saturday evening “Come as You’ll Be in 2020” and enjoy a concert. Thursday and Friday evening there will be workshops.

MARILYN HARPER | (417) 860-5432
A.K.A “the vessel” |
Adironnda & Company with Marilyn Harper

“The human race is a work in progress… love them through it.” ~ Adironnda

Get a FREE Weekly Dose of Love (Mon-Fri) from Adironnda!
Tune Into Visionaries in Light Radio on the 22nd of each month.
Join our Double Digit Monthly State of the Universe Message.
Visionaries in Light Convergence, Sept 15-18, 2016, Denver CO!

The week before the convergence, I will be at the Denver Spiritual Science Church to give a talk on Friday evening, September 9th and a workshop the afternoon of Saturday, September 10th. I will be available to do readings and activations during the day on September 11, 12, 13 and 14th. You may call my cell phone 405-824-5026 once I am in Colorado to make a personal appointment. The readings will be held at a different location.

Saint Germain is asking us to use the Ho’oponopono prayer with members of our government and candidates, as well as with the members of the fanatical religious groups and terrorists. We are also asked to surround all the candidates for public office in America with the Violet Flame in the coming months and to ask the Saturn Command to influence all the government officials of America to come into a state of integrity. It is appropriate to always invoke the Saturn Command energy into any situation where there is a need for integrity.
This simple prayer has been used to heal many criminally insane people in the past and Spirit says its use is our best hope to calm a lot of the potential for terrorism and the insanity between individuals vying for public office. These people are angry, feel they have been hurt and are afraid and confused. We are all part of One Humanity. What happens to one of us happens to all of us. What we think about others is a reflection of something inside us that needs to be healed. Our thoughts are creating part of the problems of the World and Humanity. Only we are responsible for watching and correcting our thoughts.

The Ho’oponopono prayer is:

I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you.

We may not like or agree with the candidates chosen to run for office to potentially run our government, but negative thinking is not the way to get a sane government. Holding a vision of leaders who have the highest good of Earth and Humanity in mind is our responsibility. Praying for and blessing those currently in office and those who may be the next leaders is our only hope of changing the future.


The spiritual Hierarchy has asked for our help to clean up the conditions on Earth and within Humanity by using various decrees and calling forth various energetic help from higher beings. First we acknowledge our own I AM Presence and we ask through that authority to call forth help for Earth and Humanity. When we do a decree it is important to use the power of three by saying certain key words three times. An example would be:

Beloved I AM Presence and Great Angelic Host, sweep, sweep, sweep throughout the Earth and Humanity the Ascended Masters’ Diamond Shining Fiery Christ Blue Lightning Presence of the Ascended Master’s Christ Annihilation and the Violet Flame of Transmutation to transmute:
All that is corrupt!

All that is filthy and evil!
All that is of dope and alcohol addiction!
All that is of negative political attitudes and events!
All that is of treason!
All that is of terrorism!
All that is of hate!
All that is of war!
All that is out of integrity!
All destructive music and sound!
All that desires to desecrate people and their freedom!
All that wants to destroy our youth!
All that wants to desecrate America!
Keep Blazing! Blazing! Blazing the Violet Flame of Transmutation
To transmute all evil from our Land!
Keep Blazing! Blazing! Blazing the Violet Flame of Transmutation
To transmute all that delays or interferes with perfection
Keep Blazing! Blazing! Blazing the Violet Flame of Transmutation
To transmute all lies, treachery, hate, deceit and false appearance!
Keep Blazing! Blazing! Blazing the Violet Flame of Transmutation
To transmute all violence from our Earth and Humanity!
Fill us and our Earth with the Ascended Masters’ Diamond Shining Christ Blue Lightning Presence, Obedience, Power, Force and Action! Send us Ascended Master Legions of Angels of Victory, Purity, Liberty, Security, Protection, Perfection, Freedom, Miracles, Control, Direction and Management of our Resources.
Keep, Keep, Keep us God Safe, supplied and free.

The Arch Angel Michael assures us that Legions of Angels of the Violet Flame, Legions of the Angels of Protection and Legions of the Angels of Peace are waiting for recognition and for being asked to assist. They will bring their Sacred Fire Love and move quickly into outer World conditions. They can fill the Earth and protect the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elementals as well as control them by their Sacred Fire Love. We can, through the authority of our I AM Presence, demand the Revealing Presence of the Angelic Host’s Sacred Fire Love to all Life.

