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Update from the Galactic Human Event~ OKC

Dee Dee, Pat, & Kathy
Dee Dee, Pat, & Kathy~ just a few of the lovely ladies who attended our event

Namaste would like to thank Joious Melodi at the Radiant Living Center for the use of her facility.  The Galactic Human event was a success and it was wonderful to get to see many like minded friends. This event touched on what it means to be galactic, how to manage many of the changes that are happening energetically, how to communicate with your soul, learning what your mission and contract may be, & How to manifest your best life. This unique topic is covered through the story of bj king’s life journey and  is broken down into language that is easy to comprehend. It was as entertaining as informative and offered explanations for many spiritual quandaries. The audio CD of this talk will be available for purchase shortly. If you are interested in purchasing a copy you can send us an email and we will send the details to you as soon as they are ready. (  Past Mystery School Lessons, Cellular Release Process CD’s, and many other materials can be found on our blog & purchased by mail or through Pay Pal. We are also excited to announce two new e-publications from bj King available for download on Amazon/Kindle, The 49 Rays of God Card Set and Pentimento, The Diary of a Walk In.  Check back frequently for upcoming events, publications and CD’s.  Don’t forget to give us your email address so we can keep you up to date with everything from Namaste, Inc. 

Many Blessings ♥ 

Deb and Susan
Deb and Susan~ thanks for coming ladies!
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Namaste Newsletter March/April 2014

Namaste, Inc., P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123 – 405-773-5210

Everything I write is my opinion and should be tested
through your own discernment.

We give thanks for all of you who support us and Namaste and the work we do with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Intergalactic Federation and Angels.

I AM Now Available to Do Readings and Activations

I AM in Oklahoma City and available to do Oversoul to Oversoul readings, $155.00 for an hour recorded session, until May when I will travel to Colorado for Wesak. Activations and initiations are available only when readings are done in person. All other readings are done by phone and are recorded on a CD which is sent to you. I can be reached at 405-773-5210. There are openings in April and July for anyone to come to the Center for the three day painting retreat, which is $250.00 per day.


I have been busy all of March taking care of my physical body: heart tests (inserting a third stent in the heart has been postponed for at least six months), mammogram (cancer free), having cataract surgeries (now have 20/20 vision in both eyes without glasses or contacts for the first time since second grade). The cardiologist was concerned by my shortness of breath before the surgeries. God sent a breath coach from Fairfield, Iowa to the Center for a week to help me learn to breathe more deeply and it worked for me to qualify to have the surgeries, for which I am very grateful. Each cataract surgery took two weeks for healing so the whole month was gone before I felt like I was ready to work or write again. I appreciate the patience of those of you who subscribe to the Mystery School that I did not get out a lesson in March and a special thank you to those of you who tithe and make it possible to pay Namaste’s expenses even though I wasn’t working.


I’ve talked before about composites and the need for more people to allow more of their soul to join with their bodies. All one has to do to cause this to happen is to ask the soul for the upgrade. Each level only brings more consciousness, not personality; however, each level comes with what Spirit calls a “flavor” which I experience it as an agenda. A couple of years ago the one that came down to integrate with my body was all about simplifying, organizing and getting rid of physical objects. I’m already a very organized person so this was a challenge for me. This last year’s integration was all about electronics and, not being technically minded, new computers with new software, digital recorder (which made it necessary to learn to burn CD’s of readings), digital camera, I-pad, smart TV, Netflix, etc., have been a challenge to learn all at once. Spirit kept saying in meditation “it is time to give up to get up.” At first I didn’t understand what that meant, but when the impulse hit to clear out and clean up more stuff I went for it. I couldn’t believe after all I had cleared out the year before that I could release so much more “stuff.” The more I’ve let go, the better I feel. I’ve been able to raise my vibration and have more empty space within my home and my consciousness. I gave up 5 van’s full of stuff and cleaned every drawer, cabinet, closet, the garage and storage building. Fortunately, I did all of this prior to having the surgeries because during recovery after the surgeries one is not to lift heavy objects or bend the head below the waist. I took out 8 big black garbage bags of clothes out of my closet, which I would never have believed I would do. I highly recommend “give up to get up.”


