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November/December 2015

Namaste Newsletter

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Everything I write is my opinion and should be tested through your own discernment. At the time of the last newsletter I thought my travels were complete for the year. Little did I know that my soul had another idea. My children’s last god-parent made his transition and their belongings were put up for online auction. Judi bid on all my artwork that these friends had collected through the years and bought the lot for $12.00. My children bid on some personal items that they wished to retrieve. These items were all in Denver. Two days after the auction, I received a call from members of the Spiritual Science Church of Denver inviting me to come as soon as was convenient to speak at their church and to do a seminar. Judi and I drove there on October 22 where I did the talk and seminar together with several days of readings and activations. We also had time to visit with long-time friends in the area. It was a very enjoyable and profitable trip in many ways.

I do feel now, however, that I will be home until the beginning of next year. I AM Now Available to Do Readings and Activations Note that prices have changed I AM in Oklahoma City and available to do Oversoul to Oversoul readings, $160.00 for an hour recorded session, during the months of November and December. Activations and initiations are available only when readings are done in person. Some people carry spiritual secrets they’ve brought with them in their knees and I have the authority to tone into their knees to make this consciousness available to their bodies. Readings done by phone are recorded and then a CD is sent to you. I can be reached at 405-773-5210. I also have at this time openings in November, December and January for anyone who is being led by their soul to come to the Center for the three day intensive energy activations and painting retreat, which is $1,000 for all three days. You’ll have a private room with private bath and two or more meals per day. Price includes airport shuttle service to and from the airport to the Center. The activations include the opening of additional chakras in the body and a blessing from the beings who sent you to Earth for this incarnation; reconnection of the 12 strand helix of the DNA; cellular release of fear, judgment, trauma and negative beliefs; adding many Language of Light symbols to your energy field; connecting to your Oversoul through the Cosmic Christ Consciousness to meet your gatekeeper; and the cosmic marriage ceremony to merge your masculine and feminine selves with the highest level of your Oversoul. This retreat includes several hours a day painting with me in the studio. You will be doing your own soul symbol painting.


For many years after I became able to communicate with the spirit world, I was not allowed to communicate with my priest fiancé for whom I came to Oklahoma to marry in 1979. He died in my bed four days after my children and I moved to Oklahoma to be with him. The soul was concerned that if I were allowed to communicate with him that I would see him as my authority rather than to seek communication with God. After 36 years the soul has now decided that I have developed into enough of my own authority to allow this communication to take place. On September 28, 2015, I celebrated my birthday and the 31 year anniversary of my first communication with my soul. At that same time, the next highest level of my soul began to over light the body. This level of the soul is invested in Ed (the fiancé) and I co-writing a book about the afterlife, where he is, what happens at the time of death and information about other dimensions. At the time of Ed’s death, we were writing a book about our relationship and my withdrawal from the use of Valium. We always knew we were to write a book together, but apparently we were wrong about the timing and the subject.

