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Thought for Today

Spiritual Communication

You may have thought in the past that you needed to be someone special in order to have conversations with light beings, with the Divine, and with your soul.  You might have thought that you would need to be psychic, clairvoyant, a priest, or a healer, among other things.  What you have not been told is that you already have these innate gifts within you and that to be able to have a direct communication with the Divine within and without is normal; it is a given.  Approach it from the knowing that you are already doing it in your own way.  Completely allow it to be and look like whatever way that it is for you.  It may not be the way that it is for others; it may come in pictures, it may come in feelings, it may come in knowing, it may come in different ways, and yet it is happening.  You can awaken even further your capacity for this dynamic organic conversation and your understanding that you have tons of help in the energetic realms, in the divine realms, knowing that your soul is always interacting with you in accordance with your free will and your conscious choice.  That is what guides the process.  It is up to you to choose to have the information your soul is offering you.  It is the just part of the divine order of the universe. 

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