The night work has been very busy. A couple of weeks ago, a huge energy was headed for Earth from Uranus. The Uranian energy, if not dissipated, would have had the potential to set off yet another war and many weather disasters. We spent two nights aboard the ships coming up with an alternative. The Master Jupiter and his group agreed to dissipate the energy and redirect it to an area of space uninhabited by any civilization, a huge relief.
For many years a potential devastating earthquake has been predicted at the site of the San Andreas Fault that would drop California into the Pacific. The recent potential was dissipated with the fault line secured by the Federation, resulting in a quake that only registered at around 4 points.


A new legion of Angels (1,000) called the Amirias has been formed under the sponsorship of the Ascended Masters Lady Master Hope and Lady Master Amethyst. Their primary assignment will be to be present and supportive at the presence of newborn babies. Many high vibrational souls come into Human form who cannot stand the density of Earth, then quickly back out of their physical forms through what is referred to as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Babies are born without veils of protection from the harshness of the negative thought forms that are in the air and in the consciousness of Humanity. These thought forms are held in the fourth dimension, where Earth now resides, because of the Ring Pass Not around the Earth which separates the fourth and fifth dimensions to protect the rest of the Universe from Humanity’s negativity and our ignorance of splitting the atom. Since these souls are desperately needed for the evolution of Humanity and the future of Earth, the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Angels see this as a viable way to preserve these bodies for the use of higher vibrational souls. If you know of a potential birth please call on these Angels in addition to the Guardian Angel who will be assigned to the newborn.


The next Namaste Gathering will be held to celebrate Wesak, the celebration of Buddha’s birthday, his enlightenment and death, in Crestone, Colorado. The actual day of the Wesak celebration is the Full Moon in Taurus, May 14, 2014. I will be at the Silver Star Retreat Center May 13-18, 2014, beginning at noon on May 13th and ending at noon on May 18th. There are seven rooms and they can sleep 15 people. I’ve never been to this location. The Hierarchy and Federation recommend it as a very high energy location in the San Luis valley. Many ship sightings have been reported there. Currently, 10 people have committed to joining me. If you would like to join us and need information about other nearby places to stay, you may call or text Dave Robey, the retreat manager of the Silver Star Retreat, for further details at 310-497-9898 or Google Silver Star Retreat and/or Crestone, Colorado to find accommodations for yourself.

I will be offering daily guided imagery meditations and messages from the higher dimensions. During meditation on the day of Wesak, May 14th , we will go etherically to the Himalayas to meet with the Hierarchy as they celebrate bringing more Buddhaic energy onto the planet. The retreat fee to Namaste for the full five days will be $200 paid in advance to Namaste to cover the events and registration fee and does not include food or lodging which will be extra. Room rent in the retreat center is $50 per day and meals will be $8.00 per meal. We will create meals in the Center for those staying there and you will pay for each meal individually if you are staying at the center. If you are staying outside the retreat center you may join us for meals if you let us know in advance of each meal how many people to expect.

In order for the Namaste Creativity Center to exist we depend on your contributions. Namaste, Inc. is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. It costs $3,000 per month to pay the rent and utilities. The Namaste organization was created by the energy of the Master Jesus through me in 1984 for the purpose of spiritual education, spiritual travel, enhancing creativity and assisting in the evolution of the planet and all life on the Earth. Your contributions are tax deductible, welcomed and gratefully accepted. We appreciate all of you who regularly contribute to the work we do and the activities and teachings we offer. You may send post-dated checks for the year in advance and they will only be deposited on the date you indicate. May you be richly blessed and rewarded a thousand-fold for your generosity.


bj King, President, Namaste, Inc.
Judi Rider, Secretary, Namaste, Inc.

