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49 Rays Their Meanings and Uses


You may order the full manuscript of this information in book form from Namaste, Inc. P. O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123 for $25.00 plus postage and/or a deck of cards with the floral and mineral miages and information about the Angels, fragrances, Master retreats, and music for $44.00 plus $5.00 postage.

Ray 1: Blue Ray of God’s Will or Power
The First Ray may be invoked to have the faith to do the will of God. It may be called forth to assist in becoming self-dependent and self-actualized through understanding the Will of God for one’s own life as well as the Divine Plan of the Creator for planet Earth, this Galaxy, and the Universe. This Ray gives the power to become one’s own authority through spiritual discernment of God’s Will. It amplifies the God qualities of Omnipotence and Perfection.

Ray 2: Yellow Ray of Enlightenment~Love~Wisdom
This Ray amplifies the three fold flame of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, Omniscience, Understanding, Illumination, Perception, Wisdom, and Desire to Know God through the Mind. The Second Ray may be invoked to turn Knowledge into Wisdom and to temper Wisdom with Love and Compassion. The Second Ray represents “feeling-knowledge” and “brotherhood”. It teaches us not to assist others beyond what is to their highest good, whether it is animal or human.

Ray 3: Pink Ray of Divine Love and Active Intelligence
The Third Ray amplifies the qualities of Love, Tolerance, Adoration, Brotherhood, Diplomacy, Discipline, Patience, Creativity, Beauty, and perfecting the manifestation of Heart. This is the Ray of the refined mind, the spoken word, and abstract intellect-the plane of Spirit and the higher causal mind. This Ray strengthens Tolerance, Tact and Patience, and tempers the desire for perfection and intellectual pursuit with common sense and sincerity. This Ray may be called upon when there is a need to discern spirits.

Ray 4: White Ray of Purity~ Ray of the Divine Mother ~Harmony through Conflict
The Forth Ray brings us in contact with the Feminine Principals of Creation~the energy of the Divine Mother. It is used to work miracles and to increase one’s vibration to move toward ascension. This Ray, known as the Ray of “Harmony through Conflict”, assists one by tapping into the higher intuitive mind and taming the ego and the emotional body, which can often bring years of struggle. The Forth Ray is the Ray of Beauty, Harmony, and Artistic Endeavor, the Ray of Ascension. Serapis Bey says, “We Ascend Daily, not all at once.”

Ray 5: Green Ray of Truth~Concrete Knowledge and Science
The Fifth Ray is invoked to help strengthen mental focus and to create balance. This Ray focuses on the scientific attributes of the Laws of Creation and will enhance a person’s desire for Truth and Justice. If a person is overly emotional, bringing in the energies of the Fifth Ray will help to create balance. Attributes of the Fifth Ray are Healing, Surrender, Selflessness, Concentraion, Listening, Truth, Science, Precipitation, Dedication, Rejuvenation and Vision.

Ray 6: Ruby Ray of Ministering Grace~Idealism and Devotion
The Sixth Ray may be invoked to help dissolve the energies of the lower astral planes and to move humanity out of religious dogma and separation into spiritual awareness and unity- consciousness. This Ray can be used to assist in balancing the masculine and feminine consciousness in individuals and in the collective of humanity. Lady Nada administers gifts of the Holy Spirit which assist in understanding and interpreting diverse forms of communication (human and angelic). Lady Nada is an advocate of children and may be called upon to assist in any situation involving children or parenting. The Virtues of this Ray are Devotion, Forgiveness, Healing, Peace, Mercy and Tranquility.

Ray 7: Violet Flame of Transmutation
The Seventh Ray is the Violet Transmuting Flame and is the Ray of Invocation, manifesting in the highest form of Service. It is the Ray of the Aquarian Age, and it’s Virtues are Freedom, Purification, Manifestation, Redemption, Diplomacy , and Refinement. The Violet Flame is also the Flame of Forgiveness. One may invoke the Angels of the Violet Flame to assist in transforming miss-qualified energy back into neutral Light Substance and to help move through the transmutation process with ease and grace. The Violet Flame of Transmutation may be called forth to recondition any situation to a state of perfection or homeostasis. It may be invoked to transmute pollution and to promote healing.

Invocation of the
Violet Flame of Transmutation

I call upon the Master St. Germain
I call upon the Elohim Arcturus and Lady Victoria
I call upon the Arch Angel Zadkiel
of the Violet Ray
To pour Divine Transmutation
Through all that I AM.

I call upon the Amethyst Ray
To transform every cell,
Every Atom of my bodies
Into Higher Light.

I call upon the Violet Flame
To burn within my Soul
And to release all veils
That separate me from Spirit.

I call upon the Violet Flame
To burn away my illusions,
To burn away my resistances,
And to transmute my fear into love.

So be it.