For years after I could communicate with the spirit world, the one person I didn’t want to speak with was my mother. I knew she would be judgmental about my leaving my husband and family and moving to Oklahoma. My Mother believed motherhood, being a wife and grandmother was the greatest calling a woman could perform. I didn’t want to hear what she would think of my leaving my family and community responsibilities to follow the promptings of my soul. In 1986 I was asked by my soul to go to Sedona, Arizona. When I drove into town it was suggested that I keep driving through town and go to a KOA campground just west of town. I followed the suggestion, even though I was certainly not prepared or willing to camp out. When I arrived at the campground the suggestion was to enter the clubhouse of the campground, which I did. As I entered the building I noticed that the room was mostly empty, the only occupants being two older ladies sitting at a table in the corner drinking coffee. I moved toward the coke machine, trying to display a reason for entering the room. One of the women looked up and began to wave for me to join them. I looked behind me, assuming they were waving at someone else who must be standing behind me. No one was there. I pointed at my chest to visually indicate, “You mean me?” They nodded their heads in unison and once again waved to indicate, “Come here”. I moved in their direction. They introduced themselves as Honey Lee French (who has since become the accountant for Namaste), and a woman named Jackie. “What took you so long to get here?” Jackie asked. Flustered, and still believing they had me confused with someone else, I mumbled, “I’ve been driving all day from Albuquerque.” “We’ve been sitting here since noon, drowning ourselves in iced tea, waiting for you,” Honey Lee added. “How did you know I was coming? Are you sure I’m the person you are expecting?” I queried. “Oh, yes, we’re sure. Spirit told me you would arrive today,” Jackie answered. “Really?” I managed. This was my first experience that Spirit had told anyone I encountered that I was coming to see them. “Yes, really. Now sit down and tell us what you’ve been up to,” Honey Lee responded. All evening we shared stories. Honey Lee had just returned from an amazing Spirit-led journey to Alaska. Jackie’s husband, I learned, was a medium who drew pastel portraits of a person’s spirit guide. I left them at midnight agreeing to return the next morning to have Jackie’s husband draw a picture of my spirit guide.

On my drive into Sedona I argued with my guidance. “I know what you look like. I know who you are. Why should I spend money I need for other things to get a portrait of you, for which I have no space for in my van lifestyle?” The argument was useless. The guidance was clear. “You will keep the appointment.” The next morning I returned to the campground. The ladies were making breakfast on a camp stove and invited me to join them, which I did. They were both great cooks. After breakfast, Jackie said, “Stan is expecting you. Just go tap on the door of the trailer and he’s ready when you are to do your spirit portrait.” I made my way around the fifth-wheel trailer and knocked on the door with great trepidation and resistance, still muttering under my breath at my guidance. The door opened and I stepped back almost falling off the steps. The odor from inside the trailer was ominous. The man who opened the door reminded me of the drawings in a children’s book of Ichabod Crane. He was well over six feet tall, had a hooked nose, was thin as a rail and wore a black suit and white shirt. He had an obviously hastily applied toupee sitting crosswise on his head. I had to stifle a laugh. My interior thoughts were rampant. “This is by far the dumbest thing you have ever asked me to do. What in God’s name is this about?” He invited me to enter the trailer. He preceded me down the aisle. The place was packed from floor to ceiling with their belongings and smelled of stale air, unwashed body odor and rancid cooking smells. The wonderful breakfast I had just consumed threatened to come up. Taking a deep breath to calm my stomach was out of the question. Instead, I held my breath and proceeded to the chair he indicated in the small area where his easel was set up at the front of the trailer by an open window. I was so grateful for the whiff of fresh air. Stan introduced himself and said he would say a prayer to connect himself to my soul and would begin to draw. He explained that I need not do anything, that my presence was enough. I spent the time he was praying continuing the interior dialogue with my soul and complaining about being there. Stan began to draw an image of an Indian chief with a full headdress. He explained to me that my guide’s name was Red Cloud and that he had been a very brave warrior and leader. I thought, “My God, this guy is a fraud. Not only do I have to endure this place and spend the money, this guy is not even going to be accurate. How am I going to get out of this? Why do I have to do this? Where am I going to keep a fragile pastel picture of an Indian, who isn’t even my guide, in my van?” I tried not to groan. I tried to just admire his artistic abilities, even though what he was drawing in no way related to me. Suddenly his eyes filled with tears and he stopped drawing and looked directly at me. “What’s the matter?” I asked. “A mother energy just entered the room,” he responded. “It’s probably Lady Master Venus, she’s my