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Namaste Newsletter Sept. Oct. 2013


Namaste, Inc., P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123 – 405-773-5210




Everything I write is my opinion and should be tested

through your own discernment.


I give thanks for all of you who support me and Namaste and the work

we do with the Hierarchy, the Federation and Angels.



I AM available to do readings by phone while I AM in Oklahoma City from October 12 to December 31, 2013, for $144.00.  If the reading is done in person, the activation, normally $30 if done separately, is included in the session. 

This activation cannot be done over the phone. 

Call 405-773-5210 to make an appointment. 





THE WALK-IN CONFERENCE IN SEDONA, AZ – 9/11/2013 – 9/14/2013



            The conference was amazing, with approximately 80 people in attendance.  We were under the direct influence of the Hierarchy stationed at the Shamballa above Sedona.  The Mother Ship, the Constellation, joined us the day before I arrived and brought massive rain to the area, plus a fleet of beam ships.  A fleet consists of seven ships.  One of the major focuses of the work we were scheduled to do was to give members of the Hierarchy and Federation our permission to intervene to stop the mafias of the World (especially those involved in Human trafficking).  After checking the locations, I realized we would need more ships so I asked the Federation for an additional fleet which came in on Saturday.  The locations where the ships were assigned to are:  Rome, Italy; Las Vegas, NV; Chicago, New York, Russia, Albania, Mexico; Miami, Florida; Columbia, Egypt (to stop the destruction of ancient artifacts), Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan.


            Several years ago, a group of us were asked to go to Rome to work on the situation in the Catholic Church and the Italian and Sicilian mafia.  While we were in the country, 75 members of the Italian mafia were arrested.  A couple of weeks after our return to the U.S., 175 members of the Italian and Sicilian mafias were arrested, including the leader of the Italian mafia.  We know this work makes a difference.  Fortunately, this time we were able to do the work from Sedona.  By spiritual law, the Hierarchy, the Federation and the Angels are not allowed to intervene in Human conditions or affairs without permission being given to them by members of the Human species.


            There were many young people at the conference who have not been exposed to methods of safe meditation, including grounding, spiritual protection and connecting only to their own Oversouls while creating a connection with the highest level of their souls for direct communication by creating a gatekeeper relationship with the highest level of their souls. My talk covered many subjects during the one and a half hour lecture: grounding, sealing the room for meditation, creating a gatekeeper, star gates, walk-ins, composites, soul braiding, Christ Consciousness, the difference between being a psychic and a mystic, the truth about the Bible and the gods of the Bible, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Federation, Emerial and the Butterfly people, the Oversoul, the Ring-Pass-Not, implants, exorcism, abductions, releasing karma, letter writing to the Oversoul, how to heal shock, activations and Inner Earth civilizations.


            Etherically, we visited the inner Earth civilization of the Yavapai beneath Toozegoot National Monument near Cottonwood, AZ, where I channeled a meditation and message from the elders there.




            Joeaux and Dave Robey are now running the retreat center in Crestone, CO, that was formerly owned and operated by Juelle and Donovan Wilson.  I have reserved the retreat center for the above dates to hold the Wesak celebration with the Spiritual Hierarchy.  You are invited to attend.  The space is limited to about 15 people in the center, although I understand other lodgings nearby are usually available.




            I was challenged in August and part of September by vertigo as well as nausea caused by the vertigo.  Spirit’s explanation was that the huge packets of information coming with the Sun flares hitting my body were knocking the tiny crystals in my inner ear out of place and completely compromising my adrenal system.  Fortunately, while I was in the Grand Teton Park in Wyoming, my friend Dr. Patti Meyer was there to keep my body going to accomplish the meditations that took us into the Royal Teton Ascended Master Retreat within the mountain.  I am so grateful to her and to Dr. Quell in Denver and Dr. Babcock in OKC who also helped me to get back my health.  The adrenal supplement that Spirit sent is called Isocort and is made by a company called Bezwecken.  If you know anyone suffering from dizziness from the energy shifts, please suggest that they have their adrenals checked for depletion.





