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bj’s Morning Meditation

I deliberately seal this room on the north, south, east and west, the ceiling and the floor against any negative energy or entity. I ground myself into the energy at the core of the Earth.
I call forth the blue light of protection for myself, Muffin, my home, car and my family. I ask to extend this protective bubble of blue light of protection from Guthrie to Norman and from Shawnee to El Reno; protection from high damaging wind, excessive rain, flooding, hail, excessive snow and ice, tornadoes, earthquakes, terrorism and violence.
I open my heart in gratitude for my Oversoul, my I Am Presence, my Holy Christ self, the Earth, all the animals, plants, minerals, water, fire, air and ethers, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Intergalactic Federation, all the Angelic Realm, the Sun and the Moon, the Creator God of all Universes.
I ask for the Violet Flame of Transmutation to flow through the cells of my body, my conscious and subconscious minds to remove all limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, judgments, negativity, jealousy and anger. I ask that the cells of my body be healed and transformed to perfection.
I send a beam of energy from my heart, through my high heart and my mid-brain and into all levels of my Oversoul, my I AM Presence, my Holy Christ self, and into the Ascended Master’s octave of Light.
I take a deep breath, hold it at the point of my mid-brain and count 3, 3, 3 and exhale. I take another deep breath, hold it at the mid-brain and count 2, 2, 2 and exhale. I take another deep breath, hold it at the mid-brain and count 1, 1, 1 and exhale. I count backward from 10 to one and sit quietly and wait for the telepathic messages from my soul about what is the next single thing for me to do or know for me to be in a state of Divine Grace?
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