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Inner Earth Beings

By bj King
In 1990 I attended a conference in Ashland, OR for communication between Humans and other species of life. There I met other people who had made telepathic connections with beings from other planets, star systems and inner Earth. I was familiar with communicating with extra-terrestrial beings from other planets and with inner Earth civilizations. I have had several experiences with the Inner Earth Civilizations. The following is a description of some such visits.
September 2, 1990 4:2 a.m.
I was awakened by an unfamiliar consciousness. This consciousness was very loving and benign. It began to telepathically speak to me.
“We of the Ishan people wish to speak to the people of outer Earth concerning the potential of war.
“The arousal of emotions of the Middle Eastern people to the injustices of Humanity, as they see it, will bring about the potential for nuclear war and the annihilation of the Human species.
“As you watched last evening in the predictions of Nostradamus the time has arrived, slightly prematurely to his predictions due to the speeding up of time in your galaxy by the fold in time which took place in November of 1989.
“The issue of war concerns us all, those of inner and outer Earth; many lives which will be lost to Human bodies. Those of your species who will make their transition due to the war will affect us also.
“The inner and outer areas of Earth are much more energetically connected than most of you realize.”
My story begins in the Great Kiva in Aztec, NM. I traveled with three other women who are also known members of the Sisterhood of the Shield and we were traveling to Aztec, NM on a spiritual quest. We came in contact with a source of power which drew us into the inner realms of Earth. We were met at a doorway between the dimensions by one known as Aarian Tulo. The being was just under six feet tall with bluish skin, translucent almost to the bone due to her inner light. All vital organs appeared to be visible to us. I was reminded of a Gray’s anatomy chart. Her eyes were large, wide set and of a bluish-green or aqua color, similar to the Indian turquoise of the New Mexico area.
She greeted us with the raising of the right hand, palm facing us directly, a fist was then formed and brought across the heart and she extended her palm upward. (I was familiar with this greeting from members of the Intergalactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy usually accompanied by the word Adonai.) We returned the greeting as naturally as if we knew this level of communication from the level of our souls. We began to smile and began to feel more at ease. Her energy caused us to feel a strange feeling of happiness, joy, elation and sadness and our eyes filled with tears. Tears spilled down our faces and onto the robes which Aarian Tulo had handed each of us when we entered the tunnel. She had suggested that we wear the robes while in the inner area. We had taken off our outer Earth garments, folded them neatly and laid them on rocks near the entrance to the tunnel, which led back to outer Earth. The tears happened as if coming in contact with the material itself had triggered a memory in our souls.
The fabric was gossamer, silken and yet not translucent, the blue of a Robin’s egg in color. When we had donned the robes Aarian Tulo gestured for us to move forward. The gesture was accompanied by a tinkling sound reminiscent of the sound of Tinker Bell in the story of Peter Pan. The sound itself evoked more joy from our souls as we became aware of the telepathic communication now possible between Aarian Tulo and ourselves. The ability to communicate with her seemed to be ignited by the sound.
“Welcome to the realms of inner Earth. We will walk this way to the home of my people,” her voice was as melodic whispers coming almost from within our own minds, from us to us, inviting us to join her on what would be for us a spiritual journey into the inner recess of ourselves as well as the inner Earth.
As we walked we noticed the easiness of our steps as if our bodies were lighter somehow than they had been on the surface of Earth. As each of us had a question, thought or observation Aarian Tulo would respond through telepathy without pausing in our walking.
“You may feel a bit giddy and light-headed at first until your breathing systems adjust to our atmosphere which is a bit different from yours. Also your body weight will be more the consistency you would have if you were suspended under water. You will find movement less difficult and more rewarding. You are no longer affected by the outer Earth’s gravitational field, but your density will be in relation to the pull of the Earth’s inner core or what we refer to as the Great Central Sun,” her thoughts transferred easily into our minds.
We were also aware the passageway through which we made our way was filled with diffused light in a different manner than electric lights. The light seemed to emanate from our bodies or possibly from the robes we now wore.
“The light is of a surface quality coming from the garments you wear. Later when your vibrations are raised by letting go of mass consciousness thought and restrictions, your bodies will glow in the same ways as you experience your garments now glowing,” she communicated.
The walls of the tunnel were a light sandstone color, but with the consistency of hard caliche. The path was fairly smooth and easy to negotiate even in the diffused light.
Our excitement caused the adrenaline in our bodies to work overtime, pumping extra oxygen to our brains.
We walked single file as the tunnel was fairly narrow. Aarian Tulo led us and I remained at the rear of the group. Only once did I turn to look back for the opening through which we had entered this unknown realm. The tunnel was darkening behind us as our light presences seemed to light only the area about six feet from our bodies.
My thoughts ran to, “Will we return? If so, when? Will we be allowed to return? Will we want to return? What will we find down here? Will we be as welcome by Aarian Tulo’s people as we are by her?”
“Yes, you will return when you are ready. Your souls have asked for you to have this experience. My people will welcome you as I have with opened arms and hearts,” Aarian Tulo responded telepathically to my thoughts.
I became suddenly aware that I should monitor my thoughts carefully since she could hear or read everything going on in my mind.
“Do not worry so much about monitoring your thoughts. My people will be very understanding about your curiosity and your negative thinking. You will quickly exchange your negative mass consciousness thoughts for the vibrations of more positive thought carried by my people.” Her awareness continued to come almost simultaneously with my thought questions.