Ray 8: Aquamarine Ray of Clarity and Transfiguration
The Eighth Ray amplifies the energy of Nurturing, Compassion, Forgiveness, Consolation, Transformation, Transfiguration, Creation and Clarity to any person or situation.

Ray 9: Magenta Ray of Harmony
The Ninth Ray may be invoked to call forth Harmony to replace any kind of discord or confusion. The Ninth Ray promotes Clarity.

Ray 10: Gold Ray of Eternal Peace
The Tenth Ray may be invoked to create Peace in any situation.

Ray 11: Peach Ray of Divine Purpose
The Eleventh Ray may be invoked to increase an awakening in humanity from spiritual amnesia; to awaken humanity to their own divinity and the truth of the Creator God. This Ray may be invoked to awaken an individual to their soul contract and purpose.

Ray 12: Opal Ray of Transformation
The Twelfth Ray may be invoked to bring the energy of Transformation of human consciousness from religious persecution and slavery to acceptance of diversity and equality of all people as equal and divine. The Twelfth Ray focuses the energy of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

Ray 13: Silver Ray of Purification
The Thirteenth Ray may be invoked to purify water systems and to transmute toxic substances from plants, humans, animals, and food. This Ray may be called forth for use in Alchemy in addition to the Seventh Ray of Violet Fire and the Eighth Ray of Transfiguration.

Ray 14: Pearlescent Red-Orange Ray of Dematerialization and Re-
The Fourteenth Ray may be invoked to call forth change in a chemical compound as in Alchemical Restructuring. Those who learn to invoke this force can relocate their bodies and shape-shift to a seemingly inanimate object, animal or plant form. This Ray contains the energy and formulas to promote the creation of water desalination facilities.

Ray 15: Pearlescent Green Ray ~Solidarity of Purpose~
The Fifteenth Ray may be invoked to encourage the sane use of nuclear power in alignment with Divine Will. This Ray may also be invoked to Promote Harmony and Good Will between civilizations and nations and to change the consciousness of groups who deliberately manipulate others (i.e., world religions).

Ray 16: Pearlescent Peach (Salmon) ~Right Use of Free Will~
The Sixteenth Ray institutes right use of Free Will choice in the consciousness, as in making Free Will choices in alignment with the Divine Plan for Earth and human evolution, not Free Will ego-based choices. When invoking this Ray for protection, read aloud or recite Psalm 27.

Ray 17: Pearlescent Fuchsia Ray of Personal Empowerment
The Seventeenth Ray may be invoked to promote the silencing of inner conflict. It reduces the negative effects of quickly rising vibrations on the masses to give possibilities for greater focus on spiritual growth and human evolution. This Ray, combined with the Sixteenth Ray, would move the masses to begin promoting what fosters feelings of peace, i.e., in decorating schemes in public ; more soothing music to the soul; noise pollution control; promotion of the arts for the creation of beauty and beautification instead of art that simply reflects horror and the internal conflict of the artist.

Ray 18: Opalescent Lavender Ray of Science and Medicine
The Eighteenth Ray promotes evolution of the human species by scientific and medical breakthroughs to promote greater understanding of the human DNA and ways to sanely adjust genetically heredited diseases. This will give greater awareness to the scientific and medical communities of the effects of mental control on the body, i.e., the stimulation of the immune system by exposure of the individual or group to certain colors of light and certain sound vibrations; increase knowledge of the effects Light and sound have on DNA and, therefore, health. Formulas for the cure of several “in-curable diseases” are included in the release of this Ray into the etheric of Earth.

Ray 19: Opalescent Turquoise Ray ~Changing DNA to Increase Human Brain Capacity and Use~
The Nineteenth Ray may be invoked to change the DNA of the human species to increase the use of the brain capacity. This Ray will assist in removing the veil that limits conscious use of the brain and increases the ability for telepathic communications, specifically with dolphins, whales, and marine life. Anchoring this Ray will increase the creation of laws to protect all animal species, which are considered to have evolutionary consciousness. Anchoring this Ray will also promote the development of a method to photograph and record speech patterns: i.e., recording dreams and telepathic communication between individuals, animals, and plants. Ultra sensitive film and paper sensitive to thought and emotions will be developed.

Ray 20: Opalescent Royal Blue Ray ~Earth Magma Control~
The Twentieth Ray may be invoked to control the energy of the magma of the Earth, and to disperse the pressure build-up which can cause earthquakes.

Ray 21: Opalescent Chartreuse Ray ~Climate Control~
Invoking the Twenty-First Ray creates orchestration between the Elemental Kingdoms of Earth, Fire, Water and Air for more peaceful weather. This Ray makes it possible to dissipate the energy of thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail and typhoons. When needed, invoke this Ray to create rain or snow.

Ray 22: Opalescent Ray of Emerald Fire
The Twenty-Second Ray may be invoked to purify polluted conditions. Sunflower seed flour and oil vibrate at this Ray frequency.