galactic mother or maybe Lady Nada, Mother of the World, I’m usually in contact with both of them. It’s probably not the Mother Mary. I seldom communicate with her,” I nervously rushed it all together. “No, she says she’s your Mother,” he replied almost in a whisper. “Well, I don’t need to talk with her. What I don’t need is a lecture about my lifestyle,” I told him. I thought to myself, “I don’t have much to worry about anyway, he’s a fraud, and is certainly not going to really be able to talk with anyone that I would actually know.” “She says she understands how you feel. She’s determined that you would really believe it is her before she gives you the real message she has for you. She says she was allergic to all things when she was in her body; perfumes, flowers, cigarettes, cleaning products and all forms of fabric except cotton. She says she had to make all her own clothing, that all her clothing had to be cotton. She says that she was allergic to cleaning supplies and all petroleum products and most foods”, he said all this with his eyes closed and with tears streaming down his face. I was overwhelmed with his information, as it was all an accurate description of my Mother’s life. I began to cry. “OK, what does she want to say? I’ll listen to whatever it is.” He was obviously in touch with my Mother’s energy even though he was obviously not in touch with my guide. “She says there is one more thing she has to tell you to convince you it is really her. She is concerned you won’t believe her message, because she says it is so different than how she was with you when you were together; so different than what she believed was important when she lived on Earth.” “She says to remember the red rose. She says once, on your twenty-first birthday, that you had the florist send her a single red rose in a vase.” I began to cry even harder. I had overheard a friend say she had sent her mother flowers on her birthday to thank her mother for birthing her. I thought, “What a thoughtful idea, but my mother is allergic to flowers.” But I chose to send the one rose anyway, thinking my gratitude will be conveyed and if she can’t stand it she can throw it away, keep it outside or in the refrigerator. I ordered the flower and had it delivered. My mother mentioned receiving the flower, but never spoke of it extensively, which at the time disappointed me. At the time of her death, my sister-in-law and I cleaned out her drawers and closets for my Father. We found the rose, note, greenery and vase, wrapped in a whole roll of aluminum foil, in the bottom of my Mother’s lingerie drawer. Taped to the side of the bundle was a note in my Mother’s handwriting that read, ”Receiving this rose fulfilled a lifetime fantasy.” “Yes, I remember, go ahead,” I managed to utter through my sobs. “She says she is proud of you. That what you are doing, traveling and delivering messages, particularly the message that a person’s spirit does not die, is the single most important thing a person can do. That delivering that message is more important than motherhood, being a wife or a grandmother. She wants you to know that she approves of what you are doing and have done. She says that she’s sorry that she did not tell you when she was alive how proud of you she was, how much she admired you or how proud she was of the way you kept your home, took care of your children, your husband and still had time to help her and to work at the church. She’s sorry she always seemed critical of you. She says she’s proud of you for getting off the Valium. That she wishes she had been strong enough not to take so many drugs. She wants you to know she will be with you when you are lonely and traveling by yourself. She also says she is sorry about giving Peanut away.” “‘Remember, most of all, that I’m proud of you,’ that’s her message,” he opened his eyes.

I apparently agreed to write a book about the afterlife even before agreeing to come to Earth. When I went back through the channelings I’ve received through the years, even the one from Lady Master Venus inviting me to walk-in to this body included the message that I would write about the Rays, the Universal Laws, the Laws of Manifestation, rewrite what Jesus meant in the Beatitudes, and about the Afterlife. I often wonder if my contract is still coming out of a printer somewhere aboard a ship with things being added as we go.  I give thanks for all of you who support us and Namaste and the work we do with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Intergalactic Federation and Angels. In order for the Namaste Creativity Center to exist, we depend on your contributions. Namaste, Inc. is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. It costs $3,000 per month to pay the rent and utilities.

The Namaste organization was created by the energy of the Master Jesus through me in 1984 for the purpose of spiritual education, spiritual travel, enhancing creativity and assisting in the evolution of the planet and all life on the Earth. Your contributions are tax deductible, welcomed and gratefully accepted. We appreciate all of you who regularly contribute to the work we do and the activities and teachings we offer. We can accept gifts through paypal,, and credit cards. You may send post-dated checks for the year in advance to be deposited on the date you indicate. May you be richly blessed and rewarded a thousand-fold for your generosity. We are thankful for you and wish you beautiful holidays. bj King and Judi Rider