            Twenty-two people attended the Teton Retreat.  Every evening during sleep we were taken, etherically, into the Ascended Master Retreat within the Teton Mountain for education, initiation and upgrades to our energy and status.  I recorded the meditation which is available for purchase from Namaste for $20.00 plus $5.00 postage if you would like to have the experience for yourself.


            One evening the meditation took us to Emerial, a planet inhabited by a race of people who have Human looking forms with enormous butterfly and moth wings.  We had visited this planet a few times during our retreats in Hawaii.  When I first took people there in meditation I thought that I just have a great imagination.  Then a friend sent me the Angel magazine for Christmas which had an article about a neurologist, Dr. Eben Alexander, who wrote a book called PROOF OF HEAVEN, which has been on the New York Times best seller list for awhile.  The picture opposite the article was of a Human form being with butterfly wings.  I read the article and his account of encountering one of these beings while he was in a coma suffering from a rare disease called E.coli spinal meningitis which invades and destroys the cerebrospinal fluid around the spinal cord and the brain.  This is a disease that people do not survive or, if they do, they are a vegetable. After his encounter with the butterfly being, he was healed when he woke up from his coma. 


            This meditation was also recorded and is available for you to experience Emerial and the Butterfly people yourself from Namaste, Inc., for $20.00 plus $5.00 for postage.





            The trips to Wyoming, Denver and Arizona were expensive and apparently I am not charging enough for my services to cover the travel, hotel and food expenses.  If you feel led to contribute to the work we do, it is very much appreciated.  We are still working toward offering the information I’ve received in writing the Namaste Mystery School lessons in webinar form as well as rewriting the lessons to be published as chapters in a book called BE YOUR OM MESSIAH.  The new version of WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING HERE is now available for $25.00 plus $5.00 postage from Namaste, Inc.  I first wrote this book as a workbook for finding your life’s purpose in 1989.  In this version, I’ve included much of what I’ve learned in the 30 years of working directly with my soul and the Spiritual Hierarchy. 


            Shelagh Schopen has designed a beautiful Namaste version of the I AM chart which Marie Commiskey has had printed with a beautiful prayer on the reverse side.  The charts are now available from Namaste, Inc., in several sizes:


                                    5×7……………….   8.00

                                    4×6……………….   5.00

                                    Plus postage of $3.00


            We are still working toward getting PENTIMENTO – DIARY OF A WALK-IN,  THE UNIVERSAL LAWS and THE FORTY-NINE RAYS:  THEIR MEANINGS AND USES published as electronic books and the FORTY-NINE RAYS information available as an app for phone and I-pad.   We have discovered that there is a Namaste Publishing Company already in existence in Vancouver, BC, Canada.   According to their website they are not accepting submissions currently, but we shall see.




            I expect to be in residence through the end of 2013 to be available to do readings for $155.00 per hour and to have retreats available for individuals or groups of up to 3 persons come to the center.  Retreats are available at a rate of $250 per day, per person, which includes two meals a day, private room, private bath and several hours a day in the studio with me.  It also includes an activation, the cellular release process, reconnecting the twelve strand helix of your DNA and installing the Keys of Enoch symbols into your energy field.  If you desire having a reading during your retreat, it would be an additional $155.00.



Thank you for your help in covering

the expenses of the Center and bj’s travels.


It costs $3,000 per month to pay the rent and utilities for the Namaste Creativity Center to exist.  Namaste, Inc. is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization created for the purpose of spiritual education, enhancing creativity and assisting in the evolution of the planet and all life on the Earth.  Your contributions are tax deductible, welcomed and gratefully accepted.  We appreciate all of you who regularly contribute to the work we do and the activities and teachings we offer.  May you be richly blessed and rewarded a thousand fold for your generosity.


Have a great autumn enjoying family and friends,


Namaste, bj King and Judi Rider