There are untold Legions of Angels who have never embodied on any World, in any kind of substance except the Substance from the Great Central Sun. They do have visible, tangible bodies and substance in which they function, but they have never been through the experience of Life of Humankind of this World or any other planet. They are Beings wholly Divine, knowing only the use of the Sacred Fire Love to produce manifestation and to guard manifestation wherever They are called forth to assist Life anywhere. The Angelic Legions come under the direction of the Arch Angel Michael. He says that since Humankind needs the Sacred Fire of Angelic Love to correct what we have mis-created, the more we give them conscious recognition, the more we call on Them, the more we ask for Their Sacred Fire Love to come into our World, the greater will purity manifest through their assistance.
Saint Germain says we are to place our attention on our own I AM Presence with gratitude for our life, give it energy and love; by recognizing it, we are authorized to decree and demand help for ourselves, Humanity and the Earth. If we give recognition to our I AM Presence and demand that everything in our World be forced into Perfect Divine Balance, and hold our attention there, our I AM Presence is then free to pour forth Its Perfection to us without interruption and without delay.
Saint Germain says:
“When you understand that the first duty of the outer self is to pour Love and Gratitude to your I AM Presence and demand that it hold Perfect Balance, Divine Justice in all the energy of your mental and feeling world, then you open a door. You provide the condition by which the Presence coming through you Itself into outer action makes you a master of circumstance, makes you a victor over discord, makes you the Illumination that consumes the shadows and takes you forward with Eternal happiness to bless the rest of the Universe.”
“The outer World is in such chaos that somebody, sometime, somewhere must pour into Earth the Sacred Fire from the Ascended Master Octave in order to rebalance the energy and substance in the physical affairs of Humankind. No unascended being or all put together can solve the problems of Earth today. Only the Conscious Understanding of this Law and the Adoration, Love and Obedience to the I AM Presence and the Ascended Host can ever bring into Earth the Sacred Fire that purifies all substance and energy so it flows into Perfect Balance once again and reveals the Perfection that is the Divine Plan for all in this World.”
“You are to turn your attention to Cause (God), connect with it consciously, and then make yourself an open door through which Source can pour into you that for which you are asking. There is no power in Heaven or Earth to give you what you desire in this physical World of things unless you understand the Law by which you can attain it, which is gratitude to your Source. When every barrier of doubt of your Source is removed from your feeling world, you can ask for anything which is to your highest good and it will be granted. The only thing that stands between you and the Limitless Perfection of the Ascended Masters are the rates of vibration in your feeling world, in your emotional body, which is but the doubt of the Human intellect that Life is great enough to fulfill your every constructive call instantly at your request. Remember, the I AM of you is your Life. If you insist on keeping your own thoughts and feelings occupied with the troubles and discordant conditions of the World around you, the Ascended Masters and your I AM Presence recede. As soon as you clear out the discord of the outer World thoughts and hold your attention on your I AM Presence and the Ascended Masters, they will pour through you their feelings, their consciousness, their gratitude and their eternally sustained happiness.”
“When you eat your meals, charge everything in your meal with happiness and gratitude. Give praise and thanks to your I AM Presence that you have food and that you are living in a country where it is possible to even be reasonably at peace. Then make the call to Source that everything good that you have for your meal is charged with happiness and gratitude and ask that every Human being on the face of the Earth shall be charged with the same happiness and that each day it will be increased with a Power of a Thousand Suns.”
“On the way to work charge yourself with happiness and gratitude to everyone who enables you to have employment. When you enter into your business, actively charge your employers, customers and co-workers with the energy of happiness and gratitude. This will allow them to all cooperate with you and each other.”
“Gratitude is the Golden Key by which you can open the floodgates of the Universe to the supply of every good thing your heart desires.”
Kauai was as beautiful as usual. I did lots of paintings. It rained every day and evening and kept the weather comfortable. People do not air condition. They depend on the breeze. The Rays were all increased by 29% across the board.

We give thanks for all of you who support us and Namaste and the work we do with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Intergalactic Federation and Angels. In order for the Namaste Creativity Center to exist, we depend on your contributions. Namaste, Inc. is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization. It costs $3,000 per month to pay the rent and utilities. The Namaste organization was created by the energy of the Master Jesus through me in 1984 for the purpose of spiritual education, spiritual travel, enhancing creativity and assisting in the evolution of the planet and all life on the Earth. Your contributions are tax deductible, welcomed and gratefully accepted. We appreciate all of you who regularly contribute to the work we do and the activities and teachings we offer. We can accept gifts through Pay Pal, and credit cards. You may send post-dated checks for the year in advance to be deposited on the date you indicate. May you be richly blessed and rewarded a thousand-fold for your generosity.
bj King and Judi Rider

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Saint Germain’s post for the day

Begin again — what we all do every day. Every day the same amount of time is allotted to every person. How you choose to spend it is your choice. Serving your soul is a good choice. Taking care of your body is a good choice. Free will gives you the right to choose. Choose well. Adonai, Saint Germain of the Violet Flame of Freedom and Transformation.