Ray 23: Opalescent White Ray of Tachyon Energy
The Twenty-Third Ray may be invoked to solidify matter; to cause infusion of substance when bringing thought into form. This Ray may be called forth to retain purity or retard from aging.

Ray 24: Pearlescent Lavender Ray ~Control of Linear Time~
The Twenty-Fourth Ray may be invoked to move into other time frames or into other dimensions.

Ray 25: Pearlescent Royal Blue ~Ray of Devotion~
The Twenty-Fifth Ray may be invoked to increase awareness of, and devotion to, the Creator God.

Ray 26: Pearlescent Yellow Ray of Mental Clarity
The Twenty-Sixth Ray may be invoked to promote mental clarity in an individual or a group. It may be invoked to encourage coalescence of a group mind.

Ray 27: Pastel Blue Ray of Tranquility
The Twenty-Seventh Ray may be invoked to reduce conflict, to create peace or tranquility in an individual or group; to calm the energy of a mob or conflicted group. This Ray may be called forth to prevent wars.

Ray 28: Pastel Lavender Ray of Grace, Harmony and Beauty
The Twenty-Eighth Ray may be invoked to usher in the energies of the Age of Aquarius.

Ray 29: Brown Ray of Stability
The Twenty-Ninth Ray may be invoked to ground a group or an individual. It may be called forth to stabilize any condition or situation involving Elemental Energies.

Ray 30: Avocado Green Ray of Attention
The Thirtieth Ray may be invoked to draw or retain attention to a subject or situation. It is useful in treating attention deficit disorder.

Ray 31: Yellow Ochre Ray of Understanding and Enlightenment
The Thirty-First Ray may be invoked to promote or increase understanding and enlightenment of any subject.

Ray 32: Pastel Yellow Ray of Compassion and Insight
The Thirty-Second Ray may be invoked to promote Compassion and Insight.

Ray 33: Pastel Green Ray of Regeneration
The Thirty-Third Ray may be invoked to increase propagation of new plant growth or when hybridizing new forms of plants. It may be called forth to regenerate new cell growth in the human body. This Ray energy may not be used for cloning. It may be called forth to recharge the body. This May be called forth to stop irradiation of food and genetic engineering of food.

Ray 34: Obsidian Ray of Densification
The Thirty-Fourth Ray may be invoked to lower the density of an object into third dimensional density for manifestation and precipitation.

Ray 35: Pastel Red Ray of Glorification
The Thirty-Fifth Ray may be invoked to increase awareness of the Creator and glorification of God as the Creator.

Ray 36: Red Earth Ray of Consciousness of Earth as a Sentient Being
The Thirty-Sixth Ray may be invoked to restore humanity’s consciousness to the fact that the Earth is a sentient being and is in charge of our fate as a species.

Ray 37: Burnt Orange Ray of Discernment and Discrimination
The Thirty-Seventh Ray may be invoked to increase Wisdom and Enlightenment. It may be called forth when discernment and discrimination of truth are needed.

Ray 38: Navy Blue (Indigo) Ray of Intuitive Awareness
The Thirty-Eighth Ray may be invoked to promote intuitive awareness,stimulation of the pituitary and pineal glands.

Ray 39: Metallic Gray Ray of Industrial Science and Engineering
The Thirty-Ninth Ray may be called forth for new methods of engineering; inventions and promotion of cooperative industry.

Ray 40: Metallic Copper Ray of Electrical Power
The Fortieth Ray may be called forth for receiving new methods of non-polluting energy for use on planet Earth.

Ray 41: Metallic Red Ray of Ignition
The Forty-First Ray may be invoked to jump-start or ignite a project or piece of equipment.

Ray 42: Fluorescent Orange Ray of Goodwill
The Forty-Second Ray may be invoked to promote goodwill between people, nations or companies.

Ray 43: Fluorescent Yellow Ray of Temperance
The Forty-Third Ray may be invoked to assist in overcoming additions or to practice temperance of any behavior.

Ray 44: Fluorescent Green Ray of Tolerance
The Forty-Fourth Ray may be invoked to promote acceptance of diversity in people and to promote personal tolerance of situations or people we might feel are difficult.

Ray 45: Fluorescent White Ray of Harmony In Family or Groups
The Forty-Fifth Ray may be called forth to promote harmony in families and/or groups.

Ray 46: Turquoise Ray of Gentleness
The Forty-Sixth Ray may be called forth to promote Gentleness, Protection, and Grace.

Ray 47: Tan or Taupe Ray of Grounding in Harmony
The Forty-Seventh Ray may be called forth to ground a person or an idea.

Ray 48: Rainbow Ray of Visionary Consciousness ~Individual ~
The Forty-Eighth Ray may be invoked to promote visionary consciousness in individuals and groups.

Ray 49: Double Rainbow Ray of Visionary Consciousness for the Collective of Humanity
The Forty-Ninth Ray may be invoked to promote visionary consciousness in the collective of humanity.

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