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Namaste Newsletter, August 2015

Namaste, Inc., P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123 – 405-773-5210

Everything I write is my opinion and should be tested
through your own discernment.


Last week I went to Minneapolis to officiate at the wedding of a friend. While I was there, I went to view the hotel we were to stay at in October for the conference to work on the Mississippi River and the New Madrid Fault Line. Originally, when the prophecy was given to me in May, the Spiritual Hierarchy had asked me to get a group of people together in St. Paul in September. Since I was already scheduled to be at another conference in September, and for the convenienceof people who have jobs, I asked if it would be OK to have the conference over the Columbus Day weekend in October and they agreed. The condition I made to agree to do the conference was to receive $5,000 up front to afford to have the conference. I told the ladies who came to Oklahoma for Wesak in May about the prophecy of the Mississippi River overflowing it banks and possibly setting off the fault line. The only other information I received as to the location was the word “Kellogg.” When they looked on their Ipads for a location overlooking the river it was on Kellogg Street. So we felt we had the right location. Even though the money had not arrived I proceeded with the advertising.
I now wish I had stuck with my condition. While I was viewing and having lunch last week at the hotel I gave permission for the Spiritual Hierarchy, The Federation, Angels, Elementals of Earth, Fire, Water and Air to begin to work on the situation and we anchored another space station over the twin cities to give the Federation easier access to continually work on the situation.
Upon my return from Kauai and Minnesota the problem of vertigo that had started before Kauai became increasingly more difficult. I cannot depend on my body, which is an awful feeling. Since the Spiritual Hierarchy is assuring me that what I did last week puts the necessary requirements in place for the work to be done, and the problem with my body, I am cancelling the October conference in Minneapolis. I apologize to those of you who have made reservations at the hotel (these are easily cancelled without a problem) and for those of you who had purchased plane reservations. Hopefully, you can get a refund or use the ticket against another trip. I am truly sorry for all this inconvenience. The Namaste account is taking a financial hit because of cancelling so if you feel led to assist with the work that has been done with a contribution it will be gratefully appreciated.

IAM Now Available to Do Readings and Activations

Note that prices have changed

I AM in Oklahoma City and available to do Oversoul to Oversoul readings, $160.00 for an hour recorded session, during the months of August, September, October and November. Activations and initiations are available only when readings are done in person. Some people carry spiritual secrets they’ve brought with them in their knees and I also have the authority to tone into their knees to make this consciousness available to their bodies. Readings done by phone are recorded and then a CD is sent to you. I can be reached at 405-773-5210.
I will not be available for anyone to come here for retreat until further notice. I do plan to be present at the Visionaries in Light Convergence in Hot Springs, Arkansas in September.

Visionaries in Light Convergence

Sponsored by Adironnda & Company, LLC, September 25-27, 2015
Hot Springs, Arkansas at The Austin Convention & Spa Hotel
I will be speaking at this conference on WHAT DOES OUR SOUL, THE SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY AND THE FEDERATION EXPECT OF US? These conferences are amazing, the quality of the speakers is excellent and the people you meet are fun and doing exciting things in the World. Come and join us. For more information go to


Our friend Mark has reformatted the Pentimento-Diary of a Walk-in book and The Forty-nine Rays: Their Meanings and Uses book and they are both now available on These are electronic books that can be downloaded onto a Kindle, Nook, computer or Ipad. The Rays book includes Shelagh Schopen’s beautiful photographs that go with each Ray. We are extremely grateful for Mark for his service to Namaste and me to make this work available to others and for his continued work in keeping the Namaste website up and running. The Diary of a Walk-in covers the past thirty-one years of the changes that have happened in my life as a result of walking in from the Venus ship I was working aboard when I was invited to once again become Human to assist the Hierarchy and the Federation and the work that we have participated in during those years. The concept of walk-ins is becoming increasingly more prevalent as more and more Humans are opting out of staying through these changes in Earth and Humanity’s evolution. More and higher vibrational soul aspects are walking into those lives and bodies and using them to further the enlightenment of Humanity. More and more people are agreeing to become composites, which involves allowing more and more soul aspects from one’s Oversoul to download into the existing body.

Comments by readers: “ I can’t wait for bed time to read another chapter.”
“ Your story is amazing and gives me strength to be brave.”
“ What an amazing life you’ve led.”

I give thanks for all of you who support us and Namaste and the work we do with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Intergalactic Federation and Angels. In order for the Namaste Creativity Center to exist, we depend on your contributions. Namaste, Inc. is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. It costs $3,000 per month to pay the rent and utilities. The Namaste organization was created by the energy of the Master Jesus through me in 1984 for the purpose of spiritual education, spiritual travel, enhancing creativity and assisting in the evolution of the planet and all life on the Earth. Your contributions are tax deductible, welcomed and gratefully accepted. We appreciate all of you who regularly contribute to the work we do and the activities and teachings we offer. We can accept gifts through paypal,, and credit cards. You may send post-dated checks for the year in advance to be deposited on the date you indicate. May you be richly blessed and rewarded a thousand-fold for your generosity.

bj King and Judi Rider