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Inner Earth Beings

By bj King
In 1990 I attended a conference in Ashland, OR for communication between Humans and other species of life. There I met other people who had made telepathic connections with beings from other planets, star systems and inner Earth. I was familiar with communicating with extra-terrestrial beings from other planets and with inner Earth civilizations. I have had several experiences with the Inner Earth Civilizations. The following is a description of some such visits.
September 2, 1990 4:2 a.m.
I was awakened by an unfamiliar consciousness. This consciousness was very loving and benign. It began to telepathically speak to me.
“We of the Ishan people wish to speak to the people of outer Earth concerning the potential of war.
“The arousal of emotions of the Middle Eastern people to the injustices of Humanity, as they see it, will bring about the potential for nuclear war and the annihilation of the Human species.
“As you watched last evening in the predictions of Nostradamus the time has arrived, slightly prematurely to his predictions due to the speeding up of time in your galaxy by the fold in time which took place in November of 1989.
“The issue of war concerns us all, those of inner and outer Earth; many lives which will be lost to Human bodies. Those of your species who will make their transition due to the war will affect us also.
“The inner and outer areas of Earth are much more energetically connected than most of you realize.”
My story begins in the Great Kiva in Aztec, NM. I traveled with three other women who are also known members of the Sisterhood of the Shield and we were traveling to Aztec, NM on a spiritual quest. We came in contact with a source of power which drew us into the inner realms of Earth. We were met at a doorway between the dimensions by one known as Aarian Tulo. The being was just under six feet tall with bluish skin, translucent almost to the bone due to her inner light. All vital organs appeared to be visible to us. I was reminded of a Gray’s anatomy chart. Her eyes were large, wide set and of a bluish-green or aqua color, similar to the Indian turquoise of the New Mexico area.
She greeted us with the raising of the right hand, palm facing us directly, a fist was then formed and brought across the heart and she extended her palm upward. (I was familiar with this greeting from members of the Intergalactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy usually accompanied by the word Adonai.) We returned the greeting as naturally as if we knew this level of communication from the level of our souls. We began to smile and began to feel more at ease. Her energy caused us to feel a strange feeling of happiness, joy, elation and sadness and our eyes filled with tears. Tears spilled down our faces and onto the robes which Aarian Tulo had handed each of us when we entered the tunnel. She had suggested that we wear the robes while in the inner area. We had taken off our outer Earth garments, folded them neatly and laid them on rocks near the entrance to the tunnel, which led back to outer Earth. The tears happened as if coming in contact with the material itself had triggered a memory in our souls.
The fabric was gossamer, silken and yet not translucent, the blue of a Robin’s egg in color. When we had donned the robes Aarian Tulo gestured for us to move forward. The gesture was accompanied by a tinkling sound reminiscent of the sound of Tinker Bell in the story of Peter Pan. The sound itself evoked more joy from our souls as we became aware of the telepathic communication now possible between Aarian Tulo and ourselves. The ability to communicate with her seemed to be ignited by the sound.
“Welcome to the realms of inner Earth. We will walk this way to the home of my people,” her voice was as melodic whispers coming almost from within our own minds, from us to us, inviting us to join her on what would be for us a spiritual journey into the inner recess of ourselves as well as the inner Earth.
As we walked we noticed the easiness of our steps as if our bodies were lighter somehow than they had been on the surface of Earth. As each of us had a question, thought or observation Aarian Tulo would respond through telepathy without pausing in our walking.
“You may feel a bit giddy and light-headed at first until your breathing systems adjust to our atmosphere which is a bit different from yours. Also your body weight will be more the consistency you would have if you were suspended under water. You will find movement less difficult and more rewarding. You are no longer affected by the outer Earth’s gravitational field, but your density will be in relation to the pull of the Earth’s inner core or what we refer to as the Great Central Sun,” her thoughts transferred easily into our minds.
We were also aware the passageway through which we made our way was filled with diffused light in a different manner than electric lights. The light seemed to emanate from our bodies or possibly from the robes we now wore.
“The light is of a surface quality coming from the garments you wear. Later when your vibrations are raised by letting go of mass consciousness thought and restrictions, your bodies will glow in the same ways as you experience your garments now glowing,” she communicated.
The walls of the tunnel were a light sandstone color, but with the consistency of hard caliche. The path was fairly smooth and easy to negotiate even in the diffused light.
Our excitement caused the adrenaline in our bodies to work overtime, pumping extra oxygen to our brains.
We walked single file as the tunnel was fairly narrow. Aarian Tulo led us and I remained at the rear of the group. Only once did I turn to look back for the opening through which we had entered this unknown realm. The tunnel was darkening behind us as our light presences seemed to light only the area about six feet from our bodies.
My thoughts ran to, “Will we return? If so, when? Will we be allowed to return? Will we want to return? What will we find down here? Will we be as welcome by Aarian Tulo’s people as we are by her?”
“Yes, you will return when you are ready. Your souls have asked for you to have this experience. My people will welcome you as I have with opened arms and hearts,” Aarian Tulo responded telepathically to my thoughts.
I became suddenly aware that I should monitor my thoughts carefully since she could hear or read everything going on in my mind.
