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Morning and Evening Ritual & Clearing the energy in a hotel room

Morning Ritual  

The order of performing this ritual is important.  If you invoke your I AM PRESENCE without cleansing your body, mind and emotions you will intensify all that is in discord within you. 

First thing when we get out of bed it is useful to call forth the Violet Flame of Transformation to “cleanse and purify my mind, body, emotions, the World, my home and place of business of any discord, anger, fear and judgment.”  I find it useful to think of myself as standing in the Violet Flame.

After cleansing – ground yourself deliberately into the magnetic center of the Earth through your feet and the base of your spine.  Intend three bubbles of energy around your body for protection: one white twelve feet in all directions from your body, inside that at pink one eight feet surrounding your body, inside that a purple one four feet around your body.

Invoke your I AM PRESENCE to connect strongly to your heart and give permission for your I AM PRESENCE to give help during your day with ideas, suggestions, power and relief from fear or anxiety.  Our I AM PRESENCE is what causes our hearts to beat.  A larger portion of the I AM PRESENCE is above and outside our physical bodies.

Evening Ritual

Before retiring ask the Violet Flame of Transformation to work to further purify your body, mind, memory and emotions during sleep.


When it is necessary for you to stay in a hotel or motel it is important to cleanse the room when you first enter.  I clear the room by invoking the Violet Flame of Transformation of any psychic energy or impressions or negative energy or entities that might be left in the room from previous tenants.  So much sexual energy, fear, anger and discordant energies can be left in hotel and motel rooms.  After clearing ask to seal the room from all the energies in the rest of the structure.  Many lost souls seeking sexual energy hang out in hotels and motels.

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  1. Hello bj King,
    It was so refreshing to listen in to your interview on Soul Gang within the last two evenings. I found it entertaining but filled with such substance about the inter-planetary influences occurring at this time.
    I have been curious and convinced that these things were happening here on our planet for a while. Thank you for your sincerity, clarity and honesty. I look forward to exploring your site a bit more in future.
    Joan (Essex, London)

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