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The most humorous thing about forgiveness is that when people forgive someone, they thing they are doing that person a favor. It is the person forgiving that receives the biggest favor.  Science has already proven that harbored resentments, hate, hurt, etc., causes depletion in our own system, often leading to disease and self-anguish.  It would frighten people to know how much their pent up angers and resentments are depleting their systems, causing the lack of peace they blame others for creating.

          Humans are like cars; they check into a doctor’s office and get a physical tune up.  If the physical body shows they’re in fair shape, they get a clean bill of health and off they go.  Physical health helps but it doesn’t guarantee our emotional and mental health.  The doctors can’t see the distortions and negative backwash accumulated and stored up in our mental and emotional nature.  We think a psychiatrist would, but how many people have access to psychiatrists? If we want peace, fun and zest for living, we have to learn to maintain our mental and emotional nature the same as a doctor helps to maintain our physical health. There are many tools for doing that and forgiveness is a good place to start.

In an act of forgiveness or ‘release-and-let-go’ it is important to realize it is us that especially come out good because we release the disease-producing energy from our system.  Forgiveness is a process of re-balancing our internal energy distortions to recreate a harmonious flow between ourselves and others.

The trick is we must forgive them from our heart.  A common mistake is that people try to forgive from the head, than find that the same resentments, judgments, etc., keep popping up over and over again.  People think they have forgiven others and realize later that they resent even more.  It doesn’t mean that we are bad when this happens; it’s just a matter of learning more about our system and especially, the difference between the heart and the head.  The heart forgives; the head makes empty promises that do not reach completion.  Completion is seriously important because if we leave a crack in the door, negative thoughts and emotions can come in and cause us to blow up again later.  Heart intelligence clearly helps us to understand that forgiveness and release are especially for our own mental and emotion maintenance.  People will do something for themselves more quickly if they can get clarity of the benefits.

I’m not implying that forgiveness doesn’t benefit the other person, because the release that causes in the other people is obvious.  If we realize that in most cases we are the primary beneficiary when we forgive someone, we will have more incentive to complete the act of forgiveness at the heart level.  If we can do this everyone wins.

It is okay to forgive someone for self-benefits because we have to love and respect our own energies before we are truly effective in facilitating someone else a favor,  Forgiveness is not some little churchy act we can put on to do someone  a favor.  It’s both parties that receive an increase in their energy bank account. 

Forgiving and releasing old hurts and hate is like taking a mental and emotional bath.  It’s like taking a physical bath at night to let go of the energies of the day.  We bathe our bodies on a regular basis, yet we store negative or toxic junk in our mental and emotional natures for years without cleaning up what needs to be forgiven.  This includes forgiving ourselves.

We often think that hate or non-forgivingness is justified in certain cases, but we are poisoning our own system and doing more damage to ourselves than the ones we resent or hate. In many cases the people we resent or hate don’t even know about it, while we relentlessly destroy the vitality of our own mental, emotional and physical systems.  It is especially ourselves we are punishing. 

It is a productive thing to list all the people organizations, issues or anything that we hold hate and resentments against; then to make a serious effort from our heart to release those negative frequencies from our system and replace it with heart intelligence.  Heart intelligence asks us, why drain our life and junk up our system just because someone else is out of balance in their life?

It may be hard for us to put out love for someone or some group that has offended us or whose beliefs and behavior offends us, but we can release ourselves from the negative feedback loop created by resenting others and ourselves.

When we hate anyone or any organization we are giving them our power. Forgiveness is an aspect of self-management, yet self-management is not included in most people’s daily agenda.

The things that seem the most difficult for most of us to forgive are organizations like ISIS and their hatred and behavior and our own government leaders and their lack of integrity. The important thing to remember is that anything we are against we are sending our thought energy into and even if the energy we send is negative and not the energy of forgiveness it is still our energy and we are giving it to the situation for it to continue.  This includes the killing of whales, dolphins, cutting down old growth forests anything we are against we are supporting with our energy just by being against it.  It is so important to focus on what we desire to see rather than what we perceive to be happening. 

Some situations are deeply rooted with hurt and pain caused by others.  Still for the sake of our own health and the people around us, it’s worth going deeper in the heart and finally releasing that negative junk.  I know it may sound impossible, disgusting or unfair to do this, but the rewards of even attempting to send love to people that have hurt or offended us can be great. 

This especially true if there is a group, or more than one group, whose behavior offends us or causes us fear such as the acts of terrorists or extremists.  The trick is not to expect them to change.  If we realize that heart energy running through our system starts to restore and balance out the negative accumulations from “stinking thinking’ and ill-governed emotions we can be encouraged to put forth the effort.

When we do this for ourselves we also begin to learn to love everyone, even those whose actions and beliefs we may despise.  We won’t accomplish this over night, but one step at a time can help us to be healthier. Self-care will lead to a deeper caring for others.  We are to not make our efforts at forgiveness from our heads, but from our hearts.  The heart is where we tap the power of care. It’s the care that is missing people’s efforts of good intentions. 

We can begin by turning on the shower in our heart and charging love through our mental and emotional nature each time we shower our bodies.  We can send love energy into the World if we want to play and be an effective part in cleaning up the planetary stress.  It’s the individual application of heart power that’s missing in self-management, making it convenient to blame our problems on everyone and everything else.  Forgiveness is a great stress reliever. 

It is most important to realize that when we don’t forgive and release ourselves, we are seriously wasting energy and bleeding off the vitality in our life force.  Self-discipline is efficient but self-punishment defies intelligence and especially common sense.  Self-punishment can cause more harm to us than the wrong we did.  Forget self-punishment, we are to pick up the pieces, forgive ourselves and move on.  It is important for us to stop occasionally to practice using our heart decisions to manage our lives rather than our heads.

Self-forgiveness brings our mental and emotional energy systems back into balance.  Once we practice forgiveness and releasing ourselves, we realize the benefits soon in the way we feel overall.  Then we have more incentive to release, not judge, and to forgive other people.

People complain about daily stress but refuse to realize they could weed out the highest percentage of their stress by practicing self-management through learning to follow their heart.  It is important that we ease up on ourselves.  When we have something eating at us inside, we need to talk it out, work it out, and release it.  Just get it out because it’s like an energy vampire guaranteed to drain, daily, a percentage of our life’s enjoyment and potentials. 

Religious organizations are waiting for all the great teachers to return and do something.  The joke is that the great teachers are waiting for us to do something with what we have already been told, to clean up our own mess.  The answers are within us.

We can know about forgiveness for years in our head, but knowledge doesn’t turn into wisdom until we have heard and applied it from our heart.

When we begin to practice heart forgiveness we will start realizing that much of the stress we have been experiencing could have been avoided.  It was just a matter of not following our heart.  Self-management leads to self-empowerment. Self-forgiveness and forgiveness of other people, places and things, is a good, efficient place to start building self-empowerment.

Cleaning up our emotional and mental feelings daily adds to our happiness and our quality of life.

Bj King

P. O. Box 22174

Oklahoma City, OK 73123


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