“Do not worry so much about monitoring your thoughts. My people will be very understanding about your curiosity and your negative thinking. You will quickly exchange your negative mass consciousness thoughts for the vibrations of more positive thought carried by my people.” Her awareness continued to come almost simultaneously with my thought questions.
Aadrian Tulo introduced us to a being named Bishan, one of the Elders of her people. He spoke to us about their civilization.
“The radiation from the Sun strikes the Earth’s core through magnetic polarity. The infusion of Light comes from the Great Central Sun at the Earth’s core, combined with the radiation of the reflection of this force by that which is known as the Earth’s Sun or the outer Sun. The mediation of this force is what causes the gravitational force field of the Earth and the magnetic polarities of the North and South poles which is what keeps Earth in orbit around the outer Sun. If anything were to disturb this balance of force, such as the planetary alignment explained to you previously, which will take place in December 1990 the Earth would begin to wobble and the orbital frequency would be altered to such an extent that most of the Earth’s population, Human, plant and animal, would not survive.
“Due to the concern of the numbers of individuals who have awakened during the past five years, a special dispensation has been given to the Spiritual Hierarchy to intervene in this alignment. The Hierarchy has called upon the alliance of the Interplanetary Federation and the Inner Earth Dweller Civilizations for assistance.
“The dispensation was granted by the Source of Earth eleven years ago the 12th of December. From that time until this the Space Federation and the Hierarchy have been working together to formulate and coordinate the plan which is now being implemented through the magnetically charge shields which were set in place on August 6th, while you were in Devil’s Tower Wyoming.
“Two years ago, during the yearly conclave of the Ascended Masters, the call went forth to the Inner Earth Dwellers Civilizations for assistance. The first call was answered by the Ishan people. They were the first of the thirteen groups to answer the call for help. They were also intermediaries between the Spiritual Hierarchy and the other twelve civilizations.
Peru – Takla Makan
Southwestern U.S. – Ishan
Northern California – Telos
California and Nevada – Pyute
Ireland – Mohare
France – Gluque
Israel – Nephesh
Egypt – Megiddo
Many places – Nephites
Romania – Ur
Mandal Mountain Mongolia –Ghunkahar
Shimaya- ?
Elkenese – Insect/Human hybrids
Dracon-Martian remnants
Ma Par – Majorca, Spain
Fideles -?
Eckzan or Xzan – shorter people with long arms and are
ape-shaped except with no body hair
“The Inner Earth Civilizations have for eons remained neutral in the various wars which have raged on and off the Earth, primarily choosing peace. However, the beginning of the testing of the atomic devices in the fifties quickly got our attention and it became quite clear to us that we could no longer afford to ignore the people of outer Earth and their war games and destructive attitudes.
“When Admiral Byrd visited the Inner Earth civilization through the North Pole, his plane was deliberately directed or sucked in, because he had expressed a desire to know; he was not believed. The stories he told and the journals he wrote were so foreign and preposterous to the common thought of the majority that his writings were taken as the ravings of a man gone berserk and no further explorers were sent to explore the possibilities of the truth of the existence of our civilizations.
“The energies which cause your tides and the force of your oceans’ powers come from this magnetic attraction and repulsion in combination between the Inner and Outer Earth Suns and the gravitation force fields of the Moon.”
“Moriah is the name of your Inner Earth counterpart. You will meet her in the flesh, so to speak, later in this incarnation.
“Listen to us brothers
You sisters too.
We have the answers
For us and for you.
Adonai, Bishan”
On another trip we encountered the Gluque while traveling in France. We were not taken below, but only conversed with them telepathically and they were pleased that we acknowledged their existence. We encountered the Megiddo in Egypt the same way. We were not taken below, but acknowledged their existence and were warmly welcomed. In Ireland, while sitting on the cliffs of Mohare we exchanged greetings with the Mohare. During the months I lived in Mt. Shasta I became aware of the Telos who seemed to be well known by some of the residents of Mt. Shasta Village.
Traveling alone once just south of Sedona, AZ while meditating at Montezuma’s castle I was approached by a light being who invited me to enter the Ishan civilization from that portal. The Ishan civilization runs from just south of Sedona to Mesa Verde. She had the same countenance as the one we had met near Aztec, NM. The first time that one sees them and their transparent bodies, shaped like Humans, but with almost see through bodies it is a little off putting and difficult not to stare. Their community was tropic like with trees and water falls and streams. The air was moist and was visible with a pink, purple, blue hue. Her name was Itzi.
In the late 1980’s when the shields previously installed did not seem to be going to keep the Earth from shifting, so the Hierarchy asked me to travel to the Yucatan with two other people to anchor a City of Light over the equator to keep the Earth from shifting and washing everyone off. We stood on top of all the pyramids in Mexico, and Guatemala to accomplish the anchoring. Two weeks later we were asked to go to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming to create a transmitting and receiving station within the basalt formation for the purpose of easier communication between the inner terrestrial and extra-terrestrial civilizations. This is the formation you would have seen in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
At another time, a client called for a reading before making a trip to take a group of people to Pyramid Lake in Nevada. During the reading we were told by her soul that she would be in contact with an extra-terrestrial civilization and an inner terrestrial civilization as well as a terrestrial civilization of Pyute and that the area under Pyramid Lake is inhabited by the inner terrestrial Piaute. When my friend arrived at the Lake area she learned that it was on a Piute Indian reservation and she visited with Piute Indians running the gift shop. The three groups each spell their name differently, but pronounce it the same.

