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Letter to God

Dear God
I surrender to you who I AM, what I have and what I do. May my life and talents be used in whatever way serves you best. I surrender to you my doubts, fears, limitations and failures. I surrender to e used by You to bless the World. I understand that my ego is the false belief that I Am separate from You. My mind is holy, because it is a creation of You. Until and unless I align myself with spiritual truth, I AM vulnerable to ego thoughts that cause me fear. I pray for a miracle and I consider it done. I stay alert for the Universe to show me an opportunity, even if it doesn’t look like what I expect. I think I have many different problems, but actually I have only one my belief that I AM separate from You. My connection to the spiritual plane is the antidote to my ego’s insanity. I pray to serve the Universe and I know the Universe will serve me.
Dear God,
Use me. I dedicate to you my talents and abilities. May they be used in a way that serves Your purposes. I surrender to You my business and finances. May my work be lifted to its highest possibility as a blessing on the entire World. I now realize that negative attitudes stop miracles in their tracks. I will now think of my work life as not separate from my spiritual life, but as central to my spiritual life. Whatever my business I will think of it as my ministry.
I know that every relationship as an assignment. When I think of a person I will think of invoking their highest self and bless the person and pray for their highest good. I know I forget who I really am and that You live within me and I know when I forget I lose conscious connection to my power. Through remembering You live within me and dedicating myself to the Divine Plan I know we can achieve miraculous results. When I think of my life and work as a ministry it improves the impression that others have of me. I know that I do not live in a random Universe and that everyone is where he or he is through divine assignment. I know that one way or another there is meaning to everything that occurs. I know that when I open the doors to my true success, the sharing of my passion, ideas and creativity in service to the higher good I contribute to the whole and then any material means necessary to support the work will be miraculously brought to me by the self-organizing Universe. I know when my energy is high enough all my good arrives and that material wealth emerges from the nonmaterial source of my imagination and passion, passion for an idea, a purpose, a possibility of something as yet unseen. I know enthusiasm is not created by money as much as it creates money. I know a true leader is one who holds the space for the brilliance of others. I know that when I show up for my life with integrity and impeccability, doors open opportunities are offered.
I understand that I must show up for the experiences of this life with a positive attitude in order to experience life’s gifts. It is not so much what my job brings to me, but what I bring to the job that matters.
I know it doesn’t matter whether I AM contributing to the Universe as an artist, writer, teacher, parent, grandparent or minister. What matters is my consciousness while I AM doing it; my willingness to be of service in whatever way is presented, seeing nothing as either above or beneath me, yet important because it is in front of me. The higher the purpose of the situation is not always obvious to me, but I know it is always there My job isn’t to create genius, but to be available to channel Your genius. I know You can only channel through a prepared vehicle. I know if I prepare and surrender whatever the performance is it can then flow through me.
I agree to be in service to the higher plan for the enlightenment of Humanity and to raise the vibrations of the Earth. I remember that when I focus on doing my part of the Divine Plan I feel successful and happy. I know that if I ask my soul what to say the response will be, “I will tell you when you get there.”
I know that my job is to be willing to show up and look as good as possible and to send love and to have fun.
I know it is important for me to see my job as a calling or a mission. When I see my job as a mission rather than the source of my supply and remember You are the Source of my supply it makes all the difference in how I know I live in a benevolent and miraculous Universe. I know I AM then open to receive Your good from billions of directions rather than just that of my job.
I know I have a calling because I AM still alive and on the planet as an aspect of You. I know I have a divine purpose to rise to the level of my highest creative possibility, expressing all that I AM intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and physically in order to make the Universe and Earth a more beautiful place. I realize I live under the Laws I identify with; if I identify with the physical only I am likely to struggle economically If I remember to identify myself as an aspect of You and live under spiritual Law I will experience freedom and abundance.
I know if I remember to ask, “What is the next single thing for me to do or know to be in a state of Divine Grace?” an answer will come. I know that a job can be taken away by others, a calling cannot. I know that I can never be unemployed because I work for You. I know that our value is not determined by what we do,, but by the consciousness with which we do it. If IAM are kind and compassionate to everyone and pour excellence into what I do, then I AM doing what you send me to do. I ask that you make my mind a magnet for miraculous thoughts. I know I AM unique and no one else can be like me and that I AM the only one that can actualize my potential.
I have experienced that the talents that lie within me that I didn’t even know I had have emerged as I surrender more and more to my higher Self. My prayer is, “God use me.” I know that my true Self, my Holy Self is beyond any limits of the mortal World, the physical plane. I know that abundance is a natural result of my actualizing my God-given gifts. It is not arrogant of me to think of myself as an aspect of You. It is blasphemy not to. I know my heart is beating because Your energy is causing it to beat and that since I AM still alive my mission is not finished. I must remember that I AM not of this World, but that I AM a spirit inhabiting this physical form.
The economy may be depressed, but it need not depress me if I remember who I AM. I know that if I remember that I AM an aspect of a Divine Power that my mind and heart will function properly. I know that I AM created to live a life of abundance with the support of the Universe in carrying out my material life. I know that anxiety and struggle do not attract what I desire.
I know that there is no way to predict where the next miracle will come from and that my job is to stay conscious about where to be when and what to take with me and being willing to allow Spirit to speak through me in any situation when it is called for. I know if I let love flow through me abundance will flow to me.
I surrender to You my work and my desire for work. I surrender to You my fear, my money and my debts. I surrender to You my shame. I surrender to You my dreams, my visions and my hopes. I know if I meditate and pray and align myself with Your mind I will receive Your power. I know that the only time Your time intersects with linear time is in the present moment and miracles happen not in the past or the future, but now. Wealth manifests according to my thoughts. Money can come from wherever it is now. I know that if I do whatever I feel I AM suppose to do the Universe will pay me in whatever way it deems right.
I AM grateful for what I have been given and commit to use it wisely. I know that money does not come from the material World; it is a material thing with a non-material source. Any material problem has a non-material solution and the non-material solution is available through my mind. Realizing that all abundance comes from You I also so realize I AM only a steward of that which I receive in money and belongings. I commit to using the money I receive well.
I know that I AM not empowered because I have money, but because I have money I can help to empower others. I allow the flow of universal energy to flow through me and I am available to be used in a way that serves the greater good. I realize that my reality today is simply a mirror of what I have been thinking. I realize that nothing binds me except my thoughts; nothing limits me but fear; and nothing controls me, but my thinking and my beliefs.
I surrender.

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