Aadrian Tulo introduced us to a being named Bishan, one of the Elders of her people. He spoke to us about their civilization.
“The radiation from the Sun strikes the Earth’s core through magnetic polarity. The infusion of Light comes from the Great Central Sun at the Earth’s core, combined with the radiation of the reflection of this force by that which is known as the Earth’s Sun or the outer Sun. The mediation of this force is what causes the gravitational force field of the Earth and the magnetic polarities of the North and South poles which is what keeps Earth in orbit around the outer Sun. If anything were to disturb this balance of force, such as the planetary alignment explained to you previously, which will take place in December 1990 the Earth would begin to wobble and the orbital frequency would be altered to such an extent that most of the Earth’s population, Human, plant and animal, would not survive.
“Due to the concern of the numbers of individuals who have awakened during the past five years, a special dispensation has been given to the Spiritual Hierarchy to intervene in this alignment. The Hierarchy has called upon the alliance of the Interplanetary Federation and the Inner Earth Dweller Civilizations for assistance.
“The dispensation was granted by the Source of Earth eleven years ago the 12th of December. From that time until this the Space Federation and the Hierarchy have been working together to formulate and coordinate the plan which is now being implemented through the magnetically charge shields which were set in place on August 6th, while you were in Devil’s Tower Wyoming.
“Two years ago, during the yearly conclave of the Ascended Masters, the call went forth to the Inner Earth Dwellers Civilizations for assistance. The first call was answered by the Ishan people. They were the first of the thirteen groups to answer the call for help. They were also intermediaries between the Spiritual Hierarchy and the other twelve civilizations.
Peru – Takla Makan
Southwestern U.S. – Ishan
Northern California – Telos
California and Nevada – Pyute
Ireland – Mohare
France – Gluque
Israel – Nephesh
Egypt – Megiddo
Many places – Nephites
Romania – Ur
Mandal Mountain Mongolia –Ghunkahar
Shimaya- ?
Elkenese – Insect/Human hybrids
Dracon-Martian remnants
Ma Par – Majorca, Spain
Fideles -?
Eckzan or Xzan – shorter people with long arms and are
ape-shaped except with no body hair
“The Inner Earth Civilizations have for eons remained neutral in the various wars which have raged on and off the Earth, primarily choosing peace. However, the beginning of the testing of the atomic devices in the fifties quickly got our attention and it became quite clear to us that we could no longer afford to ignore the people of outer Earth and their war games and destructive attitudes.
“When Admiral Byrd visited the Inner Earth civilization through the North Pole, his plane was deliberately directed or sucked in, because he had expressed a desire to know; he was not believed. The stories he told and the journals he wrote were so foreign and preposterous to the common thought of the majority that his writings were taken as the ravings of a man gone berserk and no further explorers were sent to explore the possibilities of the truth of the existence of our civilizations.
“The energies which cause your tides and the force of your oceans’ powers come from this magnetic attraction and repulsion in combination between the Inner and Outer Earth Suns and the gravitation force fields of the Moon.”
“Moriah is the name of your Inner Earth counterpart. You will meet her in the flesh, so to speak, later in this incarnation.
“Listen to us brothers
You sisters too.
We have the answers
For us and for you.
Adonai, Bishan”
On another trip we encountered the Gluque while traveling in France. We were not taken below, but only conversed with them telepathically and they were pleased that we acknowledged their existence. We encountered the Megiddo in Egypt the same way. We were not taken below, but acknowledged their existence and were warmly welcomed. In Ireland, while sitting on the cliffs of Mohare we exchanged greetings with the Mohare. During the months I lived in Mt. Shasta I became aware of the Telos who seemed to be well known by some of the residents of Mt. Shasta Village.
Traveling alone once just south of Sedona, AZ while meditating at Montezuma’s castle I was approached by a light being who invited me to enter the Ishan civilization from that portal. The Ishan civilization runs from just south of Sedona to Mesa Verde. She had the same countenance as the one we had met near Aztec, NM. The first time that one sees them and their transparent bodies, shaped like Humans, but with almost see through bodies it is a little off putting and difficult not to stare. Their community was tropic like with trees and water falls and streams. The air was moist and was visible with a pink, purple, blue hue. Her name was Itzi.
In the late 1980’s when the shields previously installed did not seem to be going to keep the Earth from shifting, so the Hierarchy asked me to travel to the Yucatan with two other people to anchor a City of Light over the equator to keep the Earth from shifting and washing everyone off. We stood on top of all the pyramids in Mexico, and Guatemala to accomplish the anchoring. Two weeks later we were asked to go to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming to create a transmitting and receiving station within the basalt formation for the purpose of easier communication between the inner terrestrial and extra-terrestrial civilizations. This is the formation you would have seen in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
At another time, a client called for a reading before making a trip to take a group of people to Pyramid Lake in Nevada. During the reading we were told by her soul that she would be in contact with an extra-terrestrial civilization and an inner terrestrial civilization as well as a terrestrial civilization of Pyute and that the area under Pyramid Lake is inhabited by the inner terrestrial Piaute. When my friend arrived at the Lake area she learned that it was on a Piute Indian reservation and she visited with Piute Indians running the gift shop. The three groups each spell their name differently, but pronounce it the same.

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