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I choose to encourage rather than criticize.

Truth transforms us. Spiritual growth is the process of replacing lies with truth.

To change our lives we must change the way we think. Behind everything we do is thought. Every behavior is motivated by a believe and every action is prompted by an attitude.

Researching, reading, receiving, remembering and reflecting the Truth are useless if we fail to put what we’ve learned into practice.

Impression or inspiration without expression causes depression.

Every problem is a character-building opportunity. What happens outwardly in our lives is not as important as what happens inside us.

While we concern ourselves with how fast we grow spiritually, our souls are concerned with how STRONG we grow in faith.

We will never know that God is all we need until God is all we have left.

Everything that happens to us has a spiritual significance.

Change always starts first in our minds. The way we think determines the way we feel, and the way we feel influences the way we act.

Will power can produce short-term change, but it creates constant internal stress because we haven’t dealt with the root cause.

Longing for the ideal while criticizing the real is evidence of our immaturity. On the other hand, settling for the real without striving for the ideal is complacency. Maturity is living with the tension between where we are and where we desire to be in a calm state.

People don’t care what we know until they know that we care.

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Food Blessing/Grace


Little do people realize the value of energetically blessing their food and deliberately mentally raising the vibration of the food higher than the current vibration of their bodies and neutralizing any contaminates in their food. This is especially important if you did not prepare the food or if you do not know who prepared the food.

Below is a suggested grace to use before eating.
“We thank the Devas who create the plants, animals and minerals for our food. We deliberately raise the vibration of this food higher than the current vibration of our bodies and neutralize any contaminates present in this food. We will use this food to the nourishment of our bodies and our bodies to fulfill the Divine Plan of the Creator and our souls.”

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Precipitation Meditation


I deliberately seal this room on the north, south, east and west. I seal the ceiling and the floor against any negative influence or entity. I deliberately fill this room with the blue light of protection.
I call forth and ask for the assistance of the Master Saint Germain and the Violet Flame of Transmutation. I ask the Violet Flame to move through my body and consciousness to transmute any beliefs I hold in limitation or doubt of my abilities to manifest my true heart’s desires.
I call on the Law of Forgiveness to forgive all my mistakes, discord, problems, and limitations, and also those of all Humankind.
Breathing deeply I feel my emotions calming. I feel serene. I feel myself at one with God, at one with the Universe.
I decree: I consciously enter and abide within the Heart of the Sacred Fire—the true center of my Being.
I AM the Presence of God within the Heart of the Sacred Fire and I speak and command with authority.
I AM vested with the Power of the Three times Three.
I AM vested with the Power of Transmutation.
I AM vested with the Power of Precipitation.
I AM vested with the Power of Levitation.
I invoke the assistance of the Elemental Kingdom and the energy of Mercury to speed my manifestation.
“LET THERE BE LIGHT, I call forth a cloud of undefined infinite energy into a diameter of nine feet around me to intensify my energy field.”
I now design a mental matrix of what I desire to precipitate. I see the size, color, proportions, substance, density and details of my desire.
I state where I wish the manifestation to appear.
I ask the Universal Mind to install within the vision of my desire the correct chemical formula for what I desire to create. I visualize the perfection of my design and ask God to correct and perfect any details I have omitted in my design.
15. In the Name of the Presence of God which “I AM” – through the Magnetic Power of the Sacred Fire vested in me I command the appearance of my desire manifested through the Divine Right Action of God now. When you have the visualization clear in your mind state, “IT IS FINISHED! Not my will, but God’s will be done.” And thereby release the design to the Elementals and the Builders of Form.
Concentration and perseverance are important. Don’t give up.

bj King, Namaste, Inc. P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK 73123
405-773-5210 – Website: Blog:

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Symptoms of Evolution



By bj King


Each time Humans have made scientifically unexplainable evolutionary quantum leaps such as from Homo erectus, Cave Man to Cro-Magnon, to Homo sapiens it has been as a result of extraterrestrial assistance.  Each time it has been time in the Divine Plan for Humans to evolve God has sent Emissaries of Light to merge with Humans to cause a hybrid species.  Humans are now in such a phase of evolution, evolving from Homo sapiens to Homo universalis.   Each time various groups of souls have volunteered to come to Earth to hold larger and larger amounts of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness energies for the collective of Humanity and to thereby speed up human evolution, this extraterrestrial inbreeding has caused mutation of the Human DNA.


This evolution requires tremendous changes to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  This current process of evolution is greater than any other single jump in evolution previously taken by our species.  It is greater than the total of all previous lifetimes on this planet.  Our bodies are suffering during this evolution.  They will suffer even more drastically if we do not become consciously aware that this evolution is taking place and that we can co-create this evolution consciously.  We are designed to be a self-evolving species; we can consciously participate.


When we take a look at history, it does not seem that each generation has seen itself as a continuous part of Human evolution.  We talk about the Revolutions, the Ages; Caveman, Cro-Magnon man, the Bronze Age, the Industrial Age, and now the Computer Age or the Information Age, but we do not acknowledge human’s co-creation of these Ages, nor the assistance we have received from the Creators to make these evolutionary jumps.  Obviously the ideas for the automobile, the printing press, electric lights, sewing machines, photo copiers, lasers, microwaves, cell phones and computers were gifts to us from higher consciousness to help us deal with the speeding up of the energies of Earth.

In this, the Information Age, we are all being bombarded with more written and verbalized information than we can cope with, file, assimilate, integrate or disseminate to others. This Age is taking us to a point of mental and emotional chaos.  This energetic and informational overwhelm is actually a gift, because it force us into our emotions and into confronting that which we have created: chaos – chaos for ourselves and for the Earth.  Scientists are now looking to find order even in the chaos.


For eons, Earth’s systems have been condensing into matter.  We have now turned a corner cosmically into our systems moving back toward Source, spirit and non-physicality.  A massive planetary shift is taking place.  All of Earth’s systems and occupants are becoming less physically dense.  Our systems do not understand this change either physically, psychologically, mentally or emotionally.  The Spiritual Hierarchy has begun removing the veils, which made it possible for us to believe in our separation from spirit and from God.  More light is being intentionally beamed at Earth and as those veils are lifted, more light reaches the Earth.  As these veils are lifted we experience more knowingness, more love, and we suspect, more graphically, that we are part of Oneness, that all life is symbiotic.


We are receiving much help from our brothers and sister in other dimensions and from other systems, as well as from the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Angelic Kingdom.  In order to more personally understand our own evolution, we must however, ask our souls for insights and personal direction, personal meaning.  This evolution is not happening against our free will.  We agreed to this process before entering the Earth plane.  We agreed to come into a system, which allows fear, pain, suffering, denial, separation, abandonment, death and destruction.  At the core of ourselves we feel abandoned.  The only way to overcome this abandonment feeling is to reconnect consciously to our souls, to actually experience the help that is available to us.


We agreed to come into the system and to forget who we truly are, in order to fully experience the system and what it is to be fully human.  Then we agreed to begin to remember who we truly are and to bring the “system” – to evolve the system – into a new form.  We agreed to “be” the evolution, which transmutes the patterns of distortion, fear and greed.  This transmutation is taking place in every cell of our bodies.  The information was encoded into our DNA prior to our embodiment.  The energies, which are now coming onto the Earth, are activating these encoded memories.  Others who have come onto the planet more recently have brought with them keys and DNA codes, which help to unlock our own.  When we encounter them, we know something has happened to us.  We may or may not recognize this as a DNA change.  We are each changing at different rates.  We each have different functions and designs.  It is inappropriate for us to compare ourselves with others.  It is totally appropriate for us to communicate with our souls to learn what we, personally, are supposed to be doing to evolve the planet and ourselves.


There is a “quickening” taking place.  These changes directly affect all our bodies.  Our physical body is a direct outward manifestation of our ether or our energy bodies.  Our ether bodies are vibrating at a faster rate.  Our physical bodies are trying to catch up and seemingly failing miserably.  Our bodies, our blood, our glandular systems, our nervous systems, our skin, our muscles and all our organs are trying to maintain stable conditions with this tremendous influx of energy.  They are in a state of overload and confusion.


The infusions of energy are requiring that our souls completely rewire our bodies and nervous systems.  Our endocrine systems and organs are, of necessity, being totally reconstructed.  These changes are causing many physical emotional and psychological symptoms.  Due to the changes, the bodies are in a constant state of “fight or flight”, total adrenalin overload.  Our bodies require totally different diets, vitamin supplements and in many cases, hormonal and thyroid supplements.


The only way to know what we need nutritionally is to tune in to our bodies, our souls and ask for guidance.  Each person’s needs will be different, however it is a fact that the energies, which are now pouring through our bodies are burning up the calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron.


Spirit has indicated that the in gestation of the grain Quinoa will do much to make it possible for our cells to hold more light.  This grain is grown in the highest elevations of the Andes and is available in health food stores.  It has very little taste, but can be mixed with other foods.  I cook it with stir-fried onions, carrots, garlic and celery with a little cumin added, which gives it a wonderful flavor. The enzymic reaction of grated carrots, mixed with pineapple and raisins is beneficial to strengthen our cell walls to hold more light.  Drinking cocoanut juice and eating mangos is also recommended for the same purpose.


Our way of coping with so much energy and tremendous volumes of information, knowledge and sound bombardment has been to turn to specialization.  Yet specialization causes separation.  We separate ourselves from others to lessen the inflow of information and stimulus.  Most people do not know why they are feeling fear or are running away from relationships.  Avoidance, running away, is our only known way of coping.  The Earth and we are floating in a vat filled with the energies of negative thoughts and emotions.  We are in the midst of the fourth dimension.  The fourth dimension is filled with all the negative thought forms ever projected by Humanity.  This is why many are feeling free-floating anxiety and non-specific fear.  We are used to being able to fall back on our knowledge of Universal Law as it affects the third dimension.  We still believe if we work longer and faster we will be able to keep up with our lives.  We do not, as yet, understand how Universal Law affects the fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies with which we are now subjected.   Those who have been operating empathically are the most negatively effected by these changes.  Those of us who are open and have developed our sensitivity, if we are still operating empathically, are feeling the most pain and effects from this collective negative bombardment.  This is driving many sensitive people to commit suicide, live on drugs, alcohol and other addictive substances.  Unless we understand these energy dynamics, we will have a tendency to over-indulge in smoking, food and sex to try to ground ourselves and feel in our bodies.


We are feeling chaos and ungroundedness because the vibrations of Earth and Humanity are being continually speeded up.  These energies are being deliberately sent to Earth by the Source through the Rays and the Spiritual Hierarchy in order to speed up the evolution of Earth and of Humanity.  Earth is moving into the fifth dimension.  Humans may go with her by raising their vibrations or they may leave the planet.  That is the choice we are given.  The Earth will evolve with or without us.  This is the first time in Earth’s history that this type of vibrational change has been accomplished while the planet has been inhabited.  This experiment has attracted the attention of 47 different civilizations beyond Earth and these civilizations, who are members of the Intergalactic Federation, are moving close to Earth to assist Earth and Humanity in this evolutionary jump.  They are not visible to us because they operate in a higher dimension, only occasionally do they allow their ships to be seen by Humans.


It is time for us to realize we can actively assist in the evolution, because we ARE the evolution of Humanity.  Very few individuals understand this and are consciously participating in this evolution.  It is time for us to become conscious that we are co-creators of our species.  It is time for us to consciously participate, and to work in concert with the Creators of our planet and our species to bring us and the Earth into alignment with the Divine Plan.


The problems we have created on the planet can become a gift, not just a challenge, if we change our attitudes and our focus.  If we turn our focus within ourselves to our “heart knowing” this chaos can be our greatest gift, if it can successfully force us to seek communication with the Creator, learn “The Plan” and take advice from our souls to heal both ourselves and the Earth.  We can learn to consciously evolve the Earth, the Human species and ourselves as we were designed to do.


Many of us are experiencing the physical symptoms of intense cravings for certain food, many of which we may not normally eat, unexplained weight gain or loss, sluggishness, altered sleep patterns, having huge appetite one day and none the next, sleeping more hours than usual, having to take naps, or feeling we need almost no sleep at all.  Many of us are feeling periodically more tired and fatigued than usual without having exerted physical effort.  The exhaustion comes on for no apparent reason.  Exhaustion is explainable if we recognize that every cell of our bodies is changing.  We are remodeling and rebuilding our entire design.  When the exhaustion hits, it is important to acknowledge what is happening – to rest, read, watch calming movies, spend as much time as possible in or near water and nature, garden and communicate with the Devic Kingdom, Devas are Angels who are responsible for all animal, plant and mineral life on Earth.  It is recommended that we drink huge quantities of water.  Seek the help of body workers, massage, neuromuscular therapy, connective tissue work, chiropractic adjustments, osteopathic assistance, flower and gem essence therapy, homeopathic, naturopathic and acupuncture – all can be helpful.  To live comfortably during this time we must honor what is taking place in our bodies and with the species and live in alignment with the evolution.


Psychologically we are more apt to feel tense, irritable, angry and out of sync, disjointed from what is going on around us or from the demands, which are placed upon us by jobs, family and society.  We are likely to periodically experience flu-like symptoms: muscle aches, headaches, feeling intense heat and cold within our bodies, non-specific aches and pains, sinusitis, congestion and feelings of toxicity.  Sudden shooting pains in the head and eyes, ringing in the ears, mood swings are all symptoms of our bodies trying to constantly adjust to the energy.  The energies are sent up and down the spine and distributed into the body through currently known energy pathways.  If one of our pathways is weak, we will feel the symptoms of this organ of the body failing.  Our skin may react by stinging, prickling or burning, as we experience circulation restriction and increased flow alternately.  This increased change in the amount and type of energy moving through the head and into the body may also cause brain swelling.  It is important to see someone who does Cranio Sacral adjustments.  If the plates of the skull are allowed to become rigid, headaches will occur.  If the sutures between the bones of the skull are loosened, through Cranio Sacral adjustments, the brain can expand and contract without causing pain.  When we experience any of these symptoms it may become necessary for us to seek the assistance from competent energy balancers.  There are many systems and methods, which have been given by Spirit to assist us with these energy transitions.   Once we begin to transmute our own energies and systems, we will be used to transmute a portion of the energies for the collective.  As willing participants we have, prior to incarnation, agreed to serve as vessels of transmutation.  This process may be VERY difficult for us physically, emotionally and psychologically.  We may feel we have dealt with a situation only to find it reoccurring in our lives.  It is important to remember we are doing it for the collective.  (This is a time when systems such as the CELLULAR RELEASE PROCESS CD is available from Namaste, Inc. for $20.00, plus $5.00 shipping can be invaluable to us.)  Each of us, because of our uniqueness and the uniqueness of the assignments that we agreed to (which we often do not remember), will be processing for different parts of the collective.  We must honor our uniqueness. DISCERNMENT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! When medical assistance is required, seek it.  Medicine is as much a miracle as organic measures.  Many times it is totally necessary and appropriate to seek medical intervention.  Fortunately there are some physicians now available who recognize there is an energy shift taking place.  Ask around, and find a physician in your area who is aware and competent to assist you.


Many people are experiencing interfering energies.  It is important to recognize that possession and interference by disembodied astral entities does exist, especially now that we are in the midst of the fourth dimension, which has previously been known by Christians as hell.  We are living in a dimension previously only inhabited by beings who are without physical bodies and with not enough energy to make it into the Light, or what we think of as the fifth dimension, what Christians think of as Heaven.  You have the authority to call upon the Archangel Michael and the Band of Mercy to take any invading energies and entities into the Light that they may continue to grow and prosper and to not continue to interfere with evolution.


Extreme doubt, fear, addictions, mental and emotional confusion are symptomatic of interference by astral energies.  These entities encourage conflict, fear, anger, and increased sexual energies, because these are the energies they need to continue to exist.  They are particularly attracted to persons who are weak or already addicted to some substance or behavior.  They are dead and cannot feed their addiction without attaching themselves to the body of someone who is practicing their drug or behavior of choice.  If you believe you or someone you know is suffering from possession or periodic interference from astral entities call forth the Archangel Michael and the Band of Mercy, never get into a direct conflict with a possessing or interfering entity.


Emotionally and psychologically, many of us are experiencing alternating symptoms of density and sudden feelings of lightness in our bodies and emotions; manic-depressive symptoms; feelings of bloatedness, no matter what we eat.  Mentally, sometimes in the middle of a sentence, we forget what we were trying to express.  We seem to be experiencing memory loss.  As we change, it becomes more difficult to reference the past.  In fact, all useless data is being erased from our memories.  We are being forced energetically to operate only in the NOW.  Our past reality was based on our beliefs and our experiences.  As these are being erased, we are forced to base our reality on what we “know” in the moment.


If we focus our energies on what is dying, we only prolong the inevitable and increase the chaos. Our souls presume we are concentrating on what we want. The Universe increases that which is given mental and emotional energy by us. It is time to take our eyes off the drama and the chaos and to turn within, where the answers lie.  When we listen within, we know what is “ours to do”.  We cease to feel overwhelmed by the collective chaos.  Each of us has a specific part to play in the creation and the solving of the problems we have created for Earth.  No one group or person can solve the problems we have collectively created.  It is time to hold a collective vision.  It is time for us to concentrate not on the problems, but on the solutions, to concentrate on how we desire life on Earth to be.  When we do this the Universe then has an image of what we wish to see created and energized.


If we listen to the voice of the media, we see chaos in World affairs, disputes, killing, war and violence.  We are creatures who wish to be able to have World interest, World involvement, peace of mind, prosperity and comfortable lives simultaneously.  This is only possible, if we begin and end by listening within.  We are multi-dimensional beings.  We must listen to all of our selves.  It is important to mentally form a committee of our ego, our inner child, our spirit and all levels of our Oversouls and to get a report from all our selves, before we, as Chairman of the Board, make all of our daily decisions of action.  If we listen to the media, we cannot solve our situation, either personally or collectively.  The media is invested in keeping us in a state of fear and need.  Our bodies and minds need periods of silence from the overabundance of stimulation.  Physical exercise is extremely helpful, especially stretching movements such as yoga and dance.


It is recommended by spirit that we do not ask to hear or see our answers, but that we ask to know.   Asking our souls the question:  WHAT IS THE NEXT SINGLE THING FOR ME TO DO OR KNOW FOR ME TO BE IN A STATE OF DIVINE GRACE?  We will receive an answer.  If we turn within and expect to have the answers, we will know what is “ours to do”.  We may not hear an actual voice, but we can begin by trusting our intuition.  Energetically we will know which of the pieces of information we are exposed to, is ours to retain, and we will know which is ours to pass on.  We will know what to avoid, and we will know what to let pass us by as unworthy of our time, or “not ours to do.”  We can then rest in the peace that at any given time we can turn within and “know” what to do in any given situation, whether that situation be a job change, where to live or with whom to have a relationship.  If we pay attention to our intuition, it will also let us know what movies to see, what TV programs to watch, what books to read, what to read in the newspapers, and what periodicals to take.  We can begin to trust that we will always know all that we need to know, at any given time.  We can give up concern about what parts of the Earth are going to survive the changes.  Where will be the safe places to live?  How much food should we store? Etc.  We can truly trust that at the time we need to know, we will know everything we need to know, to fulfill our part of the Plan.  No one “makes” us, we “make” ourselves.


We need not fear others, because what they say or think about us can only hurt if we do not have the security of knowing, within ourselves, who we are and what we choose to be.  When we choose to be responsible for ourselves peace will reign within us.  Peace is a conscious choice.  Peace is the absence of fear.  We must be responsible for our own creations, what lies in our own individual worlds.  When we each choose peace, then and only then will there be peace on Earth.  We are in control of evolution.  We are not here merely to survive.  We are here to evolve.  We contain the seeds of the new civilization, the new species.  Joy, love and hope are energies we have the authority to call forth from the Universe for ourselves and for Earth.  There is great power in joy.  Miracles are created by the energies of joy.


What we focus on mentally and emotionally increases or expands.



         Our souls take our thoughts and emotions literally.  The soul always believes we are focusing on what we want.  If we focus on debt it is assumed by the soul that we want more debt.  If we focus on fear, the soul believes we want more fear.  If we focus on illness, the soul believes we want more illness.  If we are lonely, the soul assumes we wish to remain lonely.  Stop spending time and energy worrying.  Spend your time focusing only on what you desire for yourself, your family and the World.  Do not use the words “want and need” or the soul will believe you wish to continue wanting or needing.  Use I now desire, intend and gratefully accept.


bj King

Namaste, Inc.

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Oklahoma City